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Veterans Buried in Miller County

-- Source: U.S. Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963
This information was taken directly from the applications submitted for the original Headstones
Transcribed by Genealogy Trails

Name Death Date Service Cemetery Cemetery Location
Elmer Aaron 24 Apr 1956 Bt B 362nd FA Bn Holly Springs Fouke
Harvey Obine Abney 3 Sep 1959 Co C 335 MG BN Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Herbert Adams 9 May 1949 164 Co Trans Corps State Line Texarkana
James Allen Adams 29 Jan 1929 Cas Co #2 162nd DB Woodlawn Texarkana
Lenard W Adcock 19 Oct 1956 Co B 383rd Inf Regt, US Army Sylverino Fouke
Caliph Allen 12 May 1959 Co C Devel. Bn, 162nd Depot Brig, US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
Ossie Allen 18 Apr 1948 91st Quartermaster Corps Railhead Depot Co Trigg Texarkana
James Allen 9 Feb 1939 Co D 404th LB Mount Zion Texarkana
Jack Anderson 9 Mar 1952 Mili Police Detachment 1829th Service Com Unit Shiloh Texarkana
Jim Anderson 30 Apr 1952 Co A 15th Bn Repl & Tr Co Evergreen Texarkana
David C Arnold 17 May 1955 Army Air Force State Line Texarkana
Harold T Ashenhust 21 Oct 1959 Bty C 630 Field Arty Bn Calvary Texarkana
Roy F Atchison 11 Apr 1952 243rd Army Air Force Stateline Texarkana
Lonnie Austin 6 Dec 1954 US Navy Fair Haven Texarkana
Billy Marshall Austin 25 Mar 1956 Co E 24th Inf. Regt Fair Haven Texarkana
Willie B Barker 13 Mar 1960 Co A 846th TD Bn Fair Haven Texarkana
Henry M Barefield 24 Apr 1937 Co 111th F.S. Rondo Texarkana
Israel Barlow 28 May 1958 Co D, Devel Bn, 1,162 Depot Brig US Army Mt Zion Texarkana
William J Barnes 19 May 1959 Co K, 158th Inf, 40 Div Harmony Grove Texarkana
Robert Morgan Barnes 5 Sep 1948 Co A 4th Mar Div. Pleasant Hill Texarkana
Hardy M Barnett 25 Oct 1927 Co C 524 Engineers Doddridge Doddridge
Jasper Barto 27 Nov 1938 Co F 142nd F.A. Harmony Grove Texarkana
Tom Bayless 10 Sep 1962 Co K, 329 Inf 83 Div US Army Chapelwood Texarkana
Joe F Bayless 11 Dec 1957 Hdg Co; 142 F Art. 39 Div State Line Texarkana
Richard R Bearden 12 Jun 1943 53rd Bomb Sq, US Army Shiloh Texarkana
Tommie A Beasley 25 Sep 1958 Co A, 1st Bn, Inf, Repl & Tr Camp Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Hickman Bennett 7 Mar 1939 Cas Det 4th Rec Bn, 162nd D.B. Rondo Texarkana
Tapley Samuel David Berger 30 Jun 1961 Hg Co, 349 Machine Gun Bn, 92 Div Fair Haven Texarkana
Adolphus Bettis 3 May 1962 Co H Hg 1st Grp 165 DBmy Fairhaven Texarkana
Sam L Bettis 19 Nov 1961 Ambulance Co 153, 114th Sanitary Train, Med Dept Rondo Texarkana
Joe A Birts 27 Feb 1949 Co B, 114th Amm Train, 39th Div Woodlawn Texarkana
Denman Legrand Black 30 May 1954 27th Air Police Squadron, Air Force Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Howard Graves Blair 1 Mar 1959 US Navy   Texarkana
Walter M Blalock 17 Aug 1951 1st Bn 15th Inf. Regt Western Church Texarkana
Bill B Bland 8 Feb 1942 Co B 15th Bn 162nd D.B. Trigg Texarkana
Frank Blang 24 Jul 1933 Forrest Reg TN Cav Rondo Texarkana
Alexander Blunt 3 Mar 1953 Co C, 2nd Bn, US Guards, US Army Mt. Zion Doddridge
Son Bolden 7 May 1960 2nd Co 1st Receiving Bn, US Army 162 Depot Brig Woody Walker Texarkana
Morris E Booth 24 Dec 1956 1023rd Flexible Gunnery Tng Sqdn, US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Benjamin Dudley Bowden 7 Apr 1959 Co B, 68 Inf, 9 Div, US Army Woodlawn Texarkana
Travis L Bowden 21 Mar 1962 US Army WW II Purple Heart Woodlawn Texarkana
Hugh R Brady 10 Apr 1887 5th Ark Reg State Line Texarkana
Jordan H Brantley 12 Jun 1949 Co A, 18th Inf., 1st Div Woodlawn Texarkana
William Harwood Brantley 27 Feb 1960 Bn - TN US Naval Reserve Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Charles W Brischo 25 Dec 1960 70th Trans Co, US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
Oscar Brown 23 Jan 1963 Co D, 319 Ser. Bn, US Army Woodlawn Texarkana
Ermon Emmett Brown 15 Dec 1958 Sqd H 327th AAF, US Army Central Genoa
Harold W Brown 5 Jan 1954 1st Marine Air Wing, US Marine Corps Rondo Texarkana
Homer W Brown 23 Sep 1943 304th Repair Unit, Motor Transport Corps Holly Springs Fouke
