Genealogy Trails Modoc County, California
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Modoc County – List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883

[Note: date denotes when original allowance was granted]

Submitted to Genealogy Trails by Kathie Marynik

BRAWN  Mary A.  Alturas  widow  $10  Apr. 1879
CLARK  John S.  Alturas  gunshot wound right shoulder  $12  Jan. 1878
FOLLETT  Dyantha  Willow Ranch  mother  $8  Aug. 1882
HEUGH  David  Willow Ranch  gunshot wound left hand  $3  Feb. 1873
HUGHES  Leander W.  Eagleville  gunshot wound right side & chest  $8  Apr. 1881
LECHT  Godhard  Fort Bidwell  gunshot wound right leg  $5  Sept. 1874
ROBERTS  John  Fort Bidwell  wound in abdomen  $4  June 1856
SHUBLE  Gillett  Willow Ranch  chronic diarrhea  $4  -----
STIPPEY  Isaac  Alturas  amputated right arm above elbow  $24  Sept. 1874
TAYLOR  Mary Ann  Cedarville  widow (Navy)  $10  Feb. 1881
WELCOME  Jacob C.  Cedarville  injury to abdomen  $4  Aug. 1876

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