Divorce records for Yolo County California



From the December 31, 1891 Woodland Daily Democrat.
May not be a complete list.

     The legal separations during the year have been so few that we conclude marriage is not a failure in Yolo county. Decrees of divorce were granted in the following actions:

Joel R. Carter vs. Jennie Carter
S.E. Caldwell vs. Joseph Caldwell
Mary A. Clark vs. Henry L. Clark
C.L. Folmer vs. John Folmer
Lena J. Harlan vs. W.C. Harlan
Amelia Hinkle vs. George Hinkle
Lulu Horton vs. W.J. Horton
Nora Jackson vs. B.B. Jackson
Jessie D. Kirkpatrick vs. F.M. Kirkpatrick
O.P. Marston vs. Sarah J. Marston
Hattie C. McNulty vs. Edward F. McNulty
Ella Norton vs. S.M. Norton
E.M.O. Priester vs. Louis Preiester
Susie C. Pace vs. John L. Pace
J.U. Winninger vs. Kittie Winninger
Emma B. Phillips vs. R.B. Phillips

ęS. Williams



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