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San Francisco County, California Genealogy Trails

San Francisco County – List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883

[Note: date denotes when original allowance was granted]

Submitted for Genealogy Trails from Kathie Marynik

ABBOTT  Hannah  San Francisco  dependent mother (Navy)  $8  Mar. 1867
ADAMS  Zabadiah B.  San Francisco  gunshot wound thorax  $6.25  May 1871
ALLEN  James  San Francisco  gunshot wound left leg  $18  Oct. 1866
ALLISON  Edwin C.  San Francisco  disease heart  $8  Jan. 1878
ALSTON  James  San Francisco  wound right hand  $4  May 1869
ANDERSON  Beulah J.  San Francisco  widow  $8  July 1878
ANDERSON  Gustaff  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $6  Jan. 1882
ANDERSON  William J.  San Francisco  fracture left tibia  $4  June 1880
ANGIE  Albert W.  San Francisco  wound right hand; loss middle finger  $4  June 1881
ARMSTRONG  George  San Francisco  injury right hand  $12  Jan. 1880
ASHENFELTER  Emma  San Francisco  dependent mother  $17  Nov. 1879
ATKINS  Robert  San Francisco  gunshot wound thigh  $4  Dec. 1872
AUGUR  Maria K.  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  June 1880
AVISON  James G.  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $4  Oct. 1882
AYER  Jonathan R.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $4.25  May 1880
BACKUS  Lucy  San Francisco  widow 1812  $8  July 1880
BAILEY  George W.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $18  June 1867
BAILOU  Daniel W.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right shoulder  $20  Sept. 1869
BAKER  Hannah  San Francisco  widow  $8  Feb. 1867
BAKER  Joseph  San Francisco  amputation right arm.  $24 Aug. 1874
BALDWIN  Josiah A.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right knee  $17  -----
BARNES  Alexander  San Francisco  chronic rheumatism  $6  Mar. 1861
BARNEY  Benjamin G.  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $30  Sept. 1868
BARNHART  James  San Francisco  gunshot wound right breast  $2  -----
BARTHOLOMEW  Levi  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hand  $4  Apr. 1866
BAUER  Matthias  San Francisco  disease lungs  $12  June 1882
BAUM  George A. R.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right thigh  $18  May 1872
BAUM  Mary E.  San Francisco  widow  $8  May 1864
BAXTER  Charles G.  San Francisco  dropsy lower extremities  $4  Apr. 1882
BEAN  Wesley C.  San Francisco  wound both thighs  $3  Aug. 1875
BEATTY  George  San Francisco  gunshot wound left leg  $6  Oct. 1880
BECK  August  San Francisco  gunshot wound right forearm  $5  May 1874
BEHAN  Charles T.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right thigh  $2  Dec. 1871
BELL  Henry   San Francisco gunshot wound right leg  $18  -----
BELL  Samuel  San Francisco  gunshot wound right leg  $10  July 1867
BENDER  Max  San Francisco  injury to right leg  $2  Dec. 1882
BENNETT  George J.  San Francisco  gunshot wound both shoulders  $15  Aug. 1881
BICKFORD  Thomas M.  San Francisco  disease abdominal viscera  $4  Jan. 1881
BIERAUGH  Herman  San Francisco  epilepsy  $18  May 1879
BLACKBURN  Mason L.  San Francisco  injury chest & spine  $10  Jan. 1877
BLAKELY  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound right leg  $4  Oct. 1882
BLANCHARD  Francis A.  San Francisco  wound head  $4  July 1865
BOGART  Sarah E.  San Francisco  widow  $20  Oct. 1864
