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Mountain Blues
Submitted by Robin Yonash

   The Mountain Blues was a unit of the California State Militia mustered in on 5 July 1855 at Iowa Hill, Placer County under Captain David G. Lake as part of the 2nd Brigade, 4th Division. On 14 May 1856, Drill Sergeant Thomas P. Slade was elected Captain after Lake’s resignation. The Blues were mustered out on 11 June 1856 after 11 months of service.

The roster below was taken from Muster Rolls and other records at the California State Archives. There is another version of the Mountain Blues roster, compiled by Kimberly Johnston-Dodds © 2009 (see Sources below). This version has duplications, misspellings, and omissions compared to the records at the Archives, probably because it is based on other sources.


Name  Rank
Lake David G. Captain
Saper P. H. 1st Lt
Hour  Wesley C. 2nd Lt
Woodward  James E. 2nd Lt
Hagan  Nathan  1st Sgt
Frazier  William  2nd Sgt
Hopkins  E. 3rd Sgt
Gruenhagen J. F.  4th Sgt
Pleof  David  1st Cpl
Fawcett  C.A.  2nd Cpl
Ghist  James  3rd Cpl
Butter  F. W. 4th Cpl
Abrams  F. M.  Pvt
Armstrong  W. J.  Pvt
Ault  A. J.  Pvt
Babb  I.J.  Pvt
Bachelder  J. F.  Pvt
Baldwin(?)  J.  Pvt
Barrett  W. H(?).  Pvt
Blackburn  ?. L.  Pvt
Braden  James H.  Pvt
Burns  J. A. Pvt
Butter  A. J. Pvt
Calvin  S.N.  Pvt
Chip  F. A.  Pvt
Cole  J. P.  Pvt
Conner  J.  Pvt
Cook  Joseph(?)  Pvt
Cover    Pvt
Deavours J.C.  Pvt
Deavours  M.A.  Pvt
Dodds  James  Pvt
Edwards  E.  Pvt
Franklin  E. Pvt
Frazier  David G.  Pvt
Frazier  P. T.  Pvt
Garwood  H.  Pvt
Ghist  J. A. Pvt
Glasscock  A.  Pvt
Glasscock  C. B.  Pvt
Glasscock  Jacob  Pvt
Glasscock  W.  Pvt
Grant  Hiram  Pvt
Gruenhagen    Pvt
Hapkuis  H.  Pvt
Haskell  I(?). A.  Pvt
Haskell  S.  Pvt
Hockinhall  C. H.  Pvt
Hopkins    Pvt
Hubbard  Mathew  Pvt
Huff   Pvt
Johnson    Pvt
Lancaster  A. J.  Pvt
Luddington  D. F. Pvt
Lyall  D.C. Pvt
Maddy  F. Pvt
McDonald  J. C. Pvt
McGuire  Richard Pvt
McGuire  William  Pvt
Mitchell    Pvt
Mott  W. A. Pvt
Murphy  Richard Pvt
Nariur (?)  E.  Pvt
Overal  W.  Pvt
Page  H. F.  Pvt
Segraves  J.  Pvt
Shaffer  J. F.  Pvt
Sheets    Pvt
Stone  P.  Pvt
Thibodore    Pvt
Thompson  A.  Pvt
Thompson  I(?). F.  Pvt
Tines    Pvt
Trueblood  William Pvt
Whitehead    Pvt
Wilson  J. J.  Pvt

The following names were on the Kimberly Johnston-Dodds list mentioned above, but weren’t found in the information from the Archives: Inspector Esley C. Howe and Privates Frederick, Jones, Queill, Sectley, Wisler, and Ed Zackaria.


California State Archives: see for a list of the materials reviewed at the Archives office

California State Militia and National Guard Unit Histories: Mountain Blues, the California State Military Museum,

Mountain Blues roster, compiled by Kimberly Johnston-Dodds © 2009,


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