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Source: Vital Records for the Year 1861 from the Daily Evening Bulletin San Francisco California; Compiled by San Francisco Chapter for the Genealogical Records Committee California State Society Daughters of the American Revolution (1951); Transcribed by Tammy Clark



LACKEY, CAPT. CALVIN D. At Sutterville, Sacramento Co., May 28, 1861, Captain Calvin D. Lackey. Paper: June 8, 1861

LACY, NELLIE M. At Callahan’s Ranch, Scott Valley, July 16, 1861, Nellie M., wife of Robert P. Lacy, aged 26 years and 11 months. Main and Massachusetts papers please copy. Paper: July 23, 1861

LAFARGE, MRS. GERTRUDE In Santa Clara, Jan 19, 1861, at the residence of her son-in-law, Wm. M. Lent, Mrs. Gertrude Lafare of Staten Island, N.Y., age 52 years and 10 months. Funeral from Trinity Church, San Francisco. Paper: Jan. 19, 1861

LAHAUS, EARNEST AUGUST In San Francisco, Feb. 24, 1861, Earnest August Lahaus, a native of Hanover, aged 21 years and 20 days. Funeral from the residence of his uncle, George Bening, corner East and Washington streets. Paper: Feb. 25, 1861

LANCASTER, CHARLES At Mokelumne Hill, Jan. 20, 1861, Charles Lancaster from Tennessee, aged about 45 years. Paper: Jan. 31, 1861

LARAWAY, M.D. In Sacramento, Aug. 3, 1861, M.D. Laraway, aged 85 years, a native of New York. Paper: Aug. 7, 1861

LATSON, ABRAM C., JR. In Napa, Feb. 25, 1861, Abram Co. Latson, Jr., son of A.C. and M. Latson, aged 15 years and 2 months. Paper: March 7, 1861

LAUCK, PHILLIP At Gold Hill, Oct. 21, 1861, Philip Lauck, aged 22 years, formerly of Carroll County, Mo. Paper: Oct. 25, 1861

LAWLER, BRIDGET C. In San Francisco, Dec. 2, 1861, Bridget c., wife of John Lawler and daughter of the late Thomas Delaney of Johnstown, County Kilkenney, Ireland, aged 35 years. Funeral from residence of her brother-in-law, George Dougherty, Harrison street near Beale. Paper: Dec. 3, 1861.

LAWRENCE, LIZZIE A. In San Francisco, March 19, 1861, Lizzie A., wife of William H. Lawrence, aged 28 years, formerly of Nantucket, Mass. Funeral from her residence, No. 9 Bagley Place from Market street between Dupont and Stockton. Paper: March 19, 1861

LEA, HENRY In San Francisco, Aug. 26, 1861, Henry Lea, aged 34 years. Funeral at his late residence on Tehama street between Third and Fourth. Paper: Aug. 27, 1861

LEACH, ALBERT H. In Stockton, June 19, 1861, Albert H., son of Charles J. and Martha J. Leach, aged 1 year and 8 days. Paper: June 22, 1861

LEAVITT, FRANK EATON In Mokelumne Hill, March 23, 1861, Frank Eaton, youngest son of W.H. and M.A. Leavitt, aged 3 years, 3 months and 1 day. Paper: April 2, 1861

LEDUNRIS, JOHN B. In Sacramento, Aug. 3, 1861, John B. Ledunris, aged 40 years, a native of France. Paper: Aug. 7, 1861

LEE, PRESTON H. In Napa City, May 23, 1861, Preston H. Lee, formerly of Grass Valley. Paper: May 29, 1861. In Napa City, May 23, 1861, Preston H. Lee, aged 44 years, formerly of Lexington, Mo. Paper: May 30, 1861

LEE, SUSANA In Sacramento, Feb. 18, 1861, Susana Lee (colored). Paper: Feb. 20, 1861

LEE, WILLIAM In Sacramento, May 3, 1861, William Lee, (colored), aged 32 years, a native of Virginia. Paper: May 9, 1861

LEFEVRE, NICHOLAS In Sacramento, Dec. 9, 1861, Nicholas Lefevre, aged 59 years. Paper: Dec. 21, 1861

LEGGETT, PHEBE In Santa Rosa Township, Aug. 10, 1861, Phebe Leggett, aged 40 years. Paper: Aug. 21, 1861.

