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Source: Colorado Cemetery Directory
Edited by Kay R. Merrill
Coroado Council of Genealogical Societies
Denver, CO  1985

Transcribed by K.T.







Arvada Cemetery
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Lullaby Land  
Foreign Lang.
5581 Independence, Arvada (NE1/4 NE1/4 Sec 16 & NW1/4 NW1/4 Sec. 15, T3S, R69W, 6th P.M.) Public Est. 1863; 1st known burial 1863 Still in use Mary Jo Thompson, Sexton 5581 Independence Arvada, Colo.
Ault Cemetery, aka Medlan, aka Old Reid Mill On South Turkey Creek, near old Medlan School Sec- 4, T6S, R70W, 6th P.M.) Community Est. 1903; 1st known burial 1889 Still in use Jeanne Brooks - Morrison, CO
Baatz Cemetery From U.S. 285, take County Road 64 to Rossman Gulch Road, in North Turkey Creek Canyon (NE1/4 Sec. 21, T5S, R70W, 6th P.M.) Private, Family c 3 burials; only known date 1874 Abandoned No records available
Bear Creek Cemetery SEE: Evergreen Cem        
Beaver Brook No. 1 Cemetery Between 1-70 & Beaver Brook, East of Elm Greens Private abt. 9 burials Abandoned No records available
Beaver Brook No. 2 Cemetery On hill back of the Beaver Brook Ranch & Resort Private 2 graves, may be the old Townsend couple Abandoned  
Beaver Ranch Cemetery SEE: Foxton Cemetery        
Belgin Cemetery 7845 Simms Street, Arvada (Sec. 32, T25S, R69W, 6th P.M.) Private, Family 1st burial 1871, last 1897 Not in use, but maintained Mr. Belgin - Arvada, CO
Bergen Park Cemetery In northeastern end of Diamond International Lumber company's yard at Bergen park (NE 1/4 Sec. 20, T4S, R71W, 6th PM) Public, now private 1st known burial 1862 Abandoned No records available
Boegel Cemetery SEE: Windy Peak Cem.        
Broad Cemetery In Golden area (Exact location unknown) Unknown Only known burial in 1879 Abandoned No records available
Buffalo Creek Cemetery, aka Little Chapel in the Hills Cem. At Town of Buffalo Creek (SW1/4 Sec. 31, T7S, R70W, 6th P.M.) Community 1st known burial in 1881; land deeded in 1902 Still in use Janie Campbell - Buffalo Creek, CO
Cabrini Orphanage Cemetery Near Mother Cabrini Shrine, south of Golden, north of 1-70 (NE1/4 Sec. 16, T4S, R70W, 6th P.M.) Catholic orphanage Burials of orphans Abandoned; no trace remains  
Cemetery Hill, aka Old Golden Cemetery, aka Golden Gate Cem. Northern edge of City of Golden (SW1/4 Sec. 21, T3S, R70W, 6th P.M.) Public 1st known burial 1860; many burials removed to present Golden Cem. Abandoned; No Longer used after 1874 City of Golden
Cody Cemetery On Lookout Mountain, near Golden (Sec. 4, T4S, R70W, 6th P.M.) Private Graves of Wm. F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody & his wife Maintained Buffalo Bill Museum
Conifer Cemetery, aka Kemp Cem. At Conifer, off U.S. 285 at Pleasant Park Road (Sec. 23, T6S, R71W, 6th P.M.) Family, Community 1st marked burial 1889 Still in use Pauline Wheeler - Castle Rock, CO
Creswell No. 1 Cemetery Northwest of Bergen Park, on Colo. 103 c 1/3 mile from intersection with Colo. 74 Public 3 graves contain "Bodies burned in early days of camp" Abandoned; no trace remains Golden DAR Pioneer Museum, 911 Tenth St. Golden, Colo-
Creswell No. 2 Cemetery Northwest of Bergen Park, near intersection of Colo. 103 with Colo. 74 (Probably Sec. 20, T4S, R71W, 6th P.M.) Public Only known burial 1888 Abandoned Jefferson County Coroner's Records, State Archives
Crown Hill Cemetery 29th Ave. & Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood Public Est. 1907; 1st burial dated 1892, removed here from Fairmount Cem. Still in use Cemetery Office Crown Hill Cem. Assn. W. 29th Ave. & Wadsworth Blvd. Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Dudley-Robinson Cemetery SEE: Robinson-Dud1ey        
Evergreen Cemetery, aka Bear Creek Cem In the Town of Evergreen, on Colo. 74 across from the Catholic Church   1st known burial in 1871; incorporated 1908 Still in use Susie Dedisse - Evergreen, CO. (Records before 1900 destroyed by fire)
