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     In the year 1883 the first Presbyterian organization was established in Roseville. This organization was known as the Presbyterian Church Society, which in the year 1886 became the United Presbyterian Church of Roseville, which name it retained until the year 1909, when by act of incorporation it received the title "The First Presbyterian Church of Roseville."
     The names of the trustees of the original organization were:  A. B. McRae, Thomas McBride, and James McDougal. The original members of the "Presbyterian Church" were:  Robert, Janet and Margaret Ferguson, Martha and Anna Glading, Alexander and Elizabeth Kerr, Margaret McRae and Emma McBride. The first pastor was Rev. W. Bruce. The church has had eleven pastors during its existence. The present pastor was installed in May 1907. There are 51 members belonging to the present organization. There are two elders: W. F. Fiddyment and W. G. Osborn, and five trustees:  W. G. Osborn, L. L. King, W. F. Fiddyment, A. T. Plum, and Elizabeth Johnston.
     The movement to erect a new church building was begun in the year 1909 and was necessitated by the increasing demands of the large and growing Sunday School for more room. At present the School has an enrollment of 300, but inadequate accommodations make impossible an average attendance of more than 90 scholars. The church has an active Aid Society of 25 members. The Endeavor Society consists of 20 members and is gradually growing in numbers and interest.
     Of the money necessary to erect the present building, $2500 was subscribed principally by the citizens of Roseville, $1000 will be realized from the sale of the old church, and $1500 has been asked for from the Board of Church Erection of the Presbyterian Church. When completed, the building will contain an auditorium seating 250 people, a Sunday school room, and a pastor's study. The basement will contain:  a swimming pool, small gymnasium to be used also as a dining room, kitchen, office, and reading room. The total cost of building will be about $7000.
     An attractive program has been arranged for the laying of the corner stone of the new Presbyterian Church tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. The children will sing, Rev. J. T. Wills of Sacramento will deliver the address, the Women's Improvement Club will attend in a body and will present the mayor with the trowel with which he will lay the stone. Things of historic value will be placed in a receptacle within. Everyone is invited to this impressive ceremony.
Roseville Register, 11-24-1911, Friday
Submitted By Kathie Kloss Marynik
     At the suggestion of the Ladies' Aid Society and through their assistance, the Methodist Church in Roseville lived for a space in the past Sunday evening, March 3d. Mrs. Blair, a member who was present at the dedicatory services 29 years ago the 4th of the month, gave an interesting bit of the history of that event.
     Rev. H. L. Gregory of El Dorado County, now superannuated, was the pastor. The dedicatory sermon was preached by the Rev. Jewel of San Francisco, and the Rev. Benson of Santa Clara had charge of the ceremonies. Some of the singers being on the sick list, the Rocklin choir came to the rescue and was responsible for the music. Before the building of the church, the little society met in the old schoolhouse on the hill, where Sunday school and preaching services were held.
     The lot on which the church now stands was presented to the society by Mrs. Judy, through the agent, J. D. Pratt. Mr. Pratt furnished the brick for the building, and Mr. Dryer did the building. Robert Jones helped with the work and mixed the mortar. The water used was brought to the scene of operations from Jesse Blair's well, which still remains back of the dance pavilion. On the day of dedication, it was necessary to raise about $2000, which sum was met in full by the generous giving of the citizens, a number giving from $50 to $500 each.
     It was the expectation to have a number of the old-time songs played by the one who was then organist of the church, Mrs. Susan Dryer, but she feared the crowd and we were denied this treat. For years, she remained the organist, and we are indeed glad that, though no longer acting as organist, we have her with us to cheer and aid. Her modest manner and sweet smile and generous heart give cheer to all who come to know her.
     And we are fortunate in the possession, as our very own, of one who was a pastor of the church 17 years ago, Rev. G. H. VanVleit, who gave an inspiring address on the ancient days and present needs. Following this address, the dear old hymn "In the Sweet By and By" was sung, Rev. VanVleit pronounced the benediction, and the anniversary was over.
Roseville Register, 3-8-1912, Friday
Submitted by Kathie Kloss Marynik

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