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Times Daily Oct. 30,1953 - The New York Daily Mirror reported today that right-handed pitcher Johnny Sain, who was the winning hurler for the New York Yankees in the opening game of this year's World Series, has quit baseball.
  The Mirror said it learned from Sain in an exclusive interview that he was quitting the Yankees to open an auto agency in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.

Evening Journal - April 19, 1955 - The Yankees' Johnny Sain and the veteran infielder George Kell of the Chicago White Sox ought to know a lot about each other to help them with their jockeying when their teams tangle this season. In the off-season the pair are partners in a cottonginning business at Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Several years ago out in St. Louis a bunch of Brown's fans tired of hearing their team razzed, organized the St. Louis Browns Fans Memorial Association. The other morning when the St. Louis Cards' front office staff arrived at the ballpark, which the two clubs share, they found the entrance graced by a large funeral wreath carrying the inscription, : The Browns Will Rise Again." It had been placed there by SLBFMA.

Le Courrier De La Lonisiane - July 13, 1850 - Sudden Death - At a late hour last night Francis Wayland, a citizen of Powhattan, Arkansas, suddenly fell dead in a house of bad repute on Plullippa street between Union and Perdido streets. Mr. Wayland arrived in the city but  a few days since with a drove of cattle.

The Southeast Missourian - Feb. 7, 1950 - Northeast Arkansas oldest resident Mrs. Mary E. (Granny) Tennison, is dead at the age of 110, all because of a shoe lace.
Mrs. Tennison died at her home two miles north of Alicia in Jackson County last night. Death was attributed to complications which followed a fall Jan. 18 when she tripped over a shoe lace fracturing her hip.
She was born Jan. 1, 1840 in Lawrence County near where the town of Hoxie now stands, 15 miles from where she died.
Among her survivors is a son Otto May 85, of Augusta, Ark. She left 15 grandchildren, 60 great-grandchildren and a dozen great-great grandchildren.

Meriden Daily Republican - October 14, 1887 - Little Rock, Ark. - At Clover Bend, Ark. Tuesday night a party of masked men raided the colored tenants on the plantation of W. Tucker & Co., and ordered them to leave the country. Tucker says the tenants are good law abiding citizens and he asked for protection. The governor yesterday issued a procismation ordering the parties to be arrested and prosecuted. Trouble is apprehended.

Lewiston Evening Journal - March 18, 1911 - Lawrence County, Ark. has a number of industries, but the most curious is that of capturing and raising animals for their furs and hides. The occupation is followed by a boy, Crockett Gibson, who lives on a farm and who has been well paid for his labor.
During the summer and fall Gibson captures, opossums, raccoons and foxes which are placed in pens where he feeds and cares for them until winter. The animals are then killed and the hides are took to the market where they usually bring a much higher price.

The Salt Lake Herald Feb. 16, 1898
Fated For The Gallows
Springfield, Mo., Peter Renfro who broke jail here in January 1883, 14 days before the date upon which he was to have been hanged for the murder Charles Dorrisa, a constable of Texas county, Mo. has been returned to Springfield by officers who captured him in Lawrence County, Ark.

Arizona Republican Feb. 23, 1907
Wanted - Information concerning the whereabouts of George W. Simpson, was in Arizona when last heard from. Any information will be greatly appreciated by his brother T.J. Simpson, Lawrence County, Arkansas.

Indian Chieftan March 12, 1885
The courthouse of Lawrence County, Arkansas at Powhattan, burned recently but all important papers were saved. Loss $20,000.

Memphis Daily July 17, 1857
Powhattan Weekly Visitor - We have received the first number of this paper published at Powhattan, Lawrence County, Ark. by James C. Snook , Esq. One of its principal aims will be to present to the public the peculiar advantages and attractions which North Arkansas affords to the emigrant. It will be neutral in politics. We wish it great sucess and extend to it an exchange with a great deal of pleasure.

Mr. R. B. Young shipped by express last Wednesday a fine yearling stallion to H. L. Ponder, of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, at a private price. This is the third colt Mr. Young has sold to this
same party by correspondence.  

Source - The Mt. Sterling Advocate  February 18, 1914

Band Raiding Near Walnut Ridge Arkansas
Walnut Ridge Ark July 21
There is great excitement in Lawrence and Randolph counties over the continued outrages committed by a band of men known as the Ku Klux The band first made its appearance In Randolph 
county about a month ago and Its operations has its generations were confined to a few townships but it Is spreading until now the two counties are aroused over their outrages Hardly a week passes but some new outrage Is committed. A number of men and even women have been dragged from their homes at night and whipped In a most cruel manner by the Ku Klux and one woman has died from the effects of a flogging administered on her bare back I The persons flogged have in every case been citizens with whom the Ku Klux found some fault In one case an old man and his wife were dragged from I their bed tied to a tree and whipped until their backs were raw because they  did not send their daughter to school.

Salt Lake Herald., July 22, 1897


The Jackson Herald, June 24, 1909

W. W. Taylor spent Sunday at home and returned to Hoxie, Arkansas, to complete his contract of building a school house there.


The Jackson Herald., September 16, 1909

Jeff Estes. who was in jail here for freight car robbing, was taken Sunday to Hoxie, Arkansas, by Iron Mountain.

