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Source:  Google books, "A census of pensioners for revolutionary or military services."
The 'head of family' is who the pensioner was residing with on June 1, 1840.

HUTSON, Edward 84 self

By Cindy Robinett

    In 1836, during the early days of the establishment of statehood in Arkansas, the fear of Indian wars was spreading from the eastern United States to the West.  William Fulton, the last territorial governor of Arkansas, had been petitioned by citizens of Miller County (extreme southwest corner of the territory) who were "praying for a defensive force for their frontier."
    Lewis Cass, Secretary of War under President Andrew Jackson, wrote Gov. Fulton and directed him to attempt to raise 1,000 volunteers in Arkansas.
     A state-wide proclamation was issued on June 22.  Gov. Fulton directed the volunteers to organize into companies, elect officers, and report to him immediately in Little Rock.
    Just days later, Gov. Fulton received word that the threat of Mexican troops as well as Indians were threatening the Southwest U. S. and that the majority of military forces previously assigned to this area had been reassigned back east (Florida War).
    A second proclamation went out on July 19 relaying this new information.  Gov. Fulton instructed those counties north of the Arkansas River to organize and rendezvous at Little Rock "without delay."  Those organizing south of the river were to gather in Hempstead County.
     The Randolph Volunteers were organized at Martin's Store on August 24, 1836.  The roster was comprised of fifty-one residents of Randolph County:  Benjamin Q. Allen, Andrew B. Archer, Uriah Bettis, Caswell K. Blunt, William H. Boyde, William L. Boyde, James H. Bradford, John N. Bradford, Baines F. Bridges, Anthony M. Copeland, David Copeland, John Essary, Thomas Essary, Jabes Evans, Daniel Gray, Benjamin F. Hicks, James Houston, John Houston, Jonathan Hubble, John Kavanaugh, Thomas Kincheloe, William Luallen, George W. Mansker, William L. Mansker, William McCain, Nelson McWilliams, William McWilliams, John Mills, William Mitchell, Alexander R. Moore, Hiram Moore, Blake Morgan, William Morgan, Madison E. Phillips, John Pyburn, William Pyburn, James Ritchey, David Robinson, William G. Shaver, Bird (also spelled Byrd) M. Simpson, Jacob Smith, James Smith, Larkin Story, Absalom Stubblefield, William Stubblefield, William H. Tyler (or Tayler), Jacob Watson, Howell White, William A. White, Jessy Winniham (or Winnaham), and Curtis Wood.
    The following men were elected officers of the newly formed company:  John Kavanaugh, captain; Bird M. Simpson, first lieutenant; and James Houston, second lieutenant.
    They left Pocahontas, the newly chosen county seat, on Sept. 1, following a barbeque hosted by Ranson S. Bettis.  That night William Black provided supper to the men and sheltered and fed their horses.  They arrived in Little Rock on Sunday, September 4.  Their official muster date was September 5.
    A distinct, yet widely unknown honor was bestowed upon the men from Randolph County.  On September 13, 1836, they led the procession which took James S. Conway to the capitol to be inaugurated as our first governor.
    The next day, Sept. 14, they left for Fort Towson (located in the southeast corner of Indian Territory Oklahoma, north of the Red River and Texas boundary) and arrived there on Oct. 2.  The group became known as Company G of the First Regiment of Arkansas Mounted Gunmen.  New officers were elected following the election of Capt. Kavanaugh to major; they were Bird M. Simpson, captain; William Stubblefield, first lieutenant; and James Houston, second lieutenant.
    According to the company rolls, four men died during their tour:  George W. Mansker, Nov 14; William L. Mansker, Dec. 11; Madison E. Phillips, Dec. 18; and Jabes Evans, Dec. 19.  
    Andrew B. Archer was discharged on Nov. 10 following a surgeon's certificate of disability.
    William Pyburn rode to Little Rock as a member of the Volunteers, although he had been elected to represent Randolph County in the first general assembly of the new state.  He took his seat on Sept. 12 and was dropped from the roll of the company.
    The threat of hostility soon eased and the remaining men were discharged at Fort Gibson, Indian Territory in January of 1837.
--Heritage Spotlight appearing in the Pocahontas Star Herald, March 23, 2006; submitted by Freda Roberts.



