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1883 Pensioners N thru Z

San Francisco County – List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883

[Note: date denotes when original allowance was granted]

Submitted for Genealogy Trails from Kathie Marynik

NAUGHTON  Edward  San Francisco  loss left leg  $24  Aug. 1874
NEUMANCLE  Caroline G. M.  San Francisco  widow  $8  -----
NEWELL  Guild  San Francisco  gunshot wound left leg  $2  Sept. 1846
NEY  Patrick  San Francisco  injury left leg  $12  Oct. 1877
NIXON  John  San Francisco  minors of  $16  Apr. 1880
NOLAN  Annie  San Francisco  widow  $17  Mar. 1866
NOLTE  Augustus F.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left breast  $2  June 1882
NORTAN  Elbert N.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right shoulder  $6  May 1877
NOVESIE  Charles  San Francisco  deafness  $2  June 1875
NOYES  Mary S.  San Francisco  widow  $8  Feb. 1868
O’CONNOR  James F.  San Francisco  chronic synovitis right knee  $4  Oct. 1882
O’CONNOR  Patrick  San Francisco  disease lungs  $8  Mar. 1882
O’DONNELL  William  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hand  $4  Mar. 1874
O’NEIL  Lawrence  San Francisco  malarial poisoning (Navy)  $8  July 1882
O’REILLY  Phillip  San Francisco  fracture left tibia (Navy)  $8  Sept. 1874
OEXLEIN  Jacob  San Francisco  spinal disease  $8  May 1880
OLSEN  Simon  San Francisco  gunshot wound right arm  $8  May 1878
ORME  William H.  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $4  July 1866
ORR  James  San Francisco  shell wound face; injury left eye  $4  Mar. 1881
OSBORNE  Catherine  San Francisco  widow  $8  Mar. 1870
PAINE  Michael  San Francisco  gunshot wound right chest  $4  Jan. 1873
PALMER  Nelson  San Francisco  gunshot wound right hip  $4  Nov. 1875
PARKE  Frederick J.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left arm  $2  Mar. 1878
PARSONS  Oliver S.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hand  $4  Nov. 1865
PETERSON  Henry  San Francisco  loss part left index finger (Navy)  $2  June 1882
PETROFF  Peter  San Francisco  loss left arm  $24  Sept. 1874
PHILLIPS  Theophilus B.  San Francisco  disease lungs (Navy)  $4  Sept. 1870
PHIPPEN  Margaret  San Francisco  widow  $8  Oct. 1866
PILLING  Lottie L.  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  Sept. 1875
POST  Amanda F.  San Francisco  dependent mother  $20  Oct. 1880
PRADK  Albert F.  San Francisco  wound right arm  $4  Nov. 1865
PRICE  Samuel G.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hand  $6  Aug. 1873
PURNER  Anna A.  San Francisco  widow 1812  $8  May 1881
PURSELL  Susan  San Francisco  widow  $17  June 1880
RAFFERTY  John  San Francisco  disease kidneys  $8  Mar. 1881
RALINKALBRO  George  San Francisco  loss right eye  $12  Dec. 1872
RAND  Catherine  San Francisco  widow  $8  July 1868
RAND  John B.  San Francisco  gunshot wound both thighs  $4  -----
REARDON  Patrick  San Francisco  gunshot fracture upper 3d right humerus  $8  June 1870
REBER  Jacob  San Francisco  fracture right leg  $4  May 1869
REMBAUGH  Horatio S.  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $6  Oct. 1881
RENTCHLER  Gottlieb  San Francisco  injury right foot  $4  Nov. 1866
REPERT  Abraham  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hip  $24  June 1880
RICHARDS  Darius S.  San Francisco  wound right chest & left forefinger  $10  Oct. 1877
RIEMANN  Henry  San Francisco  loss left arm  $24  Dec. 1874
RITTER  Martin V.  San Francisco  amputation right leg  $18  Dec. 1863
RIVENBERG  William  San Francisco  loss sight left eye  $4  July 1876
ROBINSON  James H.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hand & left index finger  $3  Jan. 1877
ROBINSON  Virginia  San Francisco  widow  $8  Apr. 1880
ROBINSON  William A.  San Francisco  fracture left clavicle  $4  Sept. 1880
ROMER  Robert S.  San Francisco  minors of  $14  Dec. 1876