J C Brown 6 Jun 1953 US Air Force Mount Zion Doddridge
Hiram David Bryant 18 Mar 1963 Batt F, 142nd Field Art., US Army Doddridge Doddridge
Robert F Bryant 8 Jul 1959 Co G 180th Inf, Co B 275th Inf., US Army Shiloh Texarkana
Clarence F Buhler 3 Aug 1960 T-3 26th Med Dep Co, US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Billie W Bunch 30 Jun 1945 Co D 34 Inf, 24th Inf Dic Woodlawn Texarkana
Edmond Fleming Burk 3 Apr 1932 Co D 360th Inf. 90th Ark State Line Texarkana
James Worth Burlingame 6 Feb 1963 US Air Force State Line Texarkana
L Wallace Burns 15 May 1944 Co C 871st AB Eng. Pleasant Hill Texarkana
Roy L Burt 1 Dec 1959 817 Air Police Sq, US Air Force Concord Fouke
Vernon Bush 7 Apr 1960 Batt C 11 Tr A, 6 Div US Army Cavalry Texarkana
Philip H Bush 4 Mar 1902 Co G 49th Reg US Vol Inf Woodlawn Texarkana
Joe W. Butler 4 Mar 1938 Co A 156th Inf. Woodlawn Texarkana
W J Calloway 18 Jun 1944 Co E 23rd Inf. 2nd Div. Rondo Texarkana
William A Camp 17 Dec 1955 22nd Balloon Co, Air Service, US Army Shiloh Texarkana
Dean Canoose 5 Nov 1956 Co E, 337 Inf 85 Div Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Emmett Carper 6 Jun 1951 US Navy Independence Fouke
Sidney B Carroll 4 Jun 1956 Co K, 70 Inf. 10th Div,US Army Harmony Groove Texarkana
Walter Carson 13 Oct 1961 27th Engrs Serv Co, US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
Raymond B Carter 30 Mar 1958 Co K, 59 Inf, 4 Div. US Army Rondo Texarkana
Jack D Cartright 23 Jan 1951 56 10th ASU, Serv. Det Sta Camp US Army Rondo Texarkana
Albert R Case 26 Jul 1956 Hq Co. 135 Inf. 34 Div US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Benajah Chance 8 Jan 1915 27th Reg. La Infantry State Line Texarkana
Claude C Chaney 16 Sep 1951 US Navy Harmony Grove Texarkana
Cal Chatman 15 Dec 1960 Co G, 537th Engrs, US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
Willie D Cherry 22 Jul 1944 Co K 357 Inf Rondo Texarkana
Victor T Cigainero 14 Mar 1956 Hq Det, US Army Calvary Texarkana
John Clark 6 Oct 1957 Co A 1696th Eng. Combat Bn Fair Haven Texarkana
Hubert Henry Cobb 2 Aug 1959 Co H, Fed Serv. Army Eng. Co Rondo Texarkana
Charlie Cole 9 Oct 1961 Co D, 319 Lab Bn, US Army Trigg Texarkana
Sam Cole 12 Oct 1947 Co C, 508th Engr State Line Texarkana
Augustine L Cole 30 Nov 1953 Co C 508th Eng.   Texarkana
Aron Collins 8 Jan 1962 Co 49my Serv. Corps, Prisoner of War Escort, US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
Houston L Collins 12 Feb 1950 3030th Army Air Force, Sqd C Shiloh Texarkana
Shadrick Combs 1922 Co G 5th Reg. Ky Inf. Independence Fouke
Wiley Benjamin Combs 15 Feb 1961 231st Sec M, US Army Antioch Fouke
Thomas D Combs 7 Apr 1956 Sv Bty 17th FA Bn Memorial Gardens Texarkana
James D Cook 11 Aug 1951 Co C, MIC Repair Unit 311, Motor Trans Co Rondo Texarkana
Harvey Coopwood 26 Apr 1952 2nd Rec Bn, 162nd Depot Brig Fair Haven Texarkana
Arthur A Cornelius 4 Aug 1944 Co B 9th Inf, 2nd Inf Div Rondo Texarkana
Benjamin F Cornet 9 Dec 1939 Co E 125th Inf Shiloh Texarkana
Johne Cornett 23 Jun 1947 508 Bomb Squad, HV Shiloh Texarkana
Willie Cotton 30 Oct 1955 Co B 909th Air Base Bn Fair Haven Texarkana
Charles H Cox 8 Oct 1918 Co E 4th Ill Inf Woodlawn Texarkana
Edgar M Cox 17 Mar 1940 Co G 4th Texas Inf State Line Texarkana
Dave Crabtree 7 Mar 1930 Co C Crawford's Regt of Ark Inf Dolley Ferry Texarkana
Edward Duffee Crane 31 Oct 1946 US Navy State Line Texarkana
T J Crane 3 Jul 1944 505 Para Inf Regt 82nd Airborne Med Dept Fouke Fouke
Finis Goodloe Cross 17 Mar 1930 US Navy State Line Texarkana
John D Culley 18 Jul 1864 Co K 20th Reg Ark Inf Rondo Texarkana
Edwin Ruthven Culley 6 Feb 1896 Co F, 24th Ark Inf. Rondo Texarkana
Pearl Curry 24 Nov 1961 1st Co, 1st Batt, 165th Depot Brig, US Army Fairhaven Texarkana
Frank Leslie Daniel 28 Apr 1950 Batt A, 65 Field Art., 96th Div. State Line Texarkana
Daniel B Davis 31 Mar 1952 3rd Co, Mobile CAC, US Army Independence Fouke
Kelts Davis 7 May 1956 Co H, 166th Inf. 162nd DB Rondo Texarkana
Augustus Davis 12 Oct 1949 Ser Bat 503rd Field Art Bat 2nd Inf Div New Zion Texarkana
Litman Davis 7 Mar 1942 5 Eng Reg Field Art Woodlawn Texarkana