BOLLES  James C.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left chest & thigh  $4  Jan. 1877
BOOTH  Augusta M.  San Francisco  widow  $8  May 1880
BORCH  Patrick  San Francisco  disease heart  $6  Dec. 1881
BORTON  Abigail F.  San Francisco  widow 1812  $8  June 1880
BRAGDEN  Charles A.  San Francisco  (Navy)  $8  Aug. 1873
BREWER  John M.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left forearm  $2  Mar. 1882
BRINSMADE  Charles E.  San Francisco  disease eyes  $8  Mar. 1881
BRODERICK  Thomas  San Francisco  gunshot wound right shoulder  $4  Feb. 1866
BROWN  Alexander  San Francisco  gunshot wound neck & face  $14  Apr. 1875
BROWN  George W.  San Francisco  varicose veins legs  $4  Sept. 1870
BROWN  Lawrence L.  San Francisco  fracture cranium  $4  Nov. 1864
BROWN  William  San Francisco  minors of  $12  July 1881
BUCK  George  San Francisco  wound left hand  $4  Sept. 1863
BUCKHARDT  Minnie  San Francisco  widow  $8  May 1870
BUCKMINSTER  Zernah  San Francisco  widow  $8  Mar. 1869
BUHLMEIER  August  San Francisco  gunshot wound over right eye  $8  Dec. 1877
BULL  Henry  San Francisco  amputation right leg  $24  Jan. 1873
BUMSTED  Edwin  San Francisco  gunshot wound right thigh  $4  June 1875
BURDICK  Susan  San Francisco  widow  $8  Aug. 1872
BURNETT  Alexander S.  San Francisco  survivor 1812  $8  Mar. 1872
BURNETT  Margery C.  San Francisco  widow  $19  Nov. 1881
BURNS  Michael  San Francisco  wound pelvis & right leg  $8  Dec. 1864
BUSHNELL  Edwin W.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right shoulder  $3.75  Nov. 1881
BUTLER  James  San Francisco  gunshot wound right leg  $4  June 1853
BUZZELL  Stillman C.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right ear & neck  $4  Sept. 1874
CADY  Edward A.  San Francisco  loss left leg  $18  Mar. 1873
CAIN  John  San Francisco  paralysis left side  $31.25  Oct. 1874
CALLAHAN  Cornelius  San Francisco  gunshot wound left foot  $4  Mar. 1868
CALLAHAN  Cornelius  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $6  Oct. 1880
CAMP  Treat B.  San Francisco  rheumatism  $10  Jan. 1881
CANNON  Patrick  San Francisco  disease lungs (Navy)  $4  June 1882
CAREY  Ellen  San Francisco  mother  $8  Sept. 1865
CAREY  Lena A.  San Francisco  widow  $8  Nov. 1867
CARMODY  John  San Francisco  wound left leg  $6  May 1876
CARRAN  Timothy  San Francisco  fracture elbow joint  $5  Dec. 1869
CARROLL  Mathew  San Francisco  gunshot wound right hip  $8  Nov. 1871
CARYL  Constance J.  San Francisco  widow  $20  Dec. 1877
CASEBOLT  Jonathan B.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $4  May 1880
CASEY  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $4  July 1882
CASHIN  Michael D.  San Francisco  shell wound head  $4  June 1881
CASHMAN  James  San Francisco  amputation 2d finger right hand (Navy)  $1  Dec. 1879
CIBULSKI  Charles  San Francisco  disease heart  $8  Sept. 1878
CLARK  George E.  San Francisco  injury to back  $3  Oct. 1868
CLAYHAN  Mary  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  July 1868
CLIFT  Eusebia  San Francisco  widow  $17  -----
COEY  James  San Francisco  gunshot wound face  $25  Mar. 1872
COLLINS  Nathan W.  San Francisco  vertigo  $7.50  July 1870
COLVEY  Francis  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $4  May 1873
CONEY  Charles W.  San Francisco  loss right arm  $24  Nov. 1874
CONNER  Hugh  San Francisco  loss left eye  $18  Nov. 18??
