1914 Obits

Amos Slayton
A.J. Harrison
J. Solon Crook
Jesse Andrews
John McCall
John Holiday
Mrs. H.F. Sievers
Mr. S.N. Johnson
Alvin Beck
Walter Bryant

1914-06-22 Jonesboro Evening Sun

Marion, Ark. June 26 - Amos Slayton a young white man whose home is at Walnut Ridge in this state was killed by a Frisco train just north of town this morning. The particulars as gathered by Coroner J.E. Clarke show that the train was leaving the Harvard yards at 12:05 a.m. and the conductor of the train sent word back to the office that a man had been killed by his train and was lying near the Lloyd trestle. The train went on its way and as soon as help could be secured searchers went to look for the body which was found lying in a ditch by the by the side of the track with both legs and the right arm cut off.


Paupers Burial - The remains of the man thought to be A.J. Harrison of New York were given a pauper's burial Wed. at the city cemetery by Undertakers Langford and Gregson.
  Harrison died Monday afternoon, at the hospital of typhoid fever, coming in Monday mrning from Hoxie. He was 65 years of age and his relatives could not be located. October 7, 1914  - Jonesboro Weekly Sun 


Lycurgus Bland, farmer and dairyman of Walnut Ridge was arrested Friday night charged with the murder of J. Solon Crook who was shot at his home a short while back. The assassin firing the fatal bullet through the window. Crook was a prominent Walnut Ridge contractor.
  After the murder detectives where employed and they had been working on the case and were responsible for the arrest of Bland. Bloodhounds were also used to a small extent but proved of little avail. December 2, 1914  - Jonesboro Weekly Sun


Walnut Ridge, Ark, March 13 - In circuit court today Wood Moon was found guilty of second degree murder and was given a sentence of two years in the penitentiary for killing Jesse Andrews in Richwoods township last May. Moon is about 26 years of age and Andrews was 19 years of age/ They worked on the same farm. There had been strained relations between them and on May 2 their dogs had a fight the men taking sides resulting in Moon striking Andrews on the head with a hoe. On May 9 Andrews died. The grand jury last October indicted Moon for second degree murder and the jury today convicted him. March 11, 1914  - Jonesboro Weekly Sun


Walnut Ridge, Ark. Feb 11 - John McCall the 18 year old son of Wm. McCall living near Portia was instantly killed yesterday by a accidently discharge of his shotgun while hunting. Stopping to rest he set his gun carelessly on a stump the gun slipped off, the hammer struck the stump the shell exploding the full charge into his side. Death was instantly. February 12, 1914  - Jonesboro Evening Sun


Attorney D.C. Joslin returned last night from Powhattan in Lawrence County, where he went and examined witnesses before the grand jury there in regard to the death of John Holiday the eighteen year old son of P.M. Holiday who resides a few miles east of this city. Attorney Joslin was employed by Mr. Holiday to go there and investigate the death.
  Young Holiday disappeared from his home last summer and was not heard of until the report reached this city that a body was found floating on Black River near Black Rock which answered the description of the Holiday boy.
  Mr. Holiday went to Black Rock and investigated the matter and found that it was his son and from all indications the boy had met with foul play.
  Attorney Joslin worked in connection with the grand jury for two days examing witnesses and reports that the jury will either return indictments against four parties suspected of the murder or will dismiss the proceedings. Two witnesses are being examined today.
  Attorney Joslin reports that there are four parties supposed to be connected with the murder, who are two men and their wives. He reports that the evidence given by the witnesses show beyond doubt that Holiday was brutally murdered. He reports that much excitement prevails at Powhatan and Black Rock over the case as the murder was one of most brutal ever committed in that county.
 January 24, 1914  - Jonesboro Evening Sun


Mrs. H.F. Sievers died Sunday morning at St. Bernard's Hospital about 7:00 as the result of a severe operation which she underwent last Monday night.
 She was 59 years of age and survived by her husband, H.F. Siever who is a foreman at the Portia Lumber Company, a daughter Wilma Sievers, saleslady at Z.T. Mattews and Son, and by three sons, Ralph, Will and Merle Sievers, who resides in this city.
 The funeral will be held tomorrow morning at ten at the residence. It will be conducted by Rev. C.F. Collier rector of St. Mark's Church. Interment will be at Westlawn cemetery. July 15, 1914  - Jonesboro Weekly Sun


Smithville Announcements - Sorry to report the death of Mr. S.N. Johnson on Jan. 20th. January 28, 1914  - Jonesboro Evening Sun


Walnut Ridge, Ark. March 23 - News has just reached here of a horrible tragedy which occurred lat Saturday afternoon at Ravenden in Lawrence county. John L. Beard aged 46 years and Alvin Beck aged 35 years had a falling out about some timber that was being cut. Beck knocked Beard down and jumped on him. Beard in falling struck his head against a concrete walk, rendering him almost unconscious but at the same time he got his knife out and stabbed Beck, who was on top of him, nine times. Beck died within five minutes after he was taken off of Beard. It was several hours before Beard realized what he had done. Beard's preliminary trial will be held Tuesday. He claims this to have been the first tight he ever had in his life. Both men had families of small children. March 11, 1914  - Jonesboro Weekly Sun


The remains of Walter Bryant who died at Black Rock yesterday arrived here and were buried this afternoon at Pine Hill cemetery. The deceased was a brother of Mrs. J.R. Fuller of this city and formerly resided in this county having moved to Black Rock several years ago where he has been in very bad health. June 13, 1914  - Jonesboro Daily Tribune