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Daughters of the American Revolution
D.A.R. in 1908

Source: Directory of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, compiled by order of the 16th Continental Congress Headquarters, Committee on Compilation of Directory, D.A.R. 1908 

This directory contains the names of members admitted prior to Marh 1, 1908; the last National Number therefore is 65089. The names of members admitted since Januray 1 will be found in the Supplemental List. -transcribed by J.S.

(8 Organized Chapters)
a. Arkansas Valley - Pueblo
Organized February 7, 1902
RegentMiss Lillian Thatcher, 14th St. and Grand Ave. Pueblo
Vice-Regt.Mrs. Chapman S. NobleTreasurerMrs. A.C. Daniels
Rec. Sec.Mrs. E.S. ResorRegistrarMrs. George L. Walker
Cor. Sec.Miss Vinnie LeeHistorianMrs. Mary Dowd Murray
ChaplainMrs. Mary C. Townsend
b. Centennial State - Greeley
Organized September 17, 1904
RegentMrs. James G. Hughes, 929 16th St. Greeley
Vice-Regt.Miss Elizabeth M. CannellTreasurerMrs. Stella W. Kerlee
Rec. Sec.Mrs. Mary B. RingleRegistrarMrs. Susan Gale Adams
Cor. Sec.Mrs. Bertha M. PhelpsHistorianMiss Irene L. Sullivan
c. Colorado - Denver
Organized March 10, 1904
RegentMrs. James B. Grant, 770 Penn Ave. Denver
1st Vice-Regt.Mrs. Charles S. ThomasTreasurerMrs. Thomas Keely
2nd Vice-Regt.Mrs. John L. McNeilRegistrarMrs. A.E. Reynolds
Rec. Sec.Mrs. A. Macomb RuckerHistorianMrs. Elmer A. Wixson
Cor. Sec.Mrs. Henry E. WoodChaplainMrs. Frank Wheaton
d. Denver - Denver
Organized May 26, 1898
RegentMrs. Samuel M. Perry, 1143 Logan Ave. Denver
1st Vice-Regt.Mrs. W.S. AmentTreasurerMrs. Jules La Barth
2nd Vice-Regt.Mrs. F.R. CarpenterRegistrarMrs. J.H. Thomas
Rec. Sec.Mrs. Seth K. MartinHistorianMrs. W.H. Sharpley
Cor. Sec.Mrs. Gerald L. SchuylerChaplainMrs. Kate C. Brown
e. General Marion - Canon City
Organized June 5, 1907
RegentMrs. Mabel Gredene-Smith, Gredene, Canon City
Vice-Regt.Mrs. Frances B. BiggsTreasurerMrs. Wilma T. Durkee
SecretaryMrs. Hattie Averall ThomasRegistrarMiss Ruth Lewis
HistorianMrs. Ethel Scott Thomas
f. Ouray - Ouray
Organized June 18, 1906
RegentMrs. Frances Ayres, Kimball, Ouray
Vice-Regt.Mrs. Elizabeth G. BennettTreasurerMrs. Maud S. Stratton
SecretaryMrs. Grace A. RiceRegistrarMrs. Ella White Reynolds
HistorianMrs. Elizabeth K. Miner
g. Pueblo - Pueblo
Organized March 9, 1904
RegentMrs. Frederick H. Bullen, 310 E. Adams Ave. Pueblo
Vice-Regt.Mrs. S.W. TownsendTreasurerMrs. Mary A. Ruegnitz
Rec. Sec.Mrs. Fannie S. AdamsRegistrarMrs. A.H. Sproat
Cor. Sec.Mrs. J.B. KilbournHistorianMrs. Scott R. Peterson
ChaplainMrs. M.H. Fitch
h. Zebulon Pike - Colorado Springs
Organized May 13, 1895
RegentMrs. F.W. Goddard, 808 N. Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs
Vice-Regt.Mrs. M.C. GileTreasurerMiss Alda Flansburg
Rec. Sec.Mrs. H.R. NissleyRegistrarMrs. T.C. Pease
Cor. Sec.Mrs. P.P. HarveyHistorianMrs. John Lennox

Supplemental List.

Natl #NameAddressCity
64861Barney, Rowena Houghton (Mrs. Ralph)1331 Marion St.Denver
64500Birch, Cornelia Olivia (Miss)Colorado Springs
64862Carpenter, Mary P. Scarborough (Mrs.)310 Matthews St.Fort Collins
64498Clatworthy, Kate Baker (Mrs. William H.)Fort Morgan
64499Crandell, Aimee Beach (Miss)3755 Boulevard F.Denver
63922Dawson, Kathryn Russell (Mrs. C.C.)927 Greenwood AveCanon City
63918Doten, Elizabeth Jane (Miss)1423 11th StGreeley
64501Gillette, Clara Smith (Mrs. C.P.)620 Elizabeth St.Fort Collins
64502Gillette, Florence (Miss)Fort Collins
63919Knowles, Josephine (Miss)910 5th St.Greeley
63920Lunbeck, Camille Christopher (Mrs. Frank G.)1312 10th Ave.Greeley
64863Post, Emeline Emmons (Mrs. W.M.)602 E. College Ave.Fort Collins
63921Ramsey, Eva Knowles (Mrs. John W.)817 6th St.Greeley
64503Secrist, May Newman (Mrs. F.W.)119 W. Mulberry St.Fort Collins
64860Wright, Marie Louise (Mrs. S.B.)1220 10th St.Greeley





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