CONNOR  Elizabeth  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  Dec. 1868
CONRAD  Charles  San Francisco  chronic rheumatism  $24  Apr. 1881
CONRAD  Henry A.  San Francisco  disease lungs  $4  Jan. 1874
CONTELL  Francis M.  San Francisco  injury abdomen (Navy)  $7.50  June 1882
COOK  Warren F.  San Francisco  wound right arm  $18  -----
COOMBS  Charles C.  San Francisco  gunshot wound both thighs  $4  Aug. 1882
COON  David  San Francisco  injury to right leg  $4  Apr. 1880
COON  James  San Francisco  wound both legs  $2.66  Aug. 1865
CORCORAN  Mary A.  San Francisco  widow  $8  Apr. 1872
COSTELLO  John  San Francisco  loss left eye & gunshot wound right leg  $10  Jan. 1873
COSTELLO  Michael  San Francisco  gunshot wound left arm  $16  July 1869
COSTELLO  Michael  San Francisco  minors of  $12  Aug. 1879
COURRIER  Benjamin F.  San Francisco  injury to right knee  $3  Jan. 1873
COWAN  Joseph  San Francisco  loss middle finger left hand  $2  June 1880
CRAIG  Thomas H.  San Francisco  injury to back  $8.50  Jan. 1881
CRANZ  Theodore  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $8  Apr. 1870
CRARY  John William  San Francisco  minors of  $10  Nov. 1881
CROOKER  Matilda  San Francisco  widow  $8  July 1867
CROOKS  William H.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left shoulder  $3  Aug. 1876
CULBERTSON  Adelia E.  San Francisco  widow  $8  June 1874
CULVER  Marshall T.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right eye & injury eye  $6  June 1865
CUMMINGS  Mary S.  San Francisco  widow  $17  Apr. 1864
CUNNINGHAM  Ann C.  San Francisco  widow (Navy)  $30  Sept. 1874
CUNNINGHAM  Ellen  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  July 1864
CURRAN  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound left leg  $2  Feb. 1874
CURRAN  Mary Ann  San Francisco  widow  $8  Sept. 1868
CUSIC  Patrick  San Francisco  gunshot wound right hand  $4  Nov. 1865
DARLING  Aza W.  San Francisco  chronic rheumatism  $8  May 1874
DAVIS  George  San Francisco  chronic rheumatism (Navy)  $2  May 1866
DAVIS  Heber J.  San Francisco  wound right thigh & right arm  $17  Feb. 1870
DAWSON  Patrick  San Francisco  gunshot wound right elbow  $8  June 1881
DEAL  Samuel  San Francisco  disease heart  $8  Nov. 1872
DEAN  John  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $8  Sept. 1871
DeFOREST  William F.  San Francisco  gunshot wound head  $6  May 1871
DeJARNAC  Edward  San Francisco  varicose veins both legs  $6  Feb. 1881
DELIHANTY  Thomas  San Francisco  gunshot wound right hand; loss 2d & 3d fingers  $6  June 1868
DIETZLER  George W.  San Francisco  chronic diarrhea  $30  Mar. 1881
DILL  Catherine  San Francisco  widow  $8  Mar. 1867
DILLON  Edmond  San Francisco  gunshot wound left side of chest  $6  May 1881
DILLON  Matthew  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hand; loss middle finger  $2  Apr. 1880
DOHERTY  Michael  San Francisco  gunshot wound left face  $4  Nov. 1872
DONALDSON  John B.  San Francisco  bronchitis (Navy)  $4  Apr. 1877
DOOLEY  Owen  San Francisco  rheumatism  $18  Mar. 1881
DOUGLAS  George  San Francisco  gunshot wound right leg & hand  $4  Feb. 1882
DOUTY  Emily B.  San Francisco  widow  $30  June 1864
DOYLE  Harvey  San Francisco  injury right wrist  $6  June 1882
DOYLE  Patrick  San Francisco  gunshot wound right forearm  $8  Apr. 1874
DRISCOLL  Florence  San Francisco  injury right hand  $4  Mar. 1870
DRWINHELLER  William J.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right hand  $6  -----
DUBOIS  Peter  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $4  Oct. 1881
DUDLEY  Mary S.  San Francisco  widow  $30  May 1865
DUGAN  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $2  Dec. 1882
