California Genealogy Trails Siskiyou County, CA
1885 Directory



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submitted By B. Reynolds.





A post and express town, situated thirty miles southeast of Yreka, on the

Delta and Yreka stage route. It is also on the located line of the

California and Oregon Railroad. It lies in the valley of the Sacramento,

and is surrounded by a fertile agricultural country, from which it derives

it principal support. Upper Soda Springs, near this place, is a health

resort of some note. Berryvale has two hotels and one general store.

Population about seventy-five.

Arfsten, Cornelius A. - farmer/stockraiser 153 acres

Barovich, Nicholas - farmer 160 acres

Burke, William - farmer

Cawley, Daniel M. - stage driver

Chamberlain, Wm. A. - laborer

Conner, E. W. - stockraiser 120 acres

Cook, George W. - lumberman

Davis, Thomas J. - laborer

Deetz, Alva J. - lumberman

Deetz, Jacob H. - farmer 440 acres

Drais, Thomas Z. - laborer

Fellows, S. J. Mrs. - postmaster, proprietor/Mt. Shasta Hotel, 170 acres

Flitner, Edwin - laborer

Galpin, John - carpenter

George, John - farmer 80 acres

Gordon, Robert A. - farmer

Gordon, Robert R. - notary public

Hansen, Emile C. - farmer 160 acres

Hansen, Frederick H. - farmer 160 acres

Hill, John H. - millman

Keyser, E. T. - farmer 480 acres

Klink, Peter - farmer

Lanthier, Gilbert - deputy postmaster, gen mdse, dry goods

Learmont, John - farmer 155 acres

Mannon, Richard W. - proprietor Upper Soda Springs 160 acres

Maxwell, James A. - millman

McArthur, R. - farmer 320 acres

McBride, Harvey - laborer

McBride, John F. - laborer

McCloud, George G. - laborer

McIntosh, James - farmer 160 acres

Merwin, Elias C. - farmer 160 acres

Nabar, Frank - farmer

Nabar, George - farmer 160 acres

Nelk, Nicholas - farmer 160 acres

Nichols, Henry - farmer

Peallot, Edward - farmer 160 acres

Pierce, Mortimer K. - carpenter

Random, Randolph - farmer

Scott, Peter C. - capitalist

Siggins, Isaac - laborer

Sisson, Justin H. - proprietor Sisson's Hotel, farmer 620 acres

Stewart, Henry - millman

Stone, Edwin R. - lumberman

Stone, Loyd S. - laborer

Sullaway, Charles F. - farmer/stockraiser

Sullaway, John W. - farmer/stockraiser 160 acres

Sullaway, Ned F. - laborer

Sullaway, Wm. L. - farmer/stockraiser 320 acres

Sullivan, Thomas E. - farmer

Terwilliger, Sidney F. - farmer 320 acres

Thomas, Henry R. - lumberman

Upper Soda Springs - R. W. Mannon, proprietor

Watson, Archibald - farmer 160 acres

Welsh, John O. - farmer 309 acres

White, Maria - farmer 160 acres


A post office in the western part of the county, receives its freight via

Delta and express matter from Etna Mills.


Frasier, -- - blacksmith

George, James W. - farmer

Giegavie, John - farmer

Gillis, Antone - farmer

Hackman, William - carpenter

Heppner, Joseph - blacksmith

Hessing, Louis - farmer/stockraiser

Hill, Thomas - sheepherder

Oeting, Edward - farmer

Owens, James Jr. - chairmaker

Parker, John - trapper

Picard, Francis - gen mdse

Picard, Henry - laborer

Randle, Ambrose F. - laborer

Randle, Edmund - farmer

Randle, Monroe - farmer

Roberts, L. P. - laborer

Roland, George - laborer

Sparling, Hiram - farmer

Stough, C. B. - farmer

Way, Thomas - blacksmith

Bestwick, Richard - stockraiser 320 acres

Butler, Charles - farmer

Calkins, James - laborer 80 acres

Frain, Martin R. - 160 acres

Fruitt, Henry - farmer

Lennox, John - farmer 160 acres

Lennox, Walter - farmer

Lennox, William - farmer 80 acres

Owen, Garret T. - farmer

Owen, Jefferson D.

Schnackenberg, Charles - farmer 305 acres

Trafton, Ellen - farmer 160 acres

Wetzel, Alois


A post office and mining camp, situated in the southwestern corner of the

county. The Black Bear and Klamath mines have been and are at present good

producing mines. Freight for this point is for the most part shipped by

steamer via Arcata, while its express point is Etna Mills.

Amos, James - blacksmith

Begloux, Thomas - timberman

Black Bear Quartz Mining Co. - J. B. Little, superintendent

Brooking, David B. - miner

Bunt, Fred. - miner

Burns, Richard - drayman

Daggett, George - timberman

Donaldson, James - merchant

Hopson, Douglas - miner

Johnson, William - teamster

Klamath Quartz Mining Co. - James B. Toukin, superintendent

Little, James B. - postmaster; superintendent of Black Bear Quartz Mining Co.

McDonald, A. - millman

Orcutt, Albert S. - miner

Peacock, James R. - miner

Postmaster - James B. Little

Repper, W. - miner

Samson, Cyrus - miner

Toukin, James B. - superintendent Klamath Quartz Mining Co.

Tyfield, J. P. - gen mdse

Vincent, C. - miner

VonBatstel, Henry - miner

Welker, Harry - teamster

White, Henry


A post office town, about forty miles notheast of Yreka, near the northern

boundary of the county. Considerable wool- growing is developed in the

vicinity, and stockraising is the principal industry. The population is

about one hundred and thirty.

Agueda, Meurizo - farmer

Baker, Wayman L. - blacksmith

Barber, Benjamin - stockraiser

Bloomingcamp, Henry - farmer

Bloomingcamp, John F. - farmer

Carmony, John - farmer

Cheesborough, Linton - farmer & goat raiser

Cook, George - laborer

Cuppy, Frank - farmer

Daggett, Morris - farmer 160 acres

Davis, Benjamin - farmer

Frame, Cornelius W. - farmer, shingle maker

Franklin, Manuel

Grieve, Thomas J.

Griffth, Valentine - laborer

Hahn, Daniel D. - farmer

Jones, John J. - wool grower 160 acres

Kepler, Augustus - stockraiser

Linton, R. I. - goat raiser

McClintock, W. K. - postmaster, farmer, wool grower, 160 acres

Mulloy, Dennis - farmer/stockraiser 320 acres

Neville, John

Otto, William - farmer

Postmaster - McClintock, W. K.

Raymond, Manuel - 160 acres

Rice, George - school teacher

Rush, Albert - farmer

Silveria, Jose - farmer

Spearin, James N. - 80 acres

Spearin, William C. - farmer

Strofeld, Frederick - farmer, wool grower, 160 acres

Ward Bros. - farmer/stockraiser 80 acres

Ward, Harrison - Ward Bros.

Ward, William B. - Ward Bros.

White, James M. - stockraiser




Bell, Samuel - miner

Bennett, F. M. - laborer

Bennett, John - laborer

Bennett, John F. - laborer

Bennett, J. N. - miner

Bennett, W. P. - gen mdse, Postmaster

Ford, William - laborer

Grant, H. - miner

McLaughlin, C. N. - miner

McLaughlin, Edgar - miner

Meichel, Peter - miner

McNeal, George - merchant

Noyes, Henry - miner

Postmaster - W. P. Bennett

Roberts, Ed. - miner

Shumway, Edwin - miner


Ashton, Frank - laborer

Bailey, Charles M. - Postmaster, gen mdse

Bailey, Charles T. - photographer

Bailey, George H. - farmer

Grider, William T. - hotel, farmer

Lowden, George W. - miner

Lowden, John S. Jr. - miner

McKay, John G. - laborer

Postmaster - Charles M. Bailey

Rainey Bros. - farmers

Rainey, James - Rainey Bros.

Rainey, Robert - Rainey Bros.

Shinan, Marmaduke J. - farmer

Thorpe, Samuel K. - miner

Wood, William H. - miner


Ayles, Stephen - miner

Brooking, D. B. - miner

Church, Daniel - clerk

Clark, Alfred J. - mason

Fairchild, Frank J. - clerk

Fyfield, John P. - merchant

Jenkins, Obediah - miner

Loftus, John J. - miner

Martin, John E. - miner

Morris, George - miner

Orcutt, A. S. - saw mill

Plovier, Ludovica A. - miner

Storrs, William - miner

White, Henry - miner


A post, express and telegraph town, forty-three miles distant from Delta and forty-two miles south of Yreka. It is surrounded by quite a favorable mining district, as well as some good farming land. It has two good hotels, two general stores, a church, blacksmith shop, etc. It lies a little west of the proposed route of the California and Oregon Railroad, and has a population of one hundred and fifty.

A. B. C. Hydraulic & Mining Co. - H. Coggins superintendent

Alger, William W. - farmer

Andrew, Hugh B. - miner

Bar, Abraham H. - notary public, insurance agent & clerk with A. H. Denny

Bemis, George - miner

Bickford, Daniel - miner

Birdsall, Lyman - laborer

Boulongeat, John - miner

Boye, C. F. - miner, horse trainer

Callahan's Ranch Hotel & Stable - R. M. Hayden & Bro. proprietors

Carter, Joseph H. - carpenter

Catholic Church - Rev. Father Haupts pastor

Chapman, William F. - laborer

Coggins, H. - superintendent A. B. C. Hydraulic & Mining Co.

Comstock, Ichabod - shoemaker

Crawford, R. C. - miner

Critchlow, John W. - teamster

Davis, Andrew J. - laborer

Denny, Albert H. - gen mdse, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo, & Co., -

stockraiser 610 acres

Denny, Mary Miss - school teacher

Eddy, George A. - miner

English, James - saloon keeper

Enos, Joaquin - stockraiser

Facey, James - farmer

Facey, James Jr. - farmer

Facey, James W. - carpenter

Facey, Nimrod - farmer

Farrington, Stephen - blacksmith

Fay, Michael - farmer 320 acres

Foche, John B. - miner

Fortune Gravel Mine - George H. Mitchell superintendent

Green, Bartholomew - miner

Halley, Lorenzo S. - miner

Hambleton, James A. - laborer

Harrington, Daniel - miner

Haupts, Rev. Father - pastor Catholic Church

Hayden, Charles - R. M. Hayden & Bro

Hayden, Charles H. - farmer

Hayden, Frank N. - farmer

Hayden, James B. - gardener

Hayden, James B. Jr. - farmer

Hayden, Richard M. - R. M. Hayden & Bro

Hayden, R. M. & Bro. - proprietors Callahan's Ranch Hotel & Stables

Hellmuth, Frederick - hotel keeper

Horan, Patrick - laborer

Huntington, Jacob - miner

Isaacs, Moses - clerk Callahan's Ranch Hotel

Kasdorf, Charles - farmer

Last Chance Gravel Mine - A. H. Denny superintendent

Leathers, Harry - miner

Leathers, William H. - miner

Littlefield, Wesley B. - farmer

Loring, Frederick - gen mdse

Loring, William M. - clerk

Macauley, Charles A. - miner

Masterson, George J. - farmer

Masterson Hotel - Mrs. M. A. Masterson proprietor

Masterson, M. A. Mrs. - proprietor Masterson Hotel

Masterson, Thomas F. - farmer

McBride, P. A. - farmer

McClurg, B. R. - farmer

McMahon, William - miner

McNara, Hugh - laborer

Messner, John H. - farmer, capitalist

Mitchell, George H. - Justice of the Peace, miner

Montezuma Mine - J. B. Parker superintendent

Moore, William - laborer

Murray, Lydia Mrs. - midwife

Nolan, Daniel - miner

Nunnally, R. D. - miner

Parker, Alex. - A. Parker & Sons

Parker, Alex. Jr. - A. Parker & Sons 160 acres

Parker, A. & Sons - stockraisers, miners, gen mdse at Etna Mills 160 acres

Parker, James B. - superintendent Montezuma Mine 162 acres

Parker, John - A. Parker & Sons

Payne, P. - mill owner, farmer

Pedersen, Hans - capitalist

Pierson, Peter - laborer

Pollard, W. J. - miner

Postmaster - Albert H. Denny

Pozzi Bros. - miners, stockraisers

Pozzi, Jacob - Pozzi Bros.

Pozzi, Lorenzo - miner

Pozzi, Peter - Pozzi Bros.