Contributed by Christi Scovel


The local War Board has orders to send six men to Camp Pike, Ark., to fill Oregon County, (Mo's) quota, called for the 24th of June. These men will assemble at Thayer at 6 o'clock PM at the Atkisson Hotel, on Mon., June 24th, six of the following will make up the quota:

William Albert Dabbs--Trans to Okla
Isaac Sandridge--Jobe
Elice C. Wooldridge--Thayer
Perry Standford Burrow--Myrtle
Richard Toomas Pierce--Thomasville
Wm. Geo. Evans--Thayer
Everett Roy Miller--Alton
Milton Davis--Thayer R-2
The following will go with this contingency:
CHARLES HUFF--Trans from Ark.
JOHN GREEN--Trans from Ark.
Robin Boze--Trans from Colo.



Unofficial list of those from Randolph County, drawn for Army Service under first call, taken from Extra! Star Herald Extra! Saturday, July 21, 1917.  One hundred thirty-one men were selected from this list:

From the following list of 262 names of those from Randolph County drawn for Army service in Washington, D. C. yesterday, will be selected 131 men for the service.  The numbers have been compared with the official list of registered men on file in the office of Circuit Clerk Raglin and are as follows:

O. C. Cremeens, Water Valley; Warren Johnston, Pocahontas; Alvin Archer, Elm Store; Claude Marrow, Biggers; I. R. Muller, Ravenden Springs; P. A. Wurtz, Pocahontas; Joseph Stark, Elm Store; Frank Forrester, Imboden; Gus Benton, Reyno; Jerome Gschwend, Pocahontas; Oscar Kizer, Brockett; Thomas Smith, Yadkin.

Also, Clyde Gamel, Maynard; James Stone, Holmes; Elmer Skinner, Pocahontas; Henry Keiffer, Pocahontas; Bob Brown, Ingram; William Yates, Reyno; Orelus Shepperd, Supply; Edward Finley, Pocahontas; Cecil Holder, Water Valley; James Miller, Noland; Samuel Graham, Birdell; Thomas Jones, Walnut Ridge; Clifton Harris, Brockett; Joseph Schmidt, Pocahontas; Aaron Ragan, Noland; Thomas Phillips, Noland; J. M. Thompson, Middlebrook; Walter Harris, Brockett; Wiley Bush, Wirth; B. F. Godfrey, Pocahontas; Chas. Blackshear, Pocahontas; J. P. McMullins, O'Kean; Emmett Duty, Walnut Ridge; Frank Byrd, Ingram; Frank Hausman, DeBow; John Hanford, Reyno; Earl Luttrell, Biggers; Mike Scanlon, Yadkin; Alfie Coleman, Pocahontas; R. H. Huckabee, Walnut Ridge; Robert Slayton, Pocahontas; John Rose, Pocahontas; Taylor Gains, Wirth; Clifford (col.) Manker, Biggers; Geo. Davidson, Walter Valley.

Also, Tom Murphy, Wirth; Frank Promberger, Pocahontas; Owen Wells, Ravenden Springs; Sam Holmes, Ravenden Springs; Geo. Clark, Farewell, Mo; Tom Higgins, Ravenden Springs; Homer Stout, Supply; James Hawkins, Manson; Edward Hale, Supply, James Amold, O'Kean; Grover VanWinkle, Imboden; Joseph Murphy, Wirth; Rex Johnson, Middlebrook; William Maxwell, O'Kean; Ralph Hufstedler, Birdell; Grover Johnson, Elm Store, Elihu White, Noland; Arthur Slayton, Noland; Arvil Gould, Reyno; William Tyler, Manson; George Jones, Pocahontas; John Burnside, Dalton; W. O. Bailey, Ravenden Springs.