DURANT  Mary A.  San Francisco  widow  $8  June 1873
DURKIN  Michael  San Francisco  wound right hand & face  $14  Apr. 1869
DWIGHT  John M.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right leg  $10  -----
EDGERLY  Samuel A.  San Francisco  sunstroke  $4  Aug. 1881
EDSALL  Edward P.  San Francisco  chronic diarrhea & disease abdomen viscera  $10  June 1872
EDWARDS  John G.  San Francisco  loss ring finger & rheumatism  $12  June 1874
EDWARDS  Lemuel B.  San Francisco  gunshot wound breast  $6  Apr. 1866
EHRET  Solome  San Francisco  widow  $8  Apr. 1875
ELLINGSWORTH  Samuel  San Francisco  gunshot wound right shoulder  $4  Nov. 1877
ELLIS  Anna W.  San Francisco  widow  $20  June 1877
ELLIS  Cyrus  San Francisco  gunshot wound left lung  $24  Aug. 1876
ENGERT  George  San Francisco  injury left leg  $2  June 1881
ESTEY  John C.  San Francisco  gunshot wound head  $2  Nov. 1878
EWING  Jane  San Francisco  widow  $8  May 1867
FAHEY  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound left shoulder  $6  Jan. 1871
FAHEY  Martin  San Francisco  gunshot wound right left  $6  Aug. 1868
FALLS  Richard J.  San Francisco  shell wound right shoulder  $12.50  Jan. 1876
FANCHEE  Gilbert G.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left arm  $4  May 1879
FERGADA  Emanuel S.  San Francisco  gunshot wound jaw  $4  June 1865
FERGUSON  Laura A.  San Francisco  widow  $17  Jan. 1875
FERN  William  San Francisco  injury left foot  $12  Apr. 1867
FIELD  Thomas W.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right shoulder  $6  Feb. 1878
FISHER  Catherine C.  San Francisco  widow  $17  Mar. 1864
FISHER  Herman  San Francisco  gunshot wound right left & disease ear  $3  Dec. 1881
FITZPATRICK  Bridget  San Francisco  widow  $8  June 1881
FITZPATRICK  James  San Francisco  fracture left femur  $10  Nov. 1872
FLEMING  John T.  San Francisco  survivor 1812  $8  Feb. 1872
FLITCHER  George W.  San Francisco  chronic diarrhea  $12  Aug. 1880
FOLEY  John  San Francisco  wound left arm  $8  Aug. 1873
FORD  Alexander  San Francisco  wound both hips  $5  Feb. 1865
FORD  Stephen  San Francisco  gunshot wound right arm  $6  Dec. 1871
FORTIER  Shadrack M.  San Francisco  injury abdomen (Navy)  $4  Dec. 1873
FRAZER  Andrew H.  San Francisco  loss part index finger  $4  July 1877
FREGES  Letitia  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  May 1863
FROST  Bridget  San Francisco  widow  $20  Feb. 1874
FUCHS  Robert  San Francisco  wound right leg  $4  Sept. 1866
GAINER  Patrick  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $3  Nov. 1868
GALLOWAY  Alexander  San Francisco  disease lungs (Navy)  $8  Jan. 1876
GANEY  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound right leg  $8  Dec. 1872
GANNMEYER  William  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $4  June 1883
GARDENOUSKY  Emil  San Francisco  injury spine  $5  Nov. 1869
GATES  George  San Francisco  partial paralysis both legs  $2  Feb. 1876
GAYLORD  George M.  San Francisco  chronic diarrhea  $4  Dec. 1882
GEHRING  Charles  San Francisco  chronic diarrhea  $4  Jan. 1882
GENTHER  Nathan  San Francisco  wound left jaw & loss thumb  $8  Oct. 1871
GERICHTEN  Louis  San Francisco  gunshot wound right knee  $4  Sept. 1864
GIBSON  Thomas  San Francisco  loss left leg  $18  Jan. 1867
GIDDIUS  Benjamin F.  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $8  Apr. 1880
GIERISH  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound left shoulder  $3  Nov. 1875
GILROY  Thomas  San Francisco  fracture left leg  $4  July 1880
GLASS  William C.  San Francisco  gunshot wound neck  $4.25  Feb. 1881
GLENVILLE  Henry  San Francisco  gunshot wound right side & back  $5  July 1866