LEICKEN, HENRY A. In San Francisco, Jan. 24, 1861, Henry A. Leicken, a native of Hanover, Germany, aged 36 years. Paper: Jan. 25, 1861

LEJUNE, PONCE In Sacramento, May 25, 1861, Ponce Lejune, a native of France, aged 62 years. Paper; May 29, 1861

LEMPANY, JOHN At Virginia City, N.T., Nov. 22, 1861, John Lempany, aged 45 years, a native of County Sligo, Ireland, and late of san Francisco. Paper: Dec. 11, 1861

LENDRUM, CAPT. JOHN H. In San Francisco, Oct. 26, 1861, Captain John H. Lendrum of the 3rd Regiment of Artillery, in the 33rd year of his age. Funeral from Trinity Church on Pine street. Paper: Oct. 26, 1861

LEROY, ELLEN In Sacramento, Aug. 23, 1861, Ellen Leroy, a native of New Hampshire, aged 42 years. Paper: Aug. 28, 1861

LESTER, HENRY P. In San Francisco, July 14, 1861, Henry P. Lester, a native of New York, aged 36 years and 2 months. Paper: July 15, 1861

LEURSEN, HENRY In Stockton, Jan. 28, 1861, Henry Leursen, a native of Germany, aged 30 years. Paper: Jan. 31, 1861

LEVINSON, CHARLOTTE In San Francisco, Nov. 22, 1861, Charlotte, wife of Louis Levinson. Paper: Nov. 25, 1861

LEVY, ADOLPHUS At Acapulco, March 26, 1861, Adolphus Levy, of Sacramento. Paper: April 9, 1861

LEWIS, ELZEY In Sacramento county, May 23, 1861, Elzey Lewis, a native of Ohio, aged 40 years. Paper: May 25, 1861

LEWIS, FANNIE E. In San Jose, Oct. 7, 1861, Fannie E., wife of Jackson Lewis, aged 23 years. Paper: Oct. 16, 1861

LEWIS, FRANCES I. In San Francisco, Aug. 12, 1861, Frances I., infant daughter of Edwin and Maria L. Lewis. Funeral from the residence of her parents., Jones street near Pine. Paper: Aug. 12, 1861

LEWIS, JACK In Geoegetown, Sept. 17, 1861, Jack Lewis, aged 45 years. Paper: Sept. 24, 1861. (see notice below)

LEWIS, COL. JOHN At Georgetown, el Dorado Co., Sept. 17, 1861, Col John Lewis, aged 45 years; Paper: Sept. 30, 1861 (see notice above)

LINDSEY, JAMES At Parks Bar, Yuba Co., Jan. 12, 1861, James, son of L.N. and M. Lindsey, aged 3 years, 11 months, and 3 days. Paper: Jan. 17, 1861

LITCHENSTEIN, KATE In San Francisco, June 5,1 861, Kate Litchenstein, wife of S.H. Litchenstein, aged 29 years. Mrs. L. was a member of the Daughter of Rebecca in Odd Fellowship. Paper: June 6, 1861

LITTLE, ARCHIBALD D. In San Francisco, Oct. 10, 1861, Archibald D. Little, aged 38 years. Funeral From Mr. Hugh Cameron’s, 312 Beale street. Paper: Oct. 10, 1861

LITTON, MRS. ELIZABETH In San Francisco, Nov. 9, 1861, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Litton, wife of Captain Thomas Litton, a native of Baltimore, Md., aged 43 years. Paper: Nov. 11, 1861

LOCKROW, WM. MILLING In San Francisco, Feb. 28, 1861, Wm. Milling Lockrow, aged 13 months, son of Chas. And Margaret Lockrow. Funeral from parents’ residence on Stevenson street about Second. Paper: March 1, 1861

LOEHR, CHARLES In Washington, Nevada Co., Nov. 9, 1861, Charles Loehr, aged 2 years and 9 months. Paper: Nov. 15, 1861

LOGUE, MICHAEL In San Francisco, April 20, 1861, Michael Logue of Nevada, formerly of Mineral Point, Wis., aged. 30 years. Paper: April 22, 1861.

