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St. Louis, Aug. 2, 1920. The Hoxic-Walnut Ridge Compress Co., Walnut Ridge, Ark., will purchase about $30,000 worth of equipment for Its plant. Source - Iron Age

Walnut Ridge—The Central Pharmacy has had its interior remodeled and a prescription booth built in the rear of the building. Source - Drug Trade  1922

WALNUT RIDGE—The Industrial Bureau of the local Chamber of Commerce Is perfecting plans for the establishment of a leather-tanning plant. Source  - Chemical & metallurgical engineering 1922

830728 ANIĐES—Farrow fed April 28. 1918. In litter 10, raised—boars 4. sow.* 6. Bred by Joe Graham, Walnut Ridge. Ark sold to Jno. R. Kizer. Pocahontas, Ark., November 15, 1919. K▄RE—Big Joe 223651 DAM—Queen of Arkansas . Source - Duroc- Jersey Swine Record 1920

The Imboden Hydro-electric & Manufacturing Co., of Imboden, Ark., has applied for a license for a diversion dam, canal and power house in Spring River, near Imboden, Ark., to develop 2,400 hp. for public-utility use. Source - Power 1922

Decision: Petition granted to operate general taxicab business at Hoxie, Arkansas, and vicinity. 6 Case No. 857 Name of Petitioner: R. A. Young. Date of
Filing: June 27, 1930. Date of Hearing: December 19, 1930.  Source Report 1923

Friday, September 28, 1883 : Arkansas Gazette
Walnut Ridge Businesses : Among the principal business houses we noticed the firms of W.M. Cooper, grocer ; E. Kronem general merchandise; A. Hirsh, groceries; J.A. Lindsay is the druggist of the town. He has two nice drug stores and keeps both stocked well. Mrs. S.C. Dowell has charge of the two places during Mr. Linsay's absence. Joe D, Hardine, family grocer; A.W. Smith keeps a stock of drugs, groceries, confectioneries. M. Rankiu groceries; Dr. Lawson who has an office at Hoxie part of the time but makes his headquaters here, keeps a small stof of drugs and a few barrels of "red-eye" which he prescribes to him patients. L. Lers general merchant. A.C. Phelps & Bro. keep a nice assorted stock of general merchandise glass and queensware.
  H.L. Price carries a complete stock of family staples and fancy groceries. He is one of the oldest business men in Walnut Ridge and commands a good cash trade. J.D. Simpson has a tinshop here. Two good livery stables that are well patronized. A good public school of seventy students is in progress. M.P. B. Hill a genuine gentleman from Tennessee is the principal. The Methodist and Presbyterians each have good houses of worship, which are a credit to the town. H. Ardnt is a general merchant.Two hotels compete the list.