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GARSIDE, William Peter

Division of Vital Records

1.  Decedent name:  William Peter Garside            2.  Sex:  Male                3.  Date of Death:  Nov. 1, 1978
4a. Race:  White       4b. Spanish Origin or Descent:  1. Non-Spanish        5a. Age -Last Birthday:  64    6.  Date of Birth:  March 6, 1914
7a. County of Death:  Sharp    7b. City, Town or Location of Death:  Williford    Inside City Limits:  Yes    7c.  Hospital:  No    7d. at Home
8. State of Birth:  Indiana    9.  Citizen:  U.S.A.    10. Married    11.  Surviving Spouse:  Louise Mashburn    12.  Armed Forces:  No
13. Social Security Number:  266-14-8022    14a. Usual Occupation:  Heavy Equip't Operator    14b. Construction
15a. Residence-State:  Arkansas    15b. County:  Sharp    15c. City:  Williford    15d. P. O. Box 54    15e. Inside City Limits:  yes
16. Father name:  Dr. Peter Garside    17. Mother-Maiden Name:  Margaret Colflesch
18a. Informant Name:  Louise M. Garside    18b.  Mailing address:  P. O. Box 54, Williford, Ark. 72482
19a. Burial, Cremation, Other:  Burial    19b. Cemetery:  Williford Cemetery    19c. Williford, Arkansas
20a. Date:  November 3, 1978    20b. Name of Funeral Home: Higginbotham Funeral Serv.    20c. Address:  Hardy, Arkansas
21a. Embalmer:  George T. Vore; License number: 1325    21b. Registrar: Oleta Landers    21c. Date Received by Registrar:  Nov. 6, 1978
22a. --   
23a. On the Basis of examination and/or investigation in my opinion death occurred at the time, date and place and due to the causes stated.  George T. Vore, Dep. Coroner        23b. Date signed:  Nov. 3, 1978    23c. Hour of Death:  2:20 PM    23d. Pronounced Dead:  Nov. 3, 1978    23e. Pronounced dead (hour)  3:10 PM
24.  Name and Address of Certifier:  George T. Vore, P. O. Box 532 Hardy, Ark., Sharp Co. Dep. Coroner
25.  Immediate Cause:  Acute Congestive Heart Failure

THIS IS TO CERTIFY, that the above is an exact reporduction of the original record on file in this office and of which I am legal custodian.  Witness my hand and seal of the Arkansas Department of Health at Little Rock, Arkansas.  (Copy not legal if it does not have raised seal.)
Date:  November 13, 1978
Henry C. Robinson, Jr.
State Registrar


ABEE, Helen B., b. 26 Nov 1904; d. Jul 1995, age 91.  (SSDI)

ABELE, Richard, b. 28 June 1919; d. Sept 1987, age 68.  (SSDI).

ADAMS, Artie, b. 18 Feb 1888; d. Mar 1977, age 89.  (SSDI.)

ADAMS, James B., b. 14 Apr 1959; d. 05 May 2007, age 48.  (SSDI)

ADAMS, John F., b. 08 Apr 1922; d. 12 Jul 2011, age 89.  (SSDI)

ADAMS, Mary E., d. 13 Dec 1925, Sharp County.  (Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950.)

ADAMS, Peggy G., b. 03 Mar 1910; d. 18 June 2001, age 91.  (SSDI)

BATTLE-- The 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Battle, who live near Evening Shade, was thrown from a mule and killed recently. The boy's head struck against a tree with, such force that his skull fractured.  (Source:  Journal-Advance, May 31, 1907; transcribed by Tina Easley.)

BILLINGSLEY, Lewis R.--HARDY, ARK., April 10, 1917--An accident at the Frisco Railroad crossing here today Lewis R. Billingsley, drawman, was instantly killed, one of his mules killed and his wagon torn to pieces.  (Source:  Jonesboro Evening Sun, April 11, 1917)

EBEL, Sara E., b. 12 Feb 1905; d. Jan 1988, age 83.  (SSDI)

EHEART, Glenn E.--CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, IL—Eheart, 67, died Monday in Highland, Ark.
-- News-Gazette, The (Champaign-Urbana, IL) - Thursday, December 3, 1998

FLUTY--A child of Capt. T. C. Fluty, of Sharp Co., AR., was killed one day last week by accidental discharge of a pistol in the hands of another child. 
[Source: Dated 2 Oct 1873; Pioneer Times. Oct. 1987, Vol 11, No 4; transcribed by Joanne Scobee Morgan]

JUSTUS, Blanche L., b. c1873; d. 23 Mar 1944, age 71 Sharp County.  (Arkansas Death Index 1914-1958.)

JUSTUS, Della, b. 12 Oct 1902; d. Aug 1980, age 78.  (SSDI)

JUSTUS, Flynn, b. 13 Dec 1913; d. 25 Mar 2002, age 89.  (SSDI)

JUSTUS, Fred, b. 21 Aug 1928; d. 05 June 1999, Sharp Co.  (SSDI)

JUSTUS, Julia, b. 12 May 1879; d. Jan 1972, age 93.  (SSDI)

JUSTUS, Lillis L., b. 31 Oct 1909; d. 26 Mar 1989, age 80.  (SSDI)

JUSTUS, Nancy J., b. 29 Aug 1912; d. 11 Jul 1998, age 86.  (SSDI)

JUSTUS, Nettie E., b. 01 Sep 1909; d. 30 May 2000, age 91.  (SSDI)

JUSTUS, Shelby, b. 11 Nov 1889; d. Dec 1972, age 83.  (SSDI)

JUSTUS, William W., d. 15 Aug 1930 Sharp Co.

JUSTUS, Yancy, b. 29 Aug 1900; d. Feb 1984, age 84.  (SSDI)

KEMP, Joseph, 25, white, male, convicted of murder and hung Jan 3, 1879.  (Source:  THE HISTORY OF EXECUTIONS IN AMERICA BEFORE LETHAL INJECTION, "Before the Needles," by Rob Gallagher.  Used with permission.  Transcribed by A. Newell.)

PETERS, Margaret E.--CHATTANOOGA, TN—Burial will be at 1 p.m. today in Highland Ark Cemetery. Arrangements by Chattanooga Funeral Home, East.   -- Chattanooga Times Free Press (TN) - Friday, May 5, 1995

SIPE, Laura L., d. 30 Oct 1928 in Sharp County.  --Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950.

SIPES, William A., d. 30 Jul 1926 in Sharp County.  
--Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950.

SIPES, Willie T., d. 31 Dec 1928 in Sharp County.  
--Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950.

SISK, James D., d. 22 Aug 1926 in Sharp County.  
--Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950.

TUCKER, Nancy, d. 13 Mar 1925 in Sharp County.  
--Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950.

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