Rochs, E. - farmer, dairyman

Samson, Patrick - laborer

Schneider, Frederick - farmer

Schneider, Louis - farmer, dairyman

Schuler, John M. - miner

Short, John - farmer

Short, William - laborer

Smith, George - laborer

Sullivan, James - farmer/stockraiser

Sweet, Chester B. - farmer

Sweet, George - laborer

Sweet, Valentine - laborer

Taylor, Rebecca Mrs. - farmer

Watson, Edward - miner

Welker, Guilbert - miner

White, P. C. - farmer

Wilson, John M. - miner

Wolford, Absalom - farmer

Wolford, Milton – farmer


A mining camp and post office in the southwestern part of the county, near the Trinity line. It has a population of about fifty, and receives its freight via Delta and express from Trinity Centre.

Abrams, Frank - miner

Abrams, James - mail carrier

Daub, Casper - miner

George, W. H. - miner

Gillis, A.

Hagenah, Richard - miner

Hulse, A. P. - miner

Jordan, J. P. - farmer

Postmaster - George Sightman

Sightman, George - Postmaster, gen mdse

Spooner, George C.

Thomas, W. L. - miner

Wohlford, George - miner, blacksmith


A post office, about thirty-five miles north of Berryvale, on the line of the California and Oregon Stage Line, as well as the line of the proposed railroad. It is a farming community, and lies in the valley of the headwaters of the Sacramento.

Awbaugh, George W. - farmer/stockraiser 335 acres

Bagley, George C. - saloon keeper, farmer

Bagley, John - farmer/stockraiser 400 acres

Bagley, Robert H. - farmer

Biglow, Ralph P. - dairy, stockraiser 130 acres

Brady, John - farmer

Caldwell, Andrew J. - farmer/stockraiser 724 acres

Carpenter, James - farmer/stockraiser 160 acres

Carrick, D. Mrs. - farmer/stockraiser 285 acres

Carrick, James B. - farmer 120 acres

Cavanaugh, Joseph - Postmaster, dealer gen mdse, hotel proprietor 1060 acres

Cavanaugh, Mary Miss - school teacher

Conley, Chris. C. - farmer

Conner, Edward W. - stockraiser

Conner, Geo. H. - deputy County Assessor

Conner, G. W. - dairyman, farmer

Cory, Louis H. - farmer/stockraiser

Cunningham, William S. - farmer

Decker, George W. - farmer/stockraiser 296 acres

Dennis, Mrs. - farmer 160 acres

Dobkins, James M. - lumberman 240 acres

Doyle, John T. - clerk

Dunlap, Benjamin F. - farmer/stockraiser

Dye, Daniel - farmer/stockraiser 280 acres

Eddy, Nelson H. - farmer/stockraiser 678 acres

Etting, David - farmer/stockraiser 400 acres

Griffin Bros. - farmers/stockraisers 240 acres

Griffin, Frank R. - Griffin Bros.

Griffin, Leonardo J. - Griffin Bros.

Hobbs, W. L.

Hooley, James - farmer/stockraiser

Jackson, Samuel - farmer 903 acres

Kierman, Patrick - dairyman, stockraiser 1040 acres

Kellogg, George A. - farmer 240 acres

Mills, Robert M. - farmer/stockraiser

Nichols, Henry - farmer/stockraiser 240 acres

Patterson, Harry - school teacher

Patterson, Joseph R. - farmer 420 acres

Patterson, William - dairyman, farmer

Postmaster - Joseph Cavanaugh

Preston, James M. - farmer 160 acres

Rantz, Joseph - blacksmith

Ray, Ezekiel - farmer/stockraiser 197 acres

Stewart, H. S.

Stone, Charles H. - farmer

Stone, William P. - farmer/stockraiser 180 acres

Sullivan, Daniel W. - laborer

Tyler, Augustus C. - farmer/stockraiser 166 acres

Watson, George K. - farmer/stockraiser 160 acres

Well, Harry - Hudson I. Well & Son

Well, Hudson I. - Hudson I. Well & Son

Well, Hudson I. & Son - dairymen, stockraisers 720 acres

Whooley, Emma Miss - school teacher

Whooley, James - farmer 314 acres

Whooley, Katie Miss - school teacher

Williams Samuel S. - farmer/stockraiser 314 acres


This place, one of the most enterprising and prosperous localities in the country, is situated in Scott Valley, on the river, thirty miles southwest of Yreka, and about thirteen miles south of Fort Jones. The town lies at the base of the Salmon Mountains, is surrounded by an agricultural country of exceeding fertility, which is well settled and cultivated. It is the headquarters of the miners of the southwestern part of the county and the distributing point fro all the Salmon River freights. The town has a large general store, two blacksmith shops, two flouring mills, a hardware store, two livery stables, as well as other business establishments, all of which do a flourishing trade. Of its two hotels, the Etna, owned and conducted by Mr. Isaac L. Baker, is especially worthy of notice in the interest of the traveling public. The population of Etna Mills is about four hundred, and the town has post and express offices.

Abbott, Charles S. - farmer 140 acres

Abel, James - laborer

Abel, James Mrs. - milliner

Ackley, Hosea - farmer 520 acres

Adams, John H. - clerk

Alford, Austin H. - farmer

Allen, John H. - miner

Allen, Lewis A. - blacksmith

Allen, Michael - miner

Allen, Thomas P. - miner

Amos, James - blacksmith

Baird, Charles - farmer 360 acres

Baker, Isaac L. - proprietor Etna Hotel

Barnum, Millard F. - Ritz & Barnum

Bathust, E. W. - physican & surgeon

Beck, Peter - farmer

Behnke, Henry A. - blacksmith

Bernhardt, Frederick - farmer

Bills, Loren - farmer

Blair, Charles - stockherder

Black, John - laborer

Bradley, Michael W. - teamster

Brown, Manuel - farmer 320 acres

Buchner, George - gen mdse

Budleman, Henry - bookkeeper

Butler, George D. - teacher

Campbell, James C. - tinner

Campbell, Remembrance H. - miner

Cannon, William C. - laborer

Carter, John A. - farmer

Catholic Church - Rev. Father Haupts pastor

Chichy, Ignatz - laborer

Coats, George W. - laborer

Conners, James - woodman 120 acres

Corcoran, Timothy - miner

Cory, Henry C. - merchant

Cullen, Charles J. - carpenter

Cummings, Adam N. - farmer

Cummins, James M. - farmer

Dale, Philip A. - miner

Dangle, Joseph - farmer 120 acres

Davidson, Charles M. - farmer

Davidson, Finlay H. - teamster

Davidson, George A. - farmer

Davidson, Jeremiah - farmer 260 acres

Davis, Daniel - Davis & Evans

Davis, Eugene - laborer

Davis & Evans - blacksmiths, wagonmakers

Davis, John E. - laborer

Davis, Joel M. - laborer

Davis, John L. - laborer

Dawson, Edward P. - laborer

Dawson, William T. - teamster

Decker, Joseph - miller

Dice, Henry - farmer 40 acres

Diggles, James A. - druggist, fancy, toilet articles

Dines, William - Jenner & Dines

Doll, Josiah - farmer 240 acres

Dorris, Presley A. - stockraiser

Elkhorn Livery & Feed Stables - Ritz & Barnum proprietors

Eller, Elza Jr. - laborer

Eller, Jacob - farmer

Etna Hotel - Isaac L. Baker proprietor

Evans, Nathan C. - Patterson & Evans and Grant & Evans

Evans, William W. - miner

Fahl, Lewis W. - farmer

Fairchilds, John A. - stockraiser

Farrelly, John - laborer

Fay, Daniel - laborer

Fay, D. Mrs. - farmer 79 acres

Fay, Mary Miss - school teacher

Fay, Thomas - farmer

Ficken, Henry - laborer

Finley, S. L. - miner

Fitzsimmoms, Samuel C. - miller

Fletcher, James H. - teamster

Frantz, Francis W. - carpenter

Frates, Maunce A. - farmer 40 acres

French, C. H. - Kist & French

Funk, George W. - farmer

Funk, John C. - stockraiser

Geney, Henry - proprietor Geney Saloon

Geney Saloon - Henry Geney proprietor

Gilbert, Charles - farmer

Gilman, Frank - lumberman

Grant & Evans - proprietors O K Stables

Grant, John - Grant & Evans

Green, Charles H. - farmer

Green, O. V. - farmer 280 acres

Hansen, Hans - farmer 503 acres

Harmon, John - bartender

Harris, William E. - farmer

Haupt, Rev. Father - pastor Roman Catholic Church

Holzhauser, Charles H. - farmer 25 acres

Horn, Frank J. - farmer 295 acres

Horton, Frank - carpenter

Hossler, Ira B. - carpenter

Hovenden, Charles - farmer 645 acres

Hughes, L. - farmer 150 acres

Hyde, David H. - barber

Jackson, William R. - laborer

Jenner, Charles - Jenner & Dines

Jenner & Dines - proprietors Union Flour Mills

Jenner, Edward C. - miller

Jenner, Frank - laborer

Johnson, Dr. - physican & surgeon

Johnson, A. M. - farmer, miner

Johnston, Lawrence H. - blacksmith

Jones, Peter - laborer

Kappler, Adolph - laborer

Kappler, Charles - brewer

Kimball, William T. - packer

Kist, C. W. - Kist & French

Kist & French - proprietors Rough & Ready Flour Mills

Kist, Thomas J. - laborer

Kriner, Theodore - brewer

Lanphier, A. A. - boot & shoe maker

Leary, Samuel - farmer

Lichtenthaler, Valentine - farmer 225 acres

Lowe, Aggie Miss - school teacher

Lowe, Frank - farmer

Lowe, Thomas - farmer

Lowery, George - laborer

Loyd, Frank H. - laborer

Loyd, G. B. - farmer

Lumbeck, William - farmer

Luttrell, S. J. - farmer 160 acres

Lyons, George W. - farmer

Marshall, Manuel - farmer

Marshall, William F. - laborer

Marx, Martin - saddler, harnessmaker

McBride, J. W. - farmer 530 acres

McVay, Thomas - farmer 160 acres

Meek, Stephen H. - trapper

Merryman, Alex. - Merryman & Wallace

Merryman, George W. - packer

Merryman & Wallace - general blacksmiths

Messner, Michael - restaurant, saloon, lodging house

Miller, Emil - stoves, tin, hardware

Mitchell, Isaac E. - herder

Morgan, George - hostler

Mote, Charles W. - laborer

Murch, Herbert A. - farmer

Murray, Thomas - laborer

Myers, William H. - farmer

Naylor, William F. S. - laborer

Neal, Lorenzo D. - miner

Nedrow, Stephen A. - farmer

Neilson, Andrew J. - packer

Neilson, John - farmer

Nelson, C. J. - miner 160 acres

Nickerson, Lyman - laborer

Nutting, Charles W. - physican & surgeon

O K Stables - Grant & Evans proprietors

Olsen, Samuel - laborer

Overton, Major W. - farmer

Overturf, Martin - laborer

Parker, Alex. - Alex Parker & Sons

Parker, Alex. Jr. - Alex Parker & Sons 160 acres

Parker, Alex & Sons - gen mdse

Parker, John - Alex Parker & Sons

Patterson & Evans - proprietors saloon

Patterson, Hubert J. - Patterson & Evans

Payne, Festus - millman

Pittman, L. B. - proprietor Etna Saw Mill

Pittman, Martin B. - millman

Postmaster - J. M. Single

Quigley, Joseph M. - farmer

Quigley, Thomas - farmer 250 acres

Redding, D. C. Mrs. - school teacher

Reichman, Ernest - farmer 256 acres

Restaurant Saloon & Lodging House - Michael Messner proprietor

Ritz & Barnum - proprietors Elkhorn Livery & Feed Stables

Ritz, John - Ritz & Barnum

Rough & Reddy Flour Mill - Kist & French proprietor

Sackman, Cord - farmer 340 acres

Sanders, George - carpenter

Sell, Adam B. - laborer

Sharp, Chauncey O. - school teacher

Sharratts, John B. - carpenter

Shelly, William D. - farmer, sawmill 497 acres

Shield, John - farmer 200 acres

Silver, Antonio J. - farmer

Single, John M. - Postmaster, news agent

Skelton, John F. - watch maker & jeweler

Slaughter, John - laborer

Smith, Charles - laborer

Smith, Elias F. - farmer 275 acres

Smith, Ensign R. - woodman

Smith, George F. - farmer 700 acres

Smith, Henry - butcher

Smith's Hotel - Nicholas Smith proprietor

Smith, James M. - cabinetmaker

Smith, John - farmer 480 acres

Smith, John H. - farmer 160 acres

Smith, J. Prindle - farmer

Smith, Matilda - widow

Smith, Nicolas - hotel keeper

Smith, Peter - farmer 447 acres

Snaden, George W. - stockherder

Sophy, Leon - laborer

Soza, John C. - farmer

Stephens, Joseph - gen mdse

Stephens, Thomas - clerk with Joseph Stephens

Stockwell, John A. - Stockwell & Wilsey

Stockwell & Wilsey - proprietors saw mill

Strasburg, R. H. - carpenter

Swindle, Dabner J. - merchant

Taylor, Robert P. - laborer

Timmons, Thomas - farmer 280 acres

Taylor, Thomas P. Jr. - packer

Tredilcox, William - laborer

Union Flour Mill - Jenner & Dines proprietors

VonBargen, Henry - laborer

Wagner, Ignatz - farmer

Walker, James H. - farmer 258 acres

Wallace, Robert J. - Merryman & Wallace

Wallis, Albert - carpenter

Weston, Hiram - clerk Etna Hotel

Wetmore, James H. - cheesemaker 240 acres

White, John - farmer

White, William - laborer

Wilsey, Otis - Stockwell & Wilsey

Wilson, Hiram - farmer

Wilson, Lucius S. - farmer 546 acres

Wohlford, John M. - farmer 227 acres

Wressell, William D. - farmer

Young, Enos - butcher

Young, Michael - laborer


A post office in the southwestern part of the county.

