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Welcome to Custer County, Colorado!

This county is hosted by: Courtney Birkes

Our goal is to help you track your ancestors through time by transcribing genealogical and historical data and placing it online for the free use of all researchers

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Cities & Towns:

Cold Spring * Colfax * Fairview * Greenwood * McKenzie Junction * Querida * Rosita * San Isabel * Silver Cliff * Tanglewood Acres * Ula * Westcliffe * Wetmore *

The county seat is Westcliffe and the largest town is Silver Cliff.
The County was created on March 9, 1877, out of the southern half of Fremont County.
It was named in honor of Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer, who had died the previous year.
The county seat was moved to Westcliffe in 1928. Ula was the original seat, moving to Rosita in 1878, and to Silver Cliff in 1886.

The county was the site of a silver rush during the 1870s. Thousands of men poured into the county during this time in the hunt for silver. Some of the notable mines include the Geyser Mine, on the north edge of the town of Silver Cliff, the Bassick Mine, near the ghost town of Querida, and the Bull Domingo, north of Silver Cliff. After the mines were exhausted, the population dropped considerably, over 63% from 1880 to 1890. Cattle ranchers moved in and ranching continues to this day.

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Recent Website Updates:
January 2016:
Added obituaries - Georgianna Foster; James Foster; Alexander Franklin Dickson; Hermann & Otto Hanssen

October 2015:
Added obituaries - Judge E.T. Beckwith, William Fuqua Jones, Resina Barbara Bensfield, Bertie Decker, Judge William T Decker

August 2015:
Added Mining news, Family Reunion, Accident news, Visiting news, Church news, Births

June 2015:
Added Societies & Lodges - Lodge Officers
Added separate Government page - added Political News
Accidents - Saloon Fire; Mrs. Chetelat Accident; Slipped on Ice; Hurt Sledding
Added Mining News - Bassick Mine; Chetelat at Geyser; Valley Mining
Added Birth Announcments - Radcliffe; Davis; Crounse
Crime News - Chetelat for Deputy Warden; $25 Reward
Sick List - Sebring; Ozburn; Doyle; Beardsley; Goehring; Gongway Smallpox
Gossip & Visiting - Vahldick; Fiske Robert; Hanssen; Dietz; Ozburn; Beardsley
Added Birthday Parties - Cherry Morrison
Added Weather News - Snow
Added Political News - Republican Delegate Convention; Coxey's Prediction
Added Church Events - Little Tots; Catholic Fair
Misc News - Lumber; 50,000 Trout; Cattle Shipment; Ice; Leap Year Ball
Added County History - Voting in 1876 (also will appear in Fremont County, CO)
More Obituaries Added - Pauline Beardsley; Hazel Lloyd; John Bukey; John Crowell; Henry Schriver; Infant Ritts; Infant Taylor

May 2015:
Webpage overhaul
Redid obituary page - now two pages.
Added obituaries: George Sanders, Cinderella Sanders, Louise Pankow, George Beardsley

Oct 2014:
County History: Government:1909 County Officers

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