Humboldt County, CA 1883 Pensioners
Humboldt County, California

List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883

[Note: date denotes when original allowance was granted]

Transcribed by Kathie Kloss Marynik


ARMSTRONG  John  Eureka  arrow wound left ear & neck  $6  June 1882
BENEDICT  Lafayette  Ferndale  gunshot wound right thigh  $4  Apr. 1869
BRYANT  Daniel M.  Ferndale  gunshot wound right arm  $14  Aug. 1876
CHASE  Hiram B.  Ferndale  chronic ophthalmia  $8  Jan. 1865
CROWL  Edson G.  Hydesville  wound back  $5.33  -----
DE MERRITT  David A.  Eureka  gunshot wound & fracture right leg  $20  Sep. 1881
DUDLEY  Carlie B.  Petrolia  widow  $14  Aug. 1881
FIEBIG  Charles  Eureka  gunshot wound face  $4  Sep. 1869
FOOTE  Andrew M.  Camp Grant  gunshot wound right thigh  $8  Mar. 1878
GILLETT  Judah  Petrolia  mother  $8  Mar. 1880
HALL  William H.  Eureka  crushing left foot  $4  Apr. 1873
HEALY  John  Ferndale  gunshot wound left shoulder & lungs  $15  June 1869
HUGHES  John W.  Eureka  varicose veins  $18  Nov. 1872
KREMER  John  Arcata  gunshot wound left shoulder  $6  Aug. 1877
JOHNSON  Charles  Arcata  gunshot wound of thorax  $4  Oct. 1876
JOY  Charles E.  Eureka  injury right foot  $6  July 1871
LEONARD  Nelson  China Flat  gunshot wound right breast  $4  Oct. 1879
MARKLEY  William A.  Ferndale  gunshot wound left arm & side  $4  Sep. 1881
MCGONIGAL  John  Eureka  lumbago  $2  Aug. 1881
MESSER  David L.  Martin’s Ferry  gunshot wound both thighs  $6  -----
PRINGLE  Mary A.  Eureka  mother  $15  Dec. 1873
QUINN  John  Eureka  gunshot wound left leg  $4  Dec. 1878
RUNION  Mary  Petrolia  mother  $8  June 1866
RYAN  John  Blocksburgh  loss two fingers left hand  $8  -----
SCOFIELD  Miner  China Flat  disease lungs  $6  Aug. 1881
SMITH  Charles  Arcata  gunshot wound right arm  $6  Oct. 1880
SMITH  Charles R.  Eureka  dislocated right ankle  $4  Aug. 1877
STEPHENS  William  Eureka  loss left eye  $6  May 1871
STILLINGS  David  Ferndale  gunshot wound head  $7.50  -----
TAPP  George  Rohnerville  wound left arm  $17  Oct. 1866
VAN BEBBER  Calvin  Bridgeville  disease eyes  $2  Aug. 1880
VERDAN  John  Eureka  gunshot wound both legs  $8  Dec. 1867
VONNDROW  William N.  Rohnerville  injury spine & right leg  $18  Dec. 1881
WASHINGTON  Orvin  China Flat  gunshot wound right thigh & side  $8  Oct. 1880


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