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Adair Cemetery 360355N 0931142W  
Agee Cemetery 360055N 0930303W  
Beechwood Cemetery 360033N 0932203W  
Ben's Branch Cemetery 355555N 0925912W  
Brown Cemetery 360323N 0931043W  
Buckhorn Cemetery 354640N 0933049W  
Carver Cemetery 355850N 0930239W  
Case Cemetery 354526N 0932651W  
Casey Cemetery 354659N 0931808W  
Cassville Cemetery 355009N 0932304W  
Cherry Grove Cemetery 360420N 0931401W  
Clayburn Cemetery 354750N 0931505W  
Collins Cemetery 360016N 0930514W  
Coopers Bluff Cemetery 355333N 0930937W  
Crossroads Cemetery     Jasper
Curtis Cemetery 355030N 0932446W  
Curtis Cemetery 354713N 0931525W  
Curtis Cemetery 355248N 0925953W  
Deer Cemetery 354844N 0931316W  
Deer Cemetery 354846N 0931319W  
Dodson Cemetery 355454N 0925932W  
Essex Cemetery 354643N 0931534W  
Hickory Grove Cemetery 354924N 0931717W  
Hill Cemetery 355010N 0925821W  
Hopewell Cemetery 360446N 0932432W  
Jasper Cemetery      
Jones Cemetery 360546N 0931603W  
Kapark Cemetery 355134N 0932732W  
Liberty Cemetery    

Located about a mile from the old Dinsmore Post Office

Lone Hill Cemetery 354651N 0931631W  
McCutchen Cemetery 355418N 0930041W  
McFerrin Cemetery 360434N 0931619W  
Mont Judea Cemetery 355516N 0930316W  
Moore Cemetery



aka Moore-Ben Hur Cemetery, Moore Community Cemetery

Morris Cemetery 355953N 0925945W  
Morris Cemetery 355952N 0925944W  
Mount Hersey Cemetery 360109N 0925725W  
Mount Sherman Cemetery 360057N 0931619W Jasper
Mountain Springs Cemetery 360400N 0932159W  
Ogden Cemetery 354704N 0931603W  
Old Dodson Cemetery 355410N 0925952W  
Pine Grove Cemetery 354420N 0932420W  
Pine Grove Cemetery 354419N 0932419W  
Pinhook Cemetery 360205N 0925915W  
Pruitt Cemetery 360125N 0930948W  
Red Rock Cemetery 355439N 0930753W  
Rich Cemetery 355233N 0931609W  
Richland Cemetery 354456N 0930306W  
Richland Cemetery 354455N 0930307W  
Ricketts Cemetery 355448N 0930640W  
Sexton Cemetery 355457N 0930414W  
Shaddox Cemetery 360342N 0930800W  
Shiloh Cemetery 355618N 0932112W  
Smith Cemetery 355632N 0930528W Vender
Snow Cemetery 355456N 0931657W  
Stringtown Cemetery 360214N 0930759W  
Sullivan Cemetery 354733N 0932730W  
Tarlton Cemetery 354713N 0930348W Lurton
Taylor Cemetery 355256N 0925813W  
Tom Thumb Cemetery 360625N 0931347W  
Union Grove Cemetery 355157N 0931806W  
Union Hill Cemetery 355832N 0931320W  
Wells Cemetery 360324N 0930332W  
Whiteley Cemetery 355638N 0932359W  
Yardelle Cemetery 360346N 0930006W  


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