Bennett, William P. - hotel

Brazill, Logan - miner

Brizard, A. - miner

Gent, Fred W. - miner

Haley, Timothy - miner

Horn, Jacob E. - miner

Shumway, Edward L. - miner

Spooner, George C. - superintendent Summerville Hydraulic Mine

Summerville Hydraulic Mine - George C. Spooner superintendent

Williams, Louis - miner

Wayne, Thomas J. - school teacher


An important business center, situated eighteen miles southwest of Yreka, on the Scott River. It is one of the oldest settlements and was the chief point in the western part of the county in Siskiyou's early mining history, which, as to its mining character, it still retains fully one-half of the business interests, being sustained by this industry. The development of its fine agricultural surroundings have, however, within the past few years, elevated the farming interests into as much prominence as its mining. As a commercial point it is the headquarters for the trade of western and Northwestern Siskiyou and the eastern part of Del Norte County, Happy Camp in the latter county getting a considerable portion of its supplies and all of its express matter via Fort Jones. Among the more important business houses of the place may be noted Carlock's Bank, two flouring mills, several general stores, of which that of Mr. H. J. Diggles enjoys a flourishing trade, a hardware, clothing, furniture, millinery, two wagonmaking establishments, blacksmith shop and photographer, as well as a first-class livery stable, kept by Mr. Andrew A. Beam. The Scott Valley News, published by Messrs. Curtis & Markey, is an influential and well-patronized weekly, alive to the interest of the town and surroundings, is doing good service in bringing before the country at large the many advantages of the section in which it is located. Fort Jones has complete postal, express and telegraphic facilities, it is healthily located and has a population of about four hundred and fifty.

Abbott, Charles S. - farmer, school teacher

Abernathy, James - laborer

Aldrich, Bruce C. - miner

Allison, Richard - farmer

Altasser, George - farmer

Altasser, William - laborer

Ames, Frank B. - painter, paper hanger

Anderson, Ole - laborer

Anderson, Willard - laborer

Arnold, Katie Miss - school teacher

Atherton, Henry - laborer

Atkins, Alfred - farmer

Bailey, Elton T. - miner

Baker, George - miner, teamster

Bar, Aaron - groceries, dry goods

Bar, Leopold S. - clerk with Aaron Bar

Basham, Henry B. - barber, variety store

Bay City Mining Co. - John Stewart superintendent

Beagle, Daniel - carpenter

Beck, William H. - teamster

Beem, Andrew A. - proprietor Fort Jones Livery & Feed Stables

Beem, Martin C. - clerk with A. B. Carlock

Beem, William P. - expressdriver

Beer Hall Salloon - Joseph McVay proprietor

Beglin, Michael - miner

Benton, Thomas - laborer, money lender

Berry, Francis M. - laborer

Berry, William - laborer

Bills, Jacob - miner, money lender

Bills, Richard W. - farmer 200 acres

Bills, S. R. - laborer

Blockwell, Charles H. - barber

Bolds, William - miner

Bower, Abraham - farmer

Branson, Thomas - carpenter

Breada, Eutinio - miner

Brown, Erasmus D. - miner

Bryan, James - farmer 607 acres

Bryan, William - laborer

Burge, Jesse S. - clerk with John Worster

Burton, Stephen T. - farmer 300 acres

Calkins, George I. - blacksmith

Camp, James - farmer 200 acres

Cardoza, Jose - farmer, miner 240 acres

Cardoza, Manuel - miner

Carlock, Adam B. - banker, agent Wells, Fargo & Co., Western Union Tel Co.,

Postmaster, insurance agent

Carrico, Porteus - farmer 160 acres

Carrico, Thomas J. - laborer

Catholic, Church - Rev. Father Haupts pastor

Christie, E. A. Mrs. - State agent McDowell Garment Drafting Machine

Christie, John - carpenter

Conely, Marcus - laborer

Conner, Joseph - laborer

Cooley, Frederick - blacksmith

Cooley, Seth - blacksmith

Cooley, Squire - blacksmith

Cooley, Van R. - blacksmith

Cooly, C. E. - The Harness, Boot & Shoemaker of Fort Jones, manufaturing

Cowen, Marion F. - school teacher

Craig, Charles S. - miner

Cramer, George L. - farmer

Crane, Afa - farmer

Crawford, John E. - miner

Crawford, James S. - miner

Cristie, Edward P. - tinner, plumber

Crooker, Joshua B. - boarding house

Crooker, Robert E. - miner

Cummings, Enoch J. - carpenter

Cummins, Laura Miss - school teacher

Curtis & Markey - publishers Scott Valley News

Curtis, Samuel P. - Curtis & Markey

Cusick, James - tailor

Davidson, Alonzo F. - City Marshall

Davidson, James A. - farmer 269 acres

Davidson, Samuel - farmer 320 acres

Davis, Lewis - farmer, miner

Davis, William W. - miner

Dawling, John - laborer

Dawling, Mary Mrs. - farmer 165 acres

DeBrun, Manuel S. - miner

Denure, John P. - farmer 160 acres

Diamond, James - laborer

Dickinson, M. F. Mrs. - bookkeeper Fort Jones Hotel

Dickinson, Oscar - porter with H. J. Diggles

Dickinson, Richard A. - compositor Scott Valley News

Diggles, Grace P. Miss - clerk with H. J. Diggles

Diggles, Henry J. - gen mdse, dry goods, clothing, boots, hardware,

agricultural implements

Diggles, Lottie Miss - clerk with H. J. Diggles

Diggles, L. S. Mrs. - bookkeeper with H. J. Diggles

Doney, Loring - laborer

Dudley, John E. - Dudley & Kunz

Dudley & Kunz - wagonmakers, blacksmiths

Duff, Samuel - miner

Egli, Antone J. J. - farmer

Egli, Wm. A. - farmer 500 acres

Ehret, Chris. - butcher

Ely, Wm. K. - stockraiser

Episcopal Church - Rev. Wm. J. Lynd pastor

Evans, Aaron W. - teamster

Evans, Adolphus M. - teamster

Evans, George M. - farmer 80 acres

Evans, Isaac N. - farmer 320 acres

Evans, John C. - teamster 320 acres

Evans, Merrill - laborer

Evans, Samuel - farmer 40 acres

Farmers' Flour Mill - James W. Reynolds proprietor

Feibush, Louis - watchmaker & jeweler

Fernandes, Joseph - miner

Finley, Michael - miner

Foltz, F. Mrs. - widow

Fort Jones Hotel - Mrs. Ann M. Hughes proprietor

Fort Jones Livery & Feed Stables - Andrew A. Beem proprietor

Fort Jones Mining Co. - Adam B. Sell superintendent

Fort Jones Saloon - John Henderson proprietor

Foster, George H. - laborer

Gimple, George W. - money lender, horse trainer

Givens, Flemming D. - laborer

Glendenning Bros. - farmers 756 acres

Glendenning, Thomas - Glendenning Bros.

Glendenning, William - Glendenning Bros.

Goodale, Alanson D. - farmer/stockraiser

Goodale, Oliver W. - farmer/stockraiser 880 acres

Gorman, John - farmer 160 acres

Graham, Edward - teamster

Graves, George F. - laborer

Gray, Joseph - farmer 451 acres

Griffin, John - farmer 155 acres

Griffin, Patrick - farmer

Hackman, William - miner

Haight, Andrew J. - miner

Hall, C. C. - carpenter

Hamilton, Isaac - farmer 330 acres

Hamilton, John - farmer

Hammock, Brice M. - miner

Hammond, Charles F. - farmer 368 acres

Hart, Absalom - farmer

Hart, John J. - miner

Hartley, Charles - blacksmith

Haupts, Father Rev. - pastor Roman Catholic Church

Haws, Daniel M. - laborer

Hay, Thomas G. - farmer 240 acres

Hayes, George W. - farmer 160 acres

Heard, Eudora Miss - farmer/stockraiser 400 acres

Heard, George W. - farmer 340 acres

Heartstrand, Paul A. - farmer

Hegler, Thomas C. - laborer

Heller, Louis - photographer

Henderson, John - proprietor Fort Jones Saloon

Henry, Geo. - farmer, miner 620 acres

Hight, Adoniram J. - miner

Hinkley, Elizabeth Mrs. - widow

Hi You Gulch Mining Co. - Noah Williams superintendent

Hooper, E. G. Mrs. - boarding house

Hooper, Frank - school teacher

Hooper, Andrew J. - furniture

Hooper, John H. - laborer

Hooper, J. M. - carpenter

Hooper, Myron E. - furniture

Horn, David - stockraiser

Howard, A. C. - farmer

Howard, Scott S. - farmer

Howell, Edward B. - miner

Howell, Thomas B. - miner

Hughes, Ann M. Mrs. - proprietor Fort Jones Hotel

Humphrey, Charles - teamster

Hutchins, Henry T. - miner

Ives, Samson - laborer

Ives, William - laborer

Jarrett, David B. - teamster

Joaquin, Joseph - farmer

Johnson, James P. - laborer

Johnson, William - miner

Jones, Daniel - miner

Jones, D. W. - J. W. Jones & Sons

Jones, J. W. - J. W. Jones & Sons

Jones, J. W. & Sons - farmers, dairymen, money lenders, 640 acres

Jones, M. L. - miner

Jones, T. C. - proprietor Monarch Saloon

Jordon, Charles H. - laborer

Jordon, Edward W. - laborer

Jordon, William - carpenter

Kearney, John - farmer

Kelley, John C. - blacksmith

Kinyon, Chase - farmer

Kinyon, James R. - farmer

Kinyon, William C. - laborer

Kramer, John - money lender

Kunz, Felix - Dudley & Kunz

Lewis, James - laborer

Lighthill, Michael - farmer

Lincoln, Eric T. - miner

Lincoln, John A. - superintendent Oak Grove Mining Co.

Luna, Santa - laborer

Luttrell, James A. - farmer

Luttrell, Lloyd B. - farmer

Luttrell, Peter H. - laborer

Machado, Joseph - miner

Mack, Henry A. - laborer

Mack, John B. - bartender Beer Hall Saloon

Mallow, George G. - farmer

Mallow, Mason - miner

Markey, Frank - Curtis & Markey

Marleyhan Bros. - farmers 520 acres

Marleyhan, James - Marleyhan Bros.

Marleyhan, Michael - Marleyhan Bros.

Marsac, Charles - farmer 160 acres

Mathews, Israel S. - farmer 660 acres

Mathews, John F. - farmer

Mathewson, Ed. E. - miner

Mathewson, Ed. F. - hotel keeper, teamster

Mathewson, Henry B. - miner

McCombs, C. O.

