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Source:  GNIS

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Arbuckle Cemetery 352503N 0940725W  
Barling Cemetery 351822N 0941825W  
Begum Cemetery 350507N 0942534W  
Bell Cemetery 351017N 0940606W  
Bethel Cemetery 350135N 0941424W  
Booth Cemetery  
Bull Cemetery 350651N 0941138W  
Buggy Hill Cemetery 350217N 0941541W  
Calvary Cemetery 352235N 0942501W  
Carnis Auburn Road Cemetery 351519N 0941042W  
Carruth Cemetery 352220N 0940654W  
Carter Cemetery 351542N 0940718W  
Center Valley Cemetery 351715N 0940804W  
Cherokee Cemetery 350440N 0941808W  
Clark Cemetery 350429N 0942346W  
Clarkeen Cemetery 350949N 0942124W  
Coop Prairie Cemetery 350354N 0941414W  
Cross Cemetery      
Dake Cemetery 350704N 0942059W  
Dawson Memorial Cemetery 350931N 0941015W  
Doubleday Cemetery 351107N 0942211W  
Douglass Cemetery 351439N 0942036W  
Forest Park Cemetery 352534N 0942220W  
Fort Smith National Cemetery 352257N 0942543W  
Gentry Cemetery 351434N 0941635W  
Gilliam Cemetery 350943N 0941814W  
Greenwood Cemetery 351306N 0941450W aka City Cemetery
Hartford Memorial Cemetery 350139N 0942201W  
Hepseby Cemetery 352233N 0940451W  
Hickory Ridge Cemetery 352155N 0940519W  
Hill Cemetery 351845N 0941421W  
Holy Cross Cemetery 352352N 0942208W  
Huntington Cemetery 350541N 0941609W  
Inoian Cemetery 351819N 0941338W  
Island Cemetery 352502N 0940738W  
James Fork Cemetery 350104N 0941920W  
Jones Cemetery 351543N 0940839W  
Killings Cemetery 352220N 0940653W  
Laura A Nolan Cemetery 351818N 0941631W  
Lewis Cemetery 350658N 0941239W  
Liberty Cemetery 351304N 0941331W  
Lone Star Cemetery 351153N 0940735W  
Lovelace Cemetery 350810N 0941608W  
Mannuis Cemetery 350834N 0940201W  
Marietta Cemetery 351713N 0940802W  
Mayberry Cemetery 351904N 0941319W  
McAllister Cemetery 352030N 0941714W  
McConnel Cemetery 351413N 0941308W  
McCoy Cemetery 351739N 0941835W  
Measles Memorial Cemetery 352008N 0941007W  
Memorial Cemetery 350139N 0942159W  
Moore's Rock Cemetery      
Morris Cemetery 351742N 0940746W  
Morrow Cemetery 351552N 0940714W  
Mount Harmony Cemetery      
Mount Olive Cemetery 350557N 0942144W  
Mount View Cemetery 351245N 0942442W  
Mount Zineche Cemetery 351241N 0942109W  
Newlon Cemetery 352545N 0942305W  
Oak Cemetery 352210N 0942407W  
Oakland Cemetery      
Oak Valley Cemetery 351728N 0941201W  
Old Hickory Cemetery 351100N 0942452W  
Old Union Cemetery 350822N 0942425W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 351107N 0942213W  
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 351112N 0940237W  
Pleasant Valley Cemetery 350503N 0942559W  
Ramsey Cemetery 350749N 0942125W  
Red Oak Cemetery 352103N 0940951W  
Red Yard Cemetery 350125N 0942504W  
Rose Lawn Cemetery 352330N 0942213W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 351835N 0941835W  
Speegle Cemetery 351712N 0940804W  
Steep Hill Cemetery 351711N 0942054W  
Stone Cemetery 351222N 0940755W  
Stroud Cemetery 351112N 0941846W  
Union Ridge Cemetery 350722N 0941153W  
Vaenita Cemetery 351124N 0942524W  
Valley View Cemetery 350905N 0942025W  
Ward Cemetery 351645N 0940734W  
Washburn Cemetery 351021N 0940602W  
Washington Cemetery 352234N 0942216W  
White Bluff Cemetery 351512N 0942528W  
White and Shelby Cemetery 351831N 0941544W  
William Teague Cemetery 351634N 0941217W  
Wisely Cemetery 351748N 0941528W  


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