GOBERTY  Martin  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh (Navy)  $10  May 1874
GORDON  John A.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left lung & shoulder  $12.75  Mar. 1874
GRADY  Jonathan  San Francisco  loss sight left eye  $6  Feb. 1866
GRAY  Henry  San Francisco  loss left thumb  $4  Dec. 1882
GRETE  Christian  San Francisco  rheumatism right arm  $7  July 1849
GRIFFIN  Timothy  San Francisco  partial paralysis left arm  $8  Feb. 1881
GUIREY  William C.  San Francisco  chronic rheumatism right leg  $18  June 1881
HABERLY  Frederick  San Francisco  neuralgia (Navy)  $4  Apr. 1882
HALEY  Edward  San Francisco  injury abdomen (Navy)  $4  Apr. 1876
HALLETT  Charles O.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $7.50  June 1880
HAMMOND  Auselis C.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right leg  $6  Jan. 1865
HANLIN  Catherine  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  Aug. 1864
HANLON  Richard  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $18  Apr. 1870
HANN  George S.  San Francisco  survivor 1812  $8  Oct. 1872
HANNAN  Joseph  San Francisco  gunshot wound left arm  $16  July 1875
HARDCASTLE  George  San Francisco  injury right leg  $2  Nov. 1881
HARKUST  Ruth  San Francisco  widow 1812  $8  Sept. 1879
HARRIGAN  Dennis  San Francisco  rheumatism & impaired vision  $8  Apr. 1881
HART  Henry  San Francisco  wound in breast & injury to arm  $8  Mar. 1863
HARVEY  John  San Francisco  disease lungs (Navy)  $6  June 1877
HARVI  Robinson  San Francisco  gunshot wound nates  $3 Jan. 1877
HATHAWAY  George B.  San Francisco  fracture left thigh  $2  Nov. 1877
HAYES  James  San Francisco  (Navy)  $6  Mar. 1868
HEALY  Daniel  San Francisco  disease heart  $6  Feb. 1882
HECKER  Jacob  San Francisco  gunshot wound right thigh  $4  Nov. 1876
HEEGLER  Godfrey  San Francisco  gunshot wound left lung  $2  Apr. 1875
HENDERSON  Robert A.  San Francisco  injury to shoulder  $2.66  Oct. 1866
HERRIN  William  San Francisco  gunshot wound right cheek  $4  Dec. 1875
HERSEY  Elizabeth  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  Feb. 1869
HIGGINS  Harrison  San Francisco  gunshot wound both thighs  $4  Mar. 1882
HILL  Ephraim P.  San Francisco  wound left thigh  $4  Apr. 1849
HILL  Thomas  San Francisco  total blindness  $72  Mar. 1882
HOFFMAN  Christian P.  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $10  Oct. 1876
HOFFMEISTER  Engelhardt  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $12  -----
HOLMES  Richard  San Francisco  gunshot wound left shoulder  $4  June 1879
HOODNER  Christiana  San Francisco  widow  $8  July 1881
HOOL  Robert M.  San Francisco  paralysis left side  $6  Nov. 1969
HOSTETTER  Augustus G.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left foot & leg  $17  June 1876
HOTCHKISS  Henry  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $6  Apr. 1864
HOWARD  John  San Francisco  varicose veins left leg  $4  June 1882
HOWELL  Edward  San Francisco  (Navy)  $2  Mar. 1866
HOWELL  Josh  San Francisco  shell wound head  $4  June 1875
HOYT  Lucien  San Francisco  -----  $8  May 1872
HUFF  Malissa B.  San Francisco  widow  $8  Feb. 1867
HUGHES  Peter  San Francisco  gunshot wound right arm  $2  Jan. 1877
HUNT  Miles B.  San Francisco  gunshot wound face  $6  Apr. 1875
INGELL  Benjamin  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hand  $18  Oct. 1874
ISAACS  Alfred S.  San Francisco  wound right leg  $8  Dec. 1864
JAEGER  Wilhelmina  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  Jan. 1869
JAMESON  Henry  San Francisco  injury abdomen (Navy)  $4  Aug. 1873
JAMESON  Louis  San Francisco  wound right arm  $4  Mar. 1869
JENNINGS  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound left forearm & partial deafness  $10  Nov. 1880
