Record of Army Medical Board

Source - Record of the Army Medical Board for the Trans-Mississippi department, 1862, 1863, 1864, Little Rock, Ark.:

Adjutant General's Office,

Richmond, February 7, 1863. Special Orders, No. 32. [Extract. ]

The following medical officers are detailed as an army medical board for the examination of officers in the Trans-Mississippi department, and applicants for appointment in the medical department invited by the secretary of war for examination: Surg. P. O. Hooper, president; Surg. W. M. Lawrence, Surg. F. D. Cunningham, Surg. J. T. Scott. The junior member will act as recorder. By command of the secretary of war.

John Withers, Asst. Adjutant-General. To P. O. Hooper,

President Army Medical Board, Little Rock, Ark.

List of surgeons and assistant surgeons examined and appointed for the year ending December 31, 1862 :*

Surg. J. M. Keller, appointed medical director, June 16, 1862, was transferred east at the close of that year at his request, and Surg. J. M. Haden held the position at Shreveport, La., until May 1, 1864, when he was styled Chief of Medical Bureau.

Year ending December 31, 1862: Charles M. Taylor,

* Names of medical colleges at which each was graduated, given with each name in this and following lists, are omitted in this copy.

Napoleon, Ark., surgeon Little Rock hospital. L. A. Dickson, Batesville, Ark., surgeon Little Rock hospital. S. W. Vaughan, Hamburg, Ark., surgeon Pleasants' infantry. James C. Gee, West Point, Ark., assistant surgeon Arkansas Post hospital. James S.White, Memphis, Tenn., surgeon Little Rock hospital. LaFayette Yates, Paris, Tex., assistant surgeon Texas battery. Albert Dunlap, Fort Smith, Ark., surgeon Little Rock hospital. Jesse M. Pace, Camden, assistant surgeon Grinsted's Arkansas infantry. Alexander M. Clingman, Hot Springs, Ark., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. William R . Walker, Springfield, Mo., surgeon Little Rock hospital. Thomas S. Harris, Princeton, Ark., assistant surgeon Woodruff's Arkansas battery. John W. Talbot, Boston, Tex., assistant surgaon Little Rock hospital. James N. Thompson, Tulip, Ark., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. John A. Dow, Sturgeon, Mo., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. Rufus A. Watkins, St. Catherine, Mo., assistant surgeon Glenn's Arkansas infantry. John W. Jones, Quitman, Tex., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. Bennett H. Clark, Sturgeon, Mo., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. Thomas W. Abington, Natchitoches, La., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. Thomas J. Johnson, DeKalb, Tex., Little Rock hospital. Junius N. Bragg, Camden, Ark., Grinsted's Arkansas infantry. William H. Tobin, Clarksville, Ark., assistant surgeon Carroll's Arkansas infantry. David R. Cole, Pt. Sullivan, Tex., Johnson's Texas spy company. Wiley B. Green, Little Rock, Ark., Johnson's Arkansas infantry. John D. Collins, Eagle Creek, Ark., surgeon Pine Bluff hospital. Thomas J. Dye, Madison, Ark., assistant surgeon McNeil's Arkansas infantry (deserted). Jacob Cooper, Barfield Point, Ark., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital (deserted). William H. Park, Jacksonville, Tex., surgeon (resigned). Dempsey M. Larkin, Marianna, Ark., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. Charles T. Hart, Little Rock, surgeon Dardanelle hospital. Isaac Folsom, Wittsburg, Ark., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. David A. Jordan, Clear Lake, assistant surgeon Woodruff's Arkansas battery. George W. Newman, Helena, assistant surgeon (resigned). Alexander M. Headley, Grand Glaize, Ark., surgeon Pleasants' Arkansas infantry. Alfred L. Trigg, Little Rock, assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. John F. 