RUDOLPH  August  San Francisco  loss right eye & disease left eye (Navy)  $6  Jan. 1875
RUSH  William H.  San Francisco  injury abdomen & arm  $4  Sept. 1875
RUSSELL  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound head  $12  Mar. 1863
RYAN  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound left shoulder  $3  Oct. 1873
RYAN  Michael  San Francisco  disease eyes  $24  Nov. 1878
SALSBURY  John  San Francisco  injury right ankle  $8  Nov. 1868
SANBORN  Edward P.  San Francisco  anchylosis left elbow joint  $8  Jan. 1868
SANBORN  Emily  San Francisco  widow  $8  June 1868
SCELY  Herman  San Francisco  minors of  $10  Aug. 1876
SCHAURTE  Frederick W.  San Francisco  varicose veins  $8  -----
SCHENK  Charles W.  San Francisco  injury left ankle  $2  June 1882
SCHNEIDER  William  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $4  Apr. 1873
SCHRAMM  Frederick  San Francisco  injury right leg; kicked by horse  $8  June 1882
SCHROEDER  Albert  San Francisco  gunshot wound lower jaw  $4  Oct. 1869
SCHUMANN  Ernest  San Francisco  gunshot wound of head  $8  Oct. 1881
SEAMAN  Edward M.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left shoulder  $10  Apr. 1873
SEARLES  William A.  San Francisco  chronic diarrhea  $6  Apr. 1863
SEARS  Daniel S.  San Francisco  gunshot fracture right thigh  $8  May 1872
SHAFFNER  Leonard A.  San Francisco  gunshot wound both thighs  $8  May 1880
SHAW  William P.  San Francisco  fracture right tibia  $4  Apr. 1874
SHAY  Honora  San Francisco  widow  $8  Aug. 1867
SHEA  Daniel  San Francisco  injury abdomen (Navy)  $4  Aug. 1864
SHEEHAN  Patrick J.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right leg  $8  Sept. 1876
SHEHAN  John  San Francisco  fracture left leg  $4  Mar. 1875
SHELLER  Delia M.  San Francisco  widow  $17  Dec. 1877
SHEREDAN  Owen  San Francisco  fracture right shoulder  $6  July 1870
SHULER  Albert  San Francisco  injury to head (Navy)  $4  Jan. 1875
SIMON  Morris  San Francisco  minors of  $14  June 1881
SIMPSON  Susannah A.  San Francisco  widow 1812  $8  July 1829
SMITH  Charles W.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left arm  $2  May 1881
SMITH  Collins C.  San Francisco  gunshot wound face  $4  May 1874
SMITH  Henry D.  San Francisco  chronic rheumatism  $4  July 1880
SMITH  James  San Francisco  gunshot wound left leg  $10  -----
SMITH  James  San Francisco  gunshot wound left shoulder  $2  Aug 1878
SMITH  John  San Francisco  amputation left thigh  $24  Jan. 1874
SMITH  John G.  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $4  May 1882
SMITH  Langden P.  San Francisco  wound neck  $10  Dec. 1877
SMITH  Mary A.  San Francisco  widow  $17  Nov. 1873
SNELL  Elizabeth S.  San Francisco  dependent mother (Navy)  $25  Oct. 1877
SNYDER  Douglass  San Francisco  injury left eye  $4  Mar. 1877
SOUTHER  Margaret G.  San Francisco  widow 1812  $8  Feb. 1879
SPARKS  Wesley R.  San Francisco  loss part both feet  $18  Sept. 1882
SPOTTS  Elizabeth H.  San Francisco  widow (Navy)  $50  June 1882
SPRENGLER  Louis  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $8  Apr. 1880
STANG  Edmund  San Francisco  minors of  $16  Dec. 1882
STANG  Helena  San Francisco  widow  $16  Jan. 1878
STANGENBERGER  August  San Francisco  injury both legs  $2  July 1880
STANTON  William  San Francisco  wound left elbow  $15  July 1868
STEARNS  William R.  San Francisco  gunshot wound chest  $8  Dec. 1869
STEPHENS  Henry  San Francisco  gunshot wound right leg  $2  July 1872
STEWARD  Henry D.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hand  $12  Nov. 1875
STILLEY  Lewis C.  San Francisco  fracture left leg  $24  Apr. 1882
STILWELL  William  San Francisco  gunshot wound left arm & side  $2  Aug. 18??
SULLIVAN  Daniel  San Francisco  varicose veins  $6  Aug. 1872
SULLIVAN  Mary  San Francisco  widow  $8  June 1867