Landers Dawson 2 Apr 1949 Co. G, 814 Pioneer Infantry State Line Texarkana
Robert Denson 8 Jun 1961 US Marines Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Sug Roscoe Dickerson 19 Jan 1961 441st Port Co Fair Haven Texarkana
Oscar Dillehay 14 Jul 1957 Unit 313 Grave Registration Unit, US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Alan W Donaldson 23 Mar 1961 Base Hosp #1 Ft Sam Houston, US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Henry Sam Donley 13 Apr 1957 Army Reserve 4945 USAR Ctrl Gp Corps Arty Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Charley S Dowd 13 Feb 1961 Co A Spec Tng Bn, US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Preston E Dowd 5 Oct 1958 US Marine Corp Reserve State Line Texarkana
Boyd Thomas Downs 19 Jun 1958 Co B Batt 32nd Bn, 8th Reg US Army Harmony Grove Texarkana
Clyde Duke 23 Nov 1943 13th Armored Div Fouke Fouke
E M H Duke 31 May 1927 Co B 37 Georgia Inf Woodlawn Texarkana
James W Duke 24 Jul 1953 3rd Bat 169th Inf Fouke Fouke
Willie A Durham 1 Mar 1946 Co F, 5th Dev. Bn, US Army Harmony Grove Texarkana
Arno H Ebling 26 Oct 1957 Spec Det Recd Ctr Rondo Texarkana
Orbie W Edwards 7 Apr 1961 Engs Unas Last Org Co. B, 5th Engrs, 7 Div Harmony Grove Texarkana
Frank E Edwards 7 Jan 1952 US Navy State Line Texarkana
James Oscar Elliott 20 Dec 1961 Co A 37th Armed Inf Harmony Grove Texarkana
Marshall V Emerson 31 Dec 1944 Co. F, 20th Inf. Woodlawn Texarkana
John J English 8 Oct 1951 Co F, 2nd BN Reps Tr Center Woodlawn Texarkana
Arthur D Erwin 20 Jun 1944 8th Air Force, 92nd Wing 487th Grp 838 Bomb Sqd Woodlawn Texarkana
Roy C Ethridge 27 Oct 1960 525th Basic Fly. Tng Sq, US Army Fouke Fouke
Roy D Ethridge 19 Jan 1960 Co E, 158 Inf, 40 Div, US Army Fouke Fouke
John B Evans 1 Nov 1952 329 Inf, 83 Div Harmony Grove Texarkana
James Evans 14 Jul 1958 3050 AB Support Sq. US Air Force New Hope Doddridge
Vick Fagnani 27 Feb 1939 Co A 86th Inf Sacred Heart Texarkana
Edward J Fant 11 Sep 1953 43rd Tr Bty, Field Art. Calvary Texarkana
Clarence Frances Fant 14 Dec 1957 US Navy St Edward's Texarkana
Stanley T Favre 13 May 1959 Btry F 64th Coast Art. Rondo Texarkana
George M Felton 13 May 1959 Co H 1st Regt Ark Inf State Line Texarkana
Jack Rupert Field 16 Mar 1945 5th Marine, US Marine Corps Mount Zion Doddridge
Bernard Finley 6 Apr 1960 Batt E, 36 Ark Cav, US Army State Line Texarkana
John Fisher 2 Aug 1946 Co C, 15th Bn, Rep Tr Ctr, US Army Sawn Lake Homan
William A Foster 30 Apr 1959 Vetinary Hosp #13, Med Dept Shilo Texarkana
James Leon Francis 18 Sep 1953 Batt E, 344 FA, 90th Div Woodlawn Texarkana
Harry Stover Francis 13 Jul 1957 Motor Transport Corps Woodlawn Texarkana
Howard Fricks 10 Aug 1956 1025th Flex Gnry Tng Sq, US Army Woodlawn Texarkana
Loy Cleveland Frost 12 Aug 1947 4005th Area Ser Unit Enlisted Det. Sylverino Fouke
Clyde D Furqueron 21 Dec 1957 Co A 306th Inf Regt, US Army Rondo Texarkana
Neal Furqueron 22 Oct 1960 Co A, 306th Inf. Regt US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Leo Haydon Gammon 1 Apr 1952 35th Cav Recon Troops Rock Springs Texarkana
Marlet L Gardner 4 Nov 1951 159th Indiana Inf Woodlawn Texarkana
Charley Garrett 15 Jan 1956 Co D, 148th Machine Gun Bn, 41st Div, US Army Rock Spgs Texarkana
Walter Garrett 1 Jul 1932 322nd Labor Bn State Line Texarkana
Louis R George 1 Jan 1944 371 Bn Sq Woodlawn Texarkana
Joseph C Gillenwater 11 Aug 1958 46 Communications Sqd, US Air Force Memorial Gardens Texarkana
David Glenn 23 Jul 1953 Co. D, 24th Inf. Fair Haven Texarkana
William Arthur Gordon 6 Dec 1961 Co N, 22nd Engrs, Engr Corps Harmony Grove Texarkana
Claud W Graves 18 Oct 1918 Co G 143rd Inf Hollie Springs Fouke
Jake Grays 22 Mar 1948 Co A 343rd Service Bn State Line Texarkana
Amos B Green 29 Mar 1959 3485 Ord M.A.M Co, US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Eugene H Green 29 Dec 1944 Brty B 909th FA Bn 84th Div Sylverino Fouke
Fletcher John Grieshammer, Jr 31 Jul 1957 PDSA, Naval Air Station, US Navy Calvary Texarkana
Hubert Denton Griffin 9 Apr 1956 MP Platoon 1st Cav Div, US Army Independence Fouke
Willie Benjamin Griffin 1 Mar 1963 3760 QM Trk Co, US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
