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1883 Pensioners List


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Sacramento County – List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883

[Note: date denotes when original allowance was granted]

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Kathie Kloss Marynik

NAME Residence Cause Rate Orig. Date
BAKER  Angelo  Sacramento  gunshot wound left leg  $4  Dec. 1882
BAYLAN  William C.  Sacramento  injury to spine  $5.33  Apr. 1869
BECKINDALPH  Peter  Brighton  gunshot wound left thigh  $6  Oct. 1877
BENCHLEY  William J.  Sacramento  gunshot wound breast  $6  Apr. 1863
BICKERS  Henry C.  Sacramento  gunshot wound thigh  $6  Dec. 1854
BIRDSALL  John  Sacramento  wound back  $2  May 1880
BRIETENBUCHER  Jacob  Sacramento  gunshot wound right thigh  $4  Dec. 1880
BROWN  John P.  Florin  injury to left shoulder  $6  Aug. 1880
BRYAN  Robert  Sacramento  gunshot wound head  $8  June 1880
CAREY  Catharine  Sacramento  widow 1812  $8  Mar. 1879
COLEMAN  Hugh F.  Sacramento  gunshot wound left hip  $10  Nov. 1877
CONRAD  John  Sacramento  gunshot wound right leg  $10  Dec. 1877
COX  Hugh P.  Sacramento  gunshot wound right leg  $5  June 1878
DITEON  Minott S.  Florin  wound left arm  $8  -----
ERWIN  William  Sacramento  gunshot wound left leg  $4  June 1866
FINLEY  James B.  Sacramento  gunshot wound left leg  $2  Apr. 1878
FREESE  Charles J.  Folsom City  wound left foot  $6  -----
FULLER  William W.  Sacramento  gunshot wound left hip  $2  Jan. 1882
GREENO  Joseph  Galt  gunshot wound of both wrists  $4  Dec. 1882
GUTHRIE  John  Sacramento  gunshot wound left side  $2  Mar. 1882
HARIT  Sarah M.  Sacramento  mother  $8  Mar. 1869
HARRIS  Josiah  Sacramento  survivor 1812  $8  July 1878
HART  Ellen A.  Sacramento  widow  $8  Sept. 1863
HARTNELL  Seth E.  Sacramento  minor of  $14  Mar. 1880
HASTINGS  Henry S.  Folsom City  gunshot wound right hand  $5  -----
HAVEY  Arthur  Sacramento  -----  $6  -----
HOFFMAN  Reinhold  Sacramento  gunshot wound right arm  $4  Nov. 1868
HUGABOOM  Cornelius  Sacramento  wound right arm  $8  June 1864
JACOBS  Edwin S.  Sacramento  wound of elbow  $8  -----
JONES  James T.  Sacramento  wound right ankle  $6  Jan. 1875
JONES  William  Florin  disease eyes  $14  -----
KELLEY  John  Sacramento  gunshot wound right foot  $4  Sept. 1880
KENT  James  Sacramento  gunshot wound left elbow  $12  Dec. 1873
KERRIGAN  Andrew  Sacramento  gunshot wound of arm  $8  July 1875
KOBSON  Helmuth  Sacramento  disease heart  $8  Jan. 1881
LOCK  Henry J.  Sacramento  gunshot wound left hand  $1  May 1881
LYNDE  James H.  Routier Station  gunshot wound of face  $11.25  Jan. 1866
MAIXS  Charles W.  Sacramento  injury to abdomen  $8  -----
MARTIN  Samuel(?) J.  Sacramento  amputation right leg  $18  Dec. 1866
McCARTY  Jerome N.  Sacramento  chronic diarrhea  $8  -----
MEAGHER  Daniel  Sacramento  amputation right leg  $18  Mar. 1867
MENER  Harriet Jane  Sacramento  mother  $8  July 1878
MENROE  Francis  Sacramento  frost-bite  $12  July 1875
MITCHELL  Harrison  Sacramento  gunshot wound right thigh  $6  -----
MURRAY  James C.  Folsom City  wound left shoulder  $6  -----
NEGUS  Vernon  Sacramento  gunshot wound left thigh  $4  June 1882
OLE  Anderson  Sacramento  gunshot wound right thigh  -----  Oct. 1878
OLIVE  Emily A.  Sacramento  mother  $8  Apr. 1868
O’NEAL  Charlotte  Galt  widow 1812  $8  Sept. 1879
PAYNE  Abram D. L.  Sacramento  rheumatism & disease heart  $4  Dec. 1880
PHILBROOK  Leander D.  Sacramento  chronic rheumatism  $6  Feb. 1880
PIERPONT  John B.  Sacramento  wound left shoulder  $6  Apr. 1877
PLETTIG  Annette W.  Sacramento  widow  $15  July 1876
RUSSELL  Erastus C.  Sacramento  chronic bronchitis  $18  Mar. 1867
SARCHETT  Edith  Sacramento  widow  $8  -----
SCHIERMEYER  Mary  Sacramento  mother  $8  July 1880
SIMMONS  David  Sacramento  gunshot wound right hand  $14  Aug. 1873
SPRAGUE  Martin H.  Sacramento  injury right hand  $12  July 1869
STOUT  Moses H.  Galt  survivor 1812  $8  July 1872
SULLIVAN  Thomas  Sacramento  disease of abdominal viscera  $8  Nov. 1869
THOMAS  David  Sacramento  gunshot wound right foot  $4  Aug. 1870
THORP  David M.  Sacramento  chronic diarrhea  $4  Aug. 1870
WEBSTER  Charlotte  Sacramento  widow  $8  May 1870
WISE  Michael L.  Sacramento  gunshot wound left arm  $6  Feb. 1866




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