Evergreen Memorial Park At corner of Colo. 74 & North Turkey Creek Road Public 1st burial in 1965 Still in use Ronald P. Lewis - Evergreen, CO
Foxton Cemetery, aka Foxton Junction, aka Beaver Ranch Cem. South of Conifer, west side of U.S. 285 at Foxton Junction Rd Community 1st known burial in 1879, last in 1891 Abandoned No records available
Foxton Junction Cemetery SEE: Foxton Cemetery        
French Canadian Cemetery SEE: Wamblee Valley Memorial Park        
Golden Cemetery Southeast of City of Golden, just off U.S. 6/40 at Ulysses St. Public Est. 1874; Contains earlier burials moved here from other cems. 1st known date: 1862 Still in use; over 4,000 burials City of Golden
Golden Gate Cemetery SEE: Cemetery Hill        
Golden Hill Cemetery At Wide Acres Road & West Colfax Avenue in Lakewood Church, Jewish Est. 1908; contains earlier burials; by 1899 had 86 burials Still in use Hebrew Educational Alliance, Denver, CO
Golden Old Cemetery SEE: Cemetery Hill        
Grave of Andrew Chuk "Near old Samuel Howard Mine in Bear Gulch, 1 1/2 miles from the railroad running along the South Platte River" (Exact location unknown) (Sec. 6, T6S, R69W, 6th P.M.) Single Grave Killed in the mine, 1906 Abandoned Golden DAR Pioneer Museum, 911 Tenth St. Golden, Colo.
Grave of D.W. Hinkley Northwest of Golden, on Golden Gate Canyon Road, at "8 Mile House" Single Grave Killed 1860; found in the 1920's Abandoned No record available (On George Ramstetter homestead)
Grave of E.P. Weiss Northwest of Cheesman Dam, on Flying G. Ranch, in Monument Gulch Single Grave Died 1887 Abandoned Girl Scouts Mile High Council, Denver, CO
Grave of Edgar Vanover Near Golden, just beyond Cemetery Hill at the foot of the north slope Single Grave Hanged 1859 Abandoned; no trace remains  
Grave of Ernest Anderson "At home" in or near Golden (Exact location unknown) (Legals?) Single Grave Drowned 1898 in Arapahoe Ditch Co. Reservoir Abandoned Golden DAR Pioneer Museum, 911 Tenth St. Golden, Colo.
Grave of Ethel Richmond Walker At foot of Mt. Falcon, south of Red Rocks Park Single Grave Date unknown Abandoned Morrison Town Records
Grave of George Edwards At Roscoe (NE1/4 Sec. 6, T3S, R71W, 6th PM) Single grave Killed 1895 Abandoned Golden DAR Pioneer Museum
Grave of Georgie Potter In old Boyd's Crossing area, now near 4355 Field Street, Wheat Ridge (Exact location unknown) Single Grave Died 1889 Abandoned No records available
Grave of J. Morrison On Flying G Ranch, Goose Creek Single Grave Died 1891 Abandoned Girl Scouts Mile High Council, Denver, CO
Grave of Sam Cobean 23 miles southeast of Buffalo, on Goose Creek (Exact location unknown) (Sec. ? T9S, R71W, 6th P.M.) Single Grave Died 1901 Abandoned Golden DAR Pioneer Museum, 911 Tenth St., Golden, Colo.
Grave of Unknown Woman "On a high point near where the sportsman's club road & a Denver road merge before joining the main Morrison Road from Denver" Single Grave Wife of 1st owner of the ranch. Died c. 1875 Abandoned  
Grave of William Herbert "At the base of the mountain near Clear Creek" (Exact location unknown) Single Grave "Shot himself" 1858 Abandoned No records available
Green Cemetery abt. 3 miles south of Critchell, 1/4 mile east of Kuehster Rd Private, Family Several unmarked graves; only 2 stones remain; 1st known burial was 1914, last one 1941 Abandoned  
Hack Cemetery 12950 South Ridge Road, southwest of Critchell, off Pleasant Park Road Private, Family Hack family homestead; two known burials; one dated c 1906, the other unknown Abandoned Wm. & Betty Seville, Owners
Higgenson Cemetery On Swan Hereford Ranch, aka Z-D Ranch, southeast of Pine, on Colo. 126 Private, Family 1st known burial 1875, last 1889 Abandoned No records available
Indian Burial Ground Northern edge of City of Golden, near the old cemetery Indian Unknown Abandoned No records available
Kemp Cemetery SEE: Conifer Cem.        
