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Source: Vital Records for the Year 1861 from the Daily Evening Bulletin San Francisco California; Compiled by San Francisco Chapter for the Genealogical Records Committee California State Society Daughters of the American Revolution (1951); Transcribed by Susan Geist


Fair, William D.

In San Francisco, Dec. 27, 1861, William D. Fair, a native of Virginia. Funeral at the Methodist Church on Pine street.

Paper: Dec. 28, 1861.


Fairchild, Sylvester

In Marysville, Nov. 3, 1861, Sylvester Fairchild, aged 27 years.

Paper: Nov. 8, 1861.


Farrell, Frank M.

In San Francisco, Oct. 23, 1861, at St. Mary’s Hospital, Frank M. Farrell, aged 28 years, formerly of Toronto, C. W. His friends and members of the Typographical Union are invited to attend his funeral from St. Mary’s Hospital.

Paper: Oct. 23, 1861.

Farrington, Gracia Melisse

In Yreka, May 17, 1861, Gracia Melisse, only daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Farrington, aged 3 years and 7 months.

Paper: May 29, 1861.

Faulder, Joseph C.

In Sacramento, Nov. 10, 1861, Joseph C. Faulder, late of Cooperstown, N. Y., aged 37 years.

Paper: Nov. 14, 1861.

Faulkner, John M.

In Sacramento, May 29, 1861, John M. Faulkner, aged 23 years, a native of Missouri.

Paper: June 5, 1861.


Faulkner, Sabina Ann

In San Francisco, Sept. 30, 1861, Sabina Ann, infant daughter of Patrick and Eliza Faulkner, aged 15 months. Funeral from residence of parents, 43 Ritch street.

Paper: Sept. 30, 1861.

Fauntleroy, Mrs. Jane Dale

In New Harmony, Indiana, Jan. 10, 1861, aged 55, Mrs. Jane Dale Fauntleroy, daughter of Robert Owen and widow of Robert Henry Fauntleroy, for many years an officer in the Coast Survey and who died in the service at Galveston, Texas. Mrs. Fauntleroy was attended…by all her surviving children…It is scarcely two months since it became out painful duty to announce the death of another member of this distinguished family, Dr. David Dale Owen. New Harmony (Ind.) Advertiser.

Paper: Feb. 14, 1861.


Fay, Dorcas Clark

In Boston, Mass., Oct. 11, 1861, Dorcas Clark, relict of the late Windsor Fay, aged 76 years.

Paper: Nov. 20, 1861.

Fergerson, Louisa Jane

In Georgetown, July 10, 1861, Louisa Jane, wife of S. B. Fergerson, aged 23 years and 8 months.

Paper: July 15, 1861.


Ferguson, G. J.

At White Rock, Butte Co., Feb. 13, 1861, G. J. Ferguson, aged 50 years, formerly of Canada.

Paper: Feb. 19, 1861.

Fernald, Charles A.

In Sacramento, Sept. 27, 1861, Charles A. Fernald, aged about 28 years.

Paper: Sept. 30, 1861.


Filing, Frank

In Marysville, Nov. 27, 1861, Frank Filing, aged 49 years.

Paper: Nov. 30, 1861.


Finchley, Stephen Dunham

At Windsor Cottage, Aug. 5, 1861, Stephen Dunham, youngest son of Thomas and Cecelia Finchley, aged 2 years and 4 days.

Findley, Col. William

At Dry Creek, Yuba Co., April 24, 1861, Col William Findley.

Paper: April 27, 1861.


Fine, Quinn

In Vallejo Township, Sonoma Co., March 5, 1861, Quinn, youngest son of J. F. and Caroline Fine, aged 5 months and 5 days.

Paper: March 22, 1861.


Finigan, Edward

In San Francisco, May 10, 1861, Edward, son of Peter and Johanna Finigan, aged 23 months and 2 days. Funeral from 282 Minnie street.

Paper: May 10, 1861.


Finnigan, Catharine Maria

In Angels, Calaveras Co., March 24, 1861, Catharine Maria, daughter of James Finnigan, aged 9 months.

Paper: March 26, 1861.


Fisher, George

In Stockton, Insane Asylum, July 6, 1861, George Fisher, aged 23 years.