McGregor, Pine Bluff, Ark., surgeon Flournoy's Texas infantry. William L. Killian, Charleston, Ark., assistant surgeon King's Arkansas infantry. John R. Conway, Little Rock, surgeon Little Rock hospital. Charles Wheeler, Station Creek, Tex., assistant surgeon (died in service). Elisha Trottman, Searcy, Ark., surgeon McRae's Arkansas infantry. James H. Swindells, Lancaster, Tex., surgeon Gause's Arkansas infantry. William P. Head, Kentuckytown, Tex., surgeon Fitzhugh's Texas infantry. Joseph F. Reid, Centre Point, Ark., surgeon Dawson's Arkansas infantry (resigned). John Jobe, Richmond, Ark., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. David F. Stewart, Bonham, Tex., assistant surgeon Daniel's Texas cavalry. Andrew Guillette, Breckinridge, Mo., assistant surgeon laboratory, Arkadelphia. Charles O. Cuitman, Lacon, Mo., surgeon laboratory, Arkadelphia. Elisha W. McCreary, Centre Point, Ark., assistant surgeon Dawson's Arkansas infantry. David S. Williams, Arkadelphia, surgeon Grinsted's Arkansas infantry. Benjamin A. Jordan, Kansas City, Mo., surgeon Morgan's Arkansas infantry. John H. South, Truxton, Mo., assistant surgeon Pratt's Texas battery. Hervey N. Austin, Lancaster, Mo., assistant surgeon Pine Bluff hospital (deserted to enemy September, 1863). Elias I. Beall, Marshall, Tex., chief surgeon Walker's division. Angus G. Shaw, Cainden, Tex., surgeon Seventeenth Texas cavalry (taken prisoner January, 1863). William C. Walthan, Bethel, Ark., surgeon Eighteenth Texas cavalry. Gabriel H. Fort, Lewisville, Ark., surgeon Hawthorn's Arkansas infantry. Thomas W. Mathews, Fort Smith, Ark., surgeon Parsons' Texas cavalry. Junius Terry, Lexington, Mo., assistant surgeon Roberts' Missouri battery. Francis D. Cook, Denton, Tex., assistant surgeon Darnell's Texas cavalry. John H. Gaines, Selma, Ark., surgeon Portlock's Arkansas infantry (taken prisoner at Post of Arkansas and escaped at Memphis). Albert G. Quarles, Garrettsburg, Ky., assistant surgeon Hawthorn's Arkansas infantry. Nathan H. Wynskoop, Springfield, Tex., assistant surgeon Fifteenth Texas cavalry. Albert B. Hoy, Utica, Mo., surgeon Pine Bluff hospital. Rufus L. Talbot, Roseville, Ark., surgeon Carroll's Arkansas cavalry. Charles P. Bogan, Shiloh, Ark., assistant surgeon. Henry Dye, Piano, Tex., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. Robert Duncan, St.
Louis, Mo., assistant surgeon Shaler's Arkansas infantry. W. B. Welch, Boonsboro, Ark., surgeon Brooks' Arkansas infantry. John R. Lowther, Clarksville, Ark., assistant surgeon hospital at Clarksville. C. Dorsey Bain, Dover, Ark., surgeon Parsons' Missouri infantry (died in service). James A. Purdom, Washington, Ark., surgeon Monroe's Arkansas cavalry. John I. Grinsted, Keattsville, Mo., surgeon W. P. Johnson's Missouri cavalry. Edward L. Hamilton, Richmond, Ark., Dawson's Arkansas infantry. Edward W. Cade, Starrville, Tex., surgeon Twenty-eighth Texas cavalry. James T. Norris, Brenham, Tex., surgeon Twenty-first Texas cavalry. John