Also, Lawrence Shockley, Birdell; Andrew Kerley, Maynard; Paul Sloan, Black Rock; James Daniel, Wirth; Raymond Nesbit, Datto; Charles  Lewis, Sharum; Ben Holford, Reyno; Barney Oaks, Black Rock; James Hishaw, Biggers; John Crisp, Walnut Ridge; John Hulvey, Elevenpoint; Toney Rutsinger, Pocahontas; Jim McMullin, Water Valley; George Davis, Ravenden Springs; George Archer, Sharum; James Dame, Pocahontas; James Toy, Imboden; Jim Blankenship, Pocahontas; Charley Looney, Elm Store; Harry Holford, O'Kean; Barney Pulliam, Reyno; Arch Flowers, Pocahontas; Arthur Weatherly, Pocahontas; William Johnson, Imboden; Arthur Patterson, Biggers; W. Vandergriff, Elevenpoint; Luther Gentry, Walnut Ridge; William Taylor, Biggers; Charley Meredith, Supply; Demont Sheppard, Biggers; Sular Davidson, Water Valley; Elmo McIlroy, Elevenpoint; Henry Etcherson, Pocahontas; Grover Terry, Brockett; Charley Dismang, Supply; Roland Morris, Ingram; Ben Holland, Walnut Ridge.

Also, Dean, O'Kean; Shaver Bute, Noland; Haris Lemmon, Biggers; Charley McPink, Pocahontas; Davis Toy, Imboden; J. S. Jackson, Sharum; W. J. Blankenship, Walnut Ridge. Arthur Parrish, Reyno; Jim Decourly, Ravenden Springs; Burg Binkley, Walnut Ridge; Almus Penn, Noland, Jessie Bolin, Sharum; William Hudson, Elm Store; Jim King, Warm Springs; William Anderson, Manson; Louie May, Pocahontas; Charley Dismang, Supply; Elmer Frank Stacy, Elevenpoint; George F. Archer, Sharum; Henry A. Davis, Walnut Ridge; Wm. E. Holder, Maynard; Dan Baxter Benton, Reyno; Terry Waldron, Elevenpoint; Sam Mondy, Pocahontas; George Promberger, Pocahontas; Mat Morris Davis, Elnora; Jim Ed Taylor, Farewell, Mo; John N. Bennett, Manson.

Also, David F. Seamens, Noland; Horace E. Pringle, Minorca; Carl Ray Hackworth, Ravenden Springs; Sular Fred Bolen, Dalton; George W. Stroud, Sharum; Ben Roy Blankenship, Reyno; Troy E. Jackson, Middlebrook; Joe Ruben Parker, Supply; W. St. Clair Smith, Maynard; Roy Perrin, Black Rock; Jim F. Armstrong, Sharum; John E. Bryant, Maynard; John Will Dunn, Birdell; John E. Ulmer, Pocahontas; Will E. Jones, Minorca; Chas. N. Harper, Maynard; Oliver S. Edwards, O'Kean; Tom Goodman, Elnora; James Alphin, Pocahontas; Calvin C. Etchason, Pocahontas; James Robert Macon, Pocahontas; Robert Omie Duff, Supply; Will Robinson, Pocahontas; Albert E. Haynes, Pocahontas; John Lindner, DeBow; M. A. Jackson, Walnut Ridge; Lewis Walt Sutten, Reyno; Elba Harbinson, Elm Store; A. Henry Million, Pocahontas; Jim Landy Condict, Ingram; S. Lemmons Dalton, Shannon; Alvin Lewis Jones, Reyno; James Burgess, Walnut Ridge; Albert Lee Upshaw, Dalton; Claude E. McElhaney, O'Kean; Boris Browski, Pocahontas; Sam Aster Hogan, Yadkin; Marshall Million, Pocahontas; Dan L. Carmickle Biggers; Clifton Mansker, Biggers; Andrew J. Jansen, Pocahontas; Jos. W. Snodgrass, Shannon.

Also, Ed Oscar Sisson, Walnut Ridge; John Henry Roach, Ingram; Oscar Ed Prince, Sharum; Clarence O. Rose, Wirth; John W. Self, Keller; John D. Tarlton, Manson; M. K. Leathers, Birdell; Almos L. Powell, Biggers; Richard O. Boyd, Pocahontas; Geo. Caldwell, Biggers; Lewis Yates, Maynard; Oscar Wheeler, Biggers; Luther Tyler, Ravenden Springs; Ulysses Coe, Warm Springs; T. R. Lane, Ravenden Springs; Quinn Griffith, Ravenden Springs; Albert Pursiful, Pocahontas; John Ragsdell, O'Kean; Phillips Coleman, Biggers; Fred Douglas, Pocahontas; Ed Murrell, Poynor; Dean Cullum, Sharum; Aaron Mack, Brockett; Edward Melton, Manson; Willis McDonald, Pocahontas; Frances Melton, Maynard.