Odus Grimsley 23 Jun 1944 6 Med Bn, US Army Sylverino Fouke
Johnie R Groves 8 Nov 1952 Ambulance Co #50, Med. Dept. Woodlawn Texarkana
Derwood Warren Haak 10 May 1952 US Naval Reserve Shiloh Texarkana
Rhuel Hall 4 Nov 1955 Co D, 261st Bn, US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
Robert Kinman Hall 16 Aug 1950 Co G 9th Inf Reg, 2 Inf Div Woodlawn Texarkana
Steve G Hall, Jr 28 Jan 1962 161 Eng Co Attached to TFA 4th USAMC 8th US Army Rock Springs Texarkana
William F Hanna 6 Oct 1957 Guard & Fire Co #2, US Army St Line Texarkana
Ephriam A Hanna   Co K 4th Ark Reg Inf Rondo Texarkana
John C Hardy 9 Oct 1929 Co C 3rd Miss CSA Inf   Texarkana
Horace H Harner 23 Dec 1955 Co H Students Army, Fed. Service Training Corps State Line Texarkana
Henry B Harrell 19 Feb 1946 96th Inf Div Shiloh Texarkana
James S Harris 17 Aug 1961 163rd Aero Sq Air Service Woodlawn Texarkana
Samuel S Harris 27 Jul 1954 Co A 181st Field Art Bat Harmony Grove Texarkana
Lenwood Troy Harris 28 Dec 1962 Co A 301 Sst AAF Base, US Army Chapel Wood Texarkana
Albert T Hart 3 Feb 1946 3277th Qm Service Corps State Line Texarkana
John Harvey 31 Jan 1962 6th Serv. Co 20th Engineers, Engineers Corps, US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
Burnes Harvey 2 Dec 1937 Co C 537th Engrs Woodlawn Texarkana
Francis M Harwell 19 Aug 1935 Co G 324th Inf Shelton Fouke
Raymond Hawkins 27 Mar 1935 Co C 24th Inf State Line Texarkana
Arthur K Helms 15 Feb 1962 St. Louis School Training Detachment, US Army State Line Texarkana
Fred G Hervey 17 Jun 1944 13th Dev Co 154th DB Walker Texarkana
Booker T Hervey 13 Jan 1945 Co H/S 1322d Engrs New Zion Texarkana
Jack Smith Hess 21 Sep 1960 US Naval Reserve Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Wm P Hill 29 Apr 1947 9th A.B. US Army Rondo Texarkana
Paul B Hodges 17 May 1945 US Navy Oaklawn Texarkana
Billy J Holland 8 Nov 1944 Co F 30th Inf Hillcrest Texarkana
John Robert Hollis, Jr 26 Aug 1952 4th Anti Air Craft Art. Bn Eylau Texarkana
James H Holloway 28 Aug 1931 Co G 3rd Reg NC Art, 13th Bn NC Lt Art Shiloh Texarkana
Charles E Holt 31 Jan 1944 423 Inf 106th Div Woodlawn Texarkana
Proctor Holt 16 Jan 1933 Co 21st 165th Dep Bn State Line Texarkana
John B Honeycutt 15 Sep 1960 5 Mil Police Co, Military Police Corps State Line Texarkana
Johnie Hope 9 Apr 1958 Co C 816th Pioneer Inf Fair Haven Texarkana
Jesse Hopkins 12 Sept 1934 Co A 508th Engrs Ser Bn State Line Texarkana
William Fred Houston 22 Mar 1959 56th Material Sqd 56th Ftr Gp Rondo Texarkana
Edwin Clyde Huddleston 16 Feb 1934 US Navy State Line Texarkana
Wade H Huggins 16 Oct 1938 Co E 29th Reg Cav Rondo Texarkana
Delbert M Hunt 10 Mar 1946 US Naval Reserve Rondo Texarkana
Silas Hunt 22 Apr 1949 Co C 1695th Eng. Combat Bn, Corp of Eng. State Line Texarkana
Virgle L Hurd 31 May 1958 OS Repl Sta (1264) Fair Haven Texarkana
James Jewel Hurt 12 Feb 1935 3rd Re 58 Inf Edwards Texarkana

Curlin Dudley Ivery 8 Mar 1959 US Navy Mount Ollie Texarkana
Calvin John Ivy 29 Jul 1951 14th Rec Bn 162nd Depot Brigade Rendo Cemtery Texarkana
Sumner E Jackson 27 Mar 1948 Co G 3rd Inf Rondo Texarkana
Joseph Edwin Jackson 23 Jul 1932 USS Copahee US Naval Reserve Harmony Grove Texarkana
Shelby Ray Jackson 7 Jul 1944 10th Mar 2nd Mar Div, US Marine Corps State Line Texarkana
Stone W. Jeffery 17 Oct 1946 60th Ord Co Mount Olive Texarkana
Elam Jenkins 11 Jun 1922 Co B 356 Labor Bn Red Springs Texarkana
Lawrence R Jobe 3 Jul 1959 543rd Base Hq & Air Base Sq, US Amry Rondo Texarkana
Chester L Johnson 15 Sep 1957 Co A 333rd Inf Regt US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Edgar Johnson 30 May 1942 Supply Co 65th Field Art Holley Springs Fouke
Richard Johnson 8 Aug 1951 Co D 162nd Devel. Bn #8 Fair Haven Texarkana
Robert Johnson 28 Oct 1959 Co D 8th Dev. Bn 162 Depot Brigade, US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
James Johnson 9 Sep 1941 Co B 162nd Depot Brigade Walker Texarkana
Caldwell Fewell Johnston 2 May 1943 20th 5th Training Batt State Line Texarkana
Charles Elmer Jones 4 Feb 1959 US Navy Rondo Texarkana