Ken Caryl Ranch Cemetery "Near Bradford House" (Exact location unknown) Private Possibly graves of slaves Abandoned  
Koch Cemetery Northwest of Golden, in Guy Hill area Private, Family Infants' graves, 1914-1915 Abandoned Howard Koch - Golden, CO
Kuehster Cemetery Southeast of Critchell, near end of Kuehster Rd Private, Family 1st burial 1882 Not in use, maintained John E. Kuehster, Owner Critchell, Colo.
Lamb Cemetery Southeast of Critchell, off Kuehster Road Private, Family Graves of 2 daughters of Cora Dudley and David Albert Lamb, no dates Abandoned Mrs. Georgia Dudley Buck - Denver, Co
Lehow Cemetery c 2 miles south of Waterton, north of Kassler, west of Colo. 75 Private 1st known burial 1870; cemetery assn. est. Still in use Tom Slocum Englewood, CO
Little Chapel in the Hills Cem. SEE: Buffalo Creek Cem.        
Lookout Mountain School for Boys Cemetery Near Golden (Exact location unknown)        
Lubin Cemetery Southeast of Berrian Mountain, 1/2 mile northeast of Aspen Park, off U.S. 285 at Norman Meyer Ranch "Midway House" (Sec. 12, T6S, R71W, 6th P.M.) Private, Family 1st known burial 1881, last 1910 Abandoned Norman Meyer
Maxwell Cemetery SEE: Windy Peak Cem.        
McIntyre Cemetery Southeast of Berrian Mountain, 1/2 mile northeast of Aspen Park, off U.S. 285 at Meyers Ranch "Midway House" (Sec. 12, T6S, R71W, 6th P.M.) Private, Family 2 known burials: 1st in 1868, 2nd in 18S0 Abandoned Norman Meyer
Medlan Cemetery SEE Ault Cemetery        
Memorial to Wm. G. Westall On the North Fork of the South Platte River near Dome Rock Memorial Died 1898 in a railroad wreck    
Miners' Cemetery Along the original Gregory Road & Golden Gate Canyon, in Clear Creek & Jefferson Cos. (Exact Location Unknown)   15-20 unknown persons burned or suffocated in forest fires set by miners during May & June 1859 Abandoned No records available
Morrison Cemetery, aka Mount Morrison Cem. Northwest of Town of Morrison, adjoins Red Rocks Park Community 1st known 1st known burial in 1875; org. 1924 Still in use Shirley Fleming, Sec. Arvada, CO
Mount Lindo Memorial park On Mount Lindo, east of So. Turkey Creek Rd, northeast of Tiny Town Private Est. 1963 Still in use Olinger Mortuaries; Wheat Ridge, CO
Mount Morrison Cemetery SEE: Morrison Cemetery        
Mount Olivet Cemetery 12801 West 44th Ave., Wheat Ridge Church, Catholic 1st burial 1892; contains some earlier burials moved from Old Calvary Cemetery, Denver & St. Joseph Cem., golden Still in use Mt Olivet Cemetery Assn.
12801 W. 44th Ave.
Wheat Ridge, CO
Mount Vernon Cemetery In Mathews-Winters Park, south of Golden Public First known burial 1860; c 20-30 graves Abandoned No records available
Old Golden Cemetery SEE: Cemetery Hill        
Osborn Hill Cemetery SEE: Ralston Cem.        
Patrick Cemetery c 10 miles southwest of Golden, south side of 1-70 in Mt. Vernon Canyon (Exact location unknown) (Patrick family owned parts of Secs. 11, 13, lb, T4S, R71W, 6th P.M.) Private, Family Used c 1878; at least two burials Abandoned No records available
Patrick, Ruben, Grave of "On Bear Creek" (Exact location unknown) Single Grave Killed 1881 Abandoned State Archives; Denver, Colo.
Pest House Cemetery SEE: Waddington Cem.        
Phelps Cemetery c 12 miles south of Buffalo Creek, near Colo. 126, on Six Mile Ranch Private, Family 1st burial 1889 Still in use Jim Rodman Woodland Park, Colo.