LOOIS, FRANCIS A. In San Francisco, Feb. 3, 1861, Francis A. Loois, a native of Boston, Mass., aged 35 years. Paper: Feb. 4, 1861

LOOMIS, MRS. AMY At Quartzburg, Mariposa Co., Dec. 28, 1860, Mrs. Amy Loomis, aged 27 years. New York papers please copy. Paper: Jan. 3, 1861

LOOMY, JOHN In San Francisco, June 19, 1861, John Loomy, in the 33rd year of his age. Paper; June 21, 1861

LOUIS, SARAH In Placerville, Aug. 15, 1861, Sarah, only daughter of H. and Pauline Louis, aged 4 years. Paper: Aug. 27, 1861

LOVE, MAGGIE In Marysville, Dec. 25, 1861, Maggie, daughter of John S. and S.A. Love, aged 5 years and 7 months. Paper: Dec. 28, 1861

LOVELAND, GEORGE In San Francisco, Nov. 6,1 861, George Loveland of Brooklyn, N.Y., aged 19 years. New York papers please copy. Paper: Nov. 9, 1861

LOW, DANIEL In San Francisco, June 1, 1861, Daniel, infant son of Charles L. and W.A. Low, aged 3 months and 15 days. Paper: June 3, 1861

LOWNDES, CARRIE NOBLE In San Francisco, Sept. 20, 1861, Carrie Noble, twin daughter of Alfred S. and Fanny Lowndes, aged 2 months and 15 days, surviving her brother 5 days only. Paper: Sept. 2,1 1861.

LOWNDES, HARRIS NOBLE In San Francisco, Sept. 15, 1861, Harris Noble, twin son of Alfred S. and Fanny Lowndes, aged 2 months and 10 days. Paper: Sept. 16,1 861

LUBEY, PETER In Sacramento, Nov. 24, 1861, Peter Lubey, a native of Illinois, aged 22 years. Paper: Nov. 27, 1861

LUCE, MARY A. In Sacramento, Jan. 10, 1861, Mary A., wife of Israel Luce, aged 33 years. Paper: Jan. 12, 1861.

LUCKE, FREDERICK In San Francisco, July 22, 1861, Frederick Lucke, formerly of Westphalia, Germany, aged 46 years. Paper: July 23, 1861

LUMBARD, KATE In San Francisco, May 24, 1861, Kate, eldest daughter of Charles and Sarah Lumbard of Mokelumne Hill, a native of San Francisco, aged 7 years and 9 months. Paper: May 27, 1861

LUX, MAGDALENA BARBARA In San Francisco, July 16, 1861, Magdalena Barbara, daughter of Henry and Ellen Lux, aged 7 months and 15 days. Paper: July 22, 1861

LYNCH, JOHN In Sacramento, July 19, 1861, John Lynch, aged 5 weeks. Paper: July 24, 1861

LYON, EMMA WHITNEY In San Francisco, April 28, 1861, Emma Whitney, daughter of I.W. and Sarah P. Lyon, aged 21 months. Paper: April 29, 1861

LYONS, HUGHES In Sonora, Tuolumne Co., July 6, 1861, Hughes Lyons, aged 58 years, formerly of Dejon France. Paper: July 13, 1861

LYONS, WILLIAM K. At Gray Eagle Bar, Dec. 1, 1861, William K., infant son of P. Lyons, Paper: Dec. 10, 1861.

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