McCook, David - miner

McDermit, Charles D. - laborer

McDermit, Hannah J. - widow

McDermitt, Sadie Miss - school teacher

McGuire, Michael J. - clerk with H. J. Diggles

McVay, Joseph H. - proprietor Beer Hall Saloon

Meamber, August P. - farmer, dealer farm produce

Meamber, John P. - farmer 320 acres

Methodist Episcopal Church - Rev. R. G. Stanley pastor

Miller, Wakeman B. - farmer 420 acres

Mitchell, Horace H. - farmer

Monarch Saloon - T. C. Jones proprietor

Montague, Reuben - miner

Moore, James - miner

Morris, H. - laborer

Morrison, Joseph - laborer

Moxley, John T. - farmer 320 acres

Muse, James H. - laborer

Nason, Edward G. - miner

Nentzel, Charles M. - farmer 480 acres

Newlin, James C. - laborer

Newton, Joel - physican & surgeon

Oak Grove Mining Co. - John A. Lincoln superintendent

O'Neal, Robert - manfacturer & furniture dealer

Owen, Edward C. - millman

Owen, Frederica Mrs. - farmer 160 acres

Parker, Mary - widow

Patten, Thomas - farmer 312 acres

Paulino, Frank - farmer

Paxton, James L. - proprietor Virginia Saloon

Pearson, James L. - farmer

Pereira, Manuel - farmer/stockraiser 160 acres

Peterson, P. P. - school teacher

Porter, C. W. - teamster

Postmaster - Adam B. Carlock

Prigmore Joseph R. - laborer

Quigley, James - dairyman

Quigley, John F. - farmer

Rantz, Addison S. - farmer

Reichman, E. - farmer

Reynolds, Isaac A. - attorney at law

Reynolds, James W. - proprietor Farmers' Flour Mills 160 acres

Rias, Antonio - miner

Rias, Salvador - miner

Roberts, Charles E. - farmer

Roberts, Isaac - engineer Farmers' Flour Mills

Roberts, Isaac - laborer

Rodrigues, Manuel - laborer

Root, William J. - farmer 200 acres

Rose, Henry - carpenter

Russell, George W. - Attorney at law, notary public, land conveyancer

Salverson, Gunder - laborer

Sargent, Charles A. - laborer

Savala, Moses - miner

Scholl, Francis J. - laborer

Scott Valley News - weekly, Curtis & Makey publishers

Seely, Josiah G. - laborer

Sell, Adam B. - superintendent Fort Jones Mining Co.

Seven-and-a-Half Mining Co. - Joseph Short superintendent

Shadduck, P. M. - laborer

Sharf, Frank H. - farmer

Sharpe, Wm. H. - farmer 620 acres

Shelley, Bartlett - farmer

Sherman, John F. - farmer 560 acres

Short, Joseph - farmer, miner

Silva, Antone - miner

Silva Frank - miner

Simas, John - farmer

Slater, Michael - dairyman 480 acres

Smith, John W. - pump manfacturer

Smith, N. H. - County Supervisor

Sorensen, John - miner

Stage, George M. - miner

Stanley, R. G. Rev. - pastor M. E. Church

Starr, David - miner

Starr, Edward A. - farmer

Sterling, E. Mrs. - proprietor Sterling House

Sterling House - Mrs. E. Sterling proprietor

Stewart, H. H. Mrs. - school teacher

Stewart, John - superintendent Bay City Mining Co.

Stewart, Singleton H. - laborer

Stone, R. D. - miner

Sunflower Mining Co. - Antone Silva superintendent

Taplin, Henry - stockraiser

Taylor, Archibald - logger

Taylor, John T. - miner

Taylor, Robert S. - blacksmith

Thomas, James E. - Justice of the Peace

Thomas, John - lumberman

Thomas, Thomas - miner

Thornton, Thomas - laborer

Thurston, Stephen W. - school teacher

Titcomb, Isaac - miner

Tredilox, John - farmer

Trevalli, Joseph - laborer

Tucker, John - miner

Tuttle, Jacob - farmer 439 acres

Tyler, Charles E. - teamster

Vincent, John - quartz mill

Varnum, Solomon D. - farmer 400 acres

Virginia Saloon - James L. Paxton proprietor

Walker, Charles E. - laborer

Walker, Frank B. - horse trainer

Walker, James A. - farmer

Walker, James H. - farmer, dairyman

Walker, Joseph M. - farmer 264 acres

Walker, Robert M. - farmer

Walker, Walter S. - farmer

Walker, Wm. E. - farmer

Walker, Wm. W. - stockraiser

Walker, W. F. - farmer

Wanaka, Herman - laborer

Wanaka, Rudolph - miner

Ward, Michael - laborer

Ward, Robert A. - money lender

Wayne, Benjamin F. - farmer

Webb, Andrew - laborer

Weeks, Sylvanius - merchant

Wheeler, John W. - Constable

White, Manuel - laborer

Whiting, B. T. - laborer

Whiting, Darius C. - laborer

Wicks, Charles - laborer

Widdess, Thomas - miner

Wilkinson, William R. - crockery, stoves, tin, hardware

Williams, E. E. - merchant

Williams, John - farmer

Williams, Joseph - miner

Williams, Noah - miner

Wilson, Joseph - farmer

Winegar, Easton J. - farmer

Wood, John C. - farmer, miner

Wood, John P. - farmer 172 acres

Woodward, Chauncey - farmer

Wortser, John B. - gen mdse

Wright, Henry D. - miner

Young, John S. - miner

Young, Joseph - miller Farmers' Flour Mill

FRENCH CREEK (See Etna Mills)

FRY'S (See Berryvale)

GALLION'S BAR (See Etna Mills)


A post office. Receives its freight from Delta and express matter from Yreka.

Akers, Elkanah S. - farmer/stockraiser

Bryan, Byron - laborer

Carins, -- - cattle dealer

Carpenter, Elijah - carpenter

Davis, Allen - farmer/stockraiser

Davis, Elijah - laborer

Davis, U. G. - stockraiser

Doan, George W. - laborer

Eddy, H. C. Mrs. - Postmaster

Eddy, Irving L. - farmer 160 acres

Edson Bros. - farmers/stockraisers 3480 acres

Edson, Eliphalet B. - Edson Bros.

Edson, Josiah R. - Edson Bros.

Edward, Abner H. - farmer

Fay, Jerome - money lender

Finnerty, James - farmer/stockraiser

Foulke, Louis M. - miner

Guerney, R. M. - laborer

Harris, John M. - farmer/stockraiser

Harris, Matthew E. - farmer/stockraiser

Hughlett, John - laborer

Kiernan, James - farmer

Kiernan, John - laborer

Kiernan, Patrick - farmer/stockraiser

Krentz, Jacob - laborer

McGrath, William - farmer/stockraiser 160 acres

Mills, Frank J. - farmer

Postmaster - Mrs. H. C. Eddy

Sherwood, A. T. D. - 2925 acres

Sissel, John - stockraiser

Towsend, William - farmer/stockraiser 960 acres

Wadsworth, James H. - laborer

Wortman, Louis - farmer/stockraiser 400 acres


A post office and mining camp, thirty-five miles southwest of Yreka. It receives its express via Fort Jones, and freight via Redding.

Bateman, C. - laborer

Brown, Edward J. - miner

Caldwell, Daniel - gen mdse, Postmaster

Cooley, Katie Miss - school teacher

Cryderman, George A. - miner

Cryderman, Geo. A. Mrs. - hotel

Deezel, George - laborer

Everill, J. H. - miner

Foley, James - miner

Grider, W. T. - farmer

Hampton, J. - carpenter

Haynes, G. - miner

Hickman, J. - miner

Jugueit, Fred. - miner

Kennedy, E. C. - miner

Kinsman, N. G. - miner

Kittlewood, William - miner, carpenter

Lamb, John - miner

Learned, Willard - miner, carpenter

Lemmett, Louis - miner

Lillard, Christopher C. - miner

Maplesden, B. F. - miner, carpenter

Maplesden, Charles - teamster

Maplesden, J. W. - teamster

Martin, Thomas G. - miner

McCrary, Robert G. - miner

McMahon, J. - miner

Millikin, M. - miner

Miner, Thomas J. - miner

Mitchell, Thomas - miner

Morgan, W. D. - miner

Mott, M. - miner

Myers, Benjamin - miner

Myers, William F. - miner

Offield, Frank - miner

Offield, William P. - miner

O'Neil, John - farmer

Peckham, C. O. - blacksmith

Pedapedu, Joseph - miner

Perkins, George R. - carpenter

Philips, M. B. - farmer

Pippin, W. L. - miner

Postmaster - Daniel Caldwell

Ramus, C. - miner

Roper, M. A. - miner

Shutt, Samuel A. - miner

Singleton, Merritt - miner

Swan, John T. - miner

Taylor, Elliot R. - miner

Todhunter, Swan - laborer

Willard, C. L. - miner



This place, formerly known as Cottonwood, is situated on the Klamath River at the mouth of Cottonwood Creek, and nineteen miles north of Yreka. It is a thriving little town in the center of a good farming section. Has post and telegraph offices, and a population of about one hundred.

Anderson, J. F. - farmer 320 acres

Beaughan, Norman T. - school teacher

Bell, James - farmer 160 acres

Brady, John - hotelkeeper

Call, Pinckney C. - farmer 5 acres

Campbell, John D. - farmer

Carson, Mark A. - miner

Clary, Samuel W. - miner 11 acres

Clawson, Eli - farmer

Clawson, Joseph F. - farmer

Clawson, Samuel H. - laborer

Cole, Rufus - farmer 612 acres

Cooley, John E. - farmer

Copeland, William H. - miner

Craghan, Benjamin F. - George H. Swarts & Co.

Davis, Evan W. - miner

Deal, George - farmer 160 acres

DeGolding, -- - George H. Swarts & Co.

Dunnell, Elbridge G. - miner

Flye, Egbert C. - ferryman

Fox, James W. - farmer 94 acres

Goodrich, William E. - farmer

Griffiths, Jesse - miner

Goulding, David E. - miner

Hazlitt, Isaiah H. - farmer

Hightower, A. E. - laborer

Hilt, John - saw mill

Hilt, Nancy E. Mrs. - farmer

Hodge, Thomas - miner

Jacobs, John - carpenter

Jaguel, Dennis - miner

Johnson, Mary E. Miss - farmer

Johnson, Perry - farmer 160 acres

Jones, Thomas - merchant

Kester, Edward - farmer

Lee, William - carpenter

Mann, James - miner

McGarvey, Patrick - miner

McGraw, James - George H. Swarts & Co.

Meagher, William - farmer

Moore, Willis A. - drover

Naugle, Francis M. - teamster

Niles, Alex. W. - farmer

Niles, E. L. - farmer

Niles, Frank E. - farmer

Niles, J. Eugene - farmer

Niles, Lewis S. - wagonmaker

Pope, Edward - gardener

Reese, John - farmer

Roberts, Morris - miner

Romine, Moses - miner

Searcy, Henry C. - farmer

Shaft, Orville - miner

Shannon, Peter - miner

Shattuck, Silas - farmer

Shaughnessy, John - miner

Shearer, Thomas - miner

Shultz, A. - George H. Swarts & Co., blacksmith

Smith, Augustus - miner

Smith, Erastus J. - farmer

Smith, Frank L. - farmer

Smith, William A. - farmer

Smith, William H. - miner 216 acres

Smith, William W. - miner

Stalcup, R. - George H. Swarts & Co.

Stafford, William W. - miner

Sterling, James - miner

Swarts, George H. & Co. - river mining

Swarts, George H. - George H. Swarts & Co.

Temple, Jacob - miner

Terrill, Thomas - stockraiser

Thomas, William B. - miner

Tippy, Leroy C. - teamster

Waggoner, John - miner

Wells, John A. - farmer

Williams, Alfred - farmer

Wilmot, William E. Rev.

Yeago, Angelo - Constable


A Post Office.

Anshicks, Philip - miner

Arroe, Chris. - miner

Bentz, Joseph - miner

Cora, Joseph - miner

Empire Bar Mining Co. - William Pullen superintendent

Enos, Joseph - miner

Freshour, James R. - stockraiser

Freshour, Joseph - miner

Freshour, Marion - driver express

Gibson, William - saloon keeper

Gott, William N. - miner

Henry, John - miner

Henry, Thomas B. - miner

Hoar, James - saloon keeper

Love, James W. - bricklayer

Lyon, Ed. - miner

Middlemiss, Thomas - miner

Morin, Alex. - miner

Morris, John - saloon keeper

Mott, Philip - miner

Nelson, John - blacksmith

Paakna, James - miner

Pedro, Antone - miner

Pullen, William - superintendent Empire Bar Mining Co.

Reiter, Casper - stockraiser

Saxild, John - miner

Sleeper, M. - merchant

VanBergen, Theodore - miner

Virginia Bar Mining Co. - Wm. Gibson superintendent

Wood, William - miner

Young, Charles - miner

HUMBUG (See Yreka)


LAKEVILLE (See Etna Mills)

LAVA BEDS (See Yreka)

LITTLE SHASTA (See Mount Shasta)

LOWDEN (See Seiad Valley)

McADAM'S CREEK (See Fort Jones)


A post office town, sixteen miles southeast of Yreka. It has a flouring mill, a general store, blacksmith shop, etc.

