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1883 Pensioners on the roll

Alameda County - List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883
[Note: far right column is date of original allowance]
ranscribed for Genealogy Trails by Kathie Kloss Marynik

Adam  Charles W.  Alameda gunshot wound left arm  $22.50  Dec. 1867
Adam  William H.  Oakland gunshot wound right wrist  12.00  Jan. 1874
Bailey  Sarah A.  Oakland widow 10.00 Aug. 1881
Baker  Angeline P.  Oakland  widow  8.00  -----
Baker  Charles W. Oakland wound right thigh  8.00  Feb. 1867
Barrett  John Oakland  gunshot wound face & head 10.00 Nov. 1876
Bartholomew  Ella M. Oakland  widow 10.00  June 1876
Barton  Caroline E. Oakland  widow  25.00 Oct. 1864
Bellamy  Benson C.  Livermore  gunshot wound left arm  6.00 Dec. 1867
Better  August W.  Oakland  wound right hand  3.75  -----
Bromley  John L.  Oakland  injury left hand 4.00  May 1848
Brown  Francis A. Oakland heart disease  16.00 Sep. 1873
Brown  Horace E. Oakland  wound left arm 2.00 -----
Cahill  Peter  Piedmont  injury to right foot 10.00 Aug. 1875
Campbell  John F.  Alameda  chronic diarrhea  8.00 -----
Carman  Mary  Oakland  mother 8.00  June 1882
Carigan  Thomas  Oakland  wound left hand  18.00  Sep. 1864
Carroll  George  Oakland  wound left arm  3.00  July 1869
Carver  Lewis M.  Oakland  gunshot wound rheumatism  4.00 Oct. 1865
Cary  Luther H. Oakland chronic diarrhea  25.00  Apr. 1882
Casey  John Brooklyn  loss left eye 6.00  Mar. 1875
Champion  Albert C.  Oakland  gunshot wound right arm 18.00  June 1867
Coleman  John W. Centreville gunshot wound left arm 12.00  July 1872
Colestock  William W. Livermore  loss right leg 18.00 July 1867
Connoisier  Fred L.  Oakland wound left thigh  10.00  Apr. 1870
Cook  Sarah B. Oakland  widow 1812 8.00  Aug. 1880
Cosgrove  Samuel San Leandro disease stomach  6.00 Oct. 1880
Cowomie  Gillspie B. Oakland dislocation left wrist 4.00  Dec. 1882
Crandell  Benjamin C. Oakland  loss of arm  18.00  Oct. 1866
Crozier  Robert  Bay Farm Isl.  gunshot wound left thigh  4.00  Dec. 1881
Curtis  Charles  Oakland wound left thigh 5.00  -----
Damon  Rosetta E. Oakland  widow  8  Nov. 1867
Donley  Adolphus Oakland chronic rheumatism  18.00  -----
Donnell  James O. W.  Oakland  gunshot wound right nares 4.00  Feb. 1874
Dulmage  Byron A.  Lorin  gunshot wound left leg 4.00 May 1882
Eaton  Benj Oakland scurvy 4.00  July 1880
Emery  Elsie S. Alameda  mother  8.00  -----
Favor  Laura P. Oakland widow 8.00  -----
Fickett  Isaac S.  Oakland  injury left leg 24.00 June 1881
Franklin  William H. Alameda gunshot wound head & breast  15.00  Oct. 1873
French  Emily L.  San Leandro  widow 8.00 June 1867
Gage  Norris L.  Oakland  gunshot wound knee  5.00 Sep. 1865
Gast  Frederick W. Berkeley chronic rheumatism 8.00  June 1883
Gibson  Elkanah M.  Oakland  loss right leg 18.00  Oct. 1866
Gregory  Harriet E.  Oakland  widow  8.00  Mar. 1879
Grover  Helen M. Oakland widow 8.00  Feb. 1881
Hallam  David V. B.  Oakland  disease eyes 18.00  July 1880
Harris  Sarah A.  Oakland  widow  17.00  June 1875
