Gilpin County, Colorado
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Mines in Gilpin County

A Gilpin county Colorado Scene,
Showing the Prize, Gunnell, Concrete, Gold Collar and Eureka Mines

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County Information

Founded November 1, 1861
Gilpin County was named after Colonel William Gilpin, the first Governor of the Territory of Colorado.

map of Gilpin county

The County Seat is Central City.


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13 Sept 2018:
Geographical Features: Basins, Gaps, Gulches & Valleys - Baker Gulch; Bates Gulch; Black Canyon; Black Gulch; Broomfield Gulch; Burns Gulch; Chase Gulch; Dude Hole; Freeman Gulch; Gamble Gulch; Gibson Gulch; Jelly Roll Gulch; Jenny Lind Gulch; Lake Gulch; Macy Gulch; Miners Gulch; Missouri Canyon; Moon Gulch; Pickle Gulch; Rogers Pass; Silver Gulch; Smith Gulch; South Willis Gulch; Stewart Gulch; Travis Gulch; Whites Gulch
Geographical Features: Dams, Lakes, Reservoirs & Swamps - Braecher Lake; Braecher Ranch Dam; Karel Park Lake; Kriley Pond; Lake Manchester Dam; Los Lagos Reservoirs Number One; Los Lagos Reservoirs Number Two; Los Lagos Reservoirs Number Three; Mammoth Creek Dam; Mammoth Creek Reservoir; Slough Pond; Snowline Lake
Geographical Features: Falls
07 Aug 2018:
Architectural Features: Airports - Athanasiou Valley Airport
03 Aug 2018:
Architectural Features: Airports; Buildings
Mining Articles: Information - Glossary of Mining Terms (D)
22 July 2018:
Mining Articles: Information - Glossary of Mining Terms (C)

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