Mitchell Jones 5 Nov 1957 8th Co 2nd Rec Bn, 162nd Depot Brigade, US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
Nixon Jones 1 Feb 1956 578th Bomb Sqd 392nd Bomb Grp Rondo Texarkana
John D Jones 8 Mar 1945 Troop B 12th Cav Regt US Cav Sylverino Fouke
Richard W Jones 15 Jun 1961 Troop B CRTS TCS US Army Sylverino Fouke
William Jones, Jr 18 Dec 1954 849th Port Co Fair Haven Texarkana
Louis Josephs 12 Feb 1957 Lt Bat C 3rd Regt Art State Line Texarkana
Felix E Keeton 26 Apr 1945 306th Training Grp Air Corps Shiloh Texarkana
James Wesley Keister 4 Jul 1913 Co K 19th (Dawson's) Ark Inf Rondo Texarkana
Benjamin F Killan 25 Sep 1927 Co E 306th Reg Engrs Rondo Texarkana
Henry H King 15 Jan 1925 Co A 6th Ark Inf. Rocky Mound Fouke
Alvin Kingsby 5 Apr 1959 Co B 544th Engineers, Engrs Corps, US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
George Kinley 27 Nov 1934 Co B 25th Inf Co; C 331 Ser Bn State Line Texarkana
Gerald Richard Kite 9 May 1961 9817th Tec Svc Unt CE Det #I US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Adlai S Kyle 6 Mar 1962 Co C 16th Inf 1st Div, US Army Cavalry Texarkana
Durward Frank Kyle 25 Sep 1939 Co A Casual Camp #1 State Line Texarkana
Guy Herbert Lamberth 13 Apr 1937 Med Dept Inf 162nd D.B. Calvary Texarkana
William R Lambeth Jr 2 Jul 1958 36 Co, 9 Rec. Bn, 162th Depot Brigade US Army Calvary Texarkana
Charles C Lansford 18 Mar 1936 Med Dept Shiloh Texarkana
Vernon D Larey 15 May 1945 4515th Army Air Forces Base Unit Sylverino Fouke
Willie Larry 17 Aug 1958 2085th QM Truck Co US Army New Hope Doddridge
Elgin L Lee 15 Dec 1947 3445 QM Truck Co Woodlawn Texarkana
Ben Lewis 22 Feb 1958 Co A, 508th Engrs, Ser. Bn, US Army Sylverino Texarkana
Jack Lewis 25 Mar 1939 7th Co 162nd DB 2nd Receiving Bn State Line Texarkana
George Parish Ligon 15 Oct 1959 594th Army Air Forces Base Unit State Line Texarkana
George P Ligon, Sr 14 Aug 1945 Co G 18th Inf Reg State Line Texarkana
Robert M Lincoln 21 Sep 1954 Sec F 2526 AAR B 4 US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
Joe H Linsey 19 Aug 1946 Batt A, 101st F.A., 26th Div Shiloh Sylverino Texarkana
Herman V Long 21 Aug 1944 US Naval Reserve Rock Springs Texarkana
Silas R Long 15 Apr 1958 63 Co 16 Receiving Bn, 162nd Depot Brigade Harmony Grove Sylverino Texarkana
Ephram B Lyday 9 Apr 1954 Co B 634th Tank Dest Bat Rock Springs Texarkana
John E Lykes 20 Jun 1938 Forrest’s Crossland Cav Miss. Rondo Texarkana
Robert E Lykes 4 Apr 1938 Co 25th 7th Rec Bat 162nd DB Rondo Texarkana
Coy James Magby 7 Apr 1956 Sq M 326th AAR Bn Memorial Gardesn Texarkana
W W Magee 12 Aug 1898 20th US Regimentk Inf Rondo Sylverino Texarkana
Robert Howell Taylor Mann II 31 Jan 1959 90th Med Sqd 90th Air Base Grp Woodlawn Texarkana
William T Mansker 13 Apr 1828 2nd Robison’s Conf Inf Regt Tenn Rondo Texarkana
Hershel Victoria Martin 16 Jul 1952 9952nd TSU-SGO Tacoma, Wash Rondo Texarkana
Fred Mathes 14 Apr 1960 Co D 410th Reserve Labor BN Fair Haven Sylverino Texarkana
Jeff Mathews 5 Apr 1952 Co B 318 Serv. Bn New Zion Sylverino Texarkana
Henry Lee McAdams 28 Jan 1955 426th School Sqd US Army Corinth Fouke
Commie McBroom 21 Apr 1956 Bat B 33rd Coast Art Tng BN US Army   Texarkana
Eddie E McCallum 19 Aug 1954 Co B 306th Eng 81st Div US Army Ronda Texarkana
Dan H McClure 9 Nov 1946 Co F 217th Inf Trn Bat Holley Springs Texarkana
Robert McClure 15 Oct 1939 Co C 537th Eng Ser Bat Swon Lake Homan
Roy Benjamin McCormack 29 Mar 1959 US Navy Rondo Texarkana
James E McDaniel 6 Jan 1850 Dameron’s Co Forrest’s Cav Tenn Shiloh Texarkana
Roy McFall 28 Apr 1938 Co B 315th L B State Line Texarkana
Victor H Mc Knight 22 Aug 1951 Co A, 1st Inf Repl Tr Rocky Mound Fouke
Eddie E McCallum 19 Aug 1954 Co B 306th Engineers 81st Div, US Army Rondo Sylverino Texarkana
William McIntosh 10 Apr 1938 Co B 412th Res Labor Bat State Line Texarkana
Elmer L Medley 4 Nov 1961 Det Med Dept Bat Gen Hospital Goodwin Texarkana
Thomas A Melton 15 Nov 1961 Co D 156th Inf, 39th Div, US Army Sylverino Fouke
Sam Mershal 13 Oct 1957 16 Co 3 Bn 162nd Depot Brigade Macedonia Sylverino Texarkana
Frank Mills 19 Dec 1944 Co C 318th Service Bn Woodlawn Sylverino Texarkana
