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Source: Vital Records for the Year 1861 from the Daily Evening Bulletin San Francisco California; Compiled by San Francisco Chapter for the Genealogical Records Committee California State Society Daughters of the American Revolution (1951); Transcribed by Tammy Clark



PACHECO, GARCIA In San Jose, Jan. 22, 1861, Garcia Pacheco, a native of Chili, aged 35 years. Paper: Feb. 15, 1861

PAINE, GEORGE W. In San Francisco, Feb. 3, 1861, George W. Paine, formerly of New York City. Paper: Feb. 5, 1861

PARARAGRA, ANTONIE In Sacramento County, Nov. 1,1 861, Antoine Pararagra, a native of Italy, aged 80 years. Paper: Nov. 4, 1861

PARHA, WILLIAM P. In the Yuba County Hospital, Marysville, Aug. 9, 1861, William P. Parha. Paper: Aug. 15, 1861

PARSONS, CHALRES EDWIN In Carson City, N.T., Nov. 2, 1861, Charles Edwin, eldest son of P.H. Parsons of Yolo City, Yolo Co., aged 16 years, 5 months and 22 days. Paper: Nov. 9, 1861

PARSONS, EMMA JANE In Monte Cristo, Sierra Co., Sept. 15, 1861, Emma Jane, daughter of Nathan and Mary A. Parsons, aged 3 years, 8 months and 12 days. Paper: Sept. 25, 1861.

PARSONS, JOHN R. At San Andreas, Sept. 3, 1861, John R. Parsons, aged 42 years. Paper: Sept. 6, 1861.

PASCAL, JOSEPH WILBER At Buckeye Ranch, Sacramento Co., March 5, 1861, Joseph Wilber, only child of John H. and Lizzie Pascal, aged 5 years, 1 month and 1 day. Paper: March 11,1861

PATTEN, MARY E. In San Francisco, Jan. 10, 1861, Mrs. Mary E. Patten, wife of William H. Patten, aged 31 years. Boston papers please copy. Funeral from Rev. Mr. Willey’s church. Natoma street. Paper: Jan. 11, 1861

PATTERSON, MARTHA In Auburn, Oct. 10, 1861, Martha Patterson, aged 56 years, 2 months and 15 days. Paper: Oct. 19, 1861

PATTISON, MIRIAM In Nevada, Aug. 21, 1861, Miriam, daughter of John and Susan F. Pattison, aged 1 year, 10 months and 20 days. Paper: Aug. 28, 1861.

PAULDING, CHARLES W. In San Francisco, Nov. 22, 1861, Charles W. Paulding, aged 29 years, a native of Wane County, Ohio, Pennsylvania papers copy. Paper: Nov. 22, 1861.

PAULLIN, CLARA In San Francisco, Dec. 8, 1861, Clara, daughter of James R. and Susan F. Paullin, aged 5 years and 7 months. Paper: Dec. 9, 1861.

PAULLIN, FRANK In San Francisco, Frank Paullin, aged 5 years, 7 months and 5 days. Paper: Dec. 30, 1861

PAULLIN, HARRY R. In San Francisco, May 23, 1861, Harry R. Paullin, infant son of James and Susan F. Paulling aged 16 months and 3 days. Chicago and Philadelphia papers copy. Funeral from the residence of his parents., 815 Dupont street above Washington, O’Callahan Building. Paper: May 23, 1861.

PAYNE, THEODORE In San Francisco, April 9, 1861, at the Oriental Hotel, Theodore Payne, in the 44th year of his age. New York and Connecticut papers copy. Funeral from Dr. Lacy’s Church. Paper: Sept. 10, 1861

PEAREE, ALFREd In San Francisco, Oct. 2, 1861, Alfred Pearee, aged 32 years, formerly of Roxbury, Mass. The friends of the family of his brother C.G. Howard are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from the residence of his father, corner Clay and Sixth streets, Oakland. Paper: Oct. 3, 1861

PEARSON, WILLIAM GASTON In Oakland, Jan. 19, 1861, William Gaston Pearson, a native of Washington, D.C., aged 26 years, 9 months and 22 days. Friends of Capt. and Mrs. C.P. Patterson are invited to attend the funeral from Trinity Church Pine street. Paper: Jan. 21, 1861

PECK, CHRISTIANA In San Francisco, Dec. 10, 1861, Christiana Peck, wife of Martin Peck, aged 24 years, a native of Wirtenburg, Germany. Funeral from her late residence, corner of Sacramento and Davis street. Paper: Dec. 11, 1861

PELLISIER, MONS. At the Mission Dolores, Dec. 23, 1861, Mons. Pellisier, a native of France, age 50 years. Paper: Dec. 24, 1861.

