The Arkansas Teacher

Source - 1922

Literary Events.

Hot Springs 20, Little Rock 18, Pine Bluff 18, Helena 17, North Little Rock 7, El Dorado 6, Russellville 6, Fort Smith'5, Searcy 5, Fordyce 4-, Van Buren 4, Magnolia 3, Morrilton 3, Nashville 2, Warren 2, Hope 2, Marianna 1, Monticello l, Lonoke 1.

Map Drawing: Won by Leon Gershner, North Little Rock; Freeman DuBoe. Eudora, second; Denny Caldwell, Walnut Ridge, third; Herbert Barbee, Morrilton, fourth.

Spelling: Won by Eugene Hart, Searcy; James McCormick, Little Rock, second; Guy Fulfaker, Morrilton,. third; John White, Monticello, fourth.

Declamation: Won by William Sessions, Helena; Jim Green, Little Rock, second; Wilbur Holcomb, Hope, third; William McCrary, Lonoke, fourth.

Reading: Won by Faye Smullion, Pine Bluff; Clarice Williams, Van Buren, second; Lucile Skipper, North Little Rock, third; Cristine Heslep, Helena, fourth.

Boys’ Voice: Won by Paul Caperton, Pine Bluff; Louis Davis, Hot Springs, second; William Sessions, Helena, third; Louis Hood, Russellville, fourth.

Girls’ Voice: Won by Maxine Layne, Helena; Margaret Jean, Magnolia, second; Almeda McLeod, Warren, third; Pauline Russell, Fordyce. fourth.

Piano: Won by Evelyn Crutcher, Pine Bluff; Elizabeth Bowe, Hot Springs, second; Rebekah

Smith, Marianna, third; Linda Wiles, Little Rock, fourth.

Quartet: Won by Hot Springs (Louis Davis. Wilks Cooksey, Hansell Preston and Thayer Roberts); El Dorado (Carroll Wharton, Corbin Fernals, Roe Whitaker and John Manyhouse), second; Monticello Aggies (Ewell Taylor, Quinton Coleman, Homer Adair and J. Allen Ware). third; Little Rock (Edwin Ives, Ivan Williams, Conrad Farrell and Max Ream), fourth.

Debate: Won by Ferguson Martin, Russellville; Jack Frazier, Fordyce, second; Hamilton McRae, Helena, third; Gosso Wright, Van Buren, fourth.

Shorthand: Won by Ardelle Shoppach, Little Rock; Emma Gullett, Hot Springs, second; Charles Wilson, Helena, third; Leah Bran, Pine Bluff, fourth.

Typewriting: Won, by Betty Mann, Hot Springs; James Harrington, Little Rock, second: Leah Bran,‘ Pine Bluff, third; fourth contestant disqualified.

Violin: Won by Robert Todd, Fort Smith; Rutledge Hawn, El Dorado, second; Theresa Vinson, Little Rock, third; Matalie Brigham, Hot Springs, fourth.

Athletic Events.

Track and Field Meet: Won by Little-Rock, 42 points; Pine Bluff, second, 31 points; Paragould and Lonoke tied for third with 22. Others: Fort Smith 18, Waldo 14, Monticello Aggies 9, Hamburg 6, Russellville 5, Keo 3, Nashville 2. Jonesboro 1.

Individual honors: Bagby, Pine Bluff, 21 1-4 points; Derry, Paragould. 14-; Parker, Fort Smith, 13: Wycoff. Little Rock, 11; Felix, Little Rock, 10 3-4; Pullig, Waldo, 10.

New State Records in Athletics.

120-yard High Hurdle—The time of 16 3-5 seconds, made by Russell May of Little Rock High School on May 7, 1910, was beaten bv Vernon (“Red”) Felix of Little Rock High School, who ran it in 16 2-5 seconds.

3220-yard Run—The time of 2 minutes, 6 1-5 seconds, set by Best of Eureka Springs High School, on May 7, 1921, was beaten by Sullivan -of the Monticello Aggies, who ran it in 2 minutes, 5 seconds.

One-mile Relay—The time of 3 minutes, 40 I-5 seconds, set by a team from Crossett High School on May 6, 1916, was beaten by the Pine Bluff High School relay team, which finished the mile in 3 minutes, 33 1-5 seconds. The Pine Bluff team was com osed of Caperton, Gentry, Carothers and Gaggy.

Pole Vault—-The mark of 10 feet, 7 1-2 inches, set by Armstrong of Fort Smith High School, on May 6, 1916, was beaten by Curtis Pullig of Waldo High School, who vaulted 11 feet, 2 3-4inches.

Discus Throw—The mark of 108 feet, 3 inches, made by Robert Wadsworth of Little Rock High School, on May 3, 1913, was beaten by

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Curtis Pullig of Waldo High School, who threw it 116 feet, 1 inch.

Running Broad _lump—The mark of 21 feet, 3 inches, set by Holloway of Portland High School, on May 1, 1915, was beaten by Smith of Russellville High School, who jumped 21 feet, 7 1-2 inches.

Standing Broad _lump—The distance of 10 feet, 1 inch, made by Morton of Fort Smith High School, on May 6, 1916, was beaten by Parker of Fort Smith High School, who jumped 10 feet, 2 1-2 inches.

Standing High ,lump—The mark of 4 feet, 9 1-2 inches, made by Bankston of the Monticello Aggies, on May 6, 1916, was broken by Parker of Fort Smith High School, who jumped 4 feet, 10 inches.

Javelin Throw—This event is a new one in the track and field meets of the Arkansas Athletic Association, and for that reason the mark of 149 feet, 1 inch, made by Herman Bagby of Pine Bluff High School, will be entered as a state record in the secondary division.