1908 Obits

1908 Death Notices

Alf BagleyUnknown Negro WomanOllie Bennett
Prof. WilliamsonJudge J.C. BrookfieldMarvin Burchfield
Lee Ridgeway

A killing occured at Walnut Ridge Saturday night in which Lee Ridgway shot and killed Alf Bagley. Ridgeway was with Attorney Smith of that city, standing in front of a mercantile store on Main Street when Bagley came out of the store seeing Ridgway drew his gun ran around Smith and shot Ridgway through the back the ball going through his stomach.
  The shooting was the result of Ridgway killing Bagley's brother three years ago, while he was city marshal. Bagley's brother resisted arrest and Ridgway shot him dead. It is claimed that Alf Bagley standing over the coffin of his brother declared that he would avenge his death, which he kept good after having waited three years. Wednesday, October 28, 1908  - Jonesboro Weekly Sun


Walnut Ridge Jan. 30 - An unknown negro woman was found dead near the railroad track this morning by Dr. J.C. Sandle as he was coming down town from his residence to his office. He reported the matter to Coroner J.C. Land who summond a jury to hold an inquest. After an examination of witnesses it was determined that she came to her death by being struck by an early Iron Mountain south bound train. Friday, January 31, 1908  - Jonesboro Evening Sun


Miss Ollie Bennett aged 13 years died Friday after a long illness of typhoid fever at the home of her sister Ms. Garland Carter. Monday, June 29, 1908  - Jonesboro Evening Sun


Undertaker J.B. Gregg left at noon today for Imboden where he was called by phone message to embalm the body of Prof. Williamson who was president of Sloan-Hendrix college of that place. He died last night and his body will be shipped to his former home in Missouri for interment. Wednesday, November 4, 1908  - Jonesboro Weekly Sun


Judge J.C. Brookfield who up to fifteen years ago was one of the leading lawyers of northeast Arkansas died at his home on church street last night at 10;30 after an illness of several years.
  Judge Brookfield was seventy-nine years old and has been a resident of this county since 1880 moving to this city from Harrisburg where he was admitted to the bar for the practice of law in the year 1853 being twenty-one years ago.
  Judge Brookfield was born in Lawrence county Arkansas in 1829. He was married in 1855 to Miss Susan Arledge to them was born five children of whom only one is now living Mrs. Mary L. Roleson. Mrs. Brookfield died in 1871 and three years later he married to Mrs. Julia F. Pope who survives him.
  He was a prominent member of the Methodist church also of the Masonic and Odd Fellow fraternities. He has a broad acquaintace throughout eastern Arkansas and friends by the hundreds who will learn of his death with sorrow.
  The funeral service will take place tomorrow from the First Methodist church and will be conducted by Rev. W.C. Davidson the pastor. Wednesday, April 15, 1908  - Jonesboro Weekly Sun

1908-10-26 - Jonesboro Daily News

William Childers, who returned from Walnut Ridge this morning brings the news of a shooting committed in that town Saturday night in which Lee Ridgeway was killed by Alf Bagley. Some four years ago Ridgeway was town marshal of Walnut Ridge and was forced while in the discharge of his official duties to shoot and kill a brother of this man Bagley. From that day until the time of the shooting Saturday night, Alf Bagley has no doubt carried murder in his heart. It is stated by Mr. Childers that Ridgeway was shot in the back by Bagley and at the time of the shooting was not in any way warned of the approachind danger. The ball produced almost instant death. Immediately after the shooting Bagley was arrested and placed in jail. From Mr. Childers who was in Walnut Ridge from Saturday night until this morning we learn that the killing has caused considerable excitement in the town and the death of Ridgeway is greatly lamented. He was a most excellent gentleman.

1908-10-21 - Jonesboro Evening Sun

Walnut Ridge - Oct. 20 - Because he attempted to smoke a cigarette in the prescence of ladies at a social function Marvin Burchfield a boy planter of 19 years was reprimanded by Percy Hoover and in the argument that followed Burchfield received a pistol wound that caused his death tonight the young man having sent to Memphis for an operation. The body will be shipped from Memphis to Hardy, Ark. Hoover escaped.