Marriage Licenses for Yolo County California


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December 31, 1891 Woodland Daily Democrat, Woodland California
(May not be a complete list)

The Record of the Year

Marriage Licenses
The records of Cupid Pendegast show the following marriage licenses have been issued during the year of 1891:

2. J.F. Vale and Marth M. Knight
12 H.W. Freitag and Lottie Schultz. Henry Kuhlney and Tillie Ortner.
13 John S. DeVilbias and Minnie C. Macevoy
14 B.F. Thompson and Mary A. Mayhew
19 E.C. Cheetham and Mamie R. Brunson
21 J.B. Johnston and Nellie M. Hutchison

4 Henry E. Dennis and Annie Nelk
5 Inman Tucker and Sarah Hanney
9 F.B. McDonald and Laura Thissell
14 Oscar Scott and Elizabeth Hen-----n.
16 G.W. Johnson and Rosa Hawk
19 Edward T. Nesbit and Effie A. ---er
21 Willford Stiff and Fannie Jones
2- T.J. Crane and Cassie Perkins

10 W.H. Bradshaw and Rebecca A. Montgomery
17 Robert A. Reno and Juanita W. Evans
26 A.J. McFarland and Etta M. Wheelock
28 L.L. Bowers and Ruth Lillard

6 W.J. Hook and Esther L. DeVilbiss
12 Dillard R. Guthrie and Luella Willis
13 W.H. Carlow and Mrs. Lena (Carlow could be the last name mixed up with below)
13 P.S. Grant and Mamie Hall Carlow (Carlow could belong to Lena above)
16 S.J. Townsend and A.B. Aldrich
18 J.R. Allen and Etta Hoffman
22 R.L. Briggs and Fannie Willis
23 William D. Dennis and Mrs. Ella S. Caldwell
27 Harry J. Beguhe and Rosamond V. Lawhead
28 G.W. Richardson and Etta L. Wood

C.W. Hooper and Clara Boggs

6 C.G. Kopp and Mattie Morin
9 Chas. Hiller and Ellen Burger
10 J.W. McDonald and Lillian A. Easley
12 William Roberts and Lulu Clarke
13 Edward M. Horton and Annie Puderbaugh
23 E.T. Gray and Francis G. French

3 James Cook and Julia Copelin
8 J.W. Gafford and Gertie N. Othick
17 Jas R Clifford and Florence G. Neff
21 Princeton A. Lawson and Mamie Bond
27 D.A. McGriff and Bettie Langenour
29 Alois S. Germeshausen and Annie M. Baurer

1 Robert G. Southerland and Myrtle Rogers
6 John Wohlfom and Mrs. Helena Wagner
7 W.H. Dowd and Evelena McCutchen
8 Hubert T. Lynch and Maggie M-sbacher
12 Charles Martin Luck and Doris Benck
15 Fred Michaels and Annie Schraidt
17 William T. Brownell and I.M. Hayes
27 Leonard B. Dunn and Mary E. Barry
28 Loyd A. Petter and Eliza J. Griggs

1 William H. Browning and Maud Rogers
2 Joseph McGarr and Annie Hepworth
3 Geo J. Milliman and Lucy H. Williams
4 J.W. McAlister and Mary F. Comlin. Edwin Bullis and Alice Nipper.
5 Henry E. Norton and Loma Leona Robinson
7 A.G. Harley and Minnie L. Nason
8 John Abele and Margaret M. Horigan. Jas. G. Kettle and Anna Hartman
10 J.T. Becket and Lucy M. Nason[?]
12 William S. Hamline and Ella Fissel
15 Chas. M. Norton and Mayme Humphrey. Louis A. Abele and Selma Germeshausen
16 Marvin A. Howard and Anna Hamrick
17 William Baker and Mrs. Laurie A. Harris
22 Eugene A. Batte and Belle Way
28 Theodore Heinz and Mary Lederer

3 E.E. Warren and Caroline Walter
9 John Schaupp and Frieda Maichle
10 Geo E. Dalton and Cora McFadden
15 Edgar Reid and Nellie Clark
19 Edward Barrett and Carrie Knees
24 Chas D. Simpson and Caroline Schneegas
27 Albert Rothe and Katie Keins. F.H. Todbunter and Mary A. Parker
31 F.J. Broderick and Ruth keys

2 W.H. Thatcher and Cassie Wolfe
5 George Martin and Susie L. Cook. David Jonas and Ida Hyman
7 Charles Doane and Quee Kim. O.P. Marston and Elizabeth Smith
9 Roswell H. Cook and Mrs. Hattie C. McNulty
10 Albert M. Elston and Hattie E. Bullard
19 James Taylor and Martha E. Jacobs
21 W.J. Cooper and E.L. Hawkins
24 T.B. Harrison and Grace Davison
25 Harry J. Schueler and Mrs. Mollie Overwater
27 W.D. Peaks and Annie McCarthy
28 E.A. Hollman and Elizabeth Drummond

3 Fred W. Wilson and Margaret B. Morrison
5 Albert Hyde and Jennie Taylor
9 Chas. S. Fowler and Emma Blain
10 Wm. H. Eires and Nettie M. Ervin
14 W.J. Hall and Alta Fisher
16 D.H. Wycokoff and Mamie Jeflers
21 J.R. Hines and Elizabeth Parison. W.F. Smith and Josephine LaPage
22 H.E. Buckingham and Maggie S. Fisher
23 John H. Yaxley and Inez Prescott
24 Charles Bell and Emma Lee
26 T.J. Richards and Emma McClintie
Dec. 30th Arthur Powers and Lillie Sturdevant

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