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Tehama County, California Genealogy Trails

Tehama County – List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883

[Note: date denotes when original allowance was granted]

Transcribed by Kathie Marynik

BOLKIN  Wallace W.  Paskenta  gunshot wound right thigh  $4  -----
BRUMMETT  Wesley  Elder Creek  dislocated left ankle joint  $12  Nov. 1866
COLE  John H.  Red Bluff  wound right arm  $4  -----
COLLINS  Alphonso C.  Red Bluff  chronic diarrhea  $4  -----
COON  Elizabeth  Red Bluff  mother  $8  May 1869
ELDER  James W.  Red Bluff  gunshot wound right thigh  $4  Jan. 1879
FABSOIN  Gustave W.  Red Bluff  gunshot wound right groin  $5  Aug. 1880
GRAY  James E.  Red Bluff  fever  $4  Jan. 1867
HAZEN  George W.  Red Bluff  arrow wound chest  $2  Feb. 1881
HENDERSON  Irad M.  Red Bluff  gunshot wound left hand  $4  Dec. 1874
HESLEWOOD  Maria F.  Red Bluff  mother (Navy)  $10  Aug. 1868
HINDS  Asa  Red Bluff  loss two fingers left hand  $5  June 1878
KNIGHT  Joseph  Red Bluff  gunshot wound left leg  $2  Dec. 1877
LORING  Abraham  Red Bluff  gunshot wound right arm  $4  -----
MATLOCK  James T.  Red Bluff  gunshot wound left groin & hip  $20  Nov. 1865
NEALY  Robert H.  Red Bluff  sunstroke  $6  Apr. 1880
PATTERSON  Aurelius H.  Elder Creek  gunshot wound left leg  $2  June 1866
SHIELDS  Charles H.  Butte Meadows  explosion powder wound  $2.66  Nov. 1865
TEST  William H.  Red Bluff  loss index finger right hand  $3  Sept. 1880
YAGER  Myron  Red Bluff  gunshot wound left hand  $4  Nov. 1875

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