JOHNSON  Shirley A.  San Francisco  sunstroke  $2  Aug. 1876
JOSLIN  Jason W.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right hip  $18  Oct. 1866
JUDAH  Maria B.  San Francisco  widow  $20  Mar. 1874
KAEMPFER  William H.  San Francisco  fracture right thigh  $2  Dec. 1881
KARMINSTRY  Jacob  San Francisco  gunshot wound right arm  $6  May 1879
KEEGAN  John  San Francisco  injury to spine & base of skull  $3  Aug. 1879
KEENIE  Samuel  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $4  Nov. 1857
KEIL  Henry  San Francisco  gunshot wound face  $6  Feb. 1877
KELPE  Charles  San Francisco  gunshot wound left shoulder  $2  Mar. 1875
KENNEDY  James  San Francisco  gunshot wound left leg  $2  Mar. 1881
KENNEDY  Patrick  San Francisco  injury right hand  $4  June 1878
KETZLER  George  San Francisco  gunshot wound left leg  $4  Nov. 1878
KIERNAN  Rose  San Francisco  widow  $16  Feb. 1881
KILBY  Ferdinand  San Francisco  fever & ague  $4  -----
KILEY  Hiram M.  San Francisco  injury left leg  $18  -----
KING  Austin  San Francisco  fracture left ulna  $4  May 1879
KING  George R.  San Francisco  gunshot wound back  $2  Mar. 1882
KING  Margaret S.  San Francisco  widow (Navy)  $10  Feb. 1871
KING  Mary  San Francisco  widow  $8  Sept. 1868
KRAEMER  William  San Francisco  gunshot wound right leg  $4  Oct. 1880
KROFF  Samuel W.  San Francisco  injury left foot  $6  July 1881
LaBLANC  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound right arm  $12  June 1874
LaGRAVE  Edward F.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right shoulder  $4  Apr. 1879
LAKIN  Thomas  San Francisco  epilepsy (Navy)  $18  Aug. 1878
LAMBERTS  Joseph  San Francisco  rheumatism  $8  Nov. 1881
LANDERGIN  Philip J.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right hand  $4  -----
LANPHAR  Joanna V.  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  June 1870
LARMER  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound right forearm  $5.33  May 1864
LEAVITT  Diana  San Francisco  widow  $8  Mar. 1868
LEARY  Daniel  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thumb  $2  July 1882
LEDYARD  Lucia A.  San Francisco  widow  $8  Aug. 1869
LEE  Edward J.  San Francisco  loss part 1st & 2d fingers right hand  $4  Mar. 1880
LEE  Laura P.  San Francisco  widow  $17  -----
LEE  Michael  San Francisco  gunshot wound forearm  $4  June 1881
LEMMON  John G.  San Francisco  general debility; res. prison life  $4  Nov. 1880
LEN  August P.  San Francisco  partial paralysis right side  $4  May 1882
LEONARD  Thomas F.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hand  $12  June 1882
LEWIS  Nannie B.  San Francisco  widow  $30  Sept. 1874
LINDERMAN  Abraham  San Francisco  partial deafness & disease eyes  $4  June 1880
LOCKE  Frank  San Francisco  amputation left foot  $12  Mar. 1880
LOGAN  Henry Clay  San Francisco  gunshot wound right thigh  $8  Mar. 1875
LOGAN  John F.  San Francisco  wound right foot  $8  July 1873
LORENSEN  Andrew  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $2  Feb. 1881
LOVEJOY  George W.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left hand  $4  June 1881
LOWRIE  Robert  San Francisco  gunshot wound left side  $10  Oct. 1878
LUDWICK  Ephraim  San Francisco  amputation right arm. $25  July 1866
MAGELIN  William  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $6  Nov. 1863
MAGINGAN  Edward  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $4  Feb. 1879
MALPAS  Alfred  San Francisco  gunshot wound right side  $6  Sept. 1875
MANNERICK  Frank  San Francisco  injury right ankle  $2  June 1882
MARTIN  John P.  San Francisco  gunshot wound abdomen  $2  June 1881
MARTIN  Lucien A.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left shoulder  $2  Sept. 1881