Charles Lindley Mobley 19 Jul 1950 S.A.T.C. University of Ark State Line Sylverino Texarkana
Benjamin Moore 29 Jan 1929 Co E 9th Ark Inf Woodlawn  
Calvin D Moore 2 Jul 1953 Co. 31 8th Bn 163 Depot Brigade Rondo Texarkana
Carl D. Moore 5 Dec 1949 358th Motor Transport Co State Line Sylverino Texarkana
Elvin G Moorman 1 Jun 1962 Conserv & Reclam Depot #301, US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Harold J Morris 9 Jan 1954 HQ Det 3rd US Army Inf State Line Texarkana
Jesse Edward Mosley 21 Nov 1937 USS Colorado, US Navy Rondo Texarkana
Phelmar Mosley 11 Feb 1956 Co D 319th Service Bn Fair Heaven Sylverino Texarkana
Delnuia Afton Murphy 22 Jan 1963 US Naval Hospital Harmony Grove Texarkana
Bush W Musgrove 16 Nov 1960 Demob. Group, Camp Pike Holly Spgs Genoa
Goldsmith Neal 12 Dec 1959 Troop A 162nd Engr Sqd US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
Ben Nelson 23 Nov 1945 445th Reserve Labor Bn Woodlawn Sylverino Texarkana
Lonnie O Nelson 18 Sep 1945 USS Prometheus, US Navy State Line Sylverino Texarkana
Eddie Newton 18 Feb 1947 341st Service Bn State Line Sylverino Texarkana
Wayne T Norton 19 May 1956 Det-4 7thWeather Sqd   Texarkana
Remel O Nowlain 6 Jun 1956 Ser Co 406th Inf Chapel Woods Texarkana
Barney E Oates 24 Mar 1952 Co. E 114 Engineers, 39th Div. Woodlawn Sylverino Texarkana
Ruel Pete Oliver 22 Feb 1959 143rd Ing Regt 36th Inf Div Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Hezie Palmer 21 Jan 1932 Hamiter’s Reg Inf ARK Concord Fouke
James Louis Parish 31 Dec 1961 61st Co 16th Rec. Bn Stateline Sylverino Texarkana
Arthur Paxton 15 Mar 1945 815th Pioneer Inf Mount Olive Sylverino Texarkana
Harry Paxton 6 Feb 1947 Co M Chemical Warfare Service Tng Regt Lost Prairie Texarkana
Odie Pennington 13 May 1934 Co B 15th Repl Tng Ctr 162nd Depot Br State Line Sylverino Texarkana
Ray Neil Phillips 4 Oct 1949 NAB Navy #3245 - NOB Navy #926 State Line Sylverino Texarkana
William Bartlett Pierce 4 Feb 1956 Sv Co Branch Immaterial Repl Tng Ctr Memorial Gardens Texarkana
L V Pilgreen 4 Mar 1946 1176th OM Co Ser Grp Aviation 2 Marine Corps Independence Fouke
William B Pinkston 6 Jun 1955 DEML 1925 Ser Command Unit Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Andrew S Pleasant 13 Mar 1945 Co H 9th Armor Div Shiloh Texarkana
Glen Polk 18 May 1961 3374 Signal Photo Sv Co State Line Sylverino Texarkana
William A Pondrom 17 Nob 1944 Co A 399th Inf Regt 100th Div Calvary Texarkana
Burton E Poston 21 Sep 1960 Co C 156th Inf, 39th Div Stateline Sylverino Texarkana
Henry Madison Prather 4 Feb 1939   Rondo  
Ruben J Pressnell 12 Feb 1946 U S Army Sylverino Fouke
George L Price 28 Aug 1944 54 Fighter Sq US Air Corps Centarl Genoa
Perry Priest 22 Sep 1952 300th General Hospital Camo Forest State Line Sylverino Texarkana
John M Prince 29 Jun 1938 Co F 2nd Dev Bat Rock Springs Genoa
Birtie L Qualls 9 Aug 1950 16th Rec Bn, 162nd D.B. Rock Springs Sylverino Genoa
Kenneth Quillin 29 Mar 1963 306th Base HQ AB Sq US Army State Line Sylverino Texarkana
Herman Rainey 30 Apr 1961 Co D, 319th Serv. Bn, US Army Fair Haven Sylverino Texarkana
Albert Rankins 15 Nov 1961 Selective Service 22 Recruit Co, GSO Inf Concord Sylverino Texarkana
Oscar Davis Redfearn 9 May 1956 Co E154 Inf. 39 Div, US Army Sylverino Texarkana
John Henry Reed, Jr 16 Dec 1955 US Navy Woodlawn Texarkana
Homer Rhoden 10 May 1948 P.W.E. Co 209 Army Service Corps Shiloh Sylverino Texarkana
Richard L Rhodes 10 Mar 1947 Hq. Co. 119th Inf. Band Woodlawn Sylverino Texarkana
James S Rice 17 Jan 1957 Co E 8th Reg Inf US Army Harmony Grove Texarkana
Willie Richard 1 Jun 1951 6th Eng Res. Co, 20th Eng. Trigg Sylverino Texarkana
William A Richardson 15 Oct 1956 3rd Devel. 165th Depot Brigade US Army Memorial Gardens Sylverino Texarkana
Herbert B Richardson 6 Aug 1930 Co 13 165th DB State Line Sylverino Texarkana
Charles A Rickey 4 Sep 1956 Co C 802nd Tank Destroyer Bn, US Army Eylau Sylverino Texarkana
Sherman C Riley 8 Aug 1960 QM Det Sta Comt FT US Army Cedar Grove Texarkana
David H Hay Ritchie 1 Jan 1953 7025th HSW, South Post, Ft. Myer, VA Woodlawn Sylverino Texarkana
Edgar W Robinson 17 Jul 1962 Co A 720th Mil Police Bn Rondo Texarkana
