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JUN 2018
Obits added for Joy, Callahan, Humphreys, and Jackson from KKM. Accident news added from JD

DEC 2016

Naturalizations for the years 1856, 1857, 1858, and 1859 from KKM posted

OCT 2016
McLain Obit from AFOFOG

General News from JD

JUN 2016
9 Obits from KKM for Pinkham, Grace, Harris, Heisch, Brown, Hubbard, Kay, Morrill, and Wilhelm

MAR 2016
Obits for Allen, Reim, and Patterson from KKM

DEC 2015
Marriage Notices for the year 1921 from JD
General News added from JD
New Cemetery Article for New Helvetia Cemetery from KKM

Ida Greenfield obit from KKM

SEPT 2015
Ewart and Westgate bios from AFOFG

Elizabeth Parker obit from JD,_ELIZABETH

Eyck Obit from JD

Gen. Wright Obit from JD,_GEN

Obits for Bates, Campbell, Lee, Tyler, Donnelly and Reed from AFOFG

Birth Notices for 1864 from AFOFG

Birth Notices for 1874 from AFOFG

20 more Birth Notices from AFOFG

More birth Notices for 1874, 75, & 76 from AFOFG

JUNE 4th, 2014
Obits for Eaton, Denninger, Curtis
Historical Landmarks from KKM
Marriage Notice for Meinke - Smith from MZ
Marriage Notice for Fay - Deeney from MZ
Marriage Notice for Butterfiled - Smith from MZ
Many more marriage notices from MZ for the years 1853-1878

MAR 22, 2013

Obits for Oschwald, Graham, Phillips, and Newbert from TK

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