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Submitted to Genealogy Trails by "The Weimar Project"
20601 West Paoli Lane
Weimar, CA 95736

(Part of the Colfax Cemetery District 530-346-9577 )

SIZE : 6 acres
Over 1,450 MAP OF BURIALS Map 2

(Exact number is hard to tell due to disinterments and sometimes reuse of the same plot number)

Burials  A - E ~  F - J K - OP - Z

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"Former TB Sanitorium in Placer County Awash if Poignant History"

The Weimar Joint Sanatorium and the Weimar Cemetery by Robin N. Yonash - NEW
The Weimar Cemetery was originally a part of the Weimar Joint Sanatorium, administered by 15 northern California counties for indigent tuberculosis patients, which operated under various names from 1919-1972. Patients who died at the Sanatorium and who had no other means of burial were interred on the Sanatorium property, AKA the Weimar Cemetery.  Since this was essentially a Potter's Field, instead of traditional tombstones each grave was assigned a number which was engraved onto a brass disc. The graves were marked by a piece of 2x6 wood with the corresponding brass disc attached. Records for each patient, located in the Sanatorium office, translated names to numbers and vice-versa. Over time many records have been lost and specific grave numbers for burials 1-107 are no longer known.

Weimar CemeteryWeimar Cemetery
Photos Courtesy of Kathie Marynik


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