Otto Robertson 25 May 1958 3704th AFF BU, US Army Shiloh Sylverino Texarkana
Ellis M Robken 4 Jul 1953 114th Supply Train, 39th Div State Line Sylverino Texarkana
Joseph Robert Rutherford 3 Dec 1948 363 Ftr Sqd 357th Ftr Grp US Army Air Corps Woodlawn Texarkana
Frank Sampson 29 Sep 1952 Co L 365th Inf, 92nd Div Fair Haven Texarkana
John Robert Sandlin 28 Mar 1959 Bat C 327th FA Bn US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Thomas Art Schaeffer 16 Aug 1958 Air Force Sylverino Fouke
J B Scott 8 Nov 1947 103rd Ord Med Maint Co Rock Springs Fouke
Hal Scott 12 Apr 1939 Co H 809 Pioneer Inf State Line Texarkana
William Osborne Shackleford 10 Feb 1954 US Naval Reserve Memorial Gardens Texarkana
James H Shanks 12 Feb 1957 Co L 51st Inf, 6th Div Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Bolivar M Shelton 23 Jun 1941 98th Ark Bat F CA 344th Cedar Grove Texarkana
James William Shipp, Jr 20 Aug 1955 HQ Co 19th Inf Reg 24th Div Shiloh Texarkana
Carl Wilburn Short 22 Oct 1959 Co A 2nd Bat Gp 6th Inf Mount Zion Doddridge
William S Simmons 3 Jun 1951 Bat. B 4th Field Art. Replacement Draft Stateline Texarkana
Leroy Sims 31 Jan 1959 HQ Sev Co 322nd Tank Bn Shiloh Texarkana
Paul H Sinclair 27 Jan 1935 Co 7 Tulane Unit, Student’s Army Training Corps State Line Texarkana
Lucian C Slover 15 Dec 1927 Batt A 18th F A 3 Div Woodlawn Texarkana
Carl Martin Sly 7 Oct 1953 Co 61, 16th Bn, 153 Depot Brigade Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Grant Smallwood 8 Jun 1948 Co C 3rd Regt Texas Inf Rock Springs Texarkana
Harry Herr Smiley 20 Aug 1935 Med Corps Base Hosp #69 State Line Texarkana
Albert L Smith 23 Mar 1949 Co L 144th Inf 36th Div Shiloh Texarkana
Ben P Smith 8 Mar 1937 4th Co 118 Inf Cas Det Fouke Fouke
Charles S Smith, Jr 12 May 1957 1330th AAF BU US Army Fair Haven Texarkana
George H Smith 12 Apr 1919 Co D 1st Ohio H Art Woodlawn Texarkana
Guy N Smith 29 Dec 1943 Co C 112th Cav Silvareno Texarkana
John D Smith   Co F 33rd Ark Inf Rocky Mound Fouke
Roy Fuqua Smith 10 Aug 1956 Co I 57th Inf 15th Div Rondo Texarkana
R C Smith 15 Mar 1943 HQ Bat B422nd Field Art Rondo Texarkana
Silas L Smith 7 Dec 1914 Co B 49th Inf Spanish American War State Line Texarkana
Thomas B Smith 14 Dec 1959 Co G 140th Inf, 35th Div, US Army Fouke Fouke
Willard B Smith 19 Mar 1959 Army Chaplain Corps Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Albert Snead 29 Nov 1932 Co I 103rd Inf 26th Div Concord Fouke
Jack F Spears   310th Tech School Sqd Air Corps State Line Fouke
Al Joseph Stack 9 Dec 1954 Co A 84th Armed Med Bn US Army State Line Texarkana
Ernest S Stafford 1 Mar 1931 Co G 4th Inf 3 Div Rocky Mound Fouke
James B Standefer 20 Nov 1952 187th Abn Rct Med Co Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Barney Starkey 16 May 1956 44th Co 11th Rec Bn US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Charles A Steele 1 Nov 1934 Stevedore Reg Trans Corp 867th Co Calvary Texarkana
Floyd L Stevens 17 Apr 1944 42nd Co 162nd DB 11th Rec Eng State Line Texarkana
John Stewart 5 Jun 1947 Co A 548th Engrs Service Bn Woodlawn Texarkana
Austin Strawn 6 Dec 1950 Co B Devel. BN #9, 162nd Depot Brigade Harmon Grove Texarkana
Will Strawn 21 Nov 1933 8th Co 2nd Tr Bn 162nd D B State Line Texarkana
Horace D Sullivan 15 Jan 1949 1st Bat 318th Inf Reg Doddridge Doddridge
Alan De Sullivan 30 Dec 1957 Fitron 94, US Navy State Line Texarkana
Gene E Swanger 3 Jan 1951 US Naval Reserve Harmony Grove Texarkana
Fred James Tanner 25 Feb 1948 Sa TC Atlanta Southern Dental College Hillcrest Texarkana
Henry D Taylor 20 Feb 1945 Co C 15th Mount Inf 10th Mount Div Armor Ser Inf Sylverino Texarkana
Herman Taylor, Jr 4 Mar 1946 US Naval Reserve Pleasant Hill Texarkana
James Oswald Taylor 29 Apr 1954 Co F 151st Inf 38th Div Stateline Texarkana
Thomas W Taylor 29 Dec 1954 Co B 21st Bn, US Guards, US Army Silverno Texarkana
Tom Y Taylor 13 Mar 1932 Med Corps 312th Bn Tra 87th Div Woodlawn Texarkana
Albert Aruthur Teer 19 Apr 1961 USS William R Rush, US Navy Calvary Texarkana
James Edward Templeton 8 Nov 1926 USS Susquehana, USS Iowa, US Navy State Line Texarkana