B. Simmons, Jacksonport, assistant surgeon. Godfrey N. Beaumont, surgeon Missouri infantry. William J. Fowler, Seven Leagues, Tex., assistant surgeon Clark's Texas infantry. William P. Smith, Buena Vista, Tex.. assistant surgeon Randall's Texas infantry. Ebenezer Jones, Tyler, Tex., surgeon Roberts' Texas infantry. Thomas S. Petty, Chapel Hill, Tex., assistant surgeon Carter's Texas cavalry. Alonzo G. V. Dorsey, Gray Rock, Tex., assistant surgeon Roberts' Texas infantry. Eugene W. Herndon, Clarksville, Mo., surgeon Priest's Missouri infantry. Robert T. Bell, Indian Creek, Mo., assistant surgeon Graham's Missouri artillery. Akin M. Sublett, LaGrange, Mo., surgeon-general Parsons' staff. Francis D. Hallonquist, Gilmer, Tex., assistant surgeon, Texas command. David W. Fentress, Prairie Lea, Tex., assistant surgeon Morgan's Texas squadron. David R. Wallace, Independence, Tex., surgeon Spaight's Texas infantry. Edwin E. Harris, Osceola, Mo., surgeon. Joseph H. Williams, Waco, Tex., assistant surgeon Spaight's Texas infantry. W. G. Mitchell Walker, Tyler, Tex., surgeon Flournoy's Texas infantry. David

C. Howson, Orange, Tex., assistant surgeon Des Arc hospital. Charles C. Taliafero, Waco, Tex. George M. Bryan, Webberville, Tex., assistant surgeon Edgar's Texas battery. Richard L. Smith, Mt. Enterprise, Tex., assistant surgeon Young's Texas infantry. William E. Saunders, Sherman, Tex., surgeon Clark's Texas infantry. William J. Cocke, Belleville, Tex., assistant surgeon Flournoy's Texas infantry. Richard L. Rutherford, Hollywood, Ark., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. Charles F. Brown, Van Buren, Ark., surgeon Arkadelphia hospital. Gaines M. Boynton, Pine Hill, Tex., assistant surgeon Roberts' Eleventh Texas infantry. Adolphus L. Patton, Quitman, Tex., surgeon Hubbard's Twenty-second Texas infantry. Nicholas H. Boving, San Antonio, Tex., assistant surgeon McKee's Texas battery. John R. Beauchamp, Camden, Tex., surgeon Young's Texas infantry. M. S. Gayle, Texana, Tex., assistant surgeon Wilkes' Twenty-fourth Texas infantry. D. Port Smythe, Lockhart, Tex., surgeon Allen's Texas infantry. Robert P. Sweatt, Waxahachie, Tex., assistant surgeon Parsons' Nineteenth Texas cavalry. Jonathan J. Jones, Pine Bluff, Ark., surgeon Dardanelle hospital.

By order of secretary of war the Army Medical Board was convened for examinations, April, 1863, Little Rock, Ark., and a new list was begun:

Robert Joe Bell, Monroe county, surgeon Pickett's Missouri infantry. Richard Johnston, St. Martinsville, La., surgeon chemical laboratory, Arkadelphia. Paul Christian Yates, Huntsville, Mo., surgeon Shaver's Arkansas infantry. Jesse Edward Thompson, Powhatan, Ark., assistant surgeon Shaver's Arkansas infantry. Thomas Hinde Kavanaugh, Independence, Mo., assistant surgeon Tilden's Missouri battery. Nicholas N. Pumphrey, Independence, Mo., surgeon Caldwell's Missouri infantry. Randolph Brunson, Pine Bluff, Ark., surgeon Pine Bluff hospital. William Carson Boone, Fayette, Mo., surgeon Clark's Missouri infantry. Reuben Jernette, Greenville, Tex., surgeon Stevens' Texas dismounted cavalry. Isaac Shelby Taylor, Palestine, Tex., Hawpe's Texas dismounted cavalry. John M. Lacy, Cane Hill, Ark., assistant surgeon Brooks' Arkansas infantry. Thomas H. HolIes, San Augustine, Tex., surgeon Barrett's Thirteenth Texas infantry. J. Curry Brabaker, surgeon Burnett's Thirteenth Texas infantry. Edward L. Massie, Salem, Va., surgeon. Andrew N. Kincannon, St. Joseph, Mo., assistant surgeon Pindall's Missouri battalion. Uriah Haine, Anderson, Tex., assistant surgeon Terry's Eighth Texas infantry. Albert P. Fulkerson, Chapel Hill, Mo., assistant surgeon Morgan's Arkansas infantry. Marshall A. Brown, Miami, Mo., assistant surgeon. Thomas J. Basket, Tarleton, Mo., assistant surgeon. James V. Duhme, Washington, Ark., assistant surgeon Etter's Arkansas battery. R. A. Roberts, Cedar Hill, Tex., assistant surgeon.