Hart  Lucius S.  Oakland  consumption 4.00  May 1871
Hassard  Richard Oakland  loss left thumb  6.00  May 1882
Hays  Edwin B. Oakland  gunshot wound left hand  5.00  Jan. 1874
Henshaw  Sarah E. Oakland  widow 17.00 Sep. 1873
Herle  Bennett Alameda  loss right leg  24.00  Aug. 1874
Healy  John W. Oakland wound head 8.00  -----
Herrick  Samuel W. W. Oakland disease lungs 15.00  May 1882
Hicks  Sophia Oakland  mother  8.00  -----
Hill  Martha J. Oakland  widow 8.00 -----
Hodsell  George W.  Oakland gunshot wound face & arm 6.00 Mar. 1865
Hoquet  George W. Oakland  gunshot wound head 12.00 Sep. 1875
Hussey  William H. Oakland gunshot wound shoulder 8.00  Aug. 1872
Jordan  James T. Oakland concussion (Navy) 6.00  Mar. 1878
Julees  Henry  Alameda  gunshot wound right arm 8.00  Dec. 1872
Keating  Julia Oakland widow (Navy) 14.00  Dec. 1881
Kenady  Martin W. Berkeley  wound left leg 8.00  -----
Kerwadle  Harvey G.  Oakland  disease left eye 4.00 Dec. 1876
Kirkpatrick  Robert R. Oakland  wound right leg 8.50  -----
Leonard  Michael W. Oakland  gunshot wound right side  2.00  Sep. 1881
Mass  Elizabeth  Oakland mother 8.00 Apr. 1874
Mendenhall  Sarah  Livermore  widow 1812  8.00 July 1879
Murch  Nawm  Oakland  gunshot wound left foot 8.00 Mar. 1873
Nelson  Melvin Oakland  gunshot wound left foot  6.00 Feb. 1867
Norris  Caroline  Oakland  widow  8.00  -----
O’Brien  Ellen  Oakland mother  8.00  Oct. 1864
Osterthal  Louisa  West End widow  8.00  Apr. 1866
Pester  John H. Livermore  injury to abdomen  8.00  May 1876
Platt  Sarah S.  Oakland  widow  20.00  Aug. 1874
Potter  William B. Oakland injury right hand  4.00  June 1881
Prack  Catharina Oakland  widow 14.00 Nov. 1882
Pullen  Clark J. Livermore  rheumatism  4.00 Apr. 1881
Purcell  Amanda  Oakland  widow 17.00 July 1881
Quackenbush  Charles McG. Oakland gunshot wound right leg 2.00 Nov. 1878
Quinn  James E. dec’d. Oakland  minor of  10.00  Nov. 1882
Robinson  Francis A.  Sunol Glen widow 8.00 Aug. 1867
Roundey  John L. Oakland wound left foot  15.00 July 1865
Simmerman  Lina Midway injury to abdomen  4.00  Feb. 1876
Smith  Mary T. Oakland  widow 8.00 Oct. 1867
Smith  William Alameda  total blindness  72.00  Dec. 1874
Stemp  Maria H.  Oakland widow  8.00  Nov. 1878
Steward  Mary L.  Oakland  widow 8.00 May 1879
Thatcher  Hannah N. Temescal mother 8.00  Mar. 1876
Thomas  William R.  Oakland wound left leg  11.25 Nov. 1880
Thornton  Ann Eliza Brooklyn  widow 1812 8.00 Mar. 1879
Thorp  Emma L. W. Berkeley  mother 8.00  Apr. 1867
Trent  Mary Ann  Oakland widow 8.00 July 1869
True  George H. Brooklyn gunshot wound right wrist 6.00 Feb. 1866
Tuller  Orlando P. Oakland chronic diarrhea  2.00  Sep. 1881
Watkins  Phebe T. Oakland mother  8.00 Jan. 1863
Webster  Edgar Oakland  wounded both legs  12.00  -----
Webster  Mary A. Oakland widow 8.00 Dec. 1879
White  Cornelia F. Brooklyn  widow 1812 33.00 July 1882
Whitcomb  Judson Oakland gunshot wound left foot 4.00  Oct. 1865
Wilson  Joseph Oakland gunshot wound right arm 18.00  Jan. 1875
Woods  Frank J.  Oakland concussion (Navy)  8.00  -----
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