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Placer County, California Genealogy Trails
MAR 2017
68 marriage notices added from KKM

DEC 2016
Crime News from JD
Roath Obit from RD

JUN 2016
3 New Museums added submitted by KKM
Sidor P. Stizzo WW2 Casualty Photo from KKM,_SIDOR_P._
Joseph Lopez WW2 Casualty Photo from KKM,_JOSEPH_V._
New Article "Mined Main Street in '49" from KKM

MAR 2016
Obits for Bohme, Ahart, and Hogan from KKM

DEC 2015
Over 50 obits added from KKM

SEPT 2015

Obits for Marteney, Balafoutis, and Powers from KKM

2 Burials added to Dutch Flat Cemetery from AFOFG

JUN 2015
Pioneer picture of Eva Benjamin from KKM

JAN 2015
Obituaries added in the names of Agard, Arp, Blaine, Catelli, Colnar, Conci, Curran, DeBusk, Dobbins, Emerson, Ferguson, Franchimone, Freeze, Gilbert, Halsey, Hauser, Heenan, Hoffman, Honn, Householder, Howell, Hoyt, Hurst, Indian Frank, Indian George, Irish, Jones, Jordan, Kearns, Kennedy, Knoff, Lacey, Lewis, Livingston, Loney, Loveall, Lovejoy, Loyd, Lutz, Lyon, McCormick, McManaman, Morris, Mullinax, Munson, Murphy, Nesenhoener, Newcomb, Nilsen, Noble, Oats, O'Farrell, Parker, Parman, Pemberton, Piches, Prisser, Quinn, Ragsdale, Rea, Reed, Reichmuth, Rey, Rosey, Roundtree, Rouse, Rowland, Salgato, Sawtelle, Servain, Sheeburn, Shepard, Spear, Starkey, Steel, Storey, Suehead, Thom, Thomas, Tottenham, Travis, Vaughn, Vignotte, Walraven, Walters, Ward, Warren, Weber, Westbrook, White, Wickman, Willeford, Wilson, Worth, Young

Iowa Hill Cemetery Transcription from Robin Yonash added.

Iowa Hill Divide Cemetery added from Robin Yonash

DEC 31st, 2014
Obits for Mertes, Guilbert, Gould, Keen, Haskins, from KKM

Obits for Van Treese, Zuver, and Berry from Debbie Bowers

Pioneer Obituaries from AFOFG

JAN 2014
Death Notices for 1887 from KKM

DEC 2013

1907 Births added from BW

1908 Births added from BW

Many birth notices added from MZ

Birth Notices for the whole year of 1887 from KKM

Birth Notices for the whole year of 1888 from KKM

Birth Notices added for years 1878 and 1879 from KKM, also many others added.

JUNE 2012
Updated Library Page
Over 200 Obituaries added thanks to Kathie Marynik
New Cemetery Articles for Boot Hill, Roseville IOOF, and Colfax Cemeteries
New Cemetery Info Added/ Cemetery Page Updated
New Cemetery Articles for Auburn Cemetery

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