Lawrence County Arkansas Genealogy Trails
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(Listed by groom, alphabetically)

*Contributed by Detia Roe

BEAN, Mark of Crawford Co, and Miss Hetty STUART, dau of Col Stuart dec, of Lawrence Co, Nov 2, 1828 Lawrence Co by Rev. Brookfield.  (Arkansas Gazette, Nov 11, 1828.)

BRAMLETT, C. H. to Josie SWINDLE, 07 Apr 1921.*

COOPER, Lereal P. to Alta SWINDLE, 25 Aug 1921.*

CUNNINGHAM, Grady William to Helen Marie PIERCE, 18 February 1922, Walnut Ridge, Lawrence County, AR

CUNNINGHAM, James Henry to Effie Mae BROWN, 06 January 1901, Walnut Ridge, Lawrence County, AR.

DAVIS, John T. to Emma J. SWINDLE, 20 Nov 1881.*

Elis Clarinda 22yrs.  to William Joens 18yrs. - 20 Mar 1867 Lawrence, Arkansas

Elliott Henry to Mary Tuggle, 12 Oct 1856 Lawrence, Arkansas

Epperson Elizabeth 52 yrs to William Scott 76 yrs 02 Aug 1881 Powhatan, Lawrence, Arkansas

English Charles W 17 yrs. to Sarah E Williford 17yrs 27 May 1867 Lawrence, Arkansas

Ellis Martha 21 yrs to George W Barker 20 yrs 08 Sep 1867 Lawrence, Arkansas

FIELDER, Earnest to Beneda SWINDLE, 04 Sep 1937.*

FRY, Henry to Elizabeth SWINDEL, 07 Jul 1878.*

GANN, Barnes to Sadie SWINDLE, 07 June 1921.*

GRIFFITH, David B. to Sarah SWINDLE, 28 May 1868.*

HARTGROVE, Thomas to Mattie SPURLOCK, 09 Mar 1898 in Minturn, AR; J. A. Poulston was bondsman.  Contributed by Sy Hartgrove.

HILBURN, Homer to Leona SWINDLE, 19 Dec 1925.*
ISAACS, James    Bride: ArahWatson married on  07 Feb 1832 in Lawrence Co, AR Contributed by Elden Isaacs

JUSTICE, John D. to Rebecca BAILY, 05 Dec 1846.

JUSTICE, Newton to Rebeca MATTHEWS, 8 Jan 1850, Bk A2, p. 246.

JUSTICE, Stephen, age 52 to Jane WILLIAMS, age 18, 09 Mar 1843, Bk. A2, p. 92.

JUSTUS, Eugene to Bessie MOSLEY, 25 Feb 1917.

JUSTUS, Franklin Clay to Mae WILSON SMITH, 25 Feb 1922.

JUSTUS, John M., age 22, to Luisa RICHARDSON, age 16, 12 Sep 1839, Bk A2, p. 23.

MATTHEWS, John T. to Martha F. MCKELVY, 05 Jul 1866.*  

MCCULLOUGH, John T. to Sarah SWINDLE, 02 Oct 1878.*

MCKELVEY, Earle D. and Pauline WILLIAMS, 14 Sep 1929.*  

MCKINNEY, Joseph, to Nancy BERRY, 24 Mar 1839, Bk A2, p. 18.

MILLER, H. J. to Allie SWINDLE, 25 Mar 1906.*

PIFER, Ira Earl to Fay SWINDLE, 20 Jul 1918.*

SIMPSON, Richard to Ruby SWINDLE, 16 Sep 1925.*

SMITH, Max G. to Vivian SWINDLE, 24 Dec 1953*

SNOW, John L. to Martha Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, 15 December 1895, Lawrence County, AR.

STUART, Vaughn to Delphia SWINDLE, 04 Apr 1915.*

SWINDEL, Maxie to Lillian PEACE, 21 Nov 1909.*

SWINDELL, Fred to Eva DAVIS, 29 Sep 1908.*

SWINDLE, Clayborn to Ellen BENTON, 07 Jul 1923.*

SWINDLE, Clayborn to Rosa DAVIS, 06 Oct 1907.*

SWINDLE, John C. to Patsy M. LOONEY, 15 Apr 1947.*

SWINDLE, John C. to Minnie T. DOWELL, 28 Dec 1911.*

SWINDLE, John C. to Caldonia J. JONES, 16 Mar 1879*

SWINDLE, Marcus T. C. to Almedia RICHARD, 24 Dec 1879.*

SWINDLE, Orel Thomas to Mary Lee BALDRIDGE, 11 Aug 1985.*

SWINDLE, Swan Dowell to Carolyn Barber SLOAN, 29 Nov 1954.*

WEBB Carl to Goldie SWINDLE, 27 Sep 1920.*


Word has been received here of the approaching marriage" of King L. Banks of Walnut Ridge. Ark., to Miss Hazel Davies of Mount Vernon, Mr. Banks, who is a son of Mrs. L. I Banks of this city, was graduated from the College of Agriculture in 1916 and for a short time was official tester for the University. At present he is supervisor of Lawrence County, Arkansas. He is a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. Miss Davies was formerly a student at Christian College. Her brother, Joseph P. Davies, is now a student in the University. The ceremony will take place next Sunday at the home of the bride.  - Source - THE DAILY M1SS0URIAN, TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 1917

Rev. L. 0. Spencer and wife of Elizabeth town issued invitations to the wedding of their daughter, Frances Clement to Wm. M. Ponder of Walnut Ridge Arkansas. The ceremony was performed yesterday at their Home in Elizabethtown. -  Source -  Crittended Record Press June 6, 1912

"Uncle Samuel" Killow. The matrimonial lure is so strong; for "Uncle Samuel" Killow, who resides near Powhatan, Arkansas, that he has just recently taken unto him
self his tenth wife. Uncle Samuel acquired the marrying habit in 1868 and says he has never found any , certain cure for it, although some of i his experiences were enough to dis
gust anybody but the most hopeful persons. Bisbee Daily Review., December 14, 1913

Mrs. A. C Wilson Gives That Reason as Grounds for Divorce. Mrs. A. C. AWilson filed a petition for divorce yesterday at the district court. In her petition the plaintiff states that she and the defendant were married In Black Rock. Arkansas. May 15. 1882, and that on November 9. 1505. the defendant was oenvicted of bigamy in the" circuit
court of Ellis county. Texas, the court having  found that prior to the date of said conviction and subsequent to the marriage of the plaintiff and defendant. Wichita Daily Eagle., May 17, 1904

Crittenden Record Press (Kentucky) June 6, 1912
Rev. I.O. Spencer and wife of Elizabethtown issued invitation to the wedding of their daughter. Frances Clementto to Wm.M. Ponder of Walnut Ridge, Ark. The ceremony was performed yesterday at their home in Elizabethtown.

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