Researched through  Bureau of Land Management's General Land Office

Examination of the records in the Lawrence County Court House at Powhatan, Arkansas, disclosed that this island was placed on the tax record in 1889. It was identified at that time as a willow slough, and in 1894 as a willow island. In 1904 it was a section with an area of 60 acres.

Ownership of the island has been claimed since 1889 through a series of quit claim deeds and tax titles. The last and present claimant is R.D. Mize, Lynn, Ar. who received a quit claim deed from Olive Mize Harris, Verna Mize Lawson, W.C. Mizeand Mrs. Atha Mize in 1935.

Counts were made of annual ring growths on tree stumps found on the island. Several oak stums on the higher portion of the island gave annual ring growth counts indicating tree ages up to 150 years, thus proving the existence of the island prior to 1836.

This evidence, together with statements of the older residents in the community, is considered as proof that the island was in existence as land above mean high water in 1838 and 1840 the time of the original survey and in 1850 when the state was granted the surrounding surveyed areas as swampland.