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Colusa County, California Genealogy Trails


Colusa County – List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883

[Note: far right column is the original date of the pension]

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Kathie Kloss Marynik

BLACK  Eliza  Olimpo  mother  $8.00  Nov. 1879
BOWER  John  Colusa  wound left shoulder  5.33  Jan. 1865
CLARK  Commodore B.  Williams  chronic diarrhea  4.00  June 1881
COOPER  Stephen  Colusa  survivor 1812  8.00  Apr. 1872
CRANCH  Sylvester  Butte City  wound right hip  4.00  Oct. 1880
DAVIS  Argent  Elk Creek widow 1812  8.00 Apr. 1879
DE ROGART  Henry Van  Willows  gunshot wound both thighs  5.33  Oct. 1866
DILLMAN  Alfred  Orland  gunshot wound right breast  8.00 Feb. 1873
DILLMAN  William V. Orland gunshot wound left hand  4.00  Aug. 1871
FARRIS  Jordan Colusa survivor 1812 8.00 Nov. 1871
FORNSWORTH  Juda  Grand Island  widow 1812  8.00 May 1872
JENKS  Isaac S. Willows wound face 18.00  -----
LOUD  Joshua D.  Willows  gunshot wound right shoulde r 8.00 Apr. 1875
MCEUESPY  James B. Orland gunshot wound leg above knee 8.00  Apr. 1874
MERRILL  Abbott Orland gunshot wound left thigh 4.00  Aug. 1877
NEWMAN  Joseph W.G.  Arbuckle gunshot wound right foot  2.00  Sep. 1878
PERSONS  Thomas B. Sulphur Creek gunshot wound left arm 4.00  Aug. 1863
PHILBROOK  William B. Orland  gunshot wound right thigh  8.00 Dec. 1873
POTTER  Adelbert E. Sycamore gunshot wound left thigh  4.00 Aug. 1882
RICKEY  Elizabeth Williams widow 15.00 May 1867
STANTON  Clarissa Grand Island  widow 1812  8.00 Apr. 1879
STRASS  William H. Elk Creek wound both legs 4.00 -----
WHITCOMB  Horace V. Elk Creek  rheumatism both shoulders 4.00 -----

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