Except sitting at Fort Smith in June, 1863, the board continued its sittings at Little Rock, until the approach and entry of the Federal army under Gen. Frederick Steele, September 10, 1863, when it retired behind the Confederate lines to Washington, Ark.

The admissions of surgeons and assistant surgeons at Fort Smith, June, 1863, are in a third list, as follows:

Elias R. Duval, Fort Smith, Ark., surgeon Gen. William Steele's division. John J. Tobin, Cusseta, Tex., assistant surgeon Morgan's Arkansas infantry. Jesse W. Johnson, Brunswick, Mo., surgeon Monroe's Arkansas cavalry. Walter T. Adair, Cherokee Nation, surgeon Cherokee cavalry. George Tebault, Oakville, Tex., surgeon Bass' Texas infantry. Orlando A. Hobson, assistant surgeon Hill's Arkansas infantry. James P. Evans, Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, chief surgeon Cooper's Indian division. Craven Peyton, Little Rock, chief surgeon Marmaduke's division. Rhesa W. Beard, DeKalb, Tex., surgeon DeMorse's Texas cavalry. Eugene B. Rochelle, Moore's, Tex., assistant surgeon DeMorse's Texas cavalry. Julien C. Field, Little Rock, Ark., assistant surgeon Bass' Texas infantry. Leo M. Alexander, Cambridge, Mo., surgeon Second Creek cavalry. Octavius Alexander, Cambridge, Mo., surgeon First Creek cavalry. Felix N. Littlejohn, Paris, Tex., assistant surgeon Martin's Fifth Texas rangers.

July, 1863, the board returned to Little Rock:

John R. Pickett, Jacksonport, Ark., assistant surgeon Stand Watie's Cherokees. Thomas A. Lornagin, St. Louis, Mo., surgeon Lewis' Seventh Missouri infantry. George G. Duggans, Cambridge, Mo., assistant surgeon Scanland's Texas squadron.

August, 1863: John F. Locke, St. Joseph, Mo., assistant surgeon Mitchell's Missouri infantry. Willis R. Jones, Arkadelphia, Ark., assistant surgeon Bell's Arkansas infantry. Alcephus Robertson, Crooked Creek, Ark., assistant surgeon Harrell's Arkansas cavalry. Rufus A. Watkins, St. Catherine, Mo., surgeon Glenn's Arkansas infantry.

The board held its next sitting in Washington, Hempstead county, Ark., September, 1863:

John W. Crowdus, Neosho, Mo., surgeon Choctaw and Chickasaw cavalry. John D. Parsons, Kaufman, Tex., assistant surgeon. Junius Terry, Lexington, Mo., surgeon Shelby's First Missouri cavalry. John T. Turner, Armstrong Academy, C. N., surgeon Folsom's Second Choctaw cavalry. William Kennedy, Greenfield, Mo., assistant surgeon Smith's Third Missouri cavalry.

January, 1864, at Washington, Ark.: Marshall A. Brown, Miami, Mo., surgeon Clark's Missouri infantry. John M. Welborn, Walnut Hill, Ark., assistant surgeon Camden hospital. Robert Duncan, St. Louis, Mo., Gaither's Arkansas infantry. Johnson J. Whitmore, Centre Point, Ark., assistant surgeon Hill's Arkansas cavalry. John M. Frazier, Missouri, assistant surgeon Burns' Eleventh Missouri infantry.

