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Source: Vital Records for the Year 1861 from the Daily Evening Bulletin San Francisco California; Compiled by San Francisco Chapter for the Genealogical Records Committee California State Society Daughters of the American Revolution (1951); Transcribed by Susan Geist


Jackson, Mrs. Cecilia A.

In San Francisco, May 13, 1861, Mrs. Cecilia A. Jackson, aged 30 years. Philadelphia and Baltimore papers please copy. Funeral at residence of W. B. Farrell, 778 Harrison street.

Paper: May 13, 1861.

Jackson, H. F.

At Carson City, N. T., April 8, 1861, H. F. Jackson, (colored), formerly of Newport, R. I., aged 40 years.

Paper: April 16, 1861.

Jackson, John

In San Francisco, Dec. 18, 1861, John Jackson, a native of Scotland, late of New York, aged 44 years.

Paper: Dec. 20, 1861.

Jacoby, Elizabeth

In Arcata, Humboldt Co., July 4, 1861, Elizabeth, wife of A. Jacoby.

Paper: July 18, 1861.

At Arcata, July 4, 1861, Elizabeth Jacoby.

Paper: July 23, 1861.

Jacquemart, Hermarce Pasquier

In Volcano, Amador Co., April 16, 1861, Hermarce Pasquier, wife of Louis Jacquemart, a native of France.

Paper: April 23, 1861.

James, David J.

At Howland Flat, Oct. 29, 1861, David J. James, aged 20 years.

Paper: Nov. 5, 1861.

James, Frances

At Sutter Creek, Amador Co., Dec. 24, 1860, Frances, wife of John James, aged 21 years and 4 months.

Paper: Jan. 8, 1861.

James, Mary

In Jackson, Amador Co., April 8, 1861, Mary, daughter of the Rev. J. and M. J. James, aged 4 months and 6 days.

Paper: April 23, 1861.

Jamieson, William

At Eagle Creek, Aug. 12, 1861, William Jamieson, aged 33 years.

Paper: Aug. 21, 1861.

Jaques, Samuel B.

In Greenwood Valley, Calaveras Co., March 8, 1861, Samuel B. Jaques, in the 34th year of his age.

Paper: March 20, 1861.

Jehu, Llewelin Ap Nathaniel

In San Francisco, Dec. 12, 1861, Llewelin Ap Nathaniel Jehu, son of N. L. and Margaret Jehu, a native of San Francisco, aged 7 years and 2 months. Funeral from St. Paul’s Church, Fourth street near Mission.

Paper: Dec. 13, 1861.

Jenkins, George A.

In San Francisco, March 1, 1861, George A. Jenkins, a native of Baltimore, aged 42 years. Funeral from Folsom street between First and Second.

Paper: March 2, 1861.

Jennings, William

In Nevada, July 11, 1861, William, son of James and Mary Ann Jennings, aged 3 years and 3 months.

Paper: July 16, 1861.

Jepson, Mary

In Pacheco Valley, June 22, 1861, Mary Jepson, aged 18 years.

Paper: July 3 and 5, 1861.

John, Edwin

At Manzinata Hill, Nevada Co., July 18, 1861, Edwin John, aged about 18 months.

Paper: July 23, 1861.

Johnson (Infant)

In Stockton, June 12, 1861, son of Daniel and Julia Johnson, aged 10 months.

Paper: June 15, 1861.

Johnson, Alexander

At Woodside, San Mateo Co., March 1, 1861, Alexander Johnson, a native of the Rock of Gibralter, aged 30 years.

Paper: March 5, 1861.

Johnson, Edward

In Parish Rapides, Alexandria, La., Aug. 29, 1860, Edward Johnson, aged 47 years, brother Orrick Johnson of San Francisco.

Paper: Jan. 16, 1861.

Johnson, Henry

At Gold Hill, N. T., Nov. 17, 1861, Henry Johnson of Rockford, Ill.

Paper: Nov. 26, 1861.

Johnson, Lerose

Drowned from falling overboard from the sloop G. W. Gunnell in Suisun Bay, Sept. 23, 1861, Lerose Johnson, aged about 43 years.

Paper: Sept. 25, 1861.

Johnson M.

In Bangor, Butte Co., Dec. 23, 1861, M. Johnson, formerly of Berkshire, Delaware Co., Ohio, aged 23 years.

Paper: Dec. 30, 1861.

Johnson, P. C.

In Jackson, Amador Co., Sept. 8, 1861, P. C. Johnson, formerly of Steubenville, Ohio, aged 33 years.

Paper: Sept. 17, 1861.

Johnston, Edward W.

In San Francisco, March 21, 1861, Edward W. Johnston of San Jose, aged 21 years. San Jose papers please copy. Classmates of Santa Clara College requested to attend funeral from St. Mary’s Hospital, Stockton street.

Paper: March 22, 1861.

Johnston, James A.

At French Corral, Nevada Co., Dec. 29, 1860, James A., only son of Robert and Eliza Johnston, aged 5 years and 11 months.

Paper: Jan. 10, 1861.

Jones, Albert

In Santa Cruz, Feb. 24, 1861, Albert Jones, aged 30 years, a native of Union, Lincoln Co., Maine.

Paper: March 7, 1861.

Jones, Bertha Wetmore

In Benicia, Dec. 6, 1861, Bertha Wetmore, daughter of J. W. and Harriette Jones, aged 2 ½ years.

Paper: Dec. 7, 1861.

Jones, John M.

At Cherokee Flat, Butte Co., Dec. 25, 1860, John M. Jones, formerly of South Wales, aged 40 years.

Paper: Jan. 8, 1861.

Jones, Samuel

In Watsonville, March 2, 1861, Samuel Jones, formerly of Cohens, Orange Co., N.Y.

Paper: March 14, 1861.

Jordan, Albert

In San Francisco, Dec. 7, 1861, Albert, son of Rudolf and Maria Jordan, aged 6 years, 2 months and 13 days. Funeral from the residence of the parents, Second street opposite South Park.

Paper: Dec. 9, 1861.

Jordan, Hermine Charlotte Henriette

In San Francisco, Nov. 28, 1861, Hermine Charlotte Henriette, daughter of Rudolph and Maria Jordan, aged 3years and 22 days.

Paper: Nov. 29, 1861.

Josselyn, Catherine E.

In Salinas, Monterey Co., Catharine E., daughter of J. D. and C. E. Josselyn, aged 15 months.

Paper: July 27, 1861.

Joy, Mrs. Mary E.

In Oakland, Aug. 22, 1861, Mrs. Mary E. Joy, wife of Edwin F. Joy. Boston, New York and Ohio papers please copy.

Paper: Aug. 26, 1861.

Joynt, Joseph

In Weaverville, Aug. 28, 1861, Joseph, son of Robert and Catherine Joynt, aged 5 years and 6 months.

Paper: Sept. 4, 1861.

Judah, Rachel Elizabeth

In San Francisco, Nov. 13, 1861, Rachel Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin P. Judah, a native of Washington, D. C., aged 21 years, 8 months and 6 days.

Paper: Nov. 14, 1861.

Judd, Mary M.

In Grass Valley, March 20, 1861, Mary M., infant daughter of the late John Judd.

Paper: March 26, 1861.

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