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San Francisco County, California Genealogy Trails
Photos of the destruction from the earthquake of 1906 San Francisco, California

©Picture submitted to Genealogy Trails by Robyn Greenlund

Photos donated to Genealogy Trails thanks to Debra Thormahlen
All photos: The World Wide View Company, 200 Monroe Street, Chicago 

1. Refugee camp made of scraps of corrugated sheet iron gathered from the ruins

2. Market St. from ferry depot-Chronicle and Call buildings in distance

3. Looking northeast from corner Sutter and Jones Sts

4. True grit - Barber painting sign on tent stretched on sidewalk of former place

5. California St. looking toward the ferry depot - Banking district

6. Forming bread line at Jefferson Square

7. Looking east from corner Pine and Stockton. This plate shows the ruins of the Mills building

15. Looking up Grant Ave. from Market St

16. Looking west from the Jewish Synagogue

17. Safes being guarded

18. Refugee's camp, former dwelling in ruins in background - This is earthquake work

19. Looking south , corner Sutter and Stockton

20. City Hall - Photographer in foreground - Tall brick chimneys left standing in foreground

21. View from Moulder School distributing station, showing tons of flour on sidewalk

8. Ruins of the Jewish Synagogue on Sutter St., near Powell;
stood the great earthquake of 1865 and 1868

9. View of Nobb Hill, the millionaire residence district

10. Looking east from corner Ellis and Jones - tall building, The San Francisco Call

11. Seventh Regiment National Guards from Los Angeles, camped in Lincoln Square, Oakland, Cal.

12. Refugees' camp at ball grounds in Golden Gate Park

13. Looking north up Mason St. from Eddy - Ruins of the Fairmont $4,000,000 hotel

14.  Looking northwest from corner Ellis and Powell streets.

22. City Hall from McAllister St., looking northeast - Souvenir hunters in foreground.

23. Ruins of the St. Ignatios Catholic Church

24.  Refugees' camp in Jefferson Square

25. Ferry landing from Oakland

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