February, 1864: John H. McMurray, Independence, Mo., surgeon Engineers' troop. William C. Smith, Washington, Ark., assistant surgeon hospital duty. Levi H. Fisher, Belleville, La., assistant surgeon Harrison (La.) cavalry. Jeptha D. Bass, Homer, La., assistant surgeon, ordered to General Taylor for duty. John W. Madden, Waco, Tex., assistant surgeon Gurley's Thirtieth Texas cavalry. Charles H. Smith, Pine Bluff, Ark., chief surgeon Marmaduke's division. Gregory Ferguson, Tyler, Tex., assistant surgeon Dockery's Arkansas cavalry.

March, 1864, Washington, Ark.: William W. Newton, Johnsville, Ark., assistant surgeon General Dockery's command. Elijah A. Shippey, Shreveport, La., assistant surgeon camp of instruction, Shreveport. Rufus Linthicum, Roseville, Ark., assistant surgeon Hill's Arkansas cavalry. Alf. M. Davidson, Campti, La., assistant surgeon. William Thompson, Waverly, Ark., surgeon Crawford's Arkansas cavalry. Elijah Thigpen, Mansfield, La., assistant surgeon, ordered to Missouri division, Trans-Mississippi department. William Watt, Elysian Fields, Tex., assistant surgeon, ordered to Major-General Taylor's division, Louisiana.

August, 1864, the Army Medical Board removed their quarters to Marshall, Tex. Every applicant during April, 1864, was rejected by the board.

May, 1864: Robert Nuckolls, Belleview, La., assistant surgeon. David L. Todd, Washington, La., assistant surgeon. Robert J. Christie, Monticello, Mo., surgeon Ponder's Missouri infantry.

June, 1864, Marshall, Tex.: John H. Carroll, Lewisburg, Ark., surgeon Hill's Arkansas cavalry. Thomas E. Vick, Thibodeau, La., surgeon. John H. Blackburn, Eola, La., assistant surgeon Benton's Louisiana battery. George W. Sherman, Springfield, Ark., surgeon Witt's Tenth Arkansas infantry.

July, 1864, Marshall, Tex.: James A. Jones, New Orleans, La., assistant surgeon Crescent Louisiana infantry. James W. Brown, Camden, Ark., assistant surgeon Crawford's Arkansas cavalry.

August, 1864: Robert T. Gibbs, Mansfield, La., surgeon Vincent's Second Louisiana cavalry. John L. Wagley, Pleasant Hill, La., assistant surgeon. Melvin E. Williams, Mansfield, La., assistant surgeon Anderson's Texas cavalry. Edward L. Hamilton, Richmond, Ark., surgeon Tappan's brigade. Milton McD. Marcus, Homer, La., surgeon Ross' Second dismounted infantry. William A. Hardy, Alexandria, La., examined for promotion.

September, 1864, Military Medical Board sitting at Camden, Ark.: Robert A. Benton, Camden, Ark., surgeon appointed by secretary of war, May, 1861, Camden hospital. James C. Ford, Hermitage, Mo., assistant surgeon Moore's Missouri infantry. Thomas Benjamin Hopkins, Homer, La., assistant surgeon Reid's Arkansas Second dismounted cavalry. Thomas S. Petty, Chapel Hill, Tex., surgeon Madison's Texas cavalry.

October, 1864, Military Medical Board sitting at Camden, Ark.: Francis D. Hallonquist, Gilmer, Tex., surgeon Bonner's Eighteenth Texas infantry. Peter G. Sigmund, Eudora, Ark., assistant surgeon McNeil's Louisiana cavalry. Matt. A. Jolly, Mt. Hebron, Ala., chief surgeon Wharton's cavalry. A. N. Kincannon, DeKalb, Mo., surgeon Pindall's Missouri infantry.

November, 1864, sitting at Camden, Ark.: John M. Frazier, Weston, Mo., surgeon Burns' Eleventh Missouri  

infantry. David Wendell Yandell, Louisville, Ky., surgeon appointed by the President, October 20, 1861. J. A. Denson, Georgetown, Tex., assistant surgeon Taylor's Nineteenth Texas infantry.