PENDEGAST, JAMES ALFRED At Yolo City, Yolo Co., June 1, 1861, James Alfred, son of John N. and Jane Pendegast, aged 8 months and 20 days. Paper: June 11, 1861

PERKINS, FLORA In San Francisco, Nov. 15, 1861, Flora, daughter of E.S. and Mira A.C. Perkins, aged about 22 months. Paper: Nov. 16, 1861

PERKINS, FRANK In San Francisco, Feb. 22, 1861, Frank, son of E.S. and M.A.C. Perkins, aged 1 year and 28 days. Paper: Feb. 25, 1861.

PERKINS, ROBERT HUTCHINSON In San Francisco, Aug. 8, 1861, Robert Hutchinson, son of Luke H. and Mary A. Perkins, aged 6 years, 7 months and 4 days. New York and New London, Conn., papers copy. Paper: Aug. 9, 1961

PERKINS, WILLIAM EDWARD In Sacramento, William Edward, son of Thomas C. and Rebecca F. Perkins, aged 4 years, 3 month and 11 days. Paper: June 19, 1861

PERRY, ROSWELL In Schenectady, N.Y., Roswell Perry, Esq., aged 74. Paper: March 13, 1861

PEYTON, ENOCH WEBSTER In Stockton, May 5, 1861, Enoch Webster Peyton, aged 15 months and 6 days. Paper: May 9, 1861

PEYTON, WILLIAM At Red Bluff, Nov. 25, 1861, William Peyton, aged 38 years. Paper: Nov. 26, 1861.

PFEIFFER, GEORGE FELIX In San Francisco, Jan. 26, 1861, George Felix, son of John and Eliza Pfeiffer, aged 2 years and 10 months. Paper: Jan. 28, 1861.

PHELPS, HENRY C. In Lake Valley, Feb. 8,1861, Henry C. Phelps of the State of New York. Paper: Feb. 13, 1861

PHILBROOK, JAMES P. In San Francisco, Jan. 7, 1861, James P. Philbrook, a native of Maine, aged 51 years. Maine papers please copy. Paper: Jan. 11, 1861

PHILLIPS, ELLA R. In San Francisco, June 15, 1861, Ella R., daughter of Joseph W. and Elizabeth W. Phillips, aged 6 months and 13 days. Paper: June 17, 1861

PHILLIPS, M.J. In Grass Valley, Nov. 12, 1861, M.J., daughter of S. and Emelia Philllips, aged 1 year, 7 months and 18 days. Paper: Nov. 18, 1861.

PHILLIPS, OWEN Near Marysville, March 27, 1861, Owen Phillips, drowned at Quintay Ranch. Paper: April 2, 1861.

PHILLIPS, ROBERT In Sacramento, Oct. 29, 1861, Robert Phillips, a native of South Carolina. Paper: Oct. 31, 1861.

PICO, MANUEL In Sacramento, July 7, 1861, Manuel Pico, a native of Mexico, aged 28 years. Paper: July 10, 1861

PICO, MARIA YONACLO In San Louis Obispo, July 2, 1861, Maria Yonaclo Pico. Paper: July 10, 1861

PIESSNECKER, FREDRICKA JULIA In Sonora, Feb. 16, 1861, Fredericka Julia Piessnecker, a native of Germany, aged 58 years. Paper: March 1, 1861.

PIKE, AGNES FLORENCE In Strawberry Valley, Nov. 16, 1861, Agnes Florence, eldest daughter of Charles F. and Nancy B. Pike, aged 2 years 10 months and 26 days. Paper: Nov. 22, 1861. In Strawberry Valley, Yuba Co., Nov. 16, 1861, Agnes Flora Pike, aged 2 years, 10 months and 25 days. Paper: Nov. 27, 1861

PITTS, BYRON On Rock Creek near Nevada, May 26, 1861, Bryon Pitts, aged 19 years. Paper: May 31, 1861

PLOWMAN, SARAH EMMA In Weaverville, Jan. 23, 1861, Sarah Emma, daughter of K.P. Plowman, aged 2 years and 10 months. Paper: Jan. 31, 1861

BLUNKETT, THOMAS M In San Francisco, March 6, 1861, Thomas M. Plunkett, aged 58 years, a native of Ireland. Paper: March 9, 1861.

