Source - Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indian territory

Strawberry River is a considerable stream, which unites with Black River on the southern line of Lawrence County. It flows from Izard County across Sharp, and the southwest portion of Lawrence. Some of the earliest settlers in this region occupied its fertile bottom lands as early as 1810-12.

The chief source of Spring River is known as the Mammoth Spring of Fulton County; it is near the Missouri boundary, in the northeastern corner of the county. The water issues from an opening a hundred and twenty feet in circumference, at the rate of nine thousand barrels per minute. An apparent boiling is produced by gas in solution. Myatt's Creek and South Fork, branches of Spring River which are longer but convey less water, rise beyond the state line, traverse Fulton County in a southeasterly direction, and join the main stream near the Sharp County line. Thence the course is southeast across Sharp County, and along the Randolph-Lawrence county boundary to Black River.