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Butte County, California
Pensioners on the Roll Jan., 1883
Transcribed for GT by Kathie Marynik
[Note: Far right column is date of original allowance]

BABCOCK  Nancy Moore’s Sta. widow 1812 $8.00 Mar. 1880
BELL  Franklin Oroville gunshot wound left leg 4.00 Oct. 1881
BENNETT  Lucinda  Oroville  mother 8.00 June 1866
BROWN  Pearley G. Bigg’s Station gunshot wound right thigh 5.00  Oct. 1881
BUBIER  Josephine Gridley widow 8.00 June 1875
BUCHER  Andrew Cana loss middle finger left hand 2.00 Jan. 1879
BURKET  Lewis H. Chico  gunshot wound left thigh  4.00 Nov. 1869
BURNETT  John Bigg’s Station  gunshot wound shoulder  14.00  May 1880
CARNDUFF  Frank F.  Bigg’s Station gunshot wound back 12.00  July 1874
CHAMBERLIN  Simeon  Oroville  scurvy  6.00  Apr. 1882
CRABB  Joseph  Forest Ranch gunshot would right hand 8.00  -----
DEMING  Albert Chico father 8.00 Nov.1880
DUSTIN  Calvin M. Gridley gunshot wound back 8.00  -----
FRISBIE  Robert P.  Oroville chronic diarrhea 4.00 Oct. 1877
HOLMAN  Eunice H. Oroville widow 8.00  Jan. 1868
JEWETT  Oscar S. Chico gunshot wound right wrist 8.00  Feb. 1878
JUDD  James  Bigg’s Station  gunshot wound head & abdomen 10.00 July 1878
LA POINT  Moses  Bigg’s Station  gunshot wound right arm 14.00 July 1876
LYON  Fanny  Bigg’s Station widow 1812 8.00 Nov.1879
NICHOLS  John Durham wound left shoulder  14.00  -----
OVERTON  James W. Nord injury to abdomen 4.00  -----
PIERCE  William Chico  gunshot wound right knee  8.00 Nov.1863
REAM  John Lovelock gunshot wound head 1 5.00 Apr. 1872
SCOTT  Sias Nelson varicose veins  10.00 -----
SMITH  Hordeni Oroville disease eyes 8.00 Feb. 1875
SEWARD  George  Moore’s Station cataract right eye 4.00 -----
STEVENS  Emma C. Chico widow 24.00 July 1870
STUCKEY  Elias B.  Chico gunshot wound right ankle  4.00  Oct. 1879
SULLIVAN  Bugby Chico gunshot wound thorax  4.00 June 1866
TURNER  John C. Bangor gunshot wound left hand loss finger  4.00  -----
TWITCHELL  Wm. A. Chico injury to abdomen  6.00  Aug. 1881
WILLIAMS Abraham J.  Chico gunshot wound head & left hip 8.00 Jan. 1879
WILSON  Archibald H. Magalia disease ankle injury spine 6.00 -----

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