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The item appearing in the Tribune, Saturday which stated that Dolph Sloan of the Planters National Bank at Walnut Ridge, dropped dead quite suddenly on Friday was and error. It was Joe Rank of this bank who dropped dead. The information was furnished the Tribune by Charles A. Slayer engineer for the Scenic Highway Association, who was in the bank at Walnut Ridge at the time of the death and thought that he was correct in stating that it wa Mr. Sloan. Tthe friends and relatives of Dolph Sloan are pleased to learn of the mistake. Monday, June 19, 1922  - Jonesboro Daily Tribune


Walnut Ridge, Ark. Jan 16 - Despondent over domestic difficulties which had resulted in separation from his wife Truman Shipman, aged 25 committed suicide this mornina at the home of his wife's father Melen Smith a farmer near here. Shipman and wife separated a week ago.
  Employees in the store of Rankin Hardware Co. said he was despondent though in good spirits this morning. Shipman left the Rankin store at 8 to haul furniture to his father's, Spence Shipman's home. He went to the home of Smith to seek reconciliation with his wife. He and his wife talked a few minutes and he turned and walked to a barn and drank a small quanity of carbolic acid dying 15 minutes later whild sitting on the porch of the Smith Home. He told his wife's brother of drinking the poison.
  Shipman and his wife had been married only a few months both had been married before Shipman is the father of four children and his wife has one child all by former marriages. Shipman is a brother of Perry Shipman who committed suicide here about six months ago in the same manner and the same reason. Wednesday, January 18, 1922  - Jonesboro Weekly Sun

Mrs. Jane Roberts wife of D. R. Roberts of Walnut Ridge who underwent an operation at St. Bernard's Hospital ten days ago, died late yesterday afternoon. The deceased was 43 years of age and is survived by her husvand and several children. The body was prepared for burial by Undertaker Langford and shipped to Walnut Ridge last night where the burial will follow. The deceased was a splendid lady a devoted Christian a member of the Baptist church. Wednesday, March 8, 1922  - Jonesboro Daily Tribune

Walnut Ridge, March 7- John Hall former marshal of Hoxie was placed on trial in Circuit Court on a charge of manslaughter today. He is alleged to have shot and killed John Holcomb and Joe Borah at Hoxie last August. He was tried today for killing Borah. The jury received the case at 6 o'clock this afternoon and at 9 o'clock excused in the morning having failed to reach a verdict. Wednesday, March 8, 1922  - Jonesboro Daily Tribune

Walnut Ridge, Aug. 21 - Charles Forester 16 was killed at Black Rock last night when the horse was riding ran into a cow and turned three somersaults. Young Forester remained in the saddle all this time and was so badly injured internally that he died shortly afterward.
  Forester who was the son of Burnette Forester farmer was riding near Black Rock and going at a good pace when a cow started across the road in front of his mount. The horse struck the cow squarely, causing the tragedy. Tuesday, August 22, 1922  - Jonesboro Daily Tribune

Father Killed by His Son in His Sleep
Walnut Ridge June 11 - Ed Delainey aged 60 a well known farmer living near Bessie, about six miles from Walnut Ridge, was fatally shot about 11 o'clock last night at the family home. Williams Delainey age 16, son of the dead farmer is in custody of the sheriff charged with murder. William claims the shooting was accidental.
  The boy is a sonambulish according to family members. He remained at home last night while his parents went to church. When Mr. and Mrs. Delainey returned home it is said Williams walking in his sleep was holding an automatic pistol in his hand. His father started toward the boy to disarm him when William fired. The bullet penetrated Delainey's heart causing instant death. Monday, June 12, 1922  - Jonesboro Daily Tribune

Black Rock, Ark. Oct. 20 Mose Thompson 39 shot and instantly killed Robert G. Weir, 45 three miles west of here about 4 0'clock this afternoon. Thompson came to town and surrendered himself to Marshal H.J. Meadows. He said he shot Weir twice. Saturday, October 21, 1922  - Jonesboro Evening Sun