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October 2015:
Added News - Accidents, Crimes, Community, & Miscellaneous

July 2015:
Obits: Hamilton Daywolt, John Shaw, Minnie Staples, Mary White, John Witcher
Sick List: Broken Leg
Crime News: Suicide, Inmate killed, Murder-suicide, Boy killed
County History: County Voting History, 1876 (Also appears in Custer County, CO)

April 2015:
Added Obituaries - Lucy Sullivan, Orin Sullivan, Mary Watson, Rufus Bouker; Added Crime News: Escaped Cons

March 2015:
Added Obituary - Bion Dunbar - Transcribed by Jim Dezotell

February 2015:
Added 2 pages for 1870 census, Canon City
Added Obituaries - Holmes D. Metcalf; William Harold Stewart; Ellen M. Remington
New Visiting items - Anna Baldwin, Mrs. Chamings, and Ozburn family.
New items - Bandits try to burn town
Sick List - Thomas Palmer; Crime News - Alia Hanged


December 2014:
Added Obituary: W. J. Sproul - Submitted by Kathyrn Todd

November 2014:
Added Obituaries: Mabel Stanifer, Jeanette Whisler.

September 2014:
Added Marriages page, marriages for 1890-1899, 1901-1902. Added Greenwood cemetery interments D-F. Obituary: Elizabeth Cable

August 2014:
Obituary: Alden Sedlack - Transcibed by Jim Dezotell

July 2014:
Added Cemeteries page

May 2014:
Bios: Mrs. Aruthu Horace McLain, Mrs. Guy U. Hardy, Mrs. B.F. Rockafellow, Catherine Barron Twitchell, Mrs. Lillie J.K. Fowden -Transcibed by Vicki Bryan;
County History: First District Court, The Deserted Village, A Rip Van Winkle Sleep-Railroad Rumors-Indians, Signal Mountain-Fire Telegraphs, Meagre Potal Facilities;
Pioneer Merchants First Newspaper, First Saw Mill, Oil Springs, Argentiferous Galena, The First Homicide, Centennial Saloon, General Merchandise, First Billiard Table, First Bakery, First Meat Market, First Brick Yard, First Child born in Canon City, First Town Company
Military: G.A.R. Rosters, Greenwood Post No. 10 -Transcribed by Jackie McCarty; Army Casualty List - Transcribed by Rose Stout; Ethan Allen Post No. 56 -Transcribed by Larry Lakey

March 2014:
: Bryan M. Gibson
News: Accidents: Twenty Hurt in Train Wreck in Colorado


Sep 2013: 
"Accident" story for JENKINS, HAWKEY

Aug 2013
WW2 Casualties; 1883 pensioners; & obit for WILLARD

Train Wreck News Story
Canon City 1880 Mortality census
Newspaper articles involving: J.A. Heckart, A.W. Taylor, E.G. Kindred, George Curtis, Mrs. H.L. Swett; & Mrs. Berton Jay

Obituary for Charles Gann; 1870 Mortality Census


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