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Campfire Cooking
Note: None of these recipes have been tested by Genealogy Trails.

Sausage Pancakes
Fit country sausage in thin cakes. Place one cake in the middle of a frying pan and pour pancake batter around it. Cook until brown on both sides. Camper's Stew Cut meat (beef, pork, veal or mutton) into cubes. Prepare and dice any vegetables de-sired, turnips, carrots, onion, celery, potatoes, etc., and put them into a kettle. Mix some flour, salt and Rawleigh's Pepper together and rub meat well with the mixture. Place meat in the kettle with the vegetables. Add enough water to just cover the food. Simmer about an hour and a quarter.
["Rawleigh's Good Health Guide and Cook Book", 1929]

Cabbage Salad
1 c. chopped cabbage
1/4 c. peanuts
1 c. chopped celery
1 tomato or cucumber
1 c. chopped apple
Boiled dressing
Chop tomato fine and mix with other ingredients. Serve on lettuce and sprinkle with chopped peanuts.
["Rawleigh's Good Health Guide and Cook Book", 1929]

Beat together one egg, one tablespoonful of sugar and one cup of milk, fresh or condensed. Add enough self-rising flour to make a thick batter. Pry on a hot griddle, greasing the griddle with rind or slices of bacon for every batch of cakes.
["Rawleigh's Good Health Guide and Cook Book", 1929]

Green Sweet Corn
1. Place on a long stick and roast over the coals or
2. Clean out silks, twist husks on tightly and bury in hot ashes. Bake about an hour, or
3. Boil in enough salted water to cover.
["Rawleigh's Good Health Guide and Cook Book", 1929]

"Twist" Baked on a Stick
Cut biscuit dough into strips two inches wide. Get a stick of sweet, green wood (birch, poplar or maple) about 2 feet long and 3 inches thick. Peel the large end, sharpen the other and stick it into the ground, leaning toward the fire. When the sap simmers, wind the dough spirally around the peeled end. Turn occasionally while baking. Several sticks can be baking at once. This is a favorite Boy Scout dish.
["Rawleigh's Good Health Guide and Cook Book", 1929]

Cut hammered steak into pieces and string on a sharp stick, alternating with onions and slices of carrot, potato, tomato, and bacon. Place the stick over the fire and turn occasionally. Season with salt and Rawleigh's Pepper. Searing it first will produce a burn on the outside which will prevent the juices from dripping onto the fire and being lost.
["Rawleigh's Good Health Guide and Cook Book", 1929]


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