Paper: July 12, 1861.


Fisher, Hedwig

In San Francisco, July 8, 1861, Hedwig, wife of Charles Fisher, aged 44 years.
Paper: July 8, 1861.


Fisher, Thomas

In Covington, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1861, Thomas Fisher, father of Mrs. E. Garter of Shasta, aged 75 years.

Paper: April 25, 1861.

Fiske, Kitty E.

In Yolo City, Jan. 29, 1861, Kitty E., daughter of Dr. H. M. and Rosetta S. Fiske, aged 2 years and 11 months.

Paper: Feb. 7, 1861.

Fitch, Georgianna

In Hartwick, N. Y., March 10, 1861, Georgianna, daughter of Orrin and Jenny E. Fitch, formerly of Shasta, aged 9 months and 7 days.

Paper: April 25, 1861.

Fitzgerald, William

In Marysville, May 23, 1861, William Fitzgerald, aged 58 years.

Paper: May 28, 1861.


Fleming, Mrs. Mary H.

In San Francisco, July 1, 1861, Mrs. Mary H. Fleming, wife of George Fleming, aged 25 years. Funeral from her late residence, No 46 Clary street; to the Oakland cemetery.

Paper: July 2, 1861.

Flint, -----

At Gardiner’s Point, Sierra Co., April 22, 1861, by the caving of a bank, ---- Flint, aged about 50 years, from Middlesex, Mass.

Paper: May 2, 1861.


Flowers, Edward

In Sacramento, June 9, 1861, Edward, son of Henry Flowers (colored) aged 8 months.

Paper: June 11, 1861.


Flynn, Andrew

In Washington, Yolo Co., Sept. 19, 1861, Andrew Flynn, a native of Ireland, aged 38 years.

Paper: Sept. 23, 1861.


Flynn, Elizabeth C.

In San Francisco, May 8, 1861, Elizabeth C., wife of Richard L. Flynn, a native of Lowell, Mass., aged 24 years and 7 months. Funeral from residence on Auburn street.

Paper: May 9, 1861.

Flynn, Lewis

In Sacramento, Oct. 18, 1861, Lewis Flynn, a native of Ireland, aged 25 years.

Paper: Oct. 22, 1861.


Foley, James

In Columbia, Tuolumne Co., March 18, 1861, James Foley, a native of Wexford, Ireland, aged 32 years.

Paper: March 26, 1861.


Foley, Margaret

In Alameda County, Feb. 27, 1861, Margaret Foley, wife of Patrick Foley, aged 27, years, a native of County Tipperary, Ireland.

Paper: March 2, 1861.


Foley, Terence

In Sacramento, April 4, 1861, Terence Foley, a native of County Sligo, Ireland, aged 45 years.

Paper: April 6, 1861.


Folger, Walter

In Dry Creek Valley, Nov. 13, 1861, Walter Folger, aged 1 month and 16 days.

Paper: Nov. 26, 1861.


Fonda, Katie De Bell

In Marysville, Katie De Bell, daughter of William T. and Eleanor M. Fonda, aged 3 years.

Paper: Dec. 10, 1861.


Foote, Capt. E. N.

At Mokelumne Hill, Oct. 15, 1861, Captain E. N. Foote, aged 79 years.

Papers: Oct. 22 and 23, 1861.


Ford, George

In Upper Placerville, Sept. 18, 1861, George Ford, aged 33 years.

Paper: Sept. 24, 1861.

Ford, John H.

In San Francisco, Jan. 9, 1861, John H. Ford, a native of Washington City. Funeral from the Baptist Church, Dupont street.

Paper: Jan. 10, 1861.


Ford, Westley P.

In San Francisco, Dec. 26, 1861, Westley P. Ford, a native of Grandville, Vt., aged 28 years and 9 months. Massachusetts papers please copy. Funeral from the residence of A. W. Rice, No. 119 Natoma street.

Paper: Nov. 19, 1861.


Forest, Mrs. R.

In Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1861, Mrs. R. Forest, mother of Mrs. C. N. Mann of San Francisco, aged 70 years.

Paper: Nov. 19, 1861.


Forsyth, James H.

In Sacramento, March 15, 1861, James H. Forsyth, formerly of Illinois, aged 30 years.