POCK, (INFANT) In Sonora, June 10, 1861, daughter of Benjamin and Amanda Pock, aged 10 months and 18 days. Paper: June 14, 1861.

POE, SALLY C. At Sacramento, May 24, 1861, in the 20th year of her age, Sally C., wife of Francis Poe of San Francisco and daughter of Hon. Peter H. and Harriett Burnett of San Jose. Paper; May 27, 1861

POOLE, DR. HENRY B. At Washington, N.J., Nov. 29, 1861, Dr. Henry B. Poole, father of J.H. and Captain E. A. Poole of San Francisco. Paper: Dec. 7, 1861.

POOR, CHARLES A. At sea on board bark Yankee, May 26, 1861, on her passage from Honolulu to San Francisco, Charles A. Poor of the firm of C.A. and H.F. Poor of Honolulu, S.I., and son of Benjamin Poor of Boston, Mass. Funeral at the Rev. Dr. Anderson’s church, Stockton street. Paper: June 5, 1861.

PORTER, GEORGE C. At Vacaville, March ______, 1861, George C. Porter, in the 32nd year of his age. Paper: April 9, 1861. (see notice below)

PORTER, GEORGE S. At Vacaville, Solano Co.,March 21, 1861, George S. Porter. Paper: April 23, 1861 (see notice above)

PORTER, JOHN In Sacramento, March 11, 1861, John Porter, formerly of Annapolis, Ill. Paper: March 13, 1861.

POST, FRANCIS In Petaluma, July 2, 1861, Francis Post, aged 64 years. New York papers copy. Paper: July 6 and 16, 1861.

POST, G.B. In San Francisco, Feb. 26, 1861, G.B. Post of the late firm of G.B. Post & Co., aged 45 years. Funeral from Grace Church, Powell street. Paper: Feb. 26, 1861.

POSTLEWAIT, EMILY At Scales Diggings, Sierra Co., April 10, 1861, Emily, wife of John Postlewait, aged about 30 years. Paper: May 2, 1861

POTTER, BERTHA B. In Los Angeles, Sept. 22, 1861, Bertha B. Potter, aged 44 years. Paper: Oct. 8, 1861.

POUCHER, DAVID In San Francisco, Oct. 9, 1861, David Poucher, aged 26 years, a native of Michigan. Michigan papers please copy. Paper: Oct. 10, 1861.

PRASLOW, MICHAEL In San Francisco, April 18, 1861, Michael Praslow, suddenly. Paper: April 18, 1861. In San Francisco, April 18, 1861, Michael Praslow, a native of Bavaria, aged 41 years. Paper: April 19, 1861.

PRATT, ELIZA AND HENRY At Santa Rosa, March 9, 1861, Eliza, aged 7 years, 3 months; March 10, 1861, Henry, aged 8 months, both children of R.H. and Louisa M. Pratt. Paper: March 23, 1861.

PRESBREY, FRANNY In San Francisco, July 9, 1861, Fanny, daughter of George and May A. Presbrey, aged 1 year and 10 days. Paper: July 9, 1861.

PRESCOTT, C.C. In Brooklyn, Alameda Co., April 22, 1861, C.C. Prescott, aged 20 years. Paper: April 23, 1861

PRICE, SEBELIA R. In Sacramento, Aug. 1, 1861, Sebelia R., wife of Charles L. Price, aged 38 years. Paper: Aug. 3, 1861.

PRIDHAM, HENRY A. At Yellow Springs, Ohio, Henry A. Pridham, formerly of Sacramento, aged 28 years. Paper: Aug. 15, 1861.

PRINDLE, JOHN In Frenchtown, Butte Co., Feb. 9, 1861, John Prindle, aged 33 years, formerly of Massachusetts. Paper: Feb. 19, 1861. (see notice below)

PRINGLE, John At Frenchtown, Butte Co., Feb. 9, 1861, John Pringle, aged 33 years. Paper: March 1, 1861. (see notice above)

PRITCHARD, ROBERT In Sacramento, Dec. 18, 1861, Robert, son of William Pritchard, aged 3 years and 2 months. Paper: Dec. 20, 1861

PROWSE, SAMUEL In Sacramento, July 31, 1861, Samuel Prowse, aged 54 years, a native of England. Paper: Aug. 7, 1861

PUGH, PATRICK In Sacramento, June 11, 1861, Patrick Pugh, aged 28 years. Paper: June 19, 1861

PURDIE, MRS. In Red Bluff, March 23, 1861, Mrs. Purdie, aged 35 years. Paper: April 2, 1861.

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