MASBURG  Alexander  San Francisco  gunshot wound head  $8  Jan. 1873
MASSEY  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound right thigh & back  $14.50  Oct. 1880
MATTENGER  Peter  San Francisco  gunshot wound right hand  $6  Aug. 1872
MATUR  Robert W.  San Francisco  wound right foot  $10  Aug. 1865
MAWHINEY  Joseph  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $6  May 1864
MAYBERY  Charles M.  San Francisco  cicatrix result tumor back  $3  Mar. 1880
McBEAN  Mary A.  San Francisco  widow  $8  Jan. 1871
McCARL  Thomas  San Francisco  wound left leg  $6  Apr. 1869
McCARTHY  Daniel  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $2  Sept. 1874
McCORMIC  John F.  San Francisco  loss part left index finger  $1  July 1878
McCUE  Michael  San Francisco  gunshot wound right thigh  $2  June 1867
McDERMOTT  Thomas  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $8  Mar. 1877
McDONALD  John  San Francisco  gunshot wound back  $6  June 1881
McDONALD  John G.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right leg  $8  Sept. 1882
McDOUGAL  Kate C.  San Francisco  widow (Navy)  $38  May 1881
McELLENEY  Bridget  San Francisco  widow  $8  Jan. 1868
McEWEN  Susan  San Francisco  widow 1812  $8  Aug. 1871
McGINNIS  William  San Francisco  compound anchylosis left arm (Navy)  $8  Oct. 1863
McGUION  Clara D.  San Francisco  widow  $20  Feb. 1880
McINTOSH  Daniel  San Francisco  injury right leg  $6  Aug. 1878
McKEE  Ossean H.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left arm  $4  May 1872
McKENNA  Julia  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  June 1863
McKNIGHT  James  San Francisco  -----  $6  Feb. 1865
McKRUGH  May L.  San Francisco  widow (Navy)  $10  Oct. 1863
McLEOD  William  San Francisco  gunshot wound hand  $4  Jan. 1875
McMURRAY  Ellen  San Francisco  widow  $8  Mar. 1881
McSWEENEY  Dennis  San Francisco  gunshot wound left thigh  $6  May 1871
MEHAN  James  San Francisco  shell wound left arm  $4  Jan. 1882
MEHLWITZ  Jane  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  Dec. 1875
MEYERS  Mary  San Francisco  widow 1812  $8  June 1879
MIDDLETON  William  San Francisco  injury abdomen (Navy)  $4  June 1876
MILLER  Christ. A.  San Francisco  loss left leg  $24  Aug. 1874
MILLER  John  San Francisco  spinal concussion & anchylose left elbow joint  $8  Jan. 1869
MILLER  Louis E.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right side  $2  June 1882
MINTIE  Alexander E.  San Francisco  gunshot wound right side  $4  Nov. 1881
MOCKEY  William  San Francisco  wound hand  $8  Dec. 1869
MONEY  Patrick J.  San Francisco  gunshot wound left forearm  $6  Nov. 1878
MONOGHAN  James  San Francisco  fracture right hip  $18  Aug. 1878
MOOR  Franz  San Francisco  phthisis pulmonalis  $10  Oct. 1880
MORAN  Patrick  San Francisco  gunshot wound left side  $4.25  Aug. 1881
MORRELL  Vicence M.  San Francisco  dependent mother  $8  Mar. 1874
MORRIS  Thomas  San Francisco  shell wound left thigh  $4  Apr. 1881
MUELLER  Richard  San Francisco  gunshot wound right side & left hand  $6  May 1880
MUGAN  John  San Francisco  loss 1st & 2d fingers  $5.33  Dec. 1875
MULCHANY  Honora  San Francisco  widow  $8  Feb. 1871
MULLANEY  Mary  San Francisco  widow  $8  June 1869
MULLER  Philip  San Francisco  gunshot wound left arm  $2  Oct. 1880
MULVEY  John  San Francisco  injury abdomen  $6  Jan. 1869
MURPHY  Adam  San Francisco  gunshot wound left arm  $2  Mar. 1881
MURPHY  John  San Francisco  -----  $10  May 1870
MURPHY  Patrick  San Francisco  injury left hand, side face, & thigh $12  Mar. 1851
MURRAY  Patrick  San Francisco  dependent father  $8  Sept. 1875

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