The Morning Tulsa Daily World., July 22, 1920

Two Bandits Get $1,300 From Bank in Arkansas
BLACK ROCK, Ark , July 21
Two unmasked men entered the Citizens' bank of Smithvllle today covered the cashier with guns and took 1,300 from the safe. Citizens observed them leave the bank, but despite the fire opened on them the robber mails their escape from town on foot, leaving In the direction of Black Rock. The cashier saved the United States bonds by telling the robbers they had been tent to St. Louis.

Abilene Weekly Reflector., September 06, 1888

Arkansas Black Caps. Little Rock, Ark., Aug. 30. Advices were received to-day from Lawrence County that an organisation known as Black Caps were driving people from their homes. This organization recently whipped several white men living on tho border of Randolph County and a number of the band were arrested and will be tried shortly in the United States court at this place. Three colored men living near Portia were taken out, severely whipped with hickory switches and ordered to leave the county. Governor Hughes is waiting official information from. the sheriff of Lawrence County before taking action in the matter.

Scott County Kicker., May 06, 1916

Girl, 7, Robs Arkansas Bank. Hoxie, Ark. The bank at Alicia, Ark., 13 miles south on the Iron Mountain road, was robbed by gypsies. While they engaged the attention of the cashier, a 7-year old girl seized the money and gave it to a companion who escaped on hoseback.
Black River Pearl
St. Louis Cotton Firm Pays $475 for Arkansas Gem
Hoxie Ark. Sept. 10 - Mayor Phelps of Walnut Ridge today received from Senter & Co. of St. Louis a check for $475 for a pearl taken of of Black River.
September 11, 1897 - St. Louis Republic

Disastrous fire  in Arkansas Little  Rock April 1- A bulletin to the Gazzette from Walnut Ridge Ark, says thirteen homes were destroyed by fire here last night. The Star Hotel and several business houses were burned. Two  
persons a man and a child perished in  the hotel Another man was probably fatally injured and two others sustained broken limbs by jumping from the windows of the hotel. Source - Columbus Daily Enquirer 4/2/1893


Walnut Ridge Ar, Nov. 15 A Fire loss of over $100,000 at 4 a.m was discovered in the rear of the Cooper Pharmacy, which is in the Hotel Rhea Block. As Walnut Ridge has no fire protection the entire hotel block was destroyed. The hotel was owned by Mrs. Lizzie Burrel. Other loss were M.S. Cooper Drug Store, Walnut Ridge Furniture Co., W.E. Reloate, attorney, Mack's Toggery, Mrs. Midkiff's Millinery, The Annex Barber Shop, W.A. Dowell's new stand. There were 25 or 30 guests in the hotel but all made a successful escape. Mrs. J.D. Poindexter and Miss Helen Samuels were badly burned by falling walls. Hotel Rhea was built in 1904 and was the pride of Walnut Ridge. Source - 1914-11-16 - Jonesboro Evening Sun.


1915-10-27 - Jonesboro Weekly Sun

Broom Factory

Walnut Ridge - Oct. 24, A broom factory was started in Walnut Ridge the past week, the first one ever established here. W.R. Lane raised his first crop of broom corn and will make the crop into the finished product. He makes six varieties of brooms and has enough straw fo 20,000 brooms. Six men work in the factory.

Crittenden Record (Kentucky) April 16, 1907
  Mr. Perrigan and family who came here from Crittenden two or three years ago will leave here this fall for Lawrence County, Arkansas.

Daily Globe April 21, 1881
Rev. Robert Mattocks was acquitted last week in Lawrence County, Ark. of murder of Thos. Miller last August. Friends of Miller pursued Mattocks and yesterday his dead body was found. He was a revivalist and preached the doctrine of shedding human blood to appease offenses against God.
Lincoln County Leader November 19, 1896
The country home at Clover Bend, Lawrence county, Arkansas of Miss French, autheress and magazine contributer, well known as "Octave Thanet," was destroyed by fire. A large and valuable library was burned.
National Republican January 16, 1877
Mr. Spencer introduced a petition of citizens of Lawrence County, Arkansas asking cheap telegraphy. Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads.

New York Daily Tribune October 13, 1842
Auron Whitney, of St. Clair county, Mo. was lately found dead in his bed. His reputed wife, Sarah Whitney, swore before the coroner, that he committed suicide and the verdict of the jury was the same. Since the inquest however suspicion has been entertained against the wife and a reward of $150 in the Arkansas paper has been offered for her delivery to the Sheriff of Lawrence county, Arkansas. She escaped from the officers. A few days ago we heard it stated that the same woman had passed through this city on her way East or North. 

The Hayti herald. (Hayti, Mo.) 1908-1922, September 07, 1916 

500 Log Teams and 200 Timber Cutters Wanted Oct. 1st
I own 100,000,000 feet of oak, gum, cypress and hickory in Greene, Lawrence, Craighead, Jackson Counties that I will begin cutting Sept. 15th. The logs are good average size, the hauls are reasonably close and pay every two weeks. 100 teams and 50 timber cutters are wanted at Chilson, Craighead County, Ark. 100 teams and 50 cutters at Muria , Lawrence County, Ark. 200 teams and 100 cutters at Light, Greene County, Ark. See R.E. Stringer, Chilson, Craighead Co. Ark. See W.S. Norris, Light , Greene County, Ark. or write John Martin, Owner or C.D. Ashabrasser, Superintendent, American Trust Bldg. Jonesboro, Ark.