James L Templeton 19 May 1938 Batt F 142nd Field Art Mount Zion Doddridge
Ebbie Tenney 4 Jan 1929 Co A 21st Eng State Line Texarkana
Joe J Thomas 5 Mar 1954 Co F 387th Inf 97th Div Rondo Texarkana
Wade Thomas 26 Aug 1944 Co B 162nd Depot Brigade Woodlawn Texarkana
William I Thomason 9 Oct 1954 Med Dept 154th Inf 39th Div Rondo Texarkana
Cleveland H Thorn 6 Jan 1956 Office Det. Camp Travis Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Bewey Tidwell 16 Oct 1935 Co D 137th Inf Doddridge Doddridge
Joseph Tisdale 15 Apr 1923 20th Miss Vol Inf Holly Springs Texarkana
John J Towery 2 Dec 1924 2nd Ark Confed Cav State Line Texarkana
James C Towles 9 Apr 1937 Troop K 10th Reg, US Cav Woodlawn Texarkana
Olen E Townley 20 May 1953 Co I 63rd Inf Reg Rondo Texarkana
Milburn Treadway 7 Jun 1956 Air Force State Line Texarkana
Dewey D Trippe 18 Aug 1950 Central Dental Lab, Med Dept Woodlawn Texarkana
Leroy Turner 20 Feb 1962 3121 QM Serv US Army Mount Zion Texarkana
Opha Tyson 23 Feb 1951 630 Ord Ammuntion Co, Ordnance Corps Olive Branch Texarkana
Bill Underwood 26 Dec 1950 Co F 123rd Inf Reg 33rd Inf Div Shiloh Texarkana
Oscar Van Riper 24 Aug 1957 Co A 1st Inf Regt US Army Cedar Grove Genoa
Aaron D Vanderbult 3 Jan 1879 2nd NY Militia (Capt Homer Whitmore Co) Shiloh Texarkana
Sam Vaugh, Jr 8 Mar 1954 589th OM Laundry Co Fair Haven Texarkana
Archer F Wadley 22 Jul 1959 US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Frank J Waignell 3 Feb 1958 157th Depot Brigade 18th Co, 5th Receiving Bn Harmony Grove Texarkana
Nat Walker 23 Nov 1953 Dev Bn #8 162nd D.B. Fair Have Texarkana
William M Ward 3 Sep 1961 Co B 59th Mt Bn US Army Rock Springs Fouke
William G Warren 10 Jul 1940 Co M 4th Tex Inf Reg State Line Texarkana
Edward Washington 20 Oct 1952 Co B 45th Eng Reg Amor Serv Corps of Eng Woodlawn Texarkana
William R Watson 29 May 1939 Co E 1st Reg Ark Vol Inf Rondo Texarkana
James A Webster 19 Jun 1952 S.A.T.C. Baylor University, Waco TX Oaklawn Texarkana
Leonard Weldon 21 Sep 1938   Woodlawn Texarkana
Fred Edman Wheelington 12 Sep 1952 Co M 141st Inf. 36th Div. Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Monroe White 8 Mar 1957 Demobilization Detachment, Camp Travis Fair Haven Texarkana
William Delton White 4 Jan 1962 US Navy Stateline Texarkana
Donald Whitley 26 Dec 1944 Co K 317th Inf Hillcrest Texarkana
Joe Whitney 1 Apr 1937 9th Co 3td Bat 162nd D B Homan Homan
James F Wilbanks 6 Feb 1945 Troop C 112th Cav Enon Texarkana
Thomas J Wilbert 3 Dec 1956 4030th QM Trk Co, US Army State Line Texarkana
Kenneth K Wilburn 17 Apr 1962 Med Det. 948 AA Gun Bn US Army Rondo Texarkana
Arthur L Williams 13 Jun 1952 Co C 179th Inf Regt A/S Inf New Hope Texarkana
Edmond Williams 9 Dec 1958 Co C 306th Service Bn Fair Haven Texarkana
Oscar W Williams 16 Apr 1962 Co C 132nd Engrs Corps US Army Woodlawn Texarkana
Charlie Farmer Williams 25 Feb 1960 Co A 7th Bn Repl. Tr Ctr, Camp Pike, US Army   Fouke
Frank Williams 11 Mar 1960 Co B 404th Res Svs Labor Bn, US Army Woodlawn Texarkana
Willie Williams 31 Jul 1948 Co C 530th Engrs Richards Doddridge
Lea Roseboro Williamson 3 Jan 1946 Co 3 13th Batt Replacement & Training Ctr Woodlawn Texarkana
Clifton Willis 5 May 1954 23rd Aviation Sqd Separated Air Corps Harrison Chapel Texarkana
Emerson Clyde Willis 7 Nov 1960 Hq Co 1st Bn 7th Inf Regt US Army Memorial Gardens Texarkana
Jake Wilson, Jr 5 Mar 1947 1328th Construction BN Engrs State Line Texarkana
Early Wisner 4 Mar 1958 633rd Port Co, US Army Woodlawn Texarkana
Guy S Witcher 4 Jun 1926 129th Co 35th Engrs Woodlawn Texarkana
Roy Witcher 4 Mar 1958 Aux Remount Depot #317 QMC Woodlawn Texarkana
Byron Woodruff 17 Dec 1951 Co G 7th US Vol Inf Fair Haven Texarkana
George D Worley 30 Mar 1932 Co I 59th Reg Ohio Vol Woodlawn Texarkana
Jess (Jerald) Worley 11 Nov 1952 US Navy Macedonia Fouke
David L Wright 10 Feb 1945 Co K 12th Inf, 4 Div Armor Shiloh Texarkana
Oney Earl Wynn 29 Mar 1954 US Navy State Line Texarkana
Ben P Yeager 16 Sep 1944 Ser Co 166th Infantry Rondo Texarkana
William Charles Young 16 Jan 1963 Co I 2 Trs Regt, US Army Woodlawn Texarkana


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