Pine Cemetery East of Town of Pine Public 1st known burial in 1889, last 1925 Not in use No records available
Pine Grove Cemetery SEE: Silver Springs Cemetery        
Pine Gulch Cemetery SEE: Silver Springs Cemetery        
Pleasant Park Cemetery East of Conifer, off Pleasant Park Rd at Legault Lane Community 1st known burial 1875; org. 1919 Still in use William Gray; Morrison, Colo.
Ralston Cemetery, aka Osborn Hill c 1/3 mile south of West 64th Ave. & 3 blocks west of 6200 Eldridge St.c 1/3 mile south of West 64th Ave. & 3 blocks west of 6200 Eldridge St. Community 1st burial 1869; many burials removed to other cemeteries Abandoned  
Reid Old Mill Cemetery SEE: Ault Cemetery        
Robinson-Dudley Cemetery Southeast of Critchell, at end of N. Trail Creek, off Kuehster Rd. Private, 1st burial Family 1900, last 1955 1st burial in 1900, last in 1955 Not in use, Maintained Georgia Dudley Buck - Denver, Colo. (Wm. McComas, Owner; Morrison, CO )
Rockland Cemetery Southwest of Golden, at head of Mt. Vernon Canyon, south side of U.S. 40 Church, Community Est. 1879; Community 1st burial 1880 Still in use Ronald Ralston, Sexton; Lakewood, CO
Rugg Cemetery On North Turkey Creek in Pine Park Estates Private, Family 1st burial 1876, last 1912; cemetery formally dedicated May, 1984 Not in use, maintained Rose Northrup; Boulder, CO 80302 (Leon Combs, Owner; Morrison, CO)
Rural Cemetery No. 1 North of North Turkey Creek Rd & west of Sourdough Rd (Exact location unknown) Private, Family Two known children's graves Abandoned Millie Baker; Morrison, CO
Schaffer, Anna, Grave of Near Critchell on the Nelson Ranch (SE1/4 SE1/4 Sec. 27, T6S, R70W, 6th P.M.) Single Grave Died 19_4 Abandoned Leona Nelson Shawnee, CO 80475
Silvania of the Rockies SEE: Windy Peak Cem.        
Silver Springs Cemetery, aka Pine Grove, aka Pine Gulch Cem. In Silver Springs (Sec. 1, T7S, R72W, 6th P.M.) Community 1st known burial 1879 Still in use  
South Platte Cemetery At South Platte, on the hillside across the road from the buildings (Probably Sec. 25 or 30, T7S, R70W, 6th P.M.) Unknown 2-3 unknown graves Abandoned No records available
St. Anne's Camp Cemetery 4610 Parmalee Gulch Rd, Indian Hills Church, Episcopal Est. 1931; 1st burial 1933 Still in use Order of St. Anne Episcopal Church
St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery North of Golden Cemetery on Ulysses St., SE of Golden, between U.S. 6 & Old Golden Road Church 1st burial in 1876; most burials removed to Golden & Mt. olivet Cems. Abandoned City Hall
Unknown Grave No. 1 In Chimney Gulch Single Grave Found 1897 in Chimney gulch, buried there Abandoned No records available
Unknown Grave No. 2 On the original Intermountain Road to the Gregory Diggins Single Grave "Shot dead by himself" in May 1859 Abandoned No records available
Waddington Cemetery, aka Pest House Cemetery. 2 miles east of Golden, just up the hill SW on 32nd Ave. Private Two known burials near the site of pest House; both died 1885 of small pox Abandoned Mrs. Pearl; Golden
Wamblee Valley Memorial park aka French Canadian Cemetery Off Richmond Hill Road, at end of Memorial Parkway, 2 1/2 miles east of Shaffer's Crossing Public 1st known burial in 1879 Still in use  
Welch Cemetery On Shadow Mountain Road, at the head of Blue Creek Family Early cemetery; 6 graves; last burial c. 1965. Abandoned Jefferson County, Owner
White Ash Mine Burials In Golden, at west end of 12th Street Memorial Burial of 10 men down in the White Ash Coal Mine, Sept 8, 1889 Remains never recovered Colorado School of Mines; Golden, CO
Windy Peak Cemetery, aka Boegel Cem.; aka Maxwell Cem.; aka Sylvania of the Rockies At Outdoor Lab School, on Jefferson-Park County Line Private, Family Graves of Boegel and Maxwell families, c. 1888-1937 Not in use; maintained by Lab Jefferson County Outdoor Lab School, owner


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