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1883 Census of Pensioners

Source: U.S. Pension Bureau
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1883

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Tammy Clark

No. of Certificate

Name of pensioner

Post-office address

Cause for which pensioned


Date of

20,760 Coleman, Patrick La Junta inj. spine, dis. kidneys  $8.00 Nov. 1863
53,536 Donnelly, Bernard La Junta w. both thighs $8.00 Nov. 1865
44,307 Downin, Thos. J Rocky Ford frac. l. arm $18.00
187,358 Hawkins, Richard C West Las Animas injury to abdomen $8.00 Apr. 1880
92,555 King, Frank B West Las Animas loss all fing. l. hand  $18.00
163,121 Loring, Jos. E.F. West Las Animas inj. chest  $4.00 Oct 1879
190,271 McCarthy, Jane Fort Lyon widow $8.00 Nov. 1880
123,318 Mitch, John Catlin w.l. hand & neck $6.00 May 1873
186,584 Muth, Wm. H West Las Animas w.l. side $4.00 Apr. 1881
162,125 Peake, Isaiah West Las Animas inj. r. hand & c $6.00 Aug. 1879
221,600 Whelan, Martin La Junta w.r. thigh $4.00 Dec. 1882
139,545 Willard, Henry C La Junta inj. spine  $8.00 June 1876
118,530 York, John E La Junta w. body $24.00 Aug. 1882

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