Census of the Concow Indians of Round Valley Agency, Calif. on June 30, 1910 taken by Horace J. Johnson, Supt., ?. S.D.A.


Indian Name

English Name





  Anderson, Jack Husband 50 M
    Anderson, Mary Wife 37 F
    Anderson, Phenie Adopted Daughter 16 F



Anderson, Lawson

Husband 55 M
    Anderson, Polly Wife 54 F
    Anderson, Levi Son 16 M
    Anderson, Horace Son 9 M



Ayalla, Thomas Husband 49 M
    Ayalla, Mary Wife 44 F
    Ayalla, James Son 9 M



Steel, Bert

Stepson 17


    Steel, Thomas Stepson 14 M



Steel, Mary Ann Step Daughter 18 F
    Steel, Daughter of #13 (Mary Ann)   F


  Asbill, Percy Father 33 M
    Asbill, Andrew Son 10




    Asbill, Louie Husband 32 M
    Asbill, Ida Wife 32 F
    Asbill, Leonard Son 9 M



Asbill, Lemuel

Son 4 M
    Asbill, Effie Daughter 2 F



Duncan, Myrtle

Step Daughter 15 F


    Benjamin, Ben Husband 60 M



 Benjamin, Mary

Wife 38 F
    Maria, Pancenta Leon Stepson 38 M
    Bercier, David Single 36 M




    Brown, Raymond Husband 52 M
    Brown, Sarah Wife 47 F


Brown, Eugene

Son 13 M



Brown, Cyrus Husband 24 M
    Brown, Josepha Wife 32 F
    Brown, Mary Widow 54 F
    Brown, David Father 43 M
    Brown, Manuel Son 13 M
    Brown, Colonel Son 5 M
    Card, Charles Husband 39 M
    Card, Minnie Wife 37 F
    Card, Christina Daughter 8 F
    Card, James Son 6 M
    Card, William Son 5 M
    Feliz, Harry Stepson 17 M
    Feliz, Maud Step daughter 14 F
    Card, Nettie Mother 74 F
    Card, Walter Son 29 M
    Card, Sarah Daughter 38 F
    Card, Smith Husband 38 M
    Card, Bell Wife 44 F
    Card, Theresa Daughter 10 F
    Card, Irene Daughter 8 F
    Card, Rosa Daughter 6 F
    Card, Leonard Son 3 M
    Smith, Enos Step daughter 20 F
    Edsall, Emma Sister In law 36 F
    Frank, John Single 29 M
    Clay, Henry Husband 62 (maybe 52) M
    Clay, Nellie Wife 50 F
    Dorman, Charles Husband 45 M
    Dorman, Maggie Wife 41 F
    Dorman, Frank Son 21 F
    Dorman, Ellen Daughter 20 F
    Dorman, Eben? Son 18? M
    Dorman, Dudley Son 10 M
    Dorman, Daniel Husband 26 M
    Dorman, Lupy Wife 23 F
    Downs, Henry? Husband 44 M
    Downs, Louisa Wife 26 F
    Downs, Hattie Daughter 6 F
    Downs, Roula? (Ronla?) Daughter 5 F
    Downs, Henry Jr. Son 3 M
    Smith, By--- Stepson 25 M
    Smith, Luther Stepson 19 M
    Duncan, John F. Husband 41 M
    Duncan, Birdie Wife 25 F
    Duncan, Victoria Daughter 15 F
    Duncan, Alma Daughter 13 F
    Duncan, Tom Son 11 M
    Duncan, Ora Daughter 10 F
    Anderson, Mereolano? Step Daughter 5 F
    Duncan, Nevara? Daughter 3 F
    Duncan, Minnie [Sissie] Single 31 F
    ---ll, Dixie Husband 57 M
    ---ll, Jennie Wife 55 F
    Felis, Frank Husband 48 M
    Felis, Annie Wife 45 F
    Felis, Viola Daughter 11 F
    Felis, Blanche Daughter 9 F
    Clark, Sallie Widow 64 F
    Goodwin, Charles Husband 36 M
    Goodwin, Dora Wife 36 F
    Goodwin, Amy Daughter 9 F
    Goodwin, Mary Daughter 6 F
    Goodwin, Carlos Son 5 M
    Goodwin, Pat Son 3 M
    Goodwin, Henry Son 1 M
    Gregory, Jesse Stepson 16? M
    Gregory, Robert Stepson 12? M
    Goodwin, George Father 33 M
    Goodwin, George Jr. Son 3 M
    Richardson, Bernice [Dorman] Step daughter 4 F
    Henley?, Henry Husband 47 M
    Henley?, Kittie Wife 43 F
    ---glin, Alma Mother 30 F
    ---glin, Thomas Son 9 M
    ---glin, Charles Son 6 M
    ---glin, George Jr. Son 3 M
    ---glin, Florence Mother 26 F
    ---glin, Rafella Daughter 6 F
    ---glin, Philip Son 4 M
    ---glin, Ira Son 3? M
    ---glin, Loyd Son 2 M
    Kelly, Hiram   47 M
    Kirk, Annie Mother 46 F
    Kirk, William Son 6 M
    Cook, Carrol Son 17 M
    Cook, Lulu Daughter 13 F
    Teddy, Frankie Daughter 26 F
    Allen, Minerva Daughter 29 F


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