Also, William Hooton, Noland; Clarence Snow, Walnut Ridge; Burton Knotts, Attica; O. E. Rickman, Dalton; Leander Presley, Pocahontas; Ruel Johnson, Ravenden Springs; Tracey Richardson, Pocahontas; John Roberts, Reyno; J. Whittenburg, Warm Springs; Ezra Pickeral, Pocahontas; John Galloway, Walnut Ridge; Hoover Cude, Imboden; Virgil ______, Walnut Ridge; L. Stubblefield, Elm Store; Sterling Bennett, Pocahontas; Willard Bryan, Dalton; Jerome Garrison, Biggers; Frank Robison, Pocahontas; Ora Rickman, Dalton; Charley Jones, Biggers; James Brown, Walnut Ridge; John Lindner, DeBow; G. L. Broom, Sharum; William Nettle, Biggers; J. Frangenberger, Pocahontas; Robert Lewis, Pocahontas; James Sullinger, Yadkin; Ira Wright, Warm Springs; Omer Rogers, Walnut Ridge; Grover ______, Walnut Ridge; Marvin Sneed, Pocahontas; Albert Bailey, Ravenden Springs; Harry Anderson, Pocahontas; Ernest Roberts, Sharum; Aara Pool, Biggers; Eli Cox, Noland; Grover Hatcher, Reyno; James Hooton, Birdell; George Brunner, DeBow; David Coton, Pocahontas; Herman Coleman, Pocahontas; Lewis Neams, Pocahontas; jess Tyler, Biggers; John Owen, Elnora; Oscar Mock, Pocahontas; Drew Davis, Ravenden.

--Pocahontas Star Herald, Sept 28, 2006; submitted by Freda Roberts.


    The Veterans Administration reported today that an estimated 270,000 veterans live in Arkansas.  This information appears in a county-by-county breakdown of estimated veteran population throughout the nation as of March 31 (1983).

    There is a total of 2,000 veterans-living in Randolph County.  Living in Randolph County are 550 from the Korean conflict; 840 from World War II; 20 from W. W. I; 80 post-Vietnam era; 240 service between Korean and Vietnam conflicts only; 30 other peacetime vets.

--Excepts from the Pocahontas Star Herald, 8 Dec 1983; contributed by Freda Roberts.


Mark A. Collier

Petty Officer Mark A. Collier, son of Mrs. Ina Mae Collier of Reyno, is currently serving onboard the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk.  He has recently been involved with Operation Restore Hope off the coast of Somalia in the Indian Ocean.  Collier is a 1984 graduate of Maynard High School.  He is part of Attack Squadron 52 home-based on N. A.S. Whidbey Island, Wa.  He is currently serving as the Data Analyst with the attack squadron deployed on the USS Kitty Hawk.  Collier has visited France, Spain, Italy, England, Hong Kong and Singapore during his naval career.  --Pocahontas Star Herald, January 21, 1993; submitted by Freda Roberts.

William R. Thompson

Navy Seaman Recruit William R. Thompson, son of Gordon R. and Bonnie L. Thompson, both of Pocahontas, recently completed basic training at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Ill.  During the cycle, recruits are taught general military subjects designed to prepare them for further academic and on the job training in one of the Navy's 85 occupational fields.  Studies include seamanship, close-order drill, naval history and first aid.  He is a 1991 graduate of Pocahontas High School.
--Pocahontas Star Herald, January 21, 1993; submitted by Freda Roberts.

Jeremy Turner reports for duty in Japan

Marine Pfc. Jeremy S. Turner, son of Ada M. and Ricky W. Turner, Sr. of Route One, Bakerden Road, Warm Springs, recently reported for duty with 3rd Maintenance Battalion, 3rd Force Service Support Group, Okinawa, Japan.  The 1992 graduate of Maynard High School joined the Marine Corps in July, 1992.  --Pocahontas Star Herald, Nov. 4, 1993; submitted by Freda Roberts.

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