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1883 Pensioners

Yolo County – List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883

[Note: date denotes when original allowance was granted]

Submitted by Kathie Marynik

ARNOLD  Sarah A.  Woodland  widow  $8  Aug. 1872
BOOLS  Mary  Woodland  mother  $8  Feb. 1877
CASLER  Abram  Yolo  gunshot wound right foot  $6  Apr. 1876
COMFORT  Sarah  Woodland  mother  $8  Dec. 1864
DENZER  Michael  Davisville  gunshot wound left leg  $1  Aug. 1880
GIBSON  William C.  Grafton  gunshot wound left arm  $2  Sept. 1875
GRAY  Ellen  Dunnigan  widow  $8  Dec. 1867
HANES  Jacob  Woodland  injury abdomen  $4  Apr. 1872
HILLEKER  Loron W.  Madison  wound right thigh  $8  Mar. 1866
HOFFNER  Frederick  Woodland  gunshot wound right side  $2  Dec. 1882
LINDSAY  Sarah A.  Woodland  widow  $20  Dec. 1872
McDEVITT  Charles  Davisville  gunshot wound left hand  $4  -----
McDONALD  George F.  Dunnigan  saber wound right leg  $4  Jan. 1879
METZGER  Frederick  Clarksburgh  gunshot wound left thigh  $8  Jan. 1878
MORROW  John  Capay  amputation right thumb  $4  May 1875
NEWCOMB  Lucius S.  Woodland  disease lungs  $18  Apr. 1882
PAYNE  Orra L.  Madison  gunshot wound left arm  $3  Apr. 1873
RHODES  Wesley D.  Winters  injury spine  $18  Apr. 1874
STEWARD  Joshua  Winters  disease spine  $6  Jan. 1881
WATERMAN  Sarah M.  Woodland  widow  $8  Sept. 1877
WATSON  William J.  Woodland  phthisis pulmonary  $18  Nov. 1882
WILLIAMS  Lizzie E.  Woodland  widow  $8  Jan. 1878
WILSON  James  Winters  injury shoulder & neck  $8  Jan. 1881
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