T.W. Midkiff
John Hammonds

1906-10-22 -Jonesboro Daily Times Enterprise

Frank Browning Gets Five Years

The readers of this paper are quite familiar with the murder of T.W. Midkiff, the agent at Hoxie, by Frank Browning, who at the time of the tragedy was brought to this city and placed in jail. At that time there was a great feeling against the prisoner and it was stated by the officers that had he been held at Hoxie that night after the killing he would have been lynched. Browning was indicted and when the case was called at a recent term of the courts at Walnut Ridge the attorneys and Browning took a change of venne and the case was sent to Batesville. On Friday night the jury returned a verdict and gave him a sentence of five and a half years. The result of this trial is a great victory for the attorneys of Browning. An appeal it is said will be taken from this in the event he is not granted a new trial. William Wright of Batesville was the chief counsel for Browning. No one ever knows what a jury will do of course but this was said to have been the second man Browning killed and that he made an effort to kill a third. It is the second time he has been tried for murder.

Alicia, Ark. Aug. 10 - John Hammonds, a farmer whose home was two miles east of this place was found dead in a field on his farm with a bullet in his back. The only explanation for the assassination is robbery as avout $5 which he knows to have had in his pocket when he left his home home was missing when the body was found. So far as known he had no enemies and there is no clue whatever to the identity of the murderer.
Palestine daily herald., August 11, 1906.