December, 1864, board sitting at Washington, Ark.: Leonidas C. Ferrell, Homer, La., surgeon Capers' Fifth Louisiana cavalry. Nicholas Spring, Fort Smith, Ark., (not a graduate), surgeon hospital duty. William R. Wilkes, Springfield, Mo., surgeon hospital at Washington, Ark. James N. Morgan, Brownstown, Ark., surgeon Newton's Arkansas cavalry.

Army Medical Board, P. O. Hooper, William M. Lawrence, Joseph T. Scott (George W. Lawrence, resigned), sitting January, 1865, at Marshall, Tex.:

William A. C. Sayle, Lewisburg, Ark., surgeon Hill's Arkansas cavalry. Joseph A. McIrwin, Clinton, Mo., assistant surgeon Mitchell's Eighth Missouri infantry. T. M. Colley, Mt. Enterprise, Tex., surgeon First Creek cavalry.

February, 1865, Marshall, Tex.: John S. Compton, Alexandria, La. (two courses), assistant surgeon. Christopher C. Francis, Rusk, Tex., assistant surgeon. William P. Means, Cotton Gin, Tex. (one course), assistant surgeon. Alsey F. Pollard, Bonner, La., assistant surgeon. Miles J. Birdsong, Douglasville, Tex., surgeon. Austin Moss, Mt. Pleasant, La., surgeon Third Louisiana infantry. James Russell Cunningham, Mt. Enterprise, Tex., assistant surgeon. John C. Rosser, Carthage, Tex. (never attended college), assistant surgeon Baxter's Twenty-eighth Texas infantry.

March, 1865, Marshall, Tex.: William L. Killiam, Charleston, Ark., surgeon Twenty-second Arkansas infantry. William Wiley Perry, Jonesville, Tex., surgeon Lane's Texas cavalry. Howard Smith, New Orleans, surgeon, medical purveyor Trans-Mississippi department. Charles Wilkerson, Hamburg, La., assistant surgeon Cameron's Fourth Louisiana battery.

April, 1865, sitting at Natchitoches, La.: James G. Campbell, Opelousas, La., surgeon Vincent's Second Louisiana cavalry. Levi H. Fisher, Bayou Lachute, La., surgeon Harrison's Sixth dismounted cavalry. Alexander P, Brean, Natchitoches, La., assistant surgeon. George W. Leatherman, Mississippi, surgeon McNeil's Fourth Louisiana cavalry. Edward D. Stigner, Stockton, Mo. (one course), assistant surgeon Eleventh Missouri infantry. Thomas Charles Thompson, Matagorda, Tex., assistant surgeon Edgar's Texas battery. David Custeberry, Harrisonburg, La., assistant surgeon Second battery heavy artillery. Harfield McCormick, Shreveport, La., assistant surgeon Sixth Louisiana dismounted cavalry. James G. Wiley, Lake Providence, surgeon Harrison's Third Louisiana cavalry. Albert S. Davidson, Alexandria, La., surgeon Conner's Louisiana battery. Henry H. Key, Mt. Lebanon, La., assistant surgeon Fifth Louisiana cavalry. Charles Jones, Jr., New Orleans, medical purveyor district of Louisiana. Charles Alexander Cruikshanks, Alexandria, La., consolidated Crescent regiment infantry.

May, 1865, sitting at Natchitoches: William Watt, Elysian Fields, La., surgeon Yeager's First Texas cavalry. James E. Keaten, Cheneyville, La., assistant surgeon McMahon's battery. Thomas J. Fort, Ringgold, La., assistant surgeon Norwood's Twenty-seventh Louisiana infantry. James P. Oliver, Winfield, La., assistant surgeon Vincent's regiment. William M. Gince, Winnsboro, La., assistant surgeon Eighth Louisiana dismounted cavalry. Robert L. Lockett, Alexandria, La., surgeon. James R. Percy, Tchula, Miss., surgeon Twenty-eighth Louisiana infantry. Joseph A. Lavigne, Iberville, La., surgeon Eighth Louisiana dismounted cavalry. Isaac P. Webb, Iverson, La., assistant surgeon. Wiley Woodward Medaris, Austin, Tex. (one course), acting assistant surgeon.