SULLIVAN  Michael M.  San Francisco  shell wound left thigh  $3  Oct. 1880
SULLIVAN  Timothy  San Francisco  injury abdomen (Navy)  $4  May 1882
TAY  Julia A.  San Francisco  widow  $30  Apr. 1873
TAYLOR  James  San Francisco  gunshot wound left arm  $4  Aug. 1877
TAYLOR  Mary M.  San Francisco  widow  $8  June 1876
TEAL  Albert  San Francisco  anchylosis right elbow joint  $6  May 1865
THATCHER  Edward C.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right leg  $4  Feb. 1882
THISTLETON  George  San Francisco  fractured skull & lance wound head  $4  Dec. 1879
THOMAS  Henry E.  San Francisco  injury to back  $10  Feb. 1867
THOMPSON  John W.  San Francisco  wound left thigh  $6  Aug. 1865
THOMPSON  Rosanna  San Francisco  mother  $20  Jan. 1877
THORP  Joseph L.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hand  $2  Dec. 1881
TISTLOT  William A.  San Francisco  shell wound right thigh  $18  May 1874
TOBY  Edwin L.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hand  $4  June 1871
TORMA  Pietro  San Francisco  wound right hand  $10  Mar. 1875
TRUEHART  Annie S.  San Francisco  widow  $10  Aug. 1878
TUCKER  Samuel F.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right hand & left thigh  $7.50  Nov. 1867
TURNER  Mary E.  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  Nov. 1863
UPTON  John  San Francisco  paralysis  $18  Sept. 1867
WADSWORTH  Frank  San Francisco  loss right arm  $24  Aug. 1874
WALKER  William W.  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $4  June 1864
WALLER  Anna  San Francisco  widow  $10  Oct. 1875
WALSDORF  Robert J.  San Francisco  injury abdomen (Navy)  $4  Dec. 1881
WALSH  Daniel  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $5  Mar. 1872
WALSH  James  San Francisco  wound leg  $6  Dec. 1863
WANNEMAKER  George W.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hand  $2  July 1875
WARD  Thomas L.  San Francisco  injury right foot  $12  June 1881
WARREN  David  San Francisco  rheumatism left foot  $4  June 1860
WEITH  James  San Francisco  gunshot wound right hand  $12  Sept. 1867
WELKER  Ferdinand  San Francisco  wound left hip  $4  -----
WENTZEL  Frank  San Francisco  gunshot wound right knee  $2  Sept. 1862
WEST  Angelina  San Francisco  widow  $20  Jan. 1881
WEST  William A.  San Francisco  rheumatism  $6  May 1881
WHAITES  Charles B.  San Francisco  wound left shoulder  $18  Oct. 1866
WHIPFIER  Leopold  San Francisco  injury right leg  $4  Apr. 1878
WHIPPLE  Michael L.  San Francisco  disease eyes  $4  May 1882
WHITE  Joseph  San Francisco  (Navy)  $6  Feb. 1866
WHITE  Josephine  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  Jan. 1873
WILLIAMSON  William J.  San Francisco  rheumatism  $24  Oct. 1882
WILSON  Albion  San Francisco  shell wound head  $5  Feb. 1882
WILSON  Thomas H.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left foot  $4  Aug. 1867
WILSON  Thomas P.  San Francisco  minors of  $29  Nov. 187?
WINTERS  Francis  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hip  $12  Jan. 1879
WISE  Lawrence  San Francisco  gunshot wound left arm  $4  May 1876
WITHAM  Charles H.  San Francisco  gunshot fracture right shoulder  $8.50  Aug. 1880
WOCKER  Gustov  San Francisco  gunshot wound thorax (Navy)  $6  Feb. 1870
WOOD  Franklin  San Francisco  injury right hip  $4  Sept. 1882
WOODS  Frederick N.  San Francisco  periostitis right femur  $10  May 1871
WOODWARD  Elizabeth  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  Sept. 1866
WRIGHT  Edward C.  San Francisco  amputation right leg  $24  Jan. 1875
YADER  Lewis M.  San Francisco  shell wound left arm  $8  July 1873
ZAHN  Valentine  San Francisco  dropsy chest & disease heart  $6  Jan. 1881
ZONE  John P.  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $6  Dec. 1877
ZONUGHOUSE  Frederick  San Francisco  neuralgia  $8  Nov. 1871

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