Shasta County, CA
1883 Pensioners

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Shasta County – List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883

[Note: date denotes when original allowance was granted]

Transcribed by Kathie Marynik

BROWNING, Victoria L., Anderson, widow, $8, June 1867

CECILL, Joseph M., Redding, gunshot wound left groin, $6, Oct. 1873

CROSBY, Richard P., Millville, chronic phthisis, $8, Dec. 1868

DAVIS, John Skillings, Oak Run, injury abdomen, $4, Jan. 1878

HICKS, Caroline, Anderson, widow, $8, Apr. 1879

JONES, Carrie T. M. Anderson, widow, $24, Nov. 1880

KLETT, August, Redding, gunshot wound left heel, $4, July 1879

LANSING, Edgar W., Fall River Mills, chronic bronchitis, $6, Dec. 1876

McKINNON, James T., Redding, wound right leg, $2, -----

MONTGOMERY, William P., Redding, gunshot wound right hand, $7, July 1865

MOOEMS, Meander O., Burgettville, chronic diarrhea

NEWMAN, Edward, Cottonwood, loss right arm above elbow, $24, June 1874

OPDYKE, Andrew J., Burgettville, gunshot wound left thigh, $4, Nov. 1876

PAIGE, Malinda J., Shasta, widow, $20, Feb. 1874

RAINEY, Catharine, Shingletown, widow 1812, $8, June 1879

RAY, James, Burney Valley, disease eyes, $8, Apr. 1882

ROBERTS, Benjamin F., Fall River Mills, gunshot wound left arm, $6, Oct. 1877

WALKER, John O., Fall River Mills, survivor 1812, $8, Nov. 1872

WARD, Francis L., Shingletown, widow, $8, Jan. 1869

WILLIAMS, Perry R., Millville, injury abdomen, $8, May 1880

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