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Antioch Cemetery 335718N 0915708W  
Best Cemetery 335643N 0915159W  
Brent Cemetery 340922N 0914246W  
Brockman Cemetery 335259N 0914717W  
Bulter Cemetery 335349N 0914716W  
Bush Cemetery 335318N 0915132W  
Cornerville Cemetery 335037N 0915615W  
Crawford Cemetery 340137N 0913746W  
Crigler Cemetery 335737N 0914550W  
Douglas Cemetery 340355N 0913219W  
Garrett Cemetery 340822N 0914059W  
Gocio Cemetery 340528N 0914306W  
Grady Cemetery 340409N 0914200W  
Grahams Cemetery 340324N 0915551W  
Green Mount Cemetery 334825N 0914440W  
Hawley Cemetery 340435N 0914113W  
Heflin Cemetery 335647N 0915200W  
Hickory Grove Cemetery 335305N 0915344W  
Holly Springs Cemetery 335207N 0914850W  
Jones Cemetery 335439N 0915306W  
Jones Cemetery 340343N 0913238W  
Lee Cemetery 340355N 0913115W  
Leek Cemetery 335644N 0915205W  
Lowe Cemetery 340402N 0914029W  
Mackwee Cemetery 335418N 0913950W  
Madden Cemetery 335355N 0913549W  
Maxwell Cemetery 335150N 0914525W  
McBride Cemetery 340346N 0914339W  
Mount Calvary Cemetery 340727N 0913738W  
Mount Nebo Cemetery 335956N 0914908W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 334731N 0915016W  
New Macedonia Cemetery 340208N 0915218W  
New Owen Cemetery 340048N 0915651W  
Newman Cemetery 335729N 0915407W  
Newton Chapel Cemetery 335121N 0915354W  
O'Neel Cemetery 335243N 0914552W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 335151N 0913923W  
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 340722N 0913958W  
Randolph Cemetery 340406N 0914029W  
Rice Cemetery 340234N 0913645W  
Ross Cemetery 340103N 0913037W  
Round Lake Cemetery 340841N 0914037W  
Sanders Cemetery 335510N 0915406W  
Thomas Cemetery 335727N 0913437W  
Tyro Cemetery 334957N 0914315W  
White Church Cemetery 340017N 0914911W  
Williams Cemetery 340014N 0915317W  
Wynn Cemetery 340733N 0914102W  



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