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--A large number of the voters of Izard County want La Crosse for the county seat.
--Diphtheria is prevalent in Izard and Independence Counties.  Several deaths are reported.
--Source:  LITTLE ROCK DAILY REPUBLICAN, Sept. 2, 1873, contributed by Frances Cooley.

Condensed State News 1873-10-15; Paper: Morning Republican, published as: Little Rock Daily Republican
Ella H Patterson, an interesting young lady of Batesville, died on the 3rd inst.

Condensed State News) Date: 1874-05-08 Morning Republican, published as: Little Rock Daily Republican
Joe E. Jordan, an old and respected citizen of Camden, died recently.
Dr. Harvey, of Clarksville, recently committed suicide by taking laudanum.
A blow from the fist of one man killed another in Claredon, the other day.
L. M. Sayer, of Ausuta and Miss Mollie Yarborough were married on the 29th ult.
W. B. Ruddell, of Batesville, was seriously burned the other night by the explosion of a coal-oil lamp.
Mr. Edwin Greene, county clerk of Johnson County, and Miss Sallie Pitner, Ozark, were married on the 26th ultimo.
--contributed by Mary Lafferty Wilson

A Minister Was Lynched in Arkansas, 1881-04-21 Paper: Wheeling Register
St. Louis, April 20. A special from Little Rock to the Republican says: Information has been received from Izard County of the finding of the dead body of Rev. Robert Matlock last week, for the murder of Thomas Miller, last August. Matlock was acquitted and left the town secretly, as threats had been made to lynch him. The friends of the murdered man have been in pursuit of Matlock since his acquittal, determined to avenge Miller's death. It appears they have succeded. Matlock created considerable excitement in Central Arkansas a year ago, being then engaged with others in conducting a new religious reformation. It is alleged that several murders resulted from these men's teachings, one of their articles of faith being that the shedding of human blood was necessary to appease an offended God. These murders were supplemented by a series of lynchings, which eventually checked the further progress of the religious frenzy.
--contributed by Mary Lafferty Wilson

World's Oldest Preacher Died in Arkansas 1907-03-03; Fort Worth Star-Telegram, published as: The Fort Worth Telegram Little Rock, Ark, March 2..The Rev George Brinsfield, said to be the oldest preaher in the world, died at the home of his son-in-law, Thomas Cankey, near Huron, Izard county, at the age of 108. Mrs Brinsfield was a local Methodist preacher and a remarkable character. He came to Arkansas eighty-four years ago from Alabama. He always attended the conference of his church, and at the age of 100 walked to Batesville a distance of fifty miles, to attend the conference at that place. He was born in Guildford county, North Carolina May 16, 1799. In 1818 he married Miss Charity Skipper and of their union six children were born. After her death he married again and eight children were born to his second wife. He had fifty grandchildren, eighty-sever great grandchildren and twelve great great grandchildren.
--contributed by Mary Lafferty Wilson

Children Eat Onions and Die, Izard County, Arkansas, 1909-02-21; Paper: Fort Worth Star-Telegram --
Children of Izard County, Arkansas are poisoned; two dead. Calico Rock, Ark, Feb 20, 1909
Children of Jame Meisenheibers and Mr Gibson near, Newburn, Izard County, were poisoned today by eating wild onions. Meisenheimers litte girl and a child of Gibson are dead and others are in critical condition________
--contributed by Mary Lafferty Wilson

Bullock Bros. have installed a telephone bracket plant at Calico Rock.  
--Source:  The Lumber Trade Association, 1916; contributed by Tina Easley.

Four Dead, Score Hurt as Tornadoes Ravages Arkansas 1933-05-15; Dallas Morning News
Batesville, Arkansas. May 14
Four persons were known to have been killed, nearly a score were injured and much property damage by a tornado that cut a narrow path through two North Arkansas Counties late Saturday night. The little town of Franklin, thirty-five miles north of here in Izard County, was almost swept away. Two person were left dead and about a dozen hurt, two critically. Scarcely a house or business building in the town was left standing. Farther east the tornado struck a farming section near Pochahontas in Randolph County, Killing two persons and injuring five. The dead at Franklin were Tom W. Simpson, 65, cashier of the bank, and Pet Gaston, 28, and at Pocahantas Mrs. W. L. Crown 50, and her son, Ambrose 19. Four of those injured at Franklin were brought to a hospital at Mount Pleasant, near Franklin and one was said to be in critical condition. The injured at Pocahontas are W. L. Crown, whose wife was killed, their 10-year-old son, Lennie; Mr and Mrs Jasper Gates and a man named Privet. The Crown boy was hurt seriously. Twenty miles north of Pocahontas the storm struck the little town of Dalton, wrecking one house and damaging a few others.
--contributed by Mary Lafferty Wilson

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