Paper: March 19, 1861.

Fort, Margaret Elizabeth

In San Francisco, March 29, 1861, Margaret Elizabeth Fort, aged 6 years and 5 months, daughter of William and Marie Fort.

Paper: April 1, 1861.

Fort, William Henry

In San Francisco, March 30, 1861, William Henry Fort, aged 4 years and 8 months, son of William and Marie Fort.

Paper: April 1, 1861.


Foster, James

On board the bark “Emily Banning”, Coose Bay, Feb. 24, 1861, James Foster, a native of New London, Conn.

Paper: March 22, 1861.


Fountain, Waner

In Georgetown, El Dorado Co., Feb. 2, 1861, Waner, son of G. W. and Adaline Fountain, aged 4 years.

Paper: Feb. 6, 1861.

Foushee, H. S.

In Marysville, Feb. 20, 1861, H. S. Foushee, aged 28, years, formerly of Missouri.

Paper: Feb. 23, 1861.


Fowler, Rebecca

In San Bernardino, May 24, 1861, Rebecca Fowler, aged 32 years, from Missouri.

Paper: June 5, 1861.


Francis, Caroline C.

In Sacramento, Oct. 21, 1861, Caroline C., wife of Daniel Francis, aged 47 years.

Paper: Oct. 24, 1861.


Francis, Manuel

In Marysville, June 8, 1861, Manuel Francis, formerly of Hindostan, aged 32 years.

Paper: June 12, 1861.


Frank, Jacob

In Sacramento, May 9, 1861, Jacob Frank, aged 37 years, a native of Wittenberg, Germany.

May 15, 1861.

Frankenbach, Joseph

In Sacramento, Feb. 16, 1861, Joseph, son of V. Frankenbach.

Paper: Feb. 19, 1861.


Fraser, Mary Louisa

In San Francisco, Aug. 22, 1861, Miss Mary Louisa Fraser, aged 16 years and 7 days.

Paper: Aug. 23, 1861.


Frederickson, Charles

On board the U. S. steamer Wyoming, Charles Frederickson, a native Sweden.

Paper: March 20, 1861.


Freeman, Charlotte Isabella

In Sacramento, June 15, 1861, Charlotte Isabella, daughter of Richard and Lucretia Freeman, aged 2 years and 8 months.

Paper: June 18, 1861.

Frick, George

In Marysville, Sept. 8, 1861, George Frick, aged 38 years.

Paper: Sept. 13, 1861.

Friedman, Mrs. Sarah

In the city of Stockton, Sept. 26, 1861, Mrs. Sarah Friedman, wife of Simon Freidman, aged 44 years, a native of Hildesheim, Kingdom of Hanover, Germany. New York Staats Zeitung please copy.

Paper: Oct. 2, 1861.

Fries, Emma

In Salmon Falls Township, El Dorado Co., May 19, 1861, Emma, wife of J. B. Fries, aged 18 years, 2 months and 2 days.

Paper: May 30, 1861.

Frost, H. John

In San Francisco, Feb. 23, 1861, H. John Frost, aged 21 years, only son of Walter Frost, Esq., of Boston, Mass.

Paper: Feb. 25, 1861.


Frye, John

In Volcano, Nov. 23, 1861, John Frye, aged about 38 years.

Paper: Dec. 10, 1861.


Fugitt, Ellen

In Liberty, San Joaquin Co., Sept. 22, 1861, Ellen, only daughter of Sarah and L. L. Fugitt, aged 17 months.

Paper: Sept. 25, 1861.


Fullerton, Samuel

In San Francisco, Nov. 14, 1861, Samuel Fullerton, a native of Baltimore, accidental drowning.

Paper: Nov. 25, 1861.


Fulwider, John

In Hayford, Trinity Co., John Fulwider, citizen of Weaverville, Trinity Co., murdered recently by Indians.

Paper: April 5, 1861


Fury, Thos.

At Long Valley, Plumas Co., April 16, 1861, Thos. Fury, aged 26 years.

Paper: May 11, 1861.


Fyffe, James William

Near Ringgold, Placer Co., Feb. 16, 1861, by drowning, James William Fyffe, aged 3 years and 2 months, a native of Massachusetts.

Paper: Feb. 26, 1861.

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