Anderson, George - farmer

Armstrong, James - farmer

Babcock, Abraham L. - farmer

Babcock, W. L. - farmer

Barnum, E. Mrs. - farmer 80 acres

Barnum, Francis M. - farmer

Barnum, Winfield S. - stockraiser

Barnum, Zachariah T. - farmer 480 acres

Beaudroit, Charles - farmer 220 acres

Begglen, Louis A. - carpenter

Bohrer, J. B. - farmer

Bossonnett, Peter - farmer

Bradley, John T. - farmer

Brandrait, Charles - distiller

Brown, George E. - laborer

Bryant, Robert B. - farmer

Burns, James B. - farmer

Burns, Wm. A. - farmer

Burr, Samuel B. - farmer 80 acres

Burr, Wm. S. - farmer

Cameron, Henry - farmer

Cassidy, Charles - farmer

Cassidy, Daniel B. - farmer 228 acres

Cash, Nelson - farmer 320 acres

Cleland, Wm. J. - butcher, gen mdse 122 acres

Combs, Elias P. - farmer

Coonrad, Edward L. - farmer 160 acres

Davis, Henry L. - farmer 280 acres

Davis, Jesse F. - 785 acres

Davis, Wm. E. - farmer

DeLong, James - farmer 400 acres

Deter, David - farmer 810 acres

Deter, George - saw mill

Deter, Isaac - farmer

Dewey. Matthew - laborer

Dezevedo, Manuel S. - farmer

Dickey, Samuel M. - laborer

Dimmick, Frederick E. - laborer

Dimmick, Horace E. - laborer

Dimmick, Charles A. - Woodcock & Dimmick

Donaghy, John - farmer

Earheart, Davis - school teacher

Earheart, Davis C. - farmer

Earheart, E. - farmer

Earheart, Henry - farmer 316 acres

Edmunds, John - farmer

Evans, Wm. J. - County Supervisor, farmer 2080 acres

Freeman, J. C. - school teacher

Gregory, H. E. Mrs.

Grisez, Celestine - farmer 400 acres

Grisez, James - farmer 398 acres

Haight & Bro. - farmers 944 acres

Haight, Charles - Haight & Bro.

Haight, Cornelius - Haight & Bro.

Harp, Wm. A. - farmer 120 acres

Harris, Charles D. - stockraiser

Hart, Charles E. - farmer

Hart, E. C.

Hart, George W. - farmer

Hotchkiss, E. L. - school teacher

Hotchkiss, Oliver E. - school teacher

Hoyt, Perry - farmer 1807 acres

Hughes, Edwin W. - farmer

Hull, Charles T. - farmer

Hull, Isaac T. - farmer

Hull, Martin A.

Hull, Samuel

Hunter, Joseph A. - farmer

Jansen, August

Kegg, John - farmer 965 acres

Keller, George C. - sheep herder

Kennedy, James - farmer

Lathrop, Wm. F. - farmer

Lee, A.

Lemoine, John - laborer

Lewis, Gostion J. - farmer

Little Shasta Mills - P. S. Terwilliger superintendent

Martin, James B. - farmer 80 acres

Martin, R. M. - farmer 1000 acres

McCaslin, -- - farmer

McGrath, Thomas - gen mdse, Postmaster 38 acres

Miller, John - farmer 1000 acres

Miller, Joseph - farmer

Miller, William - farmer 900 acres

Morningstar, George - farmer

Morningstar, George W. - farmer

Musgrave, Samuel - farmer 160 acres

Noel, J. T. - wagonmaker

O'Conner, Edward - farmer

Oldham, Jesse K. - farmer

Pauchard, Frederick - farmer 160 acres

Pool, John O. - teamster

Pope, Charles W. - farmer 40 acres

Pope, Wm. L. - farmer 40 acres

Postmaster - Thomas McGrath

Rader, Richard E. - farmer

Rambo, Joseph M. - farmer

Randle, James M. - farmer

Randle, Joseph E. - farmer

Ranous, Mary H. Mrs. - 80 acres

Reid, David - farmer

Rohrer, John B. - farmer 480 acres

Rosborough, A. M. - farmer 160 acres

Rose, Joseph F. - farmer

Sarter, Harden J. - laborer

Sarter, Harvey J. - farmer

Sayer, August

Shearer, Robert - laborer

Sherwood, A. T. D. - farmer 883 acres

Smith, Frank M. - farmer

Smith, James M. - farmer 160 acres

Soule, Andrew - farmer 480 acres

Soule, George

Soule, Stephen H. - farmer 398 acres

Terwilliger, Andrew D. - carpenter

Terwilliger, Eugene D. - farmer 320 acres

Terwilliger, Jasper N. - painter

Terwilliger, Philip S. - superintendent Little Shasta Mills, farmer 1839 acres

Terwilliger, Sidney F. - farmer

Tisse, Anrade - farmer 180 acres

Tull, Edward S. - miner

Varnum, L. H. - County Surveyor, 160 acres

Walbridge, Alonzo S. - farmer

Walbridge, H. W. - farmer 340 acres

Webb, Samuel Jr. - farmer 160 acres

Wells, Justus - wheelwright

Wetzel, Edward - gen mdse

White, William - farmer 120 acres

Williams, James D. - farmer

Winchester, Warren

Winn, Thomas - farmer

Woodcock & Dimmick - blacksmith

Woodcock, William D. - Woodcock & Dimmick


A post office town, with a population of about seventy, and situated on the Klamath River, twenty miles west of Yreka. Farming interests predominate, while some considerable mining is still carried on in the neighborhood.

Anderson, Frederick - miner

Bannon, Matthew - sawyer

Barton, Henry J. - Postmaster, gen mdse

Barton, John - farmer/stockraiser

Burk, William - farmer

Carter, John - miner

Chedron, John - miner

Climper, John C. - miner

Clyman, Lancaster - farmer

Collins, David - blacksmith

Comstock, William B. - laborer

Crary, Stephen H. - miner

Dietrick, I. - salt works

Doggett, David W. - farmer

Doggett, George L. - farmer

Doggett, John C. - farmer

Doggett, William D. - farmer

Dunne, John - miner

Dusel, Gustave A. - miner

Eureka Mining Co. - M. Mott superintendent

Everill, Jonathan T. - miner

Fabricius, Andrew J. - miner

Fiock, George - farmer

Fox, William - farmer

Gearheart, Isaac - carpenter

Gosney, John - laborer

Gosney, Samuel M. - farmer

Henry, Joseph - miner

Jackson, Andrew - farmer, miner

Jensen, C. A. F. J. - miner

Jensen, F. Mrs.

Kelly, T. M. - farmer

Koles, H. F. - farmer, gen mdse

Lange, Neils E. - miner

Lange, P. C. - miner

Lannes, Antone P. - lumberman

Lasource, Ed. - miner

Leduc, Joseph B. - saw mill, lumber

Lichens, Conrad - farmer

Lichens, William - farmer

Margo, Joseph - miner

McClure, Samuel - farmer

McKinney, Henry S. - farmer

Miller, Eli - miner

Morgan, N. L. - farmer

Morrison, C. H. - mailcarrier

Mullen, John - miner

Musgrave, Mark - farmer

Neal, John - farmer

Parker, Charles D. - miner

Pearson, John - miner

Pedibidea, Joseph - miner

Polley, Aaron A. - miner

Postmaster - H. J. Barton

Price, James - miner

Quigley, Thomas - farmer/stockraiser 41 acres

Rider, W. G. - miner

Snow, A. C. - saloon

Southworth, Thomas B. - miner

Spencer, John - miner

Vatinel, Leon - miner

Walker, W. D. - farmer

Walter, John J. - miner

Weakley, Jacob W. - carpenter

West, John - miner

White, Samuel - farmer/stockraiser

Wiley, Simon R. - miner

OAK GROVE (See Beswick)


A post office town in Scott Valley, lying upon the opposite side of the Scott River, about five miles west of Fort Jones, and twenty-three miles southwest of Yreka. It is supported principally by miming, and is a bustling camp of about one hundred and twenty people. Its supplies are received via Fort Jones.

Ahern, Dennis - miner

Allen, Edward - miner

Allen, James B. - miner

Armes, Francis J. - miner

Bevan, Louis - miner

Bottoms, Aaron W. - miner

Calhoun, Daniel R. - laborer

Callahan, Thomas - miner

Cannon, Joseph - miner

Carroll, John A. - miner

Chamberlain, Robert H. - mechanic

Champlin, George W. - farmer

Cline, Allen A. - miner

Conner, Jacob - farmer

Culbreth, Thomas E. - miner

Daugel, Jacob - farmer

Eastlick, John B. - miner

Eastlick, Lafayette - miner 160 acres

Eastlick, Sylvester - lumberman

Eastlick, Willard - miner

Eastlick, William W. - miner

Erno, Abram - miner

Fletcher, Charles H. - miner

Gilmore, Charles - miner

Godfrey, Benjamin A. - farmer 348 acres

Grooms, Frank

Hall, C. T. - carpenter, miner

Hand, James - blacksmith

Hayes, William H. - farmer

Helm, J. D. - laborer

Hobart, H. - blacksmith

Hobart, William - miner

Howard, Asa - farmer

Howard, Charles B. - farmer

Howard, Edward S. - farmer

Jipson, John - farmer

Johnson, Alex. M. - farmer, miner 315 acres

Johnson, James W. - miner

Jones, J. W. - farmer

Kradle, George F. - miner

Leonard, Stephen G. - laborer

Levering, Newton C. - apiarist

Lewis, Jacob W. - farmer 120 acres

Lewis, Maurice F. - miner

Lewis, William L. - farmer

Lindsay, John N. - miner

Lindsay, Richard S. - miner

Lindsay, William L. - miner

McCarton, George - miner

McCormick, James - miner

McDonald, George W. - miner

Miller, Leon W. - mechanic

Morrison, Joseph C. - blacksmith

Moxley, Lucius - farmer

Norman, Andrew J. - miner

Olmstead, Theodore - teacher

Pitts, Valentine - farmer

Pitz, Henry - farmer

Pitz, Henry Jr. - farmer

Pitz, John - farmer

Pitz, Philip A. - farmer

Postmaster - Daniel Starr

Prindeville, John - miner

Quigley, Edwin S. - farmer

Quigley, John - farmer

Quigley, John Jr. - farmer 156 acres

Quigley, Thomas - farmer

Quigley, William H. - farmer

Rammage, Samuel - farmer 228 acres

Ray, William - farmer

Schell, Christian - miner

Scott, Samuel C. - miner, farmer

Shadduck, Frank - miner

Shadduck, Leaming - farmer

Shaw, Luke - miner

Sherburne, George - laborer

Smith, Andrew M. C. - physican 53 acres

Smith, Charles R. - miner

Starr, Daniel - Postmaster

Stevens, Charles B. - miner

Stiffeny, Peter - miner

Thinnesse, Michael - miner

Thompkins, Frederick R. - miner

Thompkins, George - miner

Turk, Frederick - miner

Wade, Harden - farmer

Weeks, S. - gen mdse

Williams, J. W. - laborer

Wilson, Alexander - farmer, miner

Wilson, Miss S. F. & Co. - gen mdse

Wilson, W. S. - farmer 480 acres

Wright, Benjamin F. - miner

Wright, F. - miner

Wright, Henry - miner

Wright, Richard A. - miner

Young, John W. - money lender

QUARTZ VALLEY (See Etna Mills)



Anderson, John - miner

Ahlgren, Abraham - miner

Ahlgren, Frank - miner

Barry, Christopher - miner

Bigelow, George W. - blacksmith

Birdsall, Silas H. - Postmaster, gen mdse

Bruckhouse, Frederick W. - blacksmith

Burns, William - miner

Carr, James A. - miner

Casey, David - miner

Chase, James W. - miner

Christie, John - saloon keeper

Cronin, Patrick - miner

Culbert, I. - H. J. Eldridge & Co.

Curran, John J. - miner

Diers, Joseph - miner

Doran, Patrick - miner

Dorcher, John - miner

Dougherty, John - miner

Dunphy, Philip F. - merchant

Eldridge, H. J. - H. J. Eldridge & Co.

Eldridge, H. J. & Co. - gen mdse

Finley, Herbert - miner

Finley, Samuel L. - miner 36 acres

Fraizer, Joseph - miner

Frank, John - miner

Girard, Davis J. - tinsmith

Gieschen, Henry - miner

Glasgow, Richard - miner

Harris, Edward F. - miner

Harris, John W. - miner

Heiney, Frank - miner

Heiney, Levi - blacksmith

Hickey, Thomas P. - miner

Hopson, Almond M. - laborer

Hopson, Douglas - farmer

Hughes Bros. - saw mill

Hughes, James R. - Hughes Bros., deputy Sheriff

Hughes, John S. - Hughes Bros.

Hutchinson, John H. - miner

James, William - miner

Jenks, Bela W. - Attorney at law, notary public

Joseph, Manuel - miner

Keane, James E. - miner

Kelner, Diedrick - miner

Kennedy, John - school teacher

Klamath Quartz Mining Co. - J. B. Toukins superintendent

Kline, William E. - miner

Kuchenbuch, Charles - miner

Lake, Absalom - carpenter

Luddy, Mary Mrs.

Luddy, Michael L. - miner

Luddy, William - miner

Mallon, Arthur - bartender

Marshall, Samuel H. - miner

McCauliff, Hannah

McNelis, William - saloon

Mohr, G. A. - miner

Moore, Edward - miner

Murray, William - miner

Myer, Albert - miner

Nally, James - hotel, butcher

Nicolet, Charles - miner

Noonan, James - miner

Peters, Henry - packer

Peters, John - packer

Peters, Martin - packer

Rainey, James - miner

Robertson, Washington - mail carrier

Robinson, Henry P. - hotel, saloon

Roff, John C. - miner

Sheffield, Edward - superintendent Uncle Sam Quartz Mine

Sheffield, Simon R. - superintendent Star of the West Quartz Mine

Siogren, John - miner

Smith, Joseph W. - miner

Snead, Simeon - miner

Star of the West Quartz Mine - S. R. Sheffield superintendent

Tanner, John P. - miner

Toukins, Jas. B. - superintendent Klamath Quartz Mining Co.

Uncle Sam Quartz Mining Co. - Ed. Sheffield superintendent

Vincent, Joseph - miner

Wilson, Willard - carpenter

Windeler, John C. - miner


A post office town and the center of a good farming country in the western part of the county, located on the Scott River, near its junction with the Klamath. It has a population of about one hundred and seventy-five, and has a good business already established, which is continually growing.

Ameter, Henry F. - farmer

Andrews, Martin - miner

Austin, Timothy D. - miner

Bailey, William E. - miner

Baxter, Edward J. - miner

Beebe, Jerome - miner

Borland, Andrew - miner

Borland, Walter - miner

Brian, Michael - farmer

Breceda, Luciano - miner

Bueler, Joseph - miner

Campbell, George W. - miner

Courts, James R. - teamster

Crawford, L. D. - hotel, shoemaker

Crawford, Warren H. - miner

Falkenstine, Christian - blacksmith

Falkenstine, Louis - farmer

Fisher, Charles - blacksmith

Gadett, Joseph - miner

Garretson, Job - miner

Goodale, Oliver W. - farmer

Green, Hamlet - miner

Hetschel, Richard - miner

Hicks, Greenburg A. - gen mdse

Holmes, Warren G. - miner

Hoogs, Francis - miner

Hourigan, Michael - miner

Ingram, Charles W. - miner

Isaacs, Marcus - laborer

Jacobs, Benjamin - Justice of the Peace

Jacobs, Elisha - miner

Jensen, George F. - farmer

Kell, Nicholas - cabinetmaker

Kennedy, Edward C. - miner

Kettlewood, William - miner

Kleaver, Christian F. W. - miner

Kleaver, William - farmer

Klosterman, John - miner

Leduc, Joseph B. - saw mill

Lindsay, James H. - bartender

Magoffey, George W. - miner

Magoffey, James - miner

Magoffey, Samuel - miner

Magoffey, Thomas F. - miner

Maltby, Eugene L. - miner

McCarthy, Daniel - miner

McCarthy, Michael - miner

McCrary, Bluford - miner

McCrary, Benjamin F. - miner

McCauley, James - miner

Meyers, Benjamin - miner

Milliken, Michael - miner

Milne, Anthony - miner

Morgan, Calvin - miner

Mott, Marsena - miner

Mott, Philemon - miner

Nesbitt, T. - butcher, miner

Neutzel, Christopher - gen mdse

Postmaster - Louisa M. Simon

Prackles, Henry - barber

Ramus, Joseph - miner

Reynolds, Edward - miner

Robinson, Isbella

Robinson, John - miner

Robinson, Mary - widow

Robinson, William - gardener

Roehm, William - miner

Rogers, George W. - farmer

Roper, Merrill A. - miner

Sell, Charles - farmer

Shorb, Winfield - miner

Simon, Arthur - merchant

Simon, Louisa M. - Postmaster, gen mdse

Smith, Frank - saloon

Smith, Henry E. - miner

Smith, Xenophen T. - miner

Steele, William J. - miner

Swann, John T. - miner

Taylor, Anson C. - miner

Thomas, Daniel D. - miner

Thomas, Myron K. - miner

Thompson, James M. - miner

Tomkins, Searls - miner

Volant, Jean E. - miner

Wicks, Joseph - miner

Whiting, Peter - miner

Williams, Joseph W. - miner

Williams, Owens - miner

Zinn, John - miner


A post office in the extreme northwestern part of the county, north of the Klamath River.

Bates, Frederick S. - miner

Bates, George W. - teamster

Bates, Randall M. - miner

Camp, Geo. K. - school teacher

Crawford, Alice Miss - school teacher

Hampton, James W. - wagonmaker

Lowden, John S. - farmer, hotel

Meamber, Augustus - packer

Phillips, Moses B. - blacksmith

Shiner, Marmeduke J. - farmer

SOMES BAR (See Forks of Salmon)

TABLE ROCK (See Mount Shasta)



A post office town, situated on the proposed route of the California and Oregon Railroad. It is a stage station on the Oregon stage line, and is rapidly developing into a town of importance.

Ager, Delia Miss - school teacher

Ager, Jerome B. - farmer 816 acres

Ager, Judson A. - farmer

Ager, Silas C. - farmer

Chandler, Freeman - miner 160 acres

Coelho, Antone J. - laborer

Combs, George B. - farmer 160 acres

Cooley, Fred G. - farmer

Cooley, John - farmer 260 acres

Gaemlick, Charles E. - farmer 920 acres

Herr, F. H. - farmer 440 acres

Jones, Thomas J. - farmer

Joseph, Antone - farmer, miner 688 acres

Kuck, Diedrick - farmer 240 acres

Laird, Charles J. - farmer 160 acres

Laird, W. H. - school teacher

McGlaughlin, John - farmer

Miller, George - farmer 780 acres

Prather, Clarence M. - farmer 320 acres

Richardson, Hiram T. - farmer 40 acres

Silva, Manuel - farmer

Soule, George - farmer 80 acres

Soule, Stephen H. - farmer 80 acres

Thomason, John W. - farmer 280 acres

Thomason, Noah - farmer

West, Fines P. - farmer

Whitten, Charles M. – carpenter


This city, the capital of the county, is situated on the west bank of Yreka Creek, in the western part of Shasta Valley. It is 431 miles from San Francisco and 350 miles from Sacramento. The route of the California and Oregon Stage Line passes through Yreka, where the headquarters of the Company are located, and necessarily pays some considerable tribute to the business interests of the city. The town was settled in 1851, the precious dust found in many of the gulches and streams of Shasta Valley, attracting many of the argonauts of that day to this locality. The town consequently ranks as the oldest in northern California. The ephemeral prosperity of that era was exhausted with the working out of the placers which gave it its original attraction, and its subsequent history and development is the creation of the steadier element which remained behind after the adventurous portion had been drawn away by new discoveries. Under the steadier influence of this remnant, with the accretions in population made by new comers of like character, there has been a gradual growth in the surrounding farming country until now, in this vicinity, no interests outside of agriculture are considered as of great importance - the rich, fertile farming and grazing lands of Shasta Valley furnishing ample opportunities, and the progress of this improvement only awaits the advent of through railroad connection to e assured of material increase in its ratio. The altitude of Yreka is about 2,500 feet above the level of the sea, but the climate is mild, without extremes of heat or cold, and remarkably healthy and invigorating. All fruits of the temperate zone grow to perfection, and the abundance of roses and vines which adorn the residence portions of the town is evidence sufficient of the salubrity of the soil and the geniality of the climate, while the generally substantial character of its buildings, both for residence and business, is evidence of the permanent character of her citizens. In her business composition Yreka has and maintains her full proportion of trading, mercantile, mechanical and manufacturing interests, although in the last item her development is scarcely begun, as she possesses in the waters of Yreka Creek a power sufficient to drive almost an unlimited amount of machinery. In hotel accommodations she is fully equipped, and the demand for the dissemination of news and general information on the part of her citizens is met with by the publication of the Yreka Semi-Weekly Journal, by Mr. Robert Nixon, and the Yreka Weekly Union, by Mr. George Rodgers - two enterprising and flourishing newspapers, fully alive to the demands of the city both present and prospective. Yreka has full postal, express and telegraphic communications, and numbers about 1,500 in population.

Abbott, Charles - teamster

Abbott, J. A. Mrs. - glovemaker

Allaire, Solomon - teamster

Allen, Calvin - barber

Allen, Hollis - mechanic

Amede, Tisso - farmer

Anderson, Frank - miner

Anderson, George W. - miner

Anderson, Thomas - laborer

Antone, John - farmer 160 acres

Arenberg, Herman T. - blacksmith

Arnold, Frank - clerk with Raynes & Pyle

Autenrieth, Edward H. - Attorney at law

Autenrieth, Louis - druggist, proprietor toll road, superintendent gas

works, 80 acres

Autenrieth, Sarah - widow

Azevedo, Joseph T. - miner

Bacon, Henry J. - agent Cal. & Oregon Stage Line

Baker, Jacob P. - laborer

Baldwin Saloon - Frank N. Roberts proprietor

Baldwin's Livery & Feed Stables - Robert F. Young proprietor

Ball, Edgar - stockraiser 1494 acres

Bantz, Thomas A. - Justice of the Peace, Attorney at law

Barber, Jesse - trapper

Barker, Daniel - farmer

Barnes, Horace M. - general agent

Barrett, William - laborer

Beal, Henry N. - farmer 160 acres

Bean, David M. - blacksmith

Beard, John S. - District Attorney

Beaudroit, Louis - farmer

Beck, Henry - teamster

Been, Mary Mrs. - weaver

Behnke, H. E. - miner

Bella Union Saloon - Charles Iunker proprietor

Bellows, Frederick L. - farmer

Billings, Hiram H. - farmer

Bird, John W. - clerk with Vance & Walbridge

Bisbee, William - plumber, gasfitter

Blake, John M. - miner

Blake, Michael - farmer

Blake, Peter - miner

Bluhm, Charles - bartender with Charles Voss

Bohnard, Charles - cook Franco-American Hotel

Boles, Alvy - blacksmith

Bonhart, Charles - John B. Rohrer & Co.

Booth, William - miner

Bossonett, August P. - teamster

Bowen, George W. - blacksmith, horseshoer

Bowen, Henry - blacksmith

Boyd, William R. - Sheriff

Boyd, Wm. W. - laborer

Brautlacht, Edward C. - laborer

Brautlacht, Joseph - laborer

Bray, I. J. Mrs. - widow

Bray, Wm. J. - carpenter, builder

Brazille, Manuel A. - miner

Breton, Charles - capitalist

Brinzer, Herman - bookkeeper with Francis Riley

Brock, Aldin - miner

Brown, Edward V. - Justice of the Peace, wagonmaker

Brown, Frederick L. - clerk with Vance & Walbridge

Brown, Gus - laborer

Brown, John V. - Attorney at law

Brown, Rachel Mrs. - proprietor Railroad Hotel

Brown, Royal G. - bartender with A. D. Richards

Brown, Sylvester F. - cabinet maker

Brown, Wm. W. - laborer

Bull, John O. - Davis & Bull 80 acres

Burch, John - teamster

Burgess, John C. - road overseer 80 acres

Burns, Charles E. - miner

Burr, Mary Miss - Deter & Burr

Burrows, Albert H. - superintendent California & Oregon Stage Line

Byrd, Henry C. - clerk

Byrd, William C. - woodman

Calfee, John A. - laborer

California & Oregon Stage Line - A. H. Burrows superintendent

California & Oregon Stage Stables - Benjamin Franklin proprietor

Calkins, Charles H. - laborer

Calvert, Noah - mason

Campbell, Thomas - laborer

Cantineni, Simon - miner

Carlisle, Henry J. - laborer

Carrick, Elijah - blacksmith

Carrick, L. C. Mrs. - widow

Carrick, Myron L. - blacksmith

Carrico, William H. - farmer

Castro, Antone - ditch tender

Castro, Enas - miner

Castro, Matthew - woodman

Centennial Mining Co. - Wm. A. Gott superintendent

Chamber, John - laborer

Church, Daniel W. - miner

Churchill, Jerome - president Siskiyou Co. Bank, farmer/stockraiser 6486


City Drug Store - Fernando Rogler proprietor

City Market - Miller & Hughes proprietors

Clark, Morgan - teamster

Clarkson, James Mrs. - widow

Clarkson, William - vaquero

Cleland, John S. - gen mdse

Clement, Frank - laborer

Clodi, Charles - clerk

C. O. D. Store - John Lehners proprietor

Coffman, James - miner

Conner, Nicholas - laborer

Cook, Louis - baker

Cooley, William - auctioneer & commission merchant

Cordell, Jacob - farmer

Cornish, Cornelius C. - miner

Cornish, Robert L. - miner

Corsey, James - miner

Corta, de Francisco T. - farmer

Cox, Isaac - miner

Craige, Silas - laborer

Crocker, J. R. - miner

Crovell, Manuel - teamster

Crowley, John - farmer/stockraiser

Croy, Jefferson P. - miner

Cuspeth, Joseph - cook

Dale, Shadrach - farmer

Davidson, Jas. M. - County Clerk

Davidson, Joseph L. - laborer

Davidson, Thomas B. - carpenter

Davis, Alpheus G. W. - school teacher

Davis, Benjamin - farmer

Davis & Bull - farmers 1000 acres

Davis, William R. - Davis & Bull

Day, Ira - miner

DeAndrade, Joseph G. - miner

Delvin, Henry - laborer

DeMella, John - miner

DeSoza, John - laborer

DeSoza, Manuel S. - farmer

Deter & Burr - dressmakers

Deter, Francis Mrs. - Deter & Burr

Dewey, Levi H. - watchmaker, jeweler

DeWitt, Elisha - County Assessor

DeWitt, James - farmer

DeWitt, R. O. Mrs. - widow

Dickelt, Henry J. - waiter

Dillstrom, Charles - blacksmith

Dillstrom, Charles A. - laborer 160 acres

Dimmick, Elmer - operator Western Union Tel Co.

Dionne, Augustine - hotel clerk

Dionne, John A. - watchman Franco-American Hotel

Dixon, Benjamin - laborer

Dominguez, Francisco P. - miner

Donaghy, John - farmer

Douglas, William A. - machinist

Dowling, C. M. Mrs. - widow

Dowling, Eugene - clerk with Francis Riley

Dowling, John - miner

Downey, Frank J. - miner

Driscoll, Joseph - farmer

Dudley, Albert E. - carpenter

Dudley, Evan - plasterer

Duenkel, Herman - proprietor Last Chance Saloon

Duffy, Michael - laborer

Dunn, William - miner

Dutra, Joseph - miner

Dutra, Manuel S. - miner

Eagle Feed & Livery Stables - George Fried proprietor

Eagle Saloon - Maurice Renner proprietor

Eckhart, William B. - wagonmaker

Egbert, Henry - capitalist

Eigeurach, Frank W. - laborer

Eigeurach, William - laborer

Eirnberg, Himan - blacksmith

Empire Quartz Mill Co. - C. Iunker superintendent

Empire Stables - Martin & Irwin proprietors

Enos, Charles - cooper, deputy Sheriff

Evora, Joseph F. - miner

Faig, William - brewer

Fairchild, George S. - farmer

Fernandez, John - carpenter

Fertig, Valentine - painter

Fiock, George Jr. - farmer

Fiock, Henrietta Mrs. - farmer 280 acres

Fiock, Henry - farmer

Fiock, John - butcher with Miller & Hughes

Fiock, John - carpenter

Fitten, Julius - horsetrainer

Foster, Antone - farmer

Foster, Joseph - farmer

Frances, John - laborer

Frances, Joseph - miner

Franco-American Hotel - John B. Rohren & Co. proprietors

Franco Oyster Saloon - Edward Wheeler proprietor

Franco Saloon - James Wheeler proprietor

Franklin, Benjamin - proprietor California & Oregon Stage Stables

Franklin, Henry D. - hostler

Fried, George - proprietor Eagle Stables

Fried, George Jr. - hostler

Fried, Joseph - hostler

Frost, Albert - teamster

Fuchs, Francis P. - laborer

Garfield, Alfred S. - miner

Garner, Henry M. - farmer

Garner, Jasper U. - laborer

Garvey, John - farmer

Garvey, Michael T. - teamster

Garvey, Patrick J. - farmer

Gathbrad, John - farmer

Gentry, Calvin B. - carpenter

Gibson, Lucy Miss - dressmaker

Gillis, H. B. - Attorney at law

Giroux, Abraham - blacksmith

Goldthwait, Edward E. - proprietor Yreka Brewery Saloon

Gomes, Joaquin - peddler

Goscalnes, Jose F. - farmer

Gott, William A. - superintendent Centennial Mining Co.

Graham, Thomas - laborer

Grand Central Market - Charles Herzog Jr. proprietor

Green, Herman B. - engineer

Greener, Thomas - boot, shoemaker

Greenwood, Thomas - miner

Grisez, Ferdinand - capitalist

Gross, Stephen - miner

Guilbert, Caroline Mrs. - manufacturer soda water

Guilbert, Louis B. - farmer

Guilbert, Lucien E. - carpenter

Hahn, Augustus - miner

Haight, Charles - farmer

Hall, John - school teacher

Hall, John O. - miner

Hallick, John G. - stage driver

Hamblin, Ann Mrs. - ladies' nurse

Hamilton, James M. - laborer

Hansen, Jacob - proprietor Yreka Photograph Gallery

Harden, Riley F. - teamster

Harmon, John A. - blacksmith

Harmon, John E. - Nehrbass & Harman

Harmony, Jacob - hostler

Harmony, Kate Mrs. - laundress

Harmony, Theodore - laborer

Harper, Benjamin F. - laborer

Harris, James - laborer

Harris, Washington G. - teamster

Harris, William G. - miner

Harter, William H. - laborer

Hass, Frederick - bartender

Haun, John - farmer

Haupts, Leonard Rev. - pastor St. Peter & St. Paul Catholic Church

Hawkins, Austin - deputy Sheriff

Hawkins, William E. - clerk

Hay, Andrew J. - farmer

Hearn, Fleming G. - dentist

Hearn, Harrison - clerk

Hearn, Henry - clerk with John S. Cleland

Hearn, Minnie Miss - school teacher

Hefner, John - laborer

Hendrick, John F. - laborer

Hendricks, James W. - farmer

Hendricks, John Q. - laborer

Herrick, Emerson - farmer

Herzog, Charles - butcher with Charles Herzog Jr.

Herzog, Charles Jr. - proprietor Grand Central Market

Herzog, George

Herzog, Henry F. - butcher

Herzog, Robert - butcher with Charles Herzog Jr.

Hessnauer, John N. - laborer

Heybrook, Henry - furniture manufacturer

Heybrook, Henry Mrs. - variety store

Hiner, Isaiah - clerk

Hogan, John - laborer

Hood, J. E. Mrs. - midwife

Hopper, Robert L. - farmer 320 acres

Hovey, Melvin - printer

Hovey, William A. - undertaker, dealer caskets, coffins and general wagonmaker

Howe, George - laborer

Howland, Herschel W. - hostler

Hughes, William J. - Miller & Hughes

Humbug Fluming Co. - Charles Spendler superintendent

Hunter, Solomon - laborer

Huseman & Julien - proprietors Yreka Foundry

Huseman, Louis - Huseman & Julien, vice-president The Siskiyou Co. Bank,

2200 acres

Hutchins, Francis - saloonkeeper

Iffland, Adam - proprietor U. S. Bakery & Billiard Saloon

Iffland, Adam Mrs. - millinery

Ignasia, Manuel - miner

Irwin, Britton - livery stableman

Irwin, Castello M. - steward

Irwin, James - laborer

Irwin, William - Martin & Irwin, Harbor Commisioner, San Francisco

Iunker, Albert E. - tinsmith

Iunker, Charles - proprietor Pacific Brewery, Bella Union Saloon, County


Jackson, George S. - farmer

Jackson, Griffin - teamster

Jaeckel, William - brewer

Jensen, Thomas - Constable

Jensen, Thorwald F. - merchant

Joaquin, Antone - bootmaker

Joaquin, Manuel - miner

Johnson, Joseph - miner

Jones, Gilbert E. - proprietor Yreka Stables

Jones, George H. - miner

Joseph, John - miner

Joseph, Victorine - woodman

Julien, N. D. - Huseman & Julien, 1120 acres

Junge, Nicolas - laborer

Keefer, Valentine J. - boot & shoemaker

Kelly, Daniel C. - stockraiser

Kelley, John J. - mechanic

Kelsch, John W. - steward

Kendall, Edwin J. - manager Western Union Tel. Co.

Kessler, Henry - druggist

Kessler, Joseph - merchant

Keyser, George T. - laborer

King, Antone - boot and shoemaker

King, Charles M. - County Treasurer

King, Frank - laborer

King, Frank J. - gen mdse

King, John - laborer

King, John R. - laborer

King, Wm. J. - laborer

Kinkaid, Mrs. - school teacher

Klinge, W. Mrs. - widow

Knapp, John W. - miner

Knect, George - stonecutter

Knight, H. - farmer

Koester, Frederick - miner

Koester, Henry - laborer

Koester, William - blacksmith

Kopp, John - carpenter

Laird, William T. - farmer 160 acres

Lamb, Newton - millman

Larison, Charles A. - dentist

Lash, Daniel N. - auctioneer

Lash, David N. - miner

Lash, Levi A. - deputy Marshal

Last Chance Saloon - Herman Duenkel proprietor

Leary, Robert - laborer

LeBeau, Charles - steward County Hospital

Lee, Alfred - farmer, wood dealer

Lee, Bee - wood dealer

Lehman, Benjamin - gen mdse, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc.

Lehman, Jesse E. - clerk with Benjamin Lehman

Lehman, Julius - clerk with Benjamin Lehman

Lehnarr, John - horseshoer

Lehners, Frederick - clerk C. O. D. Store

Lehners, John - proprietor C. O. D. Store

Lemas, Albert - laborer

LeMay, Adeline Mrs. - farmer

LeMay, George - blacksmith

LeMay, Paul O. - Swan & Le May

Lenharr, John - blacksmith

Leszinsky, Jacob - bartender Yreka Brewery Saloon

Leund, Dominick - miner

Lewis, August - miner

Lewis, Foulk - laborer

Lewis, Joseph - miner

Lewis, Joseph S. - farmer 115 acres

Lodge, Robert J. - blacksmith

Loos, Beers - assistant editor Yreka Weekly Union

Loring, Charles F. - operator Western Union Tel Co.

Lynde, J. W. Rev. - pastor St. Lawrence Episcopal Church

Maben, Nathan C. - City Marshal

Madden, Gabriel L. - laborer

Magee, Arthur - miner

Magoffey, Samuel - Interal Revenue Collector

Mahan, Thomas D. - laborer

Mallory, Wm. L. - miner

Malzer, George - boot and shoemaker

Manha, Frank - miner

Mann, George H. - laborer

Marcelaine, Antone - teamster

Martin, Antonio F. - miner

Martin & Irwin - proprietors Empire Stables

Martin, Jacob - Martin & Irwin, carriage painter

Martin, Joseph - miner

Martin, William - miner

Mathews, John - deputy County Clerk

Maxey, John J. - laborer

Mayer, George F. - laborer

McCann, Thomas - merchant

McChesney, Joseph - physican & surgeon

McClellan, Alexander - miner

McClintock, George L.

McConaughy, William - Districy Attorney

McConnell, William - miner

McElhinney, John - laborer

McKee, Anne Mrs. - stockraiser

McManus, Frankle - stage driver

McManus, Laura J. - widow

McNeil, Samuel - teamster

McNulty, Chris. - farmer

McNulty, Edward J. - stockraiser

McNulty, Joseph - laborer

Mehan, Thomas D. - cooper

Merrick, Dennis - carpenter

Methodist Episcopal Church - Rev. G. G. Walters pastor

Meyer, Frank - stockraiser

Meyer, Melcheor - merchant tailor

Miller, Charles - capitalist

Miller & Hughes - wholesale and retail butchers

Miller, Hugo - stoves, tin & hardware, mining & farming implements

Miller, John - Miller & Hughes

Miner, Matthew - dry goods, clothing, gen mdse

Miner, Matthew J. - school teacher

Miner, Thomas F. - clerk with M. Miner

Montie, Frank - fruitraiser

Moore, Benjamin F. - laborer

Moore, Charles - livery stable

Moore, Charles S. Jr. - farmer

Moore, John H. - interpreter

Morrison, John A. - capitalist

Morse, Henry A. - County Superintendent Schools

Morton, Robert G. - teamster

Moser, J. C. - woodman

Murray, Caswell L. - woodman

Murray, Emery - farmer

Myer, Frank - laborer

Naughtin, Patrick - laborer

Nehrbass & Harmon - carriage manufacturers, blacksmiths

Nehrbass, Louis - Hehrbass & Harmon

Neil, James A. - woodman

Nichols, Archibald - hostler

Nichols, Washington I. - Attorney at law

Nixon, Lizzie Miss - compositor Yreka Semi-weekly Journal

Nixon, Robert - editor and publisher Yreka Semi-weekly Journal

Nixon, Robert Jr. - compositor Yreka Semi-weekly Journal

Noia, Joaquin - miner

Nordheim, George A. - gunsmith, dealer cigars & tobacco

Nordheim, Louis - clerk

Nurse, George - dairyman

Oberlin, William R. - farmer 570 acres

O'Connell, Benjamin - miner

O'Donnell, Constantine - merchant

Oliveira, Antonio S.

Oliver, John W. - physican

Olmstead, Platt A. - gardener

O'Neil, Edward - laborer

Orr, Harry W. - farmer 155 acres

Orr, Thomas - farmer 3900 acres

Osborn, Frederick T. - operator Western Union Tel Co.

Osterman, J. - saloonkeeper

Otto, George - farmer

Owens, Harry D. - painter

Owens, James - proprietor Yreka Boot & Shoe Store

Pacific Brewery - Charles Iunker proprietor

Pacific Improvement Co. - E. D. Ryan manager, 640 acres

Paine, Albert E. - watchmaker & jeweler

Parks, Ann Mrs. - boarding house

Parks, Erskine - teamster

Pashburg, John - wholesale & retail dealer cigars & tobacco, variety store

Patterson, Joseph R. - farmer

Paul, Wenzel - capitalist

Paul, W. J. - carpenter

Payne, Nehemiah - teamster

Payot, Antone - laborer

Payot, Charles - farmer

Payot, Maria Mrs. - farmer

Peacock, Allen

Peck, George - bookkeeper

Peck, George H. - telegraph operator

Pellet, John S. - miner

Pellet, Samuel - assistant cashier Siskiyou County Bank

Pereira, Domingos - farmer

Pernell, Newton B. - farmer

Perry, E. - woodman

Perry, Edward M. - carpenter

Perry, Frank - miner

Perry, John T. - farmer

Perry, John W. - laborer

Peters, Chas. - proprietor Yreka Brewery

Peters, Godfrey H. - manager Yreka Brewery

Piemental, A. - miner

Piemental, Joseph - miner

Piemental, Manuel - farmer

Piper, Joseph - carpenter

Pipes, Jefferson L. - baker

Pipes, Morgan A. - carpenter

Poland, Peter - watchmaker

Pool, Leander - farmer 320 acres

Postmaster - Alonzo E. Raynes

Powers, James M. - carpenter

Powers, W. W. - carpenter

Pritchard, -- Mrs. - school teacher

Pyle, Curtis H. - Raynes & Pyle

Pyle, Mattie Miss - school teacher

Quadras, Manuel - miner

Radford, William A. - manager Franco-American Hotel

Ragland, Ratliff V. - broommaker

Railroad Hotel - Mrs. Rachel Brown proprietor

Rammers, J. H. - capitalist

Ramsey, James W. - plumber

Randle, Edward - blacksmith

Ranens, Hugh - carpenter, undertaker

Rank, Isaac - miner

Ranous, Elihu - undertaker, carpenter, builder

Raynes, Alonzo - Raynes & Pyle, Postmaster

Raynes & Pyle - dry goods, clothing, boots & shoes

Ream, Daniel D. - physican & surgeon

Ream, David - laborer

Reed, Francis - laborer

Reed, Zachariah - laborer

Reese, Robert - miner

Remme, Katie Miss - compositor Yreka Semi-weekly Journal

Remme, S. M. Mrs. - widow

Renner, Maurice - proprietor Eagle Saloon

Repp, Henry - blacksmith, wagonmaker

Reuner, M. - saloon keeper

Rice, Joseph - deputy County Clerk

Richards, Anson D. - restaurant & lodgings

Richardson, James B. - farmer

Ricks, J. Mrs. - nurse

Riddle, James W. - carpenter

Riley, Francis - groceries, provisions, liquors, cigars, lumber

Ringe, Frederick - harnessmaker, saddler

Ringe, Henry - harnessmaker

Rixen, Andrew - brickmaker

Roberts, Frank N. - proprietor Baldwin Saloon

Roberts, Joseph H. - filemaker

Robertson, Henry D. - physican & surgeon

Robertson, Wm. M. - horsetrainer

Rodgers, George - editor Yreka Weekly Union

Rodrigues, Jacinto - shoemaker

Roestel, Herrmann - barber

Roestel, Max - barber

Rogers, Frank - laborer

Rogler, Fernando - proprietor City Drug Store

Rohrer, John B. & Co. - proprietors Franco-American Hotel

Rohrer, John B. - John B. Rohrer & Co., farmer 1118 acres

Root, Joshua D. - farmer

Rose, John - miner

Rose, Joseph - miner

Rose, Manuel - miner

Roth, Charles - laborer

Roundy, John G. - teamster

Rozario, Garcia J. - saloon keeper

Russell, James B. - dealer in marble monuments, etc.

Russell, Thomas - blacksmith

Sanderson, Albert E. - laborer

Sanderson, Thomas B. - farmer

Sargent, Samuel T. - farmer

Sawtelle, Thomas - baker

Scheld, Henry - proprietor Yreka Water Works

Scheld, Herman W. - wagonmaker, carriagemaker

Scheld, Louis P. - miner

Scheld, Walter - blacksmith

Schelle, Konrad - sheepraiser 160 acres

Schlagel, Nicholas - laborer

Schlicht, Charles - miller, farmer 650 acres

Scheitler, Jacob - laborer

Schmidt, Nicolaus - farmer

Schnabel, John - carpenter

Schnackenberg, Claus - stockraiser

Schock, Christian - drayman

Schofield, Edward H. - clerk

Schonbachlor, Francis B. - laborer

Schulmier, Caroline Mrs. - variety store

Schulmier, Henry - farmer 160 acres

Schultz, A. - farmer

Schultz, Henry - tinner

Schultz, Louis - farmer

Schwatka, A. E. - miner

Schwatka, Harry E. - teamster

Scofield, Edward H. - City Recorder

Scott, John W. - laborer

Semons, John - miner

Sevirno, Joseph - miner

Shearer, Edwin - Judge Superior Court

Shearrie, Robert - laborer

Shearer, William B. - salesman

Sheppard, Irwin - farmer

Short, Marshall - farmer, fruitraiser 320 acres

Show, Lung - Chinese merchant

Silva, Antonio - miner

Silva, John - farmer

Silver, Jasper - stockraiser

Silver, Joseph - stockraiser

Silver, Manuel - miner

Silveria, Antonio M. - laborer

Simmons, George - capitalist, farmer

Simmons, John - laborer

Siskiyou Agricultural Park - A. G. W. Davis secretary

Siskiyou County Bank - J. Churchill president, Frederick E. Wadsworth


Skeen, Elizabeth - widow

Skeen, George E. - farmer

Skeen, Joseph Y. - farmer

Skeen, Hiram D. - laborer

Skeen, Norris F. - farmer

Skinner, Henry C. - machinist Yreka Foundry

Skinner, James H. - machinist

Skinner, James T. - manager Yreka Foundry

Sleeper, Menasseh - bookkeeper

Slonacker, Francis - teamster

Smith, Albert N. - teamster

Smith, Amaziah - carpenter

Smith, Benjamin F. - Coroner & Public Administrator

Smith, Clarence - school teacher

Smith, Jacob - miner

Smith, Orville A. - stockraiser

Soares, Antonio - farmer

Solus, Joseph - farmer

Spengler, Charles - miner

Spengler, Frederick - miner

Steele, L. E. Mrs. - widow

Stephenson, Othaniel - miner

Stewart, Benjamin - sheepherder

Stewart, Charles C. - miner

Stewart, Frederick - sign painter

Stimmel, H. E. - merchant

Stinier, Leopold - merchant tailor

Stinnel, Herman E. - stoves, tin & hardware

Stockslager, F. - plasterer

Stone, W. S. - capitalist

Stornatore, Issac - farmer

Strickland, Eliza Miss - dressmaker

Strickland, P. G. Mrs. - dressmaker

St.Lawrence Episcopal Church - Rev. J. W. Lynde pastor

St.Peter & St.Paul Catholic Church - Rev. Leonard Haupts pastor

Sullivan, George J. - miner

Sullivan, Thomas J. - miner

Sutherland, James - horsetrainer

Sutton, George W. - miner

Swan, Levy - Swan & Le May

Swan & Le May - general wagonmakers, blacksmiths

Taylor, Harvey B. - farmer

Teineira, Manuel - miner

Thomas, Joseph - boardinghouse keeper

Thomas, Joseph A. - laborer

Thomas, William M. - Attorney at law

Thompson, William - saloon

Tibbitts, Randolph - miner

Tout, John - mason

Truax, Andrew Y. - farmer 160 acres

True, John - teamster with Vance & Walbridge

Truitt, Henry - hotelkeeper

Turner, William W. - stockherder

Tyran, Ephraim G. - miner

Urlings, John - brewer

Urlings, Mary Miss - school teacher

U. S. Bakery & Billiard Saloon - Adam Iffland proprietor

Vance, James - Vance & Walbridge

Vance & Walbridge - gen mdse

Viera, Manuel - farmer

Viven, James H. - bartender

Voss, Charles - dealer fine confictionery, proprietor Voss' Billiard


VonPage, Charles - physican

Voss, Charles E. F. L. - saloon

Wadsworth, E. & H. - capitalists

Wadsworth, Frederick E. - cashier Siskiyou County Bank, agent Wells Fargo & Co.

Walbridge, John M. - Vance & Walbridge, 340 acres

Walker, William B. - teamster

Walters, G. G. Rev. - pastor Methodist Episcopal Church

Walters, John - woodman

Walton, Benson - miner

Warren, Hudson B. - Attorney at law, notary public

Warren, H. B. Mrs. - Warren & Young

Warren, Levi R. - gardener

Warren & Young - fashionable dressmakers

Washburn, James - bartender

Washburn, James M. - teamster

Watson, William E. - watchmaker

Webb, C. C.

Webb, John S. - laborer

Weller, George - laborer

Wells, A. F. Mrs. - widow

Wetzel, Alois - gen mdse, clothing, boots & shoes

Wetzel, Edward - clerk

Wetzel, Jacob P. - shoemaker

Wetzel, Mary Miss - teacher music, painting and drawing

Wetzel, Sigmund - pioneer bootmaker, miner, boots & shoes made to order

Wheatley, Jennie Miss - milliner

Wheeler, Edward - proprietor Franco Oyster Saloon

Wheeler, James - proprietor Franco Saloon

White, S. Jr. - miner

Williams, Frank - farmer

Williams, George - bootblack

Williams, James - laborer

Williams, Samuel H. - miner

Willis, Calvin - woodman

Willis, George W. - laborer

Willis, Henry C. - teamster

Willis, Julian - laborer

Willis, Thomas - farmer

Willis, William P. - miner

Winkle, Isaac W. - laborer

Winkle, J. A. - woodman

Winkler, A. - merchant

Witherill, Andrew - teamster

Witherill, George S. - bartender

Witherill, Oscar D. - miner

Wood, Frank - farmer

Wonn, Henry - laborer

Wood, Jerry, Mrs. - widow

Woods, Ella Miss - compositor Yreka Semi-Weekly Journal

Wortman, Louis - carpenter

Young, Ida Miss - Warren & Young

Young, Nick - laborer

Young, Robert F. - proprietor Baldwin Livery & Feed Stables

Young, Robert F. Jr. - drayman

Young, Theobald - confectionery, saloon

Young, William - bartender

Yreka Brewery Saloon - E. W. Goldthwaite proprietor, fine wines,


& cigars

Yreka Foundry - Huseman & Julien proprietors

Yreka Gas Co. - Louis Autenreith superintendent

Yreka Photograph Gallery - Jacob Hansen proprietor

Yreka Semi-Weekly Journal - Robert Nixon publisher and editor

Yreka Stables - Gilbert E. Jones proprietor

Yreka Weekly Union - George Rodgers publisher and editor

Zehnder, Antone